Report: New Jersey Sheds Thousands Of Teaching Jobs

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — State numbers show there were about 4,700 fewer teachers and 600 fewer administrators in New Jersey’s public schools this year compared to the year before.

The employees quit, retired or were dismissed to save money.

The Record newspaper found salaries fell $257 million to $9.66 billion in the past school year, marking the first drop in at least a decade.

The newspaper found the number of full-time teachers with one to five years of experience fell 14 percent. The number of teachers in their first year dipped 32 percent due largely to hiring freezes.

Many long-time teachers also retired last summer. The number with more than 30 years of experience in the classroom fell 18 percent.

Is the loss of the teachers a problem or part of the solution? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Arnold says:

    LG is absolutely correct. As a teacher I am tired of hearing the blame fall on us. We work hard, pay our taxes and make far below the average worker. However, the benefits were supposed to offset that. I work in a well paying NJ school district for just over 10 years and have two Masters degrees. However, I make around $60,000. In this state that is not a lot of money considering my years of service and level of education which I had to shell out thousands of dollars to obtain. That being said, I understand our need to contribute more (get out and push). However, it seems that only some in this state are getting out and pushing while others are content to do nothing.

    1. LG says:

      Arnold, have you ever sat down and figured out how much your education cost in total? There are people who would begrudge you even that $60K (which, I’m assuming is gross income) by comparing your salary and benefits to those of people who haven’t even completed a 4-year college degree. I always say, apples to oranges comparisons are invalid ones. I’m tired of the double standards.

      My school stands in the shadow of a line of McMansions each with its own backyard oasis. My students get dropped off to school in the likes of a Lexus or a Mercedes. Many of my constituents have only one income coming into the home since they can afford to live in their palaces off of only that. I can’t even afford to buy a tiny house in the neighboring lower income school district from the one in which I work.

      I’ve been working 12 years, I am nearly finished with my Masters and my net income is so low, sometimes I don’t know how I’m making all my bills. Living in this state is extremely expensive–I moved here from Pennsylvania where a self-employed single health insurance plan cost only $60/month. I was quoted $300/month in NJ that same year. Something is wrong with this.

      I’m tired of being told that I make too much, when clearly I make just enough to get by–now people want to devalue my worth by saying I don’t deserve the deferred compensation for which I have negotiated with the district in which I work–see above if you think they cannot afford the $7/month increase in their taxes. People complain that their property taxes are so high–I never told them to live in small castles when they could easily live in more modest homes and invest in the education of their community.

      People love to hate when they don’t have any of the facts.

  2. LG says:

    HP–There’s actually research that claims giving homework that repeat the same skill is important, but large quantities homework that repeat the same skill too many times in one sitting is not integral to student learning when it comes to math. If a student knows how to perform the operation correctly for ten problems, that should suffice. If the student does not know how to perform the operation, he or she is not going to be able to do it 10 times, let alone 20 or 30.

  3. HP 10344 says:

    Teachers should stress Math and Science because for the rest of their lives, they’ll be bombarded with Fiction on TV and at the Theatre. So while you’ve got them in the classroom, focus on Math and Science…make them do EVERY SINGLE exercise at the end of each chapter. Most kids never bother to do them once they get home, only if it’s part of their homework. But it’s these very same excercises/questions which REINFORCE what was taught in school that day.

  4. PaPa Joe says:

    That’s the answer – get rid of teachers. After dumbing down the various curricula so that no child is left behind produced quite a lot of under educated, semi literate people, many of whom do not know the name of our first president, did not quite produce the desired results, to get exploitable people, let’s reduce the number of people who had the potential to reverse this trend. Get rid of them and maybe, instead of being seventeenth on the list of educated countries we can become number one on the list of moronic countries and our people can, then, become the political and economic pawns of an educated class. And don’t tell me about underperforming overpaid teachers. The underperformers and over pIaids exist in every endeavor. Yeah, that’s the answer – get reid of th teachers.

    1. PaPa Joe says:

      Sorry about the typos. Shoold be: paids, not plaids; rid, not reid, ans the, not th.

  5. nathan says:

    Yes everything thats wrong with America is all those darn Union’s fault. And those teachers – who do they think they are, educating our children? They’re almost as bad as the fireman and the cops!

  6. nathan says:

    Welcome to Chris Christie’s America.

    1. Jerrry says:

      Maybe the teachers union should have seen the writing on the wall,reformed their contracts so this would have been averted.Their membership and leadership are lazy, self absorbed and self centered, They allowed this to happen,they solely are responsible for the layoffs. They sucked the life out of the taxpayers,performed miserably educating while the taxpayer footed the bill. This is only the beginning of changes in our education system,like it or not?

      1. Christine says:

        It shouldn’t have had to come to this,the unions had their chance too bad the younger teachers suffered while the older ones created the entire mess

      2. LG says:

        What writing on the wall? The writing that showed how the politicians of this state mismanaged funds over a decade and went back on a contract that was supposedly made in good faith with the state employees?

        The writing that showed how the rich (that Christie is so worried will leave this state) get away with not making a fair contribution to the very same society they exploit?

        The writing that allowed for Wall St. to cause hardships for which it is not held accountable—hardships that affect the average citizen?

        The contracts supported by the teachers union are negotiated between local bargaining units and are not negotiated by one union. There is no one-size-fits-all contract for the entire teacher’s union. As for your comments about membership being lazy, self-absorbed, and self-centered…what do you know of the membership if you know nothing of the process? You are just listening to the talking points of rhetoric. Stop listening to the mouthpiece of extreme and pompous bias 101.5, and look at reality for a change.

        Your belief and support of rhetoric is the reason that Christie and his cronies in the NJ legislature are allowing the destruction of state. Please, PLEASE give reasons for your commentary. Otherwise, put a sock in it. We’re tired of the same old blame game with no evidence at all to back up the claims.

      3. LG says:

        Christine, just what exactly are you insinuating? That older teachers are bad for the system, younger teachers are the saviors, and that older teachers want to see people get fired? Are you on the meds I think you are on?

        My god, people, please, please cite the research to back up your claims–just spewing rhetoric makes you look unintelligent and ignorant. Unfortunately, you don’t have to take a test on the issues in order to vote. And you don’t need a license to procreate. However, you do need a license to own a dog. What a world we live in…

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