Family Of Slain Harlem High School Sports Star Want Charges Against Parking Attendant

Grand Jury To Decide If Someone Killed Isayah Muller Or If It Was Self Defense

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The parking attendant who allegedly stabbed 19-year-old Isayah Muller to death in a Bronx parking lot Tuesday afternoon was not charged Thursday, angering the victim’s family.

Prosecutors said Isayah’s father, Andre Muller, attacked attendants with a shovel because he believed they had stolen a $200 bottle of cologne out of his car, a graduation present for his son, Kristin Thorne reports.

While defending his father, Isayah Muller was stabbed in the chest. The family said Thursday it does not understand why no one has been charged yet.

“He had no weapon on him, why did they use a weapon on him, and kill him. He had no weapon,” the victim’s aunt, Elisabel Asencio, told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“You don’t just release anybody after you kill them and it’s in self defense, I’ve never seen that happen in New York state,” George Ascensio, the victim’s uncle, said.

Andre Muller has a criminal history that seems to have ended six years ago.  He has six priors totaling 11 years in prison, Dennis reported.

Some detectives wonder if the father went into some kind of rage from his past when he went after two men he thought stole expensive cologne from his car, cologne that was supposed to be his son’s graduation gift, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports.

Andre Muller

Andre Muller still had his son's blood on his shirt when he was arraigned (credit: CBS 2)

The grand jury will have to answer this family’s question: did someone kill Isayah Muller or did someone stab him in self defense?

Muller’s cousin Julio Camacho didn’t want to show his face on camera, but told CBS 2 his family is not going to let this rest. They want charges filed against the attendants.

Andre Muller attended a vigil for his son just about 24 hours after watching him receive his high school diploma. Some 200 others also gathered outside the apartment of Isayah’s grandparents.

“My feelings, I can’t even express them in words right now,” one resident said. “It wasn’t his time, you know what I’m saying?”

T-shirts, candles and heartfelt messages to the beloved football player lined 10th Avenue.

“Isayah Muller was somebody’s child, nephew and his death should not stay in vain,” said teary-eyed family friend Eneida Lugo.

Andre Muller appeared in court to be arraigned on assault charges Wednesday with his son’s blood still staining his shirt. Prosecutors told the judge that Muller was the aggressor and the parking attendant was acting in self defense.

Isayah’s friends don’t buy that.

“It wasn’t self defense. It was murder and they need to pay dearly for what they did,” Lugo said.

Andre Muller is expected to testify before a Grand Jury, which will ultimately decide if charges should be pressed against the parking attendants.

Isayah Muller’s family is preparing for his funeral. Many of their family members are expected to fly in from Puerto Rico.

Muller was a superstar, leading his team at Truman High School in the Bronx to their first ever PSAL Bowl title in November. He had dreams of being in the NFL and was going to Nassau Community College in the fall.

He grabbed the attention of everyone in that championship game after running 290 yards and making an 80-yard touchdown.

What’s your reaction to this tragedy? Should the person who wielded the knife face charges? Sound off in our comments section below…


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  1. A Floridian says:

    I thought “self defense” was defined as ‘using equal force against the attacker’ but the guy stabbed him to death?This is really sad and although i do believe that situation could’ve been handled better and DID get out of hand a senseless death involved some repercussions DO need to be taken.

  2. I'm Just Saying says:


    You can all see the video by just doing a quick a Google.

    Fox5 has the footage from the garage.

    For those of you confused, thinking the father was only the attacker, allow me to clarify things for you:

    The father AND the son were both attackers. Not only did the father attack with a shovel, but the SON also started attacking with his fists. For those of you who don’t know, you can use a weapon to defend yourself against any sort of attack you think can potentially cause you harm, or cause your fatality.

    The son burst through the door at one point, and began throwing punches at one of the attendants, while his father followed behind with a shovel, swinging it at other attendant for the second time in that video.

    The video also shows BOTH attendants giving the father their PERSONAL BACKPACKS to SEARCH THROUGH, to show they didn’t steal anything. They also let him search their desk and shed. After finding NOTHING, the father still decides to run up to one of the attendants and punch him in the face!

    What does the attendant do? NOTHING! He calls the cops!

    You know what the father does? He gets a freakin’ shovel! Him and the son then begin attacking both attendants. One attendant grabs a machete and the other has a knife on him. Unfortunately, someone ended up dying.

    Listen, there were plenty, and I mean plenty of opportunities for Andre, Isayah, and even Andre’s WIFE to call the cops or pull Andre to the side and say, “Hey, forget about all this, let’s call the cops, file a report and let them handle it. Let’s go enjoy the rest of the with our day”.

    Watch the video.

  3. Norma says:

    Everything would have been avoided if the father wasn’t such a violent person, clearly did not show good parenting and in the end the one who should be blamed is the father. An adult would have felt with this a different way, He should have called the police,He should have searched the car before accusing someone,or like any adult he should have taken his fam.out of harms way if he was going to act so crazy. I blame him, and I hope he’s man enough to admit that.

