Suspect Arrested, Charged With Stealing Drugs, Cash From Long Island Pharmacy

FARMINGVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police have arrested the suspect wanted for stealing prescription drugs and cash from a Long Island drug store.

Suffolk County police say they arrested 22-year-old Patrick O’Donnell of Ronkonkoma on Thursday.

Officials say he stole oxycodone and about $200 from a CVS in Farmingville last Sunday afternoon.

Police said O’Donnell first entered the store and asked an employee if they had certain prescription drugs. He left the store, and returned later, presenting a threatening letter to the pharmacist.  The pharmacist complied and the suspect fled on foot, police said.

O’Donnell is charged with third degree robbery and is scheduled to be arraigned later today.

The incident occurred just a week after Jennifer Mejia, Raymond Ferguson, Jaime Taccetta, and Bryon Sheffield were killed at Haven Drugs in Medford during an alleged robbery.


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  1. anon says:

    This is very sad. He was a neighborhood friend of mine. He had all the middleschool track records, such a waste.

  2. lydia says:

    I’m glad they got this idiot off the streets before he got desperate and decided to kill people at a Pharmacy to get his fix like the maniac in Medford.
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    1. Clark A. says:

      Hey Andromeda, do you think this is a pick-up place? Are you getting that desperate for a guy?

  3. KPMc says:

    Prescription Drugs… The White Man’s crack!

    But it’s ok because it’s legal, the government sanctions it and insurance and pharmaceutical companies are making millions off it.

    Yet marijuana is not even legal for medicinal use and is classified as a drug with no benefits and a high likelihood of addiction.

    This country/world is bass-ackwards sometimes.

  4. PaPa Joe says:

    I don’t understand why some people don’t realize crime is not about race, religion, national origins or creed. It’s about crime, period! Oh, I know about predujice and bias. We are free to like or dislike whomever we choose, but, can’t/shouldn’t use our feelings to impeed someone else’s progress. C’mon, stop the nonsense and focus on the crime and criminals; it’s them we want to deal with, not people because of what they look like or wear or eat or listen to. Happy July 4th. Isn’t this holiday about what we stand for?

  5. jtorres says:

    These robberies are happening every day everywhere but this one is only inthe news because of what happened in Medford and because they caught this guy right off the bat. Robbing pharmacies is the new “in” crime because of the prevalence of painkiller addictions. These powerful painkillers are the crack of 2011 and unfortunately, will continue to be until something just as good and cheaper comes along

  6. Longrod von Hugendong says:

    I don’t know … psychos seem to come in all colors these days. Everyone is losing their minds. Scary world …

    1. Omar says:

      True, but the trolls on these comments boards always seem to think that crime can only be associated with a color. I’m glad they got this idiot off the streets before he got desperate and decided to kill people at a Pharmacy to get his fix like the maniac in Medford.

  7. Facts says:

    you got remember the population of whites is 74% compared to blacks that are only 12% in USA,but who do you see in the paper everyday killing people.hmmmmm let me guess??? whats wrong with that picture

    1. Jemal Peebles says:

      Your poorly executed attempt at a sentence reinforces my post. Good work, whitey!

  8. Jemal Peebles says:

    Ha-ha, stupid whitey!

    1. dave dukem says:

      yo s’nigglet ;u r a dumb a$$ dewfus

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