By Alex Silverman

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (WCBS 880) — Larry Blatterfein says New Brunswick is Yankees territory and wants to open a bar called “Buck Foston’s” but says the mayor is standing in his way. 

In a lawsuit, Blatterfein claims that Mayor James Cahill, a Red Sox fan, is blocking approval of a liquor license for his new bar.

City spokesman William Bray says the real reason why Blatterfein hasn’t received his liquor license is because he hasn’t completed all the paperwork.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reports: Blatterfein Says Mayor Standing In His Way

“This man has been a liquor license holder for 30 years in the City of New Brunswick. He knows the rules,” said Bray. “Until he gets all his ducks in a row in Trenton, we can’t do anything.”

Bray says the mayor doesn’t run his town based on “sports sensibilities.”

Blatterfein’s attorney has not responded to calls for comment on the suit.

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