Upper East Side Woman, Darbe Pitofsky, Ticketed For Using City Trash Can

Says Sanitation Worker Was Aggressive, 'Frightened The Hell Out Of' Her

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An elderly Upper East Side woman claims a sanitation agent chased her, threatened her with arrest and slapped her with a ticket for putting day-old newspapers in a city trash can.

Darbe Pitofsky, 83, said she was on her way for a cup of coffee around 6:30 a.m. on June 25 when she threw a brown bag filled with old papers in a city litter basket near her apartment on East 71st Street.

She said a sanitation worker quickly jumped out of his vehicle and demanded her information to write a summons.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria with Darbe Pitofsky

“I froze,” Pitofsky told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria. “He just frightened the hell out of me, scared me to death, I was terrified.”

She said the worker demanded a form of identification and threatened to “put her away” if she didn’t comply.

Pitofsky said it took the worker 25 minutes to write the summons and when she complained that it would cost her $100,  she said he threatened to make it $300.

A representative for the Sanitation Department said street baskets are for pedestrian use only but added Pitofsky can challenge the ticket if she thinks there has been a mistake.

Litter baskets across the city are marked with stickers that read “no household trash” or “no business trash,” along with a warning of a $100 fine for violation. The Sanitation Department has a platoon of enforcement agents tasked with enforcing litter basket laws. Their duties even include doing detective work on trash suspected of being illegally dumped.

Pitofsky said she has already filed a complaint.

Her story is similar to that of 80-year-old Delia Gluckin, who last December, was also fined $100 for “improper disposal” for throwing her newspaper in a trash can in Inwood.

Do you think the city’s enforcement of the rules are too harsh? Let us know below…

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One Comment

  1. AntiSec says:

    Some things just need to be done sometimes. Thanks for the LULZ patriots.

  2. aelfheld says:

    Welcome to Nanny Bloomberg’s Utopia.

  3. I'm Not Telling says:

    This is ignorance in the first degree. I am thankful I live in the South. Please don’t send those morons across the Mason Dixon Line. I don’t think they would like the “good ole” boys educating them on common sense. How does a society become this troubled? God of Israel help us.

  4. Miguel says:

    The city government “sanitation worker” should have his arms broken in several [laces, just as a warning that the people are getting more and more upset with the wannabe Nazi in these spirit criminals.

  5. Osamas Pajamas says:

    We are ruled by armed force and by fraud by — trash. Overthrow them. We need an “American Spring” which throttles the government dictatorship at every level, shrinks its size, scope and expense at every level, and disarms the dictators while arming their victims.

  6. Lib with 4 Children says:

    And then the idiot conservatives send their children to die in all those wars.
    So, the birth rate balances out due to conservative stupidity. The libs kids stay home, get jobs, get married, have kids.
    Oh, and two kids per conservative women is not enough. lazy!
    The welfare libs from Mexico have four or five kids . They win!
    Lib voters are growing. Brown liberals have more kids than uptight white conservatives. Pretty soon the republican party will go extinct with the last white voter.
    Recycle next time old lady.

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:


      I favor the right of abortion although it is worth noting that white Democrats generally favor killing-off their inconvenient unborn offspring and that’s why they need to import poverty-stricken non-whites, to swell the ranks of bloodsxcking, tax-eating Democrats. Democrats “are not” “liberals,” by the way.

      What this country needs is a truly LIBERAL president and congress and judiciary! And I forgive the reader for suspecting that this must be some kind of bad joke!

      But the Democrats believe in “statism” — not “liberalism.”

      Strip them naked of their “liberal” camouflage and behold them in all their ugliness.

      They benefit from the imprecise American political terminology —- we say “the government” here in the USA —- rather than “the state.” And that’s a dangerous problem. Famous brands of statism in recent centuries have been Nazism, socialism, fascism, communism, and welfare statism —- this last is a mixture of fascism and socialism.

      Liberalism, on the other hand, is a political philosophy of small, cheap government —- it is a constabulary —- and the job of a liberal government is to enforce human rights within its own jurisdiction. I speak of the unalienable and perfectly-natural and universally-valid human rights of life, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of personal happiness.

      The first article of private property is “the self” and all other rights are derivatives of and flow from these cardinal rights. These rights —- The Rights of Man —- are the gift of nature or of nature’s god —- and they belong to all human beings, everywhere.

      Show me a Democrat who subscribes to all of the above, without qualifications or weasel words. The words “liberal” and “liberalism” were hijacked by the Democrats and socialists and fascists long ago —- and it was the mistake of conservatives and libertarians to let them get away with it.

      It is long past time that liberalism be reclaimed, defined, and explained by its rightful owners —- by the champions of freedom, i.e.: not by Democrats.

      Well, how about “progressivism?” Whuzzat?! “Cancer” is “progressive,” too. Isn’t “progressivism” just another statist cancer? It chews you up, piece by piece, in the name of Da Peepul? Eat Da Rich? Moral cannibalism, anyone?

      Friends of freedom! Friends of peace-through-strength! And friends of prosperity! Declare yourselves to be “liberals,” then —- and kick over the bloody coffee tables — and overthrow and trounce the Democrats in 2012!

    2. Roland says:

      When the enemies come shooting at you or blowing you up and your lib children with an atomic bomb and/or other methods of mass destruction send yourself and Jane Fonda wanna bees to the front, or put up the white flag of surrender that libs think will save their arses. That’s the thanks that a lib gives to our brave soldiers who protect these fools so they can go on living in the fantasy world they’re in believing that no one wants to harm them because they’re goofy and liberal..

