Residents From New York & New Jersey Flock To Pennsylvania To Buy Fireworks

Tell CBS 2 They Really Don't Care About The Laws In Their Home States

MARSHALLS CREEK, Pa. (CBSNewYork) — Every year leading up to the Fourth of July, there is a rush to buy fireworks out of state. This year is no different.

An 18-year-old from Yonkers and his father — who wouldn’t reveal their names — said Tuesday that this July 4 will be a blast.

They both drove just over the Pennsylvania state line to a fireworks outlet in Marshalls Creek, which caters to out-of-state residents searching for a fireworks fix.

“Having a barbecue, and we’re gonna surprise our guests with a little fireworks show,” the teen told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis. “We take all the precautions to have a safe Fourth of July.”

The catch is that all of the fireworks are illegal to possess, sell or transport without a permit in New York and New Jersey.

“I know it’s dangerous, but with proper supervision, I think it could be done right,” the teen’s father said.

The parking lot at the outlet was filled with New Jersey and New York license plates. The owner of the business said buying there was perfectly legal by Pennsylvania state law.

“We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture to sell fireworks to people that are going to transport them out of the Commonwealth,” said Ken Schuchman, owner of the outlet.

“We caution them to do what they need to do, but that’s not really our responsibility,” he said.

Schuchman estimated that 75 percent of his business is from New York and New Jersey residents.

The father and son that Dennis met said legal or not, they’ll go on with their Fourth of July fireworks plans — choosing to cash and carry at their own risk.

In New York and New Jersey, fireworks possession is a misdemeanor offense. However, possession with the intent to sell could mean 18 months in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

Do you think New York and New Jersey should relax their fireworks laws? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. George Jacob says:

    Perhaps class C fireworks should be legal. I enjoyed it when I was little and I am disppointed that I cannot share it with my children. If there have to be restrictions, perhaps this should be allowed only during certain times of year.
    My car was slammed on the highway by a hit-and-run driver. There is little enforcement of this but so much enforcement on stopping cars with fireworks on the highway instead.
    It is interesting to note that fireworks are illegal but guns are perfectly legal. People are not allowed to use fireworks out of fear of harming others. Nevertheless, New York City allows unborn children to be legally harmed in a birth control clinic. If a woman has a “right to choose”,, then why not give her the right to choose a method to clebrate the 4th of July?

  2. Kenan says:

    The whole country should be able to use fireworks except for the dry areas like Texas, because it is easier to create a fire out there. But the NJ and NY lawmakers should ease up and let their people have fun. By the way, most of the residents of the firework banned states have possession or had possession of the fireworks so allowing us to have them would just take the sweat off of us and be less worried about getting caught.

  3. Irrelevant says:

    Welcome to Common Sense 101.
    Today’s Main Lesson: Fireworks vs Alcohol, but mostly just fireworks.

    Let’s compare fireworks to something that is more harmful, yet legal. ALCOHOL.

    Q: Can people get injured by using fireworks?
    A: Yes, and 9 times out of 10 it’s because of misuse.

    Q: Can people get injured by drinking alcohol?
    A: Yes, and every time it’s because of alcohol abuse and stupidity. I guess they go hand in hand.

    Q: How many fireworks related injuries are there in the US each year?
    A: Approx. 10,000 – 15,000.

    Q: How many alcohol related injuries are there in the US each year?
    A: Approx. 2 – 3 million

    Q: Can people die by using fireworks?
    A: Yes, although it’s extremely rare.

    Q: Can people die by drinking alcohol?
    A: Absolutely. People die everyday from alcohol abuse.

    Q: How many fireworks related deaths are there in the US each year?
    A: Approx. 10 – 20 people.

    Q: How many alcohol related deaths are there in the US each year?
    A: Approx. 100,000,

    As you can tell, fireworks are more safe than alcohol, yet somehow fireworks are illegal and alcohol isn’t. Go figure! And to all you non-sayers out there, I have an idea! Let us pyros stick to lighting up the sky, and we’ll let you alcoholics stick to lighting up your liver. By the end of the day, we’ll see who outlives who.

