Man Accused Of Threatening Priests, Parishioners At Lynbrook Church

LYNBROOK, NY (WCBS 880) – Authorities said it has been anything but peaceful at Our Lady of Peace church in Lynbrook.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On Long Island

Victor Tosner, 57, is accused of making numerous threats over the phone and in person to two parish priests. Detectives said on June 24 Tosner walked into the church and handed a 54-year-old female parishioner a greeting card with a threatening message written inside.

Another churchgoer told authorities Tosner prevented her from entering her vehicle.

Tosner faces both stalking and harassment charges.

He is expected to be arraigned at First District Court in Hempstead Friday.

In March 2002, Rev. Lawrence Penzes, 50, and parishioner Eileen Tosner, 73, were gunned down at the church. It is unclear whether Victor Tosner is related to the woman killed nine years ago. 

Peter Troy is serving a life sentence in the killings.


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  1. Anne Marie McCann says:

    In 1980 Victor Tosner stalked me for years, sent me death threats and physically attacked me on the steps of thiis same church.. He is the reason I moved from Lynbrook and Long Island 26 years ago. I am still reluctant to show up for frinds and families funerals in my forme parish and only do so with an escort. This was a long time coming. This is nothing new. He should never have been allowed to serve in any of those church capacities. There were restraining orders against him. Do not sugar coat his actions. They go back to his 20’s. His family should have gotten him help years ago and not let him roam around town or the church. He belongs in jail!

  2. Lliam Greguez says:

    Vic is the nephew of Eileen. She died in his arms. The priest was a good family friend. Since then, his sister was killed in a car accident.

    This is the church he grew up in, was a faithful member, sang in the choir, was a Eucharistic minister, and was involved in many other ways. The cards he gave out were not threatening, but did mention the killings. He has been traumatized by that day, so he asked for remembrance and prayers.

    This is the church that spurned his cries for help, and did not even send a priest to comfort his 89 year old mother at the death of his sister. That was left to a neighboring parish which Vic had turned to for spiritual help.

    This is the church that had him arrested for bringing thank you cards for all they had meant to him in his life, instead of offering counseling and guidance.

    Maybe this is not a Christian church at all, as it spurns it’s own needy.

    Vic is now in the care of Nassau Medical Center.

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