Proposals Follow Passage Of Marriage Equality Act

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Twenty-four hours after the Marriage Equality Act was signed into law, same-sex couples in the West Village waved flags and paused on the sidewalk to pop the question, Dave Carlin reports.

Dan Gallagher and Peter Shearer were dating for 14 years, but it took only 30 seconds to pop the question, in the middle of the New York Lesbian and Gay Pride Run no less.

“I have to stop. I have to stop,” Gallagher said, just before dropping to one knee to propose, and then immediately continuing the run after Shearer said yes.

Their newly-granted legal right to marry could generate more than $150 million in gay wedding-related spending in New York.

“If it brings more business that’s all that matters,” said cake maker John DeRobertis.

Minister Jacqui Lewis was happy to perform legal same sex weddings. “Come to my church,” she said.

Other religious leaders however, including New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, strongly condemn the decision.

Lawmakers voted in new protections so they are not required to perform same sex ceremonies.

“Nobody can force a rabbi to do a wedding, force a pastor to do a wedding,” Lewis said.

Four Republican state senators joined all but one Democrat to pass the measure. Gov. Andrew Cuomo praised them after he signed the bill into law.

“We worked in a bipartisan way and that made all the difference,” he said.

“It’s the wrong thing to do but it’s also incredibly politically stupid for the Republicans to take responsibility for passing the gay marriage bill in New York,” warned Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage.

New York joins five other states and Washington, D.C. where same sex marriage is allowed.

“I feel it trickling down to the rest of the country,” said newly-engaged Sandi Rowe.

“Finally is all I have to say. Finally,” cheered Chris Garcia.

CBS 2 caught up with State Senator Rubin Diaz, the lone Democrat who voted no. “My opinion has not changed, but it’s the law. Now they can get married but my positions still the same. I think it’s wrong,” he said.

“I was not sent to Albany to vote or push an agenda of extreme social issues,” said Republican State Sen. Greg Ball.

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One Comment

  1. dusty sizemore says:

    you people are going down according to god and u can watch it start to happen any time you all are going to burn for ever in hell what a price to pay for a few minutes hours are days or even a few yrs here on earth , don,t you understand hell is real and that is were you all are heading watch he will start taking some of you there imediately, by by you really are heading for hell just think tormenting day and night for ever u asked for it now u got it i hope he lets me laugh with him when he sends your donkey,s there

  2. Karen says:

    I am so happy for the gay community. There never should have been a question about whether or not people in love could marry. The only people going to hell are those who condemn others and make hateful comments and commit atrocities against other people. Congratulations to all of you who are now free to do what you should have been able to do all along.

    1. nathan says:

      No an act of love would be you putting a Glock in your piehole. Seriously, you’d be doing everyone in your family a favor. They already hate you.

  3. John Galt says:

    Why is everything is a civil right issue? Is my ability to buy and consume legally available product a civil right too? Cigarets. Only ignorant moron who does not understand history can parallel civil right movement with this. If my children grow up to by gay, so be it. However, your attempts to bring this into mainstream will not only isolate people like me (who doesn’t have any antagonism against you), it will make up pro-active. They say it will bring people into NYC. OK. How many will it deter? You a minority. A minority is civilized society is save from office prosecution. As far as the individual – no matter how many laws you pass – there will always be likes and dislikes. Enjoy your lifestyle, celebrate it if you feel like it. Why does it have to be in my face? Every perversion will be a civil right open to accommodating law. You can keep this City and this State along with all the absurd that makes life here impossible. I am moving and hope to never come back.

  4. Monette says:

    Nasty..nasty…nasty! What example are they giving to our children and grand children? You are politically inclined, but wait and see the wrath of God.

  5. Melvin Provasek says:

    The United States is a Godley Nation founded upon beleifs taught to us by God through his Word. When law maker’s give special rights to a perverse minority, that practices acts called abominations by God himself, this is likeley to be the last straw that will make God remove his special protection for America, and at worsts cause Him to destroy the entire Ungodley earth.

  6. jose mariconee says:

    Now my happy friends

    can wed


  7. Rodin says:

    I’m touched by the passage too and celebrated today but enough is enough. Wait till tomorrow and cover the parade.


    (… and PULEEZE, skip Florence Henderon’s ‘crabs.’ The lady needs a life or therapy.)

  8. Emma says:

    I AM 100% in favor of the new law! SHAME ON YOU ate Senator Rubin Diaz! How dare you stand in the way of civil rights! See you at the poles buddy! I will be the one voting you out!

    60 years ago a Black man had to sit in back of a bus. Whites and Blacks had separate drinking fountains! There were actual laws preventing children from getting an education in the “wrong colored school”. Finally, and SADLY enough, we had two separate hospital for different skinned people!

    To even think about that… it makes me laugh! How stupid could we have been?
    I mean seriously… How Freak’n STUPID!!!!!

    This to me is the same thing. Civil rights are not easy. I know that. It takes small and hard steps to get there. This was the first one of this state! Finally a reason to love living in NEW YORK! (Really the taxes here are out of control !)


  9. John Fraser, PhD says:

    Why does the news show the Catholics in their regalia and ministers who will perform gay marriages in pedestrian clothes? The Episcopalians also have fancy clothes and accept all people. The story is about equality and justice. Not everyone likes equality, but as a country that separates church and state, acknowledging the separation is the central story.

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