Fantasy Phenom Challenge – Year 2 Semi-Finalists

WFAN Fantasy Phenom – Year Two rolls on.

Hundreds of applicants have auditioned for a chance to become a WFAN host for up to one year…. here are our semi-finalists at the halfway point.

Didn’t make it out to the mall? Check out WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom Second Chance!

Here are the semi-finalists from The Livingston Mall:

James Buzzone, Jersey City, NJ

Mike Goldstein, Montclair, NJ

Dave Bierstein, Clark, NJ

Bryan N. Burga, Rutherford, NJ

Otis T. Harper II, Roselle, NJ

Nicolas J. Casale, Caldwell, NJ

Ford Harris, Brooklyn, NY

John Pielli, Jackson, NJ

John A. Schiavone II, Far Rockaway, NY

Danielle Rothweiler, Roselle, NJ

Here are the semi-finalists from The Westchester Mall:

Matthew O’Brien, Monroe, NY

Josh Burstein, Brooklyn, NY

Mike Reyes, Brooklyn, NY

Mohammed Qureshi, Brooklyn, NY

Vincent LoVaglio, Brooklyn, NY

Ralph Bednarczyk, Floral Park, NY

Demetri Adrahtas, Long Beach, NY

Neeraj Joshi, New York, NY

Connor Keisel, Huntington, NY

Matthew Evans, Elmsford, NY

Justin Lichtenstaedter, New Rochelle, NY

Chris Torello, Middlebury, CT

Here are the semi-finalists from Roosevelt Field Mall:

John K. Shea, Seaford, NY

Patrick Lynch, Stewart Manor, NY

Nick Golden, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Mike Trezza, Lindenhurst, NY

Larry Kaplan, Bayside, NY

Siddique Farooqui, Woodbury, NY

Harris Wichard, Merrick, NY

Matthew Wasserman, Lindenhurst, NY

Casey Viera, Flemington, NJ

Here are the semi-finalists from Menlo Park Mall:

Mike McMaster, Basking Ridge, NJ

Patrick Totaro, Brick, NJ

Scott Iacovelli, Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Dan Strafford, Westfield, NJ

Patrick Creighton, Bethpage, NY

Brandon Contes, Port Jefferson Station, NY

Fred Austin, New Brunswick, NJ

John Jastremski Staten Island, NY

Anthony Riccobono, Staten Island, NY

Artie Panagiotakos, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks to all that participated.

  • Frank R

    Just like last year, Mike Trezza stood out. He was well prepared and had a delivery that will capture an audience. This contest is for individuals who could host a show, not be a cheerleader. Mike spoke directly without a hiccup. So many contestants said ummm, or errrr in between their delivery. Not Mike. Clean and clear into the microphone. Good luck to Mike in the next round, and I look forward to seeing him advance, as he should.

    • Dan Strafford

      Hey Frank,

      I’d agree. Mike was really smooth and direct. Did a great job of creating a good feel with his open and drove home his points with some good statistical analysis. Good luck to him.


  • flea

    …..And todays winner is….Dan Strafford, Westfield, N.J……He did a really nice job. He was Smooth, looked very relaxed on stage and he has a pretty good radio voice.

  • Sam Malone

    Otis Harper, John Shea, and Patrick Creighton were all finalists last year. They are all semifinalists this year. They are going to be tough to beat.

  • Dominick Mezzapesa

    My Top five in order

    #1 Siddique Farooqui, Woodbury, NY
    #2 Demetri Adrahtas, Long Beach, NY
    #3 Dan Strafford, Westfield, NJ
    #4 Mike McMaster, Basking Ridge, NJ
    #5 Scott Iacovelli, Lake Hiawatha, NJ

  • Dominick Mezzapesa

    I did a complete review of all these semi contestants and they can be seen on

  • Dominick Mezzapesa

    Siddique Farooqui was the best of the group.

  • Tony Big Bologna

    WFAN Fantasy Phenom….where friends of the contestant praise their friends on the comments section as if they are regular people who have nothing better to do than sit their and watch rants.

  • Glenn

    A good experience, somewhat nerve-racking. I feel that my performance was worthy of the semi-finals.

    Glenn Kipnees

    • John

      You guys need a new videographer big time. Someone who understands that the focus should be on the person who is speaking allowing your station logo to go soft slightly behind him. Not the other way around! But I guess that’s why you’re in radio and not TV. Any broadcast network would never shoot these vj’s like you have. Call me if you would like to see it done right. 914.584.3670

      • John Wants Money

        Hey John what happen welfare not paying this month?…. Great job on the videos! Love the quality.

  • EJ Rifkin

    After watching the semi finalists I agree that Dan Strafford was on point. I liked his delivery and points that he made about Donnie Walsh. He seemed comfortable in front of a mike and did not challenge an audience but asked for commentary. Well done!

  • Tony Monaco

    Dan was on point with everything wrong with the Knicks!

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