NYC DEP Launches Water-On-The-Go

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York City DEP commissioner Cas Holloway was out talking about New York City water on Wednesday and promoting the launch of a new program called Water-On-The-Go.

Public water stations will be set up in outdoor spaces throughout the city.

“Most importantly it’s really to give — people want to cool off, they’re thirsty in the summer — but also to make sure that they know that NYC water is some of the healthiest, most affordable, drink that you can have,” said Holloway.

Holloway also pointed out that NYC water is zero calories and goes for a penny a gallon.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With The Story

The water stations will appear throughout the week at the following locations:

– Tuesdays at the Brooklyn and Bronx Borough Hall Greenmarkets

– Wednesdays at Union Square, Bryant Park and Learn It, Grow It, Eat It Youthmarket on Boston Road and 169 Street in the Bronx

– Thursdays at Times Square and the Tucker Square Greenmarket near Lincoln Center

– Fridays at a Greenmarket at Roosevelt Avenue and 103 Street in Queens, City Hall Park and Rockefeller Center

– Saturdays at Grand Army Plaza, a Greenmarket near Inwood Hill Park and Abingdon Square

– Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Flea

LINK: NYC Water-On-The-Go Interactive Calendar

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One Comment

  1. Rh says:

    I complained that my water was so milky that took 15 minutes to clear – I got a B.S. reply from DEP. Pennies a gallon? Not according the the NYC water bills! – other posters are correct – the DEP Commissioner is out of touch, along with all the other politicos.

  2. Dirty water says:

    Mine comes out completely white with chlorine or whatever chemicals they put on it. I filter it for me and for my dog. Don’t trust these idiots!

  3. Zionist says:

    The city will charge fir it sooner or later

  4. h says:

    ” … that NYC water is some of the healthiest, most affordable, drink that you can have,” said Holloway.

    I am sure Holloway has never paid water bill at all. Water bill is one of most expensive utility bills when you are living in the city, especially if you are a landlord.

  5. 2ManyLipsOnTap says:

    Errr. no thanks! i ‘ll have my own

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