  4. Sexy says:

    When I first heard of this incident, I was truly saddened. And I still am. But after hearing the actions of the father, I became sickened. He is the actual one who took his sons life! I say that because, if he just would have called the police maybe after an investigation they would have seen on camera who actually took the cologne. But the results you have from this all is a young life lost, a father possibly facing prison and the parking lot attendants fighting for their freedom. Clearly there was no intent to kill, it was an act of self-defense. The father left the place and came back! That shows he’s was the aggressor right there. It would be nice to find out where is the cologne at? One would think if one of the attendants stole it, it should have been recovered from the scene by now as investigators searched for clues. Once again I’m saddened and I pray the family and friends one day will gain closure and understanding. But if anybody they should truly be angry with it’s the father. If he didn’t act with wrath his son would still be here. I myself will keep all parties involved in prayer. God Bless…

    1. hector says:

      No it was not a act of self defence what ever happend whith an Eyee for an Eye. this men took a life

      1. Sack says:

        Are you kidding me? If you watch the video it was clear Isayah was brutally assulting the parking attendent. He had him pinned to the ground and probably could have killed the attendent if he hadn’t stabbed Isayah. It was not an eye for an eye, that would imply revenge, he was fighting for his life not for a grudge.

  5. mountain man says:

    Cologne–this was over some cologne, The dad got mad and instead of calling the cops he gets a shovel, that leads to another question, did the dad carry a shovel in his car? where in the world did a shovel come from in New York i thought the only thing there was asphalt and concrete. and where is the cologne? lots of questions but few answers. in any case dad did wrong and now he lost a son over his actions and will never get to hold a shovel again.

  6. Andrew Bellucci says:

    If the son was such a football superstar, why was he going to Nassau Community College? Why no scholarship somewhere, anywhere, even a Division 3 school? Bad grades, bad attitude, not really that good? I’d really like to know.

    1. RIP Isayah says:

      I never even spoke to the kid, just grew up in the neighborhood, and related to the same family, but I can say none of the above. So mind your business.

    2. Nakita says:

      Pretty ignorant comment driven by ignorant assumptions “bad grades, bad attittude, not really that good?”. Please, what is the relevance here? Nothing. Just a stupid remark from a ____ individual. I’ll leave the blank so I won’t make the same stupid and irrelevant assumptions of you that you are making of someone else.

      1. I'm Just Saying says:

        I can somewhat understand being defensive if you’re familiar with this person or live in their neighborhood. However, Andrew isn’t making any ignorant assumptions – just posing reasonable questions as to why someone would be in a community college if they’re a football “superstar”.

        If there’s an article describing the events of what took place and gives us details about this young man’s life, and has a comment section open to the public, you have no right to tell someone to mind their business.

        It’s no longer a private issue if it’s on the news, and people have the right to ask questions about what they’ve been told.

  7. Bob Fowler says:

    An absolutely horrible tragedy that was totally avoidable. Somewhere along the way, the father decided that he would forgo society’s standards of behavior, and handle matters himself. the end result is, a young man is dead.

    Most people, when confronted with a theft, would probably call the police for assistance. Most people would not take a shovel to someone who they ‘believed’ had stolen from them. I might even go along with this if they had found the cologne in the possession of the attendant, but for pure speculation? I don’t think a $200 bottle of cologne was really worth a young man’s life, the father’s return to jail, and all of the medical bills that were generated.

    Civilized people do not act this way. Now we all await the inevitable lawsuits that will surely come, suing everyone from the NYPD, parking lot owner, and probably the store that sold the cologne. Then of course we will need the buffoon to parade his James Brown hairdo and sewer cover medallion in front of the cameras screaming for justice.

    From where I sit, the only justice that should certainly be applied is, the father needs to go to jail for assault, as he obviously instigated the entire circus.

    1. Wise One says:

      I was with you, that is until you made the leap from an objective fair analysis of the situation to a racist assumption that typical cries of injustice and lawsuits against the NYPD aren’t usually warranted and the BS comment about “the buffoon to parade his James Brown hairdo and sewer cover medallion.” You sir, need to reevaluate your thought process just as much as the father in this story. You sir, are likely just a problematic to society as he is.

  8. LG says:

    I wonder what kind of cologne it was? Creed Tabarome perhaps?

  9. Sly Stone says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Father found the $200 bottle of cologne still at his home? Another in a long line of “just keeping it real” attitudes. Sad a life is lost behind this and nothing even learned from it.

    1. Rodin says:

      SPAM – constant

  10. Bell Toller says:

    All they had to was call 911

    1. Nec says:

      I wonder if they ever found the bottle of cologne.

      1. Son & Dad Are the Real Criminals says:

        Yes I hope a follow-up story will be done on where the cologne bottle is. If it is really stolen, then charge the attendants for it. If not, the dad should be charge with attempted murder conspiracy.

  11. Sunk-nation says:

    Why is it that any one with a drop of African-amarican blood in their veins feel they have the right to be violent thugs,bullies,gangstas,or criminals,and that no one can respond back in self-defense without it being racial. Truth is that no white person is safe going into any inner-city neighborhood as they will be either assaulted, robbed or murdered and unless there is something spectacular about the crime it barely goes reported. This happens all across the country on a daily basis and is considered normal. Lo and behold though, let something happen to a black at a white man’s hand,it is autumatically racial and headline news. Some races need to open their eyes and look at their lives and surroundings. Race card days are are eventually going to run out.

    1. Herstory says:

      They are no different from the Irish just 20 years ago. You were the thugs, replaced by the Italians. Any group that feels in the majority will abuse the minority. It is not right, but don’t act like the white population in NY is pristine. Don’t you forget the history of the Irish gang and Italian mob wannabees in this town.

