Alleged Subway Graffiti Bandit ‘Moustache Man’ Joseph Waldo Says He’s Sorry

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The “moustache man” has had a close shave with the New York City police department – too close.

For months, someone had been marking up posters in the subway with a distinctive, cursive script version of the word “moustache.” Appropriately, the tag had been written on the upper lip of people in ads.

The “moustache man” even spawned copycats and was interviewed online.

Police said they nabbed him. They picked up Joseph Waldo, 26, last Tuesday at 47th street and 8th avenue.

“I’m sorry for my actions and have agreed to fully cooperate and never do it again,” Waldo reportedly said.

Waldo faces felony criminal mischief and graffiti charges.

What do you think the appropriate punishment is in this case? Should this really rate felony charges? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. Cory says:

    He should have yelled ATTICA! ATTICA! while being arrested.


  2. danson247 says:

    i love it. keep up the good work man! power to the lip beard!!!! and if you think this guy is a criminal who deserves jail… do me a favor and never come near me. i have no interest in meeting you…

  3. Wake Up says:

    This is one reason this society has so many problems. There was a time when somebody defaced someone elses property, there was a punishment meted out by the law, AND the citizenry was glad about it. You people are condoning criminal activity, albeit not serious criminal activity. Let this miscreant mark up your ad that you worked hard to put up to help your business, or maybe mark up the side of your house because he might think it would look good and was art to him. Let us then see how wonderful this idiot is in your eyes.

    1. Drew Kolar says:

      Let him do it! My apartment is pretty boring as it is, and if I had anything to advertise, my ad would already be pretty goofy. Why not add a moustache?

    2. KP says:

      Oh yes, get those scary mustache-artists off the streets! I can finally sleep peacefully! Please. When you’re the victim of a real crime and no one cares because police are chasing down people with those terrifying sharpies, then YOU see how bad this guy really is in the grand scheme of things.

  4. GaryG says:

    Freedom of speech at it’s best. Nobody has the right to stop him. Besides it is neat and funny. This will definitely make him very rich, the PR value of this story is a few million $$$.

    1. Zac Shipley says:

      Felons cannot profit from their crimes. It will not make him very rich. It was insure he can not get a job, and can not vote. It will make him a criminal like a murderer or bank robber, cast off from society.

      1. KP says:

        Yep. And somehow we call this “justice,” as millionaires fly off unhampered to third world countries to pick out which child they’re going to molest this week.

      2. Cory says:

        This may be a crime but lumping him in with murderers and bank robbers? Get a life.

  5. Natan says:

    He is funny and harmless. Stupid Stupid & mean police. Go after a real crminals ( or do what you do best -eat donuts)

  6. Trendy Progressive Company says:

    We’re going to hire this guy and have him add his mustache art to our new ad campaign. He’s going to be very rich.

  7. Drew Kolar says:

    Noo! I loved Moustache Man!!! This is stupid. Let him do it–the moustaches were cute! 😦

  8. Dan Tanner says:

    I like the featured comment. Ads are a blight. He improved on them.

  9. nyc says:

    Take away his crayons and sharpies and start going after the one million plus Illegal imigrants on the streets of New York, working off the books for cheap employers and milking the system ! Or how about the source for the tens of thousands of Illegal guns on our streets ?

    1. KP says:

      Sure, we could continue scapegoating people like immigrants and mustache men, each are equally stupid wastes of our time but they’re much easier to persecute (oh excuse me, PROSecute…). Or we could go after the REAL villains – take down Wall Street and all of the corrupt politicians in its pockets.

  10. Shiney says:

    I have been sleeping with one eye open for weeks knowing that this dangerous man has been out tagging the word mustache on things throughout the city. Phew, Now I can sleep at nights.

  11. Shiney says:

    I have been sleeping with one ey open for week knowng this man has been out tagging the word mustache on things throughout the city. Phew, Now I can sleep at nights.

