Kids Accused Of Stealing Gold Jewelry From People On The Street In Hempstead

HEMPSTEAD, NY (WCBS 880) — Two young people are accused of threatening and stealing from people on Long Island, including a child.

Authorities said two boys who are only 12 and 13-years-old, would watch people walking on the streets in Hempstead and when they saw someone wearing gold jewelry, police said the duo would scare the victim, grab the gold necklace or chain and run.

WCBS 880’S Sophia Hall reports: Authorities Say Boys Face Robbery Charges

Police said they would steal from anyone, no matter how old they were. In one case on Yale Street, a 5-year-old girl was injured when the suspects stole the chain around her neck.

The boys were arrested, accused of stealing from a total of three people and police say more suspects in connection with thefts are still on the loose.

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One Comment

  1. Modern Parent says:

    The best way to teach a child not to do wrong is to beat them senseless when they do. No better lesson than the wake-up call of the almighty fist.

  2. Dee Tee says:

    Someone please explain to me why all the psychologists and social services rail against the spanking of a child to let him know of consequences for bad behavior. But as the negative behavior progresses and the child ends up in jail, the first thing that happens there is a good, old fashioned ass-whipping beat-down. Perhaps if the beat-down occurred earlier in life, the child would never have landed in jail!! Just saying……..

  3. Barry Levine says:

    Vik is so very right and a good beating by my grandmother to these two guys will do them a world of good. The only thing that she did not do was chain us to the wall but when that battleaxe took out her cat’o nine tails, which was made by my grandfather who was a leather worker, you knew she meant business.

    If anybody does not believe me you can come to my house and see the welts that are still on my ass.

  4. Moon them says:

    It’s these “We Buy Gold for $$$” operations which incite these kids/people to steal gold. Ship them off to SPACE CAMP for the summer, EVERY SUMMER!

  5. vik says:

    Yet another reason that all law abiding citizens should be armed. I don’t care how young thieves are. If they steal, they should not cry when they are shot and the parents of these kids should zip their mouths when their kids are wounded or killed.

    All criminals young and old should be dealt with in the harshest ways. Try to mug me then I will defend myself and take your life. As for these kids parents, they should be sent a bill for the cost of the arrest and trial and all related fees.

  6. t says:

    Long island LOL,

  7. Ralph Kootz says:

    Don’t people realize wearing jewelry in these times makes you an immediate target. I stopped wearing my gold chain to do random things a long time ago.

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