  12. fred nc says:

    Dad is wrong has IT RIGHT. The son barged in the locked shack by breaking the door down. Forced entry. Encouraged by the father. The weapons that the son used were his fists. The father armed with a shovel that he used on one of the attendants. In all of this, where does the father attempt to find or get the missing bottle of cologne back. It appears that the father was going to administer justice first without proving the attendants either had the bottle or stole it.
    The fathers background is important….he never learned from his prison time. In fact, he acted like he was still there.

  13. Bell Toller says:

    I heard that his parents are only in their mid 30s.

    Dont ya think something is worng wit this picture?

    1. loka says:

      Well you heard wrong one is the other is not

  14. willie everich says:

    this is a tragedy no matter how you look at it…the reality however is this…the father jumped the gun…he should have called the police if he thought his car had been broken into and his sons present stolen…taking matters into his own hands and attacking the attendants with a shovel…set in motion a series oif events that led to his sons death. The father will be carrying around that guilt until the day he dies…you better believe that given another opportunity..he would have dealt with it in a totally different manner

    1. KPMc says:

      Guilt would require he feel responsibility. I get the feeling the family is looking to lay blame anywhere but where it belongs.

      I fear nothing was learned and dad wouldn’t do anything different except maybe be MORE violent.

  15. Derek E. says:

    This is truly heart breaking…

    1. Messed Up Family says:

      Its really not heartbreaking at all. The family is messed up. The whole lot of them. Criminal dad will pay for his son’s death. That’s what you get for taking matters into your own hand when the situation did not call for it at all. I’m glad the parking attendant was not the one killed in this.

  16. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    1. KPMc says:

      The victims were the attendants cowering in their booth as a crazed man and his son beat them with a shovel and bashed the booth in, looking to inflict more damage.

      The two you are referring to are known as assailants.

      It matters not what race any of them were but from what I can tell NONE of them were white.

      Keep using the race card instead of facts and lets see how long that takes for us to get past race being an issue for EVERYTHING.

      There are racists involved here… the people defending thugs just because they are black.

      I guess it’s too much to expect people to take personal responsibility when it’s so much easier to just make everything about race.

      Your actions are what determine who you are.

  17. nathan rosenthal says:

    Criminals breeding criminals….like father like son. Monkey see monkey do.

  18. TSTER says:

    Trashy people get into trouble like this! The attdt will not get charged! People like the father were not raised correctly and will always get into these situations time and time again!

  19. MADUNNA says:

    $200 cologne? LOL

    1. Rodin says:

      A shower woulda’ been cheaper (…AND less costly).

  20. Rodin says:


  21. chicago,il says:

    The father was wrong for over reacting over a bottle of cologne. Cologne can be replaced, a life cannot. Regardless of the the aftermath, more than likely friends or family members are going to take matters into there own hands causing more violence. Wrong is wrong no matter what color you are. The parking attendant should look into getting protection. It may be over in the courts but people are going to take matters into there own hands even when its wrong to do so.

  22. lucy says:

    You people are clueless! Do you not understand his father went after two men with a shovel and his son was accomplice (may he rest in peace). The two men acted in self defense even if they stabbed the wrong person, but how do we know it was the wrong person. We don’t know what the son was trying to do or did right before he got stabbed. The two attendants were probably terrified! This is not a racist thing either. Don’t you people know how to make good judgment?! I would protect myself too if I saw father and son acting like thugs. This was clearly the father’s fault and it has nothing to do with his criminal record. Stop making excuses. Right is right people. And yes the father should be locked up. What if they would of killed one of the parking attendants, I guess then it would of been ok, right–over a bottle of perfume. I keep reading on here how no matter what if it was self defense but that they committed a murder! What the fuc do ya expect. And why on earth should the parking attendants be charged.

  23. Geneva Bayette says:

    This family is in denial at the deceased Daddys criminal history & anger so they think if Daddy’s anger started the fight the poor garage workers should also
    be responsible,Sad . Anyone fighting to save face for a bottle of perfume ain’t
    right in dah head either.

  24. Hilary Serrao D says:

    Look, the person responsible for this whole mess, was his own Father due to a bad tempered individual. I hope he has learned a lesson. I realize that the only desire he has and that of his family is to get the attendant prosecuted for murder, but you started it, now live with it. The attendant did not attack you first, you did. Now, I do not know any of you, and I do not care how it turrs out, but let right be right and wrong be wrong.

  25. General says:

    It’s very sad that this young had to die. I feel for his family. That said, the father should never have started swinging a shovel. The young man should have stayed out of the altercation. Too bad cooler heads didn’t prevail. All parties should be charged. If you believe something to be stole from your vehicle while parked you need to contact the police not take matters into your own hands. Society today is all about aggression. This is what happens when people cannot remain calm.

  26. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  27. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    Shaddap, you’re not a doctor and you probably look like a foot.

  28. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    Sounds like another shovel ready job gone awry. Moral of the story, don’t bring a shovel to a knife fight. What kid has a $200 bottle of cologne?

  29. Bell Toller says:

    This is ridiculous that the family is wanting charges against these hard working attendants.