  4. frank lawlor says:

    are we children that need a daddy & mommy to punish us for having the bad fireworks .let me tell you something this law is rediculous ,of course there are accidents and abuse but what have you ever heard of that human beings havent abused or had accidents . ii am a grown man and if i have a few fireworks to celebrate my countrys independence and in the privacy of my back yard handleing them responsibly and safely choose to set them off please dont lock me up becuse i have to work tuesday so this country can pay its bills , i guess chasing the dreaded middleclass homeowner keeps the police busy as if they are not busy enough with the drug problems sounds reasonable to you but to me its rediculous and i have to laugh . better yet im going to go to my garage and stamp my feet and hold my breath…such a waste of time and so so childess ,as lomg as its done safely by grown adults leave those people alone .

  5. TJ says:

    oh stick a lit sparkler up your A$$ and get over it. it’s 4th of July. Celebrate the good old fashioned way (with fireworks) and be responsible about it. If you can tell me that when you see fireworks that you have no interest and will look the other way then fine, but dont be a hypocrite. SOMEONE has to take that risk so you can enjoy seeing them. It’s ridiculous honestly how much freedom the “land of the free” has lost.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Okay wow so you can not smoke in NY which is legal by all laws, but you can shoot fireworks off and burn down your neighbor’s house. Thanks Bloomberg you are doing a great job. Legal things are not legal and illegal things are legal. Do say you cannot stop the fireworks cause the first year Rudy was in office there was not fireworks at all in new York. I remember. You need to get a life.

  7. a. boyle says:

    Either ban them in all fifty states or allow them in all fifty states.Why can some states have them and others cant. NO FAIR

  8. Onslow says:

    What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than by blowing up a small piece of it 🙂

  9. Ann Harrell says:

    I’m all for the legalization of Pretty sparklers and back yard type fireworks , but not the big stuff that can blow hands and arms off. Leave those big bombs to the professionals please!

  10. Just me says:

    the peoples republic of NY and NJ should stop being a police state and leave the people alone

  11. Art leyca says:

    I think yes, we should relax it a bit – but it has to have an adult supervision…so kids and family can enjoy to have a small round of fireworks in their own backyard… NJ or NY should give some slack to some folks that want to have (Freedom) to have some fun on their own backyard… anything beyond that would be their responsibility….

  12. Thomas says:

    No, what it’s about is personal freedom and responsibility. If I want to use fireworks and I burn my hand, then I have no one to blame but myself. If I shoot off a rocket that burns down my neighbour’s house that too is my responsibility and I will accept the consequences. But really, how often does something THAT tragic happen? Are we to legislate away everything fun because there is a small risk? Why not stay hidden in your warm bed every morning? I say allow fireworks everywhere as long as competant adults are buying them.

    1. KPMc says:

      Will you have to be able to spell competent correctly to be considered a competent adult?

      Who determines one’s competency?

      When I was younger a house in my neighborhood caught fire in the middle of the night, several hours after some competent adult set off his last rocket. the rocket smoldered on a roof, the house caught fire… someone’s grandmother died.

      So in that scenario you would voluntarily show up at the police station and ask them to charge you with reckless endangerment and death at your hands or something along those lines? I think not.

      Leave the fireworks to the professionals and let your family have a safe fourth despite your incompetent stupidity.

      1. Thomas says:

        First of all, thank you for correcting my spelling of ‘competent’. Boy you sure jumped all over that!

        By ‘competent adult’ I mean someone over 18 who does not have mental problems.

        Like I said, I take responsibility for my actions. And we also have insurance policies and expensive lawyers to resolve issues. But you can be killed just stepping out of your house in the morning. You could cause a car wreck tomorrow and kill a dozen people.

        I will be out having a good time shooting fireworks with my friends while you’re hiding in your bed, loser!

  13. Fig Bella says:

    Just another story about stupid people thinking they’re above the law.

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