A brand new sandwich shop in the Financial District, Todd English’s latest, or Greek on the Upper West Side: you decide in today’s New York Lunch Break. By Yvo Sin.

Potbelly Sandwich

101 Maiden Ln
Manhattan, NY 10038
(646) 289-4201

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The first New York location of this Chicago-based sandwich chain, Potbelly Sandwich, opened amidst much fanfare earlier this week. Lines stretched down the block, but moved fast thanks to advanced technology ordering systems (you know, iPads), and customers were not disappointed by the incredible sandwiches that delivered on all fronts: reasonably priced well below $10, packed with flavor, and delicious. Whatever you order, be sure to ask for the hot peppers- they give every sandwich a fantastic kick, raising it to new levels of awesome.

Ça Va

310 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 803-4545

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One of Todd English’s newest efforts include this charming brasserie. The lunch menu is kept simple, but you’re sure to find something to please your palate: a roasted beet salad, for example, with petite greens, the lovely Humboldt Fod cheese, and a warm walnut vinaigrette, will make your taste buds sing. Or the moules frites, tender mussels served piled high with fries, a classic brasserie dish done properly here. Of course, they also serve the perennial favorites, steak frites and croque madames, both delicious, both completely satisfying.


505 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024
(212) 873-0200

This is the food your grandma would make… if your grandma was Greek. The ultimate in traditional Greek comfort food, Kefi does its best to ease whatever may be bothering you and stuff you silly. It’s the glass of milk and cookies you were given after a hard day at school. Whatever you do, do not miss the sheep’s milk dumplings or the lamb shank. They will take any day and improve upon it; a bad day turns alright and a good day turns amazing. Enjoy.

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Yvo Sin is the founder and head writer of The Feisty Foodie.

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