  30. Dan says:

    I bet his dad STOLE the cologne in the first place. And the parking lot attendant isn’t white because white people won’t work as parking lot attendants, especially in the Bronx

  31. Chris says:

    I know all of the attendants at the lot because I park my car there. All of them are Latinos and would not steal as I never had a problem with that I have left money in my car and when I had returned it was still where I left it. The parking lot also has camras everywhere this is why the father went to jail, the attendant received a bad head injury from the fathers actions. The whole thing is just sad the parents should have called the police to make a report and not commit street justice. God bless

    1. Josue says:

      So sad and what a shame that this kid had to die for his father’s ghettoness and actions…over a bottle of cologne? Really? You could just tell that the father is the aggressor in this situation…I am sure he will play it out and get Rev. Al Sharpton on his side and cry black racial slurs!! Typical NB of you ask me

    2. Marie says:

      I am also a monthly customer of that garage and nothing has ever gone missing from my vehicle to date. They are always pleasant and work hard. I am sorry for this great young man, but his father is to blame. Instead of $200 cologne he should’ve worked harder to get his family out of the projects. What did the dad do for a living is my question? Besides being ghetto fav

      1. FearOfABrownValet says:

        NYC: SuperGett-0

  32. Tommy says:

    Sad that this guy has hid kids blood all over his hands. Fighting over a bottle of cologne? Really? Such a tragedy. RIP Kid.

    1. Tommy says:

      ***has HIS kids blood all over his hands.

  33. Lexianne says:

    As a parent you have to set an example for your kids. This could have been easily avoided, if the father went into defense mode about protecting his child. That should have been his priority, especially on such a spectacular day. I am in no way condoning what the parking attendant did, but no one was there to see what actually happened. Instead of assuming the parking attendant took his cologne, he should have let the authorities investigated the matter and have his son here with him today.

    1. Saddened says:

      The parking lot attendants did nothing; they very sensibly, NON-AGGRESSIVELY hid. You can’t “condone” that, because “condoning” means excusing bad behavior. Mr. Muller wasn’t “protecting” his “child” — an 18 year old star football player! Really! The young man obeyed his father, broke down the shed door, injured and terrorized two other young men, and died.

      This is a terrible waste! But only Mr. Muller is responsible. His record shows he has never in his life accepted responsibility; now he and his relatives are behaving as they always have done: Blame the victim.

      Poor soul. He was going to have a good, responsible, happy life!

      1. loka says:

        He’s 19 not 18 get your facts straight

  34. DJ says:

    How is the kid defending his father? The father was the AGGRESSOR and the kid became a participant (accomplice)when he jumped into the fight. Unfortunately, father and son are reaping the consequences of their own poor judgement.

    BTW, the father’s past criminal history didn’t play any part in how he was charged – the fact that he attacked a guy with a shovel is what caused that. The guy’s past criminal history just shows that he is already in the habit of breaking the law.

    1. EViiE says:

      let me tell you something his fathers criminal history has nothing to do with what happened one thing doesn’t justify another & so what if he was the aggressor it happens but it doesn’t justify Isayah getting stabbed TWICE especially in his chest. so choose you words wisely and analyze every aspect of the story before giving your own poor judgement because let me ask you this.. what if that was your son or daughter would you feel the same way ?

      1. Josue says:

        Honestly Eviie – you have to be kidding me or your just Black yourself trying to “stick together” when wrong is wrong. The father’s past criminial history does play a major part in this situation – thats why its called “A Criminal Record” – People fail to realize that setting and example is like – monkey see, monkey doo. YOU MAKE NO SENSE…again you must be black!

      2. DJ says:

        @ EViiE – Poor judgment is what got this boy killed. The “two wrongs that don’t make a right” were his dad grabbing a shovel & attacking someone. And “so what if the dad was the aggressor…” So what!?!?!? Andre Muller started the fight that got his child killed. He grabbed a shovel & threatened someone with it, forcing them into a position where they felt they had to protect themselves. It’s Andre Muller’s fault this happened at all. The young man jumped in to help his dad beat someone – too bad he didn’t exercise better judgment & stay out of it. It’s a shame he was killed, but he and his dad are responsible for what happened to them, no one else.

      3. danny says:

        Eviie, the attendant saw some black kid running up to a fight. He probably thought he was a dead man. Self defense. And, as far a it being my kid, well, I wouldn’t put myself in a situation where he or I could get killed. You fail.

      4. rojo says:

        so your saying if someone attacks you with a shovel, you have no right to defend yourself and let the jerk pound your brains in??

      5. NYC EMT says:

        Of course his criminal record has something to do with it. it shows that he has a proclivity to use poor judgement in the first place. It matters that he was the aggressor, because if he had not been this young man would be alive right now and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. If I came at you with a shovel, and another person came running up to you, and you had a kinfe on you what would you do? It’s hard to say until you are in that situation, but you might have done the same thing.

      6. I'm Just Saying says:

        Hey EViiE,

        Think about what you’re saying for a second, and put aside the fact that you know or live in the same neighborhood as Isayah.

        Did you see the video?

        If you did, then you must have seen Isayah push the door back open as the attendant tried to close it. You must have also seen Isayah burst through the door moments later and attacked one of the parking attendants, with his father wielding a shovel along side.

        Did you see that?

        You must have then also seen his father, Andre, punch the other attendant in the beginning of the video. You saw the attendant do nothing, and just tried to avoid a physical altercation.

        Remember that?

