Hartford Investing In Gunshot-Detecting Sensors For City

HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880/AP) — Just half way through the year and the City of Hartford has seen 17 homicides. The mayor is now making an investment, hoping to end the violence.

Cutting down on homicides in Hartford is a matter close to the heart of the city’s mayor Pedro Segarra, who lost his own father to a street shooting when he was a child.

WCBS 880’s Fran Schneidau reports: Mayor Hopes System Will Diminish Gun Violence In Hartford

Now, the mayor is investing in a computerized sensor program for Hartford that will radically improve response time to a shooting.

“It specifically identifies gunshots and even the caliber of the weapon that is used,” explains Segarra. “It pinpoints the exact location of where the shot is fired and it immediately sends out a response to a police cruiser that is the nearest.”

Segarra is also working closely with neighboring towns and cities saying often one person is responsible for two or more area shootings.

Police Chief Daryl Roberts says there also has been an 8 percent increase in non-fatal shootings during the same time period.

The computerized sensor program costs $150,000.

The city was denied federal funding for the system and the mayor says it cannot afford cameras, normally deployed with the sensors, to help identify shooters.

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  1. Scott says:

    Take the $150,000 and use it to take the gun’s off the street. What good is being notified after the fact and someone is shot? So what, you may make an arrest but moreoften than not you will not. So, take that money a buy the gun’s on the street. Ano questions asked policy. Pay a premium for them if you have to. Have an educational festival where they can bring them and see if you can’t educate. The reason a lot of people who carry unlicesed guns is becuase they think other’s are doing the same. They don’t want to be disadvantaged. So get them all on a fair playing ground by everyone getting ride of them. Now is the time. People can use the money and soemthing like this will work a lot better than a sensor program that will pay only a slight benefit if any. Get creative, be leader’s and edcuate yoru community and show them you care. They will respond.

    1. JustSaying says:

      Gun buy-back programs do NOT work, period. Only a VERY small number of weapons (comparatively speaking) are turned in. Usually it’s by senior citizens, who don’t commit crime anyway, or people just turn in their old junk guns that aren’t worth the 50.00 or so anyway. Want to reduce homicides? Shoot back, criminals HATE it when citizens do that! Honest, law-abiding citizens standing up for themselves is a VERY REAL crime deterrent. I heard someone ask one time ‘why do you carry a gun?’ the answer was ‘because a cop’s too heavy!’

  2. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    I think the program stinks, is Orwellian and a violation of our U.S. Constitution 4th Amendment right to privacy from government intrusion in our own affairs. If we need the help of police then someone can call them up. These gunshot sensors are a waste of our money and a ballot proposal should be made whether or not the people of Hartford, CT wants them.

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