Coutinho: Mets-Yankees Part 2: This Subway Series Has Some Major Juice

By Rich Coutinho
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After covering years and years of the Subway Series, I can always tell when the encounter has some juice. Yankees fans gets more snarky about the Mets. They’ll downplay the series as an unimportant break in their schedule.

That’s what I’ve been hearing this week.

If you hear Yankees fans tell it, you’ll hear that the Bombers have clearly dominated the Subway Series. Truth be told, the Yankees have taken only one season series from the Mets since 2003. The Mets have won two in that time. Most years the teams end up in an even 3-3 split.

That one and only year since 2003 in which the Yankees took the season series? The Mets’ injury-ravaged 2009 season. Truthfully, both teams have been bit by the injury bug this year.  They have received tremendous contributions from guys like Freddie Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Justin Phillips and Dillon Gee. That’s been great to see. All four of those players will be on display this weekend, and it would not surprise me if any one of them has a huge moment sometime in the next three days.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a long way from the heyday of the series, 1998-2000, when the teams played spirited, passionate sets (punctuated by the gutless acts of Roger Clemens).

But there’s something about the series this weekend that has some major juice. Both teams are playing well. The Yankees own their league’s best record. The Mets might just be the most resilient team in their league as evidenced by their 36-27 record since their 5-13 start. Even the absence of Derek Jeter and David Wright won’t take any of the steam away from the showdown. Jose Reyes is healthy and has become brightest star in this town.

In the spacious outfield grass of Citi Field, he may just turn this weekend into The Reyes Show.

Curtis Granderson has carved out a great season in his own right. It will be interesting to see if Citi Field can contain his power-bat along with the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. The Mets’ pitchers have been very impressive this past month but the Yankees’ lineup will challenge them, even though they will be playing without the DH.

And what about the Mets’ offense? They have been smoking! And missing A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia will just enhance their chances to continue their early-summer offensive onslaught.

But the most impressive thing about the Mets: their ability to handle MLB’s superstars, especially in the month of June. They faced the Brewers, Rangers and Tigers — all first place teams on the road — and came away with an impressive 6-3 record, winning all three series. Add in the 4 of 6 they took from the Braves this month and it is obvious the Mets shine brighter when the stars are out.

That will be the case this weekend.

The formula has been simple — Reyes gets on, Beltran drives him in, everybody goes to deep counts and they score without the ball leaving the yard. Meanwhile, their starting pitching holds the other team at bay. Their closer has been very consistent in locking down the wins.

Despite the fact the Yankees have the sport’s best closer, they could not more different than the Mets. They slug their way to wins with the long ball, which is fine in the cozy confines of Yankee Stadium. But Citi Field will hold many of those wind-blown fly balls that are homers in the Bronx. And without CC or A.J., the Yankees could be in for a long weekend.

As for the Mets, what better way to start the summer than by taking a series from the Yankees? If they do, the Mets could very well be on their way to a “meaningful summer” (to coin a phrase we’ve heard before). That, my friends, is why there’s juice in Queens this weekend.

Are you pumped for the series this weekend? Let’s get the conversation going in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. lydia says:

    both teams play in a different division, but it hurts the Mets more by losing to the Yankees then for the Yankees losing to the Mets.
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  2. LOUIE says:


    1. LOUIE says:

      IM SORRY 45 AND 33

    2. louie says:

      correction 46and 33

  3. ace11 says:

    another Joke Article by Coutinho

    Guys like this are why i HATE mets fans

    they don’t live in the real world..never have, never willl

    Hopefully the Yanks sweep….but then again if they do Coutinho will come up with some excuse why the Mets lost

    Rich: Some adivice, WAKE UP

  4. Paul D says:

    Look, here it is short and simple— STOP LEECHING UNTO YANKEE KARMA LIKE SOME KIND OF CO-DEPDENDENT PARASITE! It is unseemly and ghoulish. I would hope that these beat writers would get hip to this.

  5. Edward says:

    Typical Mets fan this Rich Coutinho. Subway Series is just another series in the Yankees schedules. This series always means more the Mets fans then is does to the Yankees fans.

    This is the World Series for the Mets fans, Yankees fans do not care about the outcome of the series. There’s no trophy at the end of the series, no title belt.

    Yankees play the Mets & after prepare for the next team on their schedule.
    The bottom line here is the Yankees have a winning record of 45-33 against the Mets.

    Coutinho. is just adding the last few years, includes injuries as excuses on why the Mets have lost to the Yankees, like if all of the Yankees regulars were all healthy when they always played the Mets, Yankees had injuries as well, injuries are part of the game.

    Coutinho forgot to add or does not have the guts to include the 2000 WS because of the end result.

    If you add stats add everything not just the ones in favor of the Mets.

    Also, both teams play in a different division, but it hurts the Mets more by losing to the Yankees then for the Yankees losing to the Mets.

    Instead of choking in ’07 & ’08 & not making the playoffs those losses to the Yankees may have caused the Mets a division & a playoff spot.

    Coutinho should just enjoy the series instead of making comments & statements like this is the World Series, it’s not, far from it.

    1. Naftali.G says:

      don’t say its a world series for us! Because its not were pump up because if we win this series the players will be confident we could win against good teams.

  6. Paul D says:

    Perfect. Here are the Yankees yet again to provide validity to this hapless team. I guess that’s what their sole purpose has become according to pandering pundits like Cautinho. I hate to tell Rich that this IS just another series. The Yankees have bigger fish to fry. The real series is in August when they face teh Red Sox. Yankee fans don’t like the Subway series because there’s no way of winning. When they swept the Mets in Citifield in ’09, that Sunday night I was loistening to a Fan host tell me that I should have no cause for celebration. But if the Yankees had even lost one game, that would be reason enough for pandemoniun in the streets. It is utterly pathetic.

  7. Steve says:

    You raise some very good points, Rich.

    However, the one year that the Yanks beat the Mets in a season series (2009) – the Yanks were WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS that year. Just a small detail, eh?

  8. nathan says:

    Going tomrw w my best friend – great seats – cant wait.

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