        You must have also seen Andre rush in with a shovel and begin swinging at the attendants, trying to injure them to an extent only he knew at the time.

        Think about this:

        What if Isayah had just allowed the door to have been shut closed by the attendant, and turned around and got back in the car?

        Or better yet:

        What if his father had just called the police from the beginning, like most people would have done?

    2. val says:

      I agree

  35. Glenn says:

    The only thing the father is going to miss is the potential gravy train he would have been on had the the son been signed by the NFL. He doesn’t care about his sons life.

    1. Tee says:

      Glenn you must have no children… or had a crummy childhood… that really made no sense…no amount of money could replace the lost of a child

      1. Glenn says:

        Tee…… the way I’m a self made millionaire. The father will miss only the sons potential earnings.

      2. badman says:

        what would a “self-made millionaire be doing posting on WCBS’s news site?

        BTW, I’m an astronaut and have been to the moon 7 times.

      3. Bob Fowler says:

        Badman, I thought you looked familiar. I was the guy working the 7-11 at the Sea of Tranquility rest stop.

    2. jtorres says:

      So the kid was a high school football hero who helped his team win the PSAL Bowl. That does not automatically make him NFL material. He did not have a football scholarship to a school like Notre Dame or Penn State who turn out All-American players ever year. He was going to a community college that propbably doesn’t even have a football team. The truth is, he would have never made it to the NFL so the father had no gravy train coming

      1. loka says:

        How do you know if he wasn’t going to make it weren’t you listening his coach he said they were editing his video’s and sending them and he was always in the news papers. There are students that are good at football and there eyes were never on them. His mother had to push hard on him to do better he wasn’t a angel but he did want he needed. He would of made it cause he was already in the papers. @ jtorres sinces you know so much unless your jealous because he could of done something with himself!!!

      2. loka says:

        what he needed*****

    3. Arvin Alexander says:

      You sir, are an idiot! NO amount of money can replace the love of a child.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Good for you, Glenn. Take your riches and kick rocks. Just because you have money, doesn’t mean your opinion matters.

    5. loka says:

      @Gleen–>I dont think he would need his sons money if he’s been doing things on his own for the rest of his life. Isayah was just going to take his mother out of the enivornment if he had made it to the NFL they never said he made i to the NFL so where did you get that fact from!!! ….@ Eviie if you do know isayah it’s okay i know him too i grew up in Midtown a video doesn’t really explain who the person he really is everybody make’s mistakes but that wasn’t the ttype of person he was. I think people shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover just cause you see one thing that went wrong in so many ways in a one video.

  36. Jill says:

    Usually in such a case where a person is harmed physically or killed, the person and/or persons are arrested. During the internal investigation if law enforcement sees fit the case will be presented initially to the Judge and subsequently to a grand jury. Apparently after investigating at the scene and interviewing the father at the hospital who of course became irrational and bolted. The police saw fit to arrest and charge him, the attendant was not arrested based on what was told at the scene and apparently it was deemed “self-defense”.
    Had the father conducted himself as an “adult” in the presence of the attendants..witnesses and his son the entire matter would have been peacefully resolved. Possibly with the charge of theft by attendant or realizing he placed it in a secure area where he apparently forgot prior to accusation.

  37. scott feingold says:

    I bet anything the parking attendant was a WHITE MAN and probably being a typical racist. This is a HATE CRIME FOLKS.

    1. Saddened says:

      The parking lot attendants weren’t “white,” not that it matters.

      There is security tape to show Mr. Muller, who has a habit of behaving irrationally and being convicted of crimes, struck first. And frequently. The two attendants prudently scampered into a shed and tried to hide. Then young Mr. Muller broke down the door. That is breaking and entering.

      WHY?? Over a rotten bottle of perfume? If it was more than a Canal St. knockoff, Mr. Muller should have locked it in his trunk. If it was stolen, he should have called 911.

      Such a terrible waste of life. Young Mr. Muller was clearly a good soul, who understood his father’s flaws, loved his family, and planned to work towards a good, honorable life. All gone.

      1. tee says:

        where did they show the video??? did you actually see this all happen???

    2. Chris says:

      No only Latinos work that parking lot I park my car in that lot and know all of them. All of them are good people and the place has camras everywhere that’s why the father went to jail he hit and injured the attendant in the head bad.

    3. Marie says:

      Sorry no brainer they are all spanish even owner

    4. rags says:

      yeah its always a white man and a hate crime right? It so happens to be Latinos involved. Keep your mouth shut , stirring up peoples feelings with outlandish and incorrect assumptions regarding race doesnt help anyone.

    5. Saddened says:

      By the way, not only are the parking lot attendants all Latino, but 3/4 of the Muller family is too. Young Mr. Muller’s grandmother speaks only Spanish, for example. It just shows to 100% irrelevance of racially-based remarks.

  38. Panama corporation says:

    By Amy Zimmer and Jeff MaysDNAinfo StaffMANHATTAN A star high school football player from East Harlems Jefferson Houses was stabbed to death during a fight in a Bronx parking lot Tuesday just hours after the 19-year-old graduated police said..Isayah Muller of East 115th Street had just left his commencement ceremony for the Bronxs Truman High School held at the nearby campus of Lehman College when his father Andre got into an argument with a parking lot attendant whom he had accused of stealing something from his car according NYPD chief spokesman Paul Browne.The family had parked at M.T. before a celebratory dinner on City Island.Andre Muller 40 realized the property was missing only after he began driving away. Cops said the dad turned the car around and drove back to the lot where he and Isayah got out of the car and a fight ensued leaving the teen stabbed in the chest.A tearful woman identified as Isayah Mullers aunt returns to the Jefferson Houses Wednesday. DNAinfo Jeff Mays Muller and his father rushed back to the car just outside the lot where the teens mother and girlfriend were waiting cops said.