  12. revolution says:


    1. paulie says:

      i agree, people complain on the internet……….what chumps………..not one of these losers has the guts to take to the streets and actually stand up for what they believe…… least in spain they took to the streets to protest the bail out of greece…………i’m ashamed to be an American

      1. KP says:

        There aren’t enough Americans who care… not to mention our freedoms are being stripped away by our government little by little and the few who do care are scared of being wiretapped by the FBI without a warrant and/or thrown into another Guantanamo without a trial… Gotta love what we’ve become. Fear has made us this way. But at least we’re safe from mustache artists, right?

  13. Peter says:

    He should be marked up with a sharpie as part of his punishment!!!! LOL

  14. Nicky says:

    To “Onslow” – Americans are and have always been fed FEAR also. The government thrives on frightening us.

  15. Nicky says:

    He said he’s sorry and will never do it again. He meant moustaches. He’ll be back with some other graphic I’m sure. Who cares. He’s not hurting anyone. It’s funny AND harmless. On ads that is, keep it off the walls.

  16. Onslow says:

    Considering that we are constantly bombarded with advertisements everywhere we go, I say “kudos” to the mustache man! He added a little creativity to what I deem to be an constant eyesore (that being ads in general).

    But this country has become a nation bent on crushing creativity and individual thought. We are a country being brought into submission everywhere we go. There is no more freedom 😦

    1. KP says:

      I give your comment 10/10. Well said.

  17. Nicky says:

    Hey, here’s a crazy idea. How about doing something DARE I SAY “logical” like going after drug dealers and dope heads who kill innocent people in stores instead of busting someone for writing on a paper advertisement which, themselves, are out of control? How about going after corrupt politicians wasting our hard earned money they bleed from us as taxes?

    1. KP says:

      Well that would just make WAY too much sense.

  18. john says:

    All you people at nuts, who ever wrote discourage creativity, really. How about this gay come over to your car and tag car on it, would you this it’s creativity…. Don’t think so//

    1. kremmy says:

      Your car has faces on it? Because if so, yeah I can’t say I’d fault him.

  19. Pete says:

    Let them Graffiti Artists pay for the damage in hard cash!! This is a perversion of art as it destroys art.

    1. Quint Stevenson says:

      Perversion of Art???? Sorry, but ads aren’t art. They’re design and often times bad design at that…

  20. bloomberg says:

    He shouldn’t be charged with any crime at all.
    The moustaches were quite artistic and caused zero injuries.

  21. Doris says:

    I agree with the above. Makes a dull commute interesting. Plus we should not discourage creativity but maybe point him in the right direction.

  22. Doris says:

    I agtree with the above. Makes a dull commute a little more interesting. We shouuldn’t discourage creativity but maybe point him in the right direction.

  23. Joe says:

    Now we can get that “Love Bili” person too.

  24. Quint Stevenson says:

    we should make him get a tattoo of his tag on his own upper lip…

  25. Matt says:

    They are obviously adding these charges as a way to discourage other taggers. I wonder what will happen if the copy cats continue. Will the police still hold him responsible?

    1. KP says:

      Sounds like a call to arms to me… THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR SHARPIES!

  26. Jerry Shanahan says:

    I thought it was one of the little things that make life enjoyable. He wrote on ads which in themselves are a form of tagging. He didn’t destroy them he actually enhanced them. oh well.

  27. NYer says:

    Felony? Really? Come on, do we have nothing better to do than charge this guy with a felony for tagging ads? Please. How abouit a misdemeanor charge and have him do some community service – say empty subway garbage pails.

    1. Moon Them says:

      That’s it! Ship him off to SPACE CAMP for the summer, EVERY SUMMER!

    2. NY Chris says:

      Felony???? that is a little steep. Let’s save the jail space for the murderers, rapists, child molestors etc.

      1. KP says:

        Child molestors get out in as little as a few months sometimes. I’m sure this guy will be locked up for much longer.

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