  39. jim oneill says:

    The son is dead because the father used violence to solve a problem and it was met with violence. Everyone has the right to defend themselves.This is the fathers fault. Nice going tough guy.

  40. HelloNY says:

    Why is this parking attendant getting special treatment? Generally a person who stabs someone to death (whether its self defense or not) is arrested after the crime. They will then face a judge who gives bail (or doesn’t). The person is either bailed out or not, but in the meantime a grand jury decides whether or not to indict. This person sould have been arrested! It really broke my heart to see Isayah’s father go into court with his sons blood all over his shirt. I pray this family gets justice, but more importantly, finds peace.

    1. jtorres says:

      Check the law, Hello, NY. You said, “generally a person…is arrested” It is not a given Everyone is taken in for questioning and if they can positively establish that it was actually self-defense, the DA can decline to prosecute. A judge does not make that determination. The father sounds like a real genius and probably admitted that he attacked the attendant. Everyone has right to defend themselves and if the son and father were acting together it was 2 against one, I don’t know what you would do, but I wouldn’t stand there and let myself be beaten or killed if I had a way to defend myself. This was a tragedy and the saddest part is that it was completely avoidable

      1. Tee says:

        it was not two against one..there were two parking attendants..both with knives..

    2. Saddened says:

      If you read the news, the parking lot attendant was HOSITALIZED!!! HE WAS SERIOUSLY INJURED.

      The family has received justice.

      It will achieve peace only when Mr. Muller grows up and accepts responsibility for his actions, and for causing his good son’s terribly sorrowful death. Of course, he won’t; Mr. Sharpton will hold a press conference with Mr. Muller. Not a word of truth will be said.

    3. rags says:

      Apparently the camera showed the father attacking with the shovel, AND his son throwing punches. Open your eyes! Two thugs got what they asked for, just too bad the father didnt get killed too.

    4. John says:

      You are an Idiot Hello NY, read the story like any other person with half a brain can. Slow now try it again.

  41. karlson says:

    Too many unanswered questions here. Knives over a certain length are illegal and treated as deadly weapons in NY under the law.

    Besides the knife issue, there is a homicide that was committed. Self defense issues aside, it’s a matter for a grand jury to examine.

    The entire matter is stupid as no bottle of cologne or earthly treasure is worth your life.

    If there was a weapon that was used against the garage attendant as other posters have hinted at, there’s no mention of it here in the news story.

    The entire matter is truly tragic.

    1. Russ says:

      I believe there was a weapon….it’s called a shovel

      1. Bob Fowler says:

        Wrong Russ, you’re just being white and trying to put the minorities down. A shovel is a tool, not a weapon. The father was carrying it to dig up the cologne that the evil parking attendant buried. Once the attendant realized that he was going to lose the cologne, he became enraged, and the father had to beat him about the head to protect himself and his son, who was hurled through the shed door.

        When will you racist whites finally stop?

      2. Rodin says:

        LOL, Fowler

  42. Lillie says:

    It is evident the the father didn’t have enough sense to not resort to violence..he bought a $200 bottle of cologne ! As assertive as his son was in school he should have taken the money and placed in an account for his son to perhaps be college bound. I live this very life where the father is in the childs’ life but has a tremendous negative impact on his life. At the end of the day his son is now dead based on the immature decisions that HE chose to make and as a result he will now bury his child and face justice thereafter. It’s sad, he will come out the bigger and wiser man if you just walk away.
    This child was a baby yet very intelligent enough to not only finish H.S. but become a productive player for his school.
    Hopefully and I’m sure it will be a learning lesson for the father…Grow-up and use your mouth and not your hands..
    May this child rest in peace…God just has another pro-ball player to help him out.

  43. christine says:

    who doesnt hide their valuables before valet??? and who carries a shovel with them?? common sense is to call the cops….unless its stolen then u cant

  44. Skipper says:

    An expensive bottle of booze supposedly stolen from a car. Was the car locked, windows broken? Can the purchase of said bottle be confirmed? These things need to be established first. Someone with a record, changing his name, and still doing crime makes one wonder. Too bad a recent high school graduate, a potential sports person had to die for his father’s actions.

    1. tim says:

      Booze? Story cleary lists $200 bottle of “COLOGNE”. Why post if you don’t even bother to properly read the article?

      1. tim says:

        Oh wait, maybe for you cologne is booze lol…….

      2. Rodin says:

        This story ‘smells.’

  45. Trishe says:

    If it was self defence the attendant killed the wrong person. I do not understand why or how the father’s criminal history has to do with this case. One person is dead, whether or not he was the aggressor. There is a manslather charge there some where…otherwise the wrong message is being sent to the community and we will be back to cowboy times.

    1. D'Joe says:

      The father’s criminal history shows that he likes trouble. I agree with you with the wrong person getting killed. There should not be charges if is proven the attendant was only defending himself. Maybe there was the option to run from someone with a shovel, but what if the person with the shovel runs faster…u would have the parking attendant dead and the idiot father with a criminal history adding charges to his criminal history (not that he cares)

    2. Truth says:

      The police did their investigation and decided not to charge the attendant. If the police didn’t think it was self defense, they would have charged him but they didn’t. The father clearly has anger issues. As a resident of the city, they should have known not to leave valuables. What kind of example are you setting in front of your children when you attack someone with an object? As the son, I’m sure he was trying to help his father. The father lost his son over $200?

    3. Bob Fowler says:

      Please tell me what wrong message is being sent? It is wrong to make someone hitting you with a shovel stop? Perhaps it is wrong to stop someone from pummeling you with their fists?

      Maybe they should have called time-out, learned karate, and then called time-in so that they could properly defend themselves?

  46. D'Joe says:

    Is too bad a kid with a bright future had to die. I wish he would’ve played peacemaker. The father should have call the cops and report the $200 cologne bottle stolen (if it was ever stolen)…He shouldn’t have his son in that kind of situation. Now a future star is gone and a man that has no respect for society will be still walking the streets.

    1. byrd says:

      i agree on such a wonderful day (graduation) why disrupted it with a fight. soooo

    2. Anonymous says:

      I just want to say that I live with a man who has a very bad temper, and have witnessed him go at various people for stupid things such as, traffic issues, “what are you looking at situations,” and a host of other dumb things that set him off. I notice, however, that he especially targets people who seem to be harmless, non threatening. I always say to myself, it is a matter of time before something bad ends up happening to him because he is going to run into the wrong person, who he percieves as harmless or intimidated by him, and that person is going to wind up being his worst nightmare. God forgive me for saying that, but when you hot headed, coupled with a bad temper, it’s only a matter of time. Unfortunately, in this case, his son paid the price.

      1. danny says:

        I truly hope he has never taken his anger out on you. It sounds like you might need to reconsider your relationship with this person. Especially if kids are involved.

      2. fabes says:

        ur sleeping with the enemy!! bsafe and i hope u make sensible decisions for your sake

      3. Rodin says:

        Get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!! SPLIT … while you’re alive and able to run.

      4. Rodin says:

        … before YOU “pay the price.”

    3. RAGS says:

      Mr. Muller,
      You get what you got!
      Dont try and place the blame on others. you and your won were the agressors. Also, dont bring a shovel to a knife fight! HAHAHAHAAAAHAAAAAAA

    4. Arvin Alexander says:

      That’s why I say there are 2 America’s and you people back it up! This is not TV, I have had my car broke into several times and calling the police is just a formality if you don’t have theft insurance. The world I know is dog eat dog. If you let someone take an inch, They’ll double that each time. I have seen people I know go to prison for shooting people who wielded knives in the ghetto you are only allowed to use reasonable or equal force to defend yourself, of course, that’s just for poor people whould should be used to fighting it out anyway! Now I won’t say this father is right, if they won’t admit to taking your goods you have to charge somethings to the game, but I don’t find find it so shocking that he would stand up for himself, because life lessons have shown me that the police are rarely any help and probably would have found an unpaid traffic ticket to lock him up over had he called them. Bottom line is this guy fatally stabbed an un armed man, that’s manslaughter in any law book!

      1. Rodin says:

        This one, ARvin, can’t even spell his name ,,, or maybe he mamma couldn’t. Forget about the GRAMMAR!

        “Bottom line is” SELF-DEFENSE against raging lunatic attacking with shovel, kid aiding and abetting thug father who initiated the assault

    5. Rodin says:

      Please correct spelling mistakes before “featuring” a comment. Why highlight ignorance (unless that’s the idea….).

    6. scary-peskyMudPeople says:

      i smell a lawsuit vs de city…

      1. Rodin says:

        I smell cologne.

    7. fabes says:

      like a greek tragedy…sad.

    8. UrbanHillbillies says:

      (just put all dark-skinned minororities on the next space shuttle)

  47. Belll Toller says:

    The parking attendancts should not be facing charges. It is bad enough that these attendants are constantly harassed by these type of thug type people. the innocent photo of the son here is ridiculous.

    Lynn are you out of your mind or did you grt your brain from Macys? The father has served time in jail for drugs and robbery. Did his father pay for the bottle of cologne to begin with If its proven he didnt he should be charged with robbery.

    The police and the city of NY need to ban any more future vigils of this young man.

    The wrong message is being sent out that its ok to commit violence.

    Whats next the family is going to sue the parking garage

    1. J says:

      @Bell Toller: You, whatever you are, are a complete IDIOT!!!

      1. Ron says:

        I second that!

        Its his chains rustling in his ears that removes decent thought…which is why his name is…BELL TOLLER.

    2. Nec says:

      This tough guy’s actions caused the unfortunate death of his son. He should go throw himself in front of a train now.

    3. Jessie Guzman says:

      in regards to Toller for you to even comment that NY should ban any vigil For the son is HEARTLESS A mother is mourning the loss of her son we has a community have a right to Mourn his death and celebrate his life the way we see fit. IF you feel so stongly then turn the page and dont read or change the channel and dont look Besides the money or the fathers criminal history A young boy is dead beacuse Another person took his life…..

      1. Bell Toller says:

        Jessie so its ok for everyone to mourn for him.

        Reports also mention that the son lunged towards the attendants in a football stance.

        Its time that penalties get raised for anyone that commits vilence against parking attendants

    4. EViiE says:


    5. Tee says:

      so what if he has served time before..YEARS AGO…everyone has a past.. two wrongs dont make a right.. it was wrong on both ends.. but no one had to die, and of course they stole the perfume..thats what a majority of parking attendants do.. the kid was a good kid …graduated with honors … had a bright future ahead of him… but he was only 19. Its not right at having a vigil is to honor and remember him… he was a son and grandson to someone and until you have children of your own you wont understand..and if you do watch what you say…

      1. NYU1232 says:

        Eviie and Tee must sit next to each other in GED class.

    6. Sylvia says:

      Why did the attendant have SHANK this is something that made in jail so the employer needs to check that attendants back gound. You can’t really say anything if you haven’t lost a child under what ever conditions.God don’t like ugly. What you have said in your comment can always do a 360 and nip you in the BUTT.

      1. Rodin says:

        @ Saliva

        A SHANK may be a jail term but all it really is is a sharp piece of metal or anything used as a knife. It’s YOUR choice of word and doesn’t appear in this article. ‘Belll Toller’ doesn’t use it either.

        As for Dog, I think It decided to stay out of this one and teach the thug a lesson, kinda like Abraham willing to sacrifice his kid Isaac in the Babble ‘xept no angel came down from heaven to stop the knife (sorry, ‘shank’). Lost his head, lost his son. Besides, I thought Dog loved EVERYONE, ‘uglies’ included.

  48. NY Chris says:

    The father is a nut and a convict (seems like he’ s not “rehabilitated”…liberals hate that), he went after some poor bastar$ with a shovel making $9.00 an hour plus tips with a shovel. What was a the intent of the father at this point in time going after some one with a shovel?…SHOVEL SNOW?, SOME GARDENING OR DO GRAVE BODILY INJURY OR EVEN DEATH I’d defend myself too, clearly self defense. I wish this was a right to carry state. The father should’ve taken one right in the head.

    1. val says:

      NY Chris–Leave liberals out of it. I’m a liberal and I totally feel the father is responsible and should have known better. The parking attendants had no choice in the matter but to defend themselves. What do liberals have to do with it?????

  49. Glenn says:

    The father was in jail twice before, under different names. He changed his name after being released from jail on his FIRST conviction of a crime. He was convicted of another crime under his “new” name. It is a shame his son had to pay the ultimate price for his fathers crimes.

  50. Lynn says:

    Yes this attendant should face charges. Now there is a lot of talk about the father attacking them with a shovel but was the son also carrying a shovel? Why was he killed? This whole thing does not make any sense there are so many questions unanswered. It seems to me that they are using Mr Mullers past history with the Police against him now and taking the words of two people who killed a young man. The sad thing about all of this is that it was over a bottle of cologne!

    1. Glenn says:

      Lynn you appear to be a person of questionable intelligence.

      1. Pointer says:

        I disagree, Glenn. Lynn has a point. Certainly, you can not say with a straight face that the father’s past criminal history did not play a part in the charges. It certainly does. As it probuably should. That is what Lynn is pointing out. As well she is probuably wondering why an attendant is carrying a knife in the first place sufficient enough to kill. Both thoughts crossed my mind when I read the article. Finally, she is thinking, waita minte the boy is dead but was not the one who attacked the attendant with a potetially deadly object. The article even states the boy was defending his father. So again, I disagree with your insult of Lynn. She is actually right on the money in my mind. And before you say I am also a person of questionable intelligence, don’t bother, insults are meaningless.

      2. Glenn says:

        Pointer you appear to be a person of unquestionable unintelligence.

      3. rags says:

        People! Read the story. The cameras clearly showed the son throwing punches.

      4. Lynn says:

        I don’t think that your insults classify you as intelligent but if it makes you happy, go for it!

      5. Rodin says:

        @ Lynn

        While I do not agree with your initial comment, you do have a point re Glenn. People who have no arguments, always resort to insults.

    2. silly2 says:

      Why should the victim face charges? It seems the son was killed when he jumped in to defend his shovel totin’ father. It is very sad a promising young man has died over something so senseless.

    3. danny says:

      Lynn, No he shouldn’t. He was killed because he ran to defend his father, who already knocked one out with a shovel. The attendant see’s 2 against one. Stuff happens quicker than the brain can react. But, maybe you think it’s a rape victims fault for wearing short dresses.

      1. Lynn says:

        lets not be ignorant now one comment has nothing to do with the other. Point being none of us where there and none of us have seen the video so therefore one can be so sure of what really happened. Unless you were there yourself

      2. Rodin says:

        @ Lynn


        JURIES weren’t there. They judge on ‘evidence’. The evidence, what we know of it, in this case points to self-defense. Otherwise the cops would have filed charges.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If we can’t opine in favor of the attendants, why do YOU comment against them? Were YOU there???

        Hi, Danny. We meet again.

    4. dad is wrong says:

      Attendant should not face charges. He was hiding behind the locked door of his shed being terrorized by daddy with a shovel. Dad told kid break it open–kid did–so dad could beat—attendant defended himself. A shark cage comes to mind. Say you are in the shark cage beiing attacked by shark and a scuba diver comes along and opens it for the shark!!!

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