  7. Roland says:

    Chasing old ladies and charging them 100 dollars and more. How brave and proud the libs are. But terrorists they defend to the bitter end and for free on tax payers dollars. I bet they wouldn’t fine anyone for burning and throwing the American flag in the trash, that they would pay for you to do. Big crime she did. Next on Oprah!

  8. kendra says:

    i don,t who he thinks he is ticketing her i thought the police were supposed to do that not them what is that soppused to be about.that is not soppsed to do that not them i don, t think they are supposed to do that are they?

  9. Bolsvik mafia says:

    Give the old hag the electric chair. Make John p. Holdren trilled, he can’t wait to kill old ladies like the NKVD killed helpless Slavs.
    Throwing trash in a trash can, heinous.

  10. L Branch says:

    No, just the Obamanation’s Green Jobs initiative. lol

  11. Deb says:

    The fact they claimed, “The Sanitation Department has a platoon of enforcement agents tasked with enforcing litter basket laws.”, reminds me of the Nazi’s.

  12. Miguel Saavadera says:

    Take the trash outa the bin, and place it on the ground.

    A good reason for a concealed weapons carry permit … the garbage goon jumps outa that truck and threatens you, arrest his arse … or move him back into that truck. Looking down the barrel of a .45 ACP changes your attitude on getting ‘BIG’ with little old ladies.

  13. Lazybum says:

    What is the chance this old broad ever voted Republican? I bet she has voted for every Democrat she could vote for since FDR. This is the world the New Your World Citizen has fought for. Let them stew in it!

    1. Deb says:

      That would explain the fact many Conservatives are Liberals who have been mugged.

  14. JeddMcHead says:

    Who will monitor the little trash baskets when our society collapses under the weight of it’s own silliness?

  15. JohnnyFreedom says:

    Well, if these old women vote democrat then they got what they’ve voted for. Enjoy.

    Glad I don’t live in that commie/fascist left-wing hell hole.

  16. MGQ says:

    My father-in-law was fined in the Bronx for not recycling because – GET THIS – an envelope with his name and address was found in the trash.

  17. Jim Britt says:

    typical union member!

    Unions have destroyed this nation with their greedy and LAZY members.

  18. Von says:

    The ticket would have followed the newspapers right into the trash with a smile and a finger.

    1. Rolland Heiss says:

      All together now… “Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light..”

  19. JBritt says:

    Typical UNION “workers”! I would have hit this fool with my purse!!!

    I would file charges of assault and attempted robbery & attempted rape!

  20. GPitts says:

    “The Sanitation Department has a platoon of enforcement agents tasked with enforcing litter basket laws.”

    Seriously? The fact that these guys have enough money to put a platoon of enforcement agents in place should be alarming. This is a prime example of our own tax dollars being used to control us and/or to modify our behavior. It’s time to wake up and challenge the size of government, both Federal, State, and Local!

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Deliver us from saviors — horsewhip them don’t worship them.

  21. Ralph Abbernathey says:

    Can we Please throw NY out of the Union

  22. NYC has gone too far says:

    If she’d dumped it in the street the sanitation worker wouldn’t be able to ticket her. Only the cops can fine for littering–the sanitation guys can only write her up for “improper” use of the cans…oh, the irony.

  23. Charles Bennett says:

    The city is full of arogant idiots who have authority gone to their heads!

  24. Mike_88 says:

    Her mistake was throwing them all out at once. A city work, like the grim sleeper, could have thrown his back out and received disability for the rest of his life trying to lift empty the can.

    She is 83. This could have been going on once or twice a month for 40 years. A warning would have been a nice gesture though this looks like a stake out from a promoted worker who was the one emptying it out for a long time years.

  25. Rolland Heiss says:

    I wonder what the fine for littering is? Back in the 70’s they had stickers all over the country promoting the slogan, “Pitch In”. How about the Indian crying in the old commercial? I could understand if you’re bringing a garbage sack from the last week or two from your kitchen and dumping it but come on America! Go green, pay a hundred bucks. Go green and get taxed for being a walking carbon unit. Ultimately it’s all about money and that’s the only green they care about. You’d have thought this woman would be hailed a hero by Al Gore and Co. Seeing through the deception yet?

  26. Me says:

    Few brains, too much power. Happens when public school kids get jobs for which they are mentally challenged. Welcome to the 21 st Century a la 1984′

  27. proudnot2bliberal says:

    So let this be a lesson to all of you in the peoples socialist republic of NYC next time throw trash on the ground & get a $25 littering fee

  28. Large Powerful Man says:

    The garbage boy only accosted her because she appeared to be old and feeble… such punks would never confront a man for fear of a richly deserved ass beating. Garbage boys are boys, not men.

  29. R Owen Harvey says:

    Another small example of “government waste”; particularly, since there is a crew of enforcement “officers”. Less regulation, I believe that people would police themselves.

  30. bumba claat says:

    no, it’s the posted rules that have always been on the trash cans

    get over yourself with the “fascism” … grow some balls

    1. Majority says:

      Conservatives already HAVE b@lls (obviously) because they actually reproduce and have far larger families.

      We flat-out outbreed libs.

    2. Intellectual says:


      Liberals don’t even HAVE balz, because they’re impotent.

    3. MrLiberty says:

      only libs would think this is OK. A trash can is for trash these rules and the city’s garbage police are there to steal even more money from the people. I could never live in New York as long as they have morons running the city.

    4. Dave says:

      I find the other replies to this hilarious. As a conservative this is how their arguments look to me:

      Belief in rule of law: Check

      Belief in law applied equally to all without preferential treatment: Check

      Law written to prevent this: Check

      Rules clearly posted on trash can: Check

      Conservative response: “FASCISM!!!”

      You guys make the rest of us look like pure idiots.

    5. tmed says:

      Where does it end with who can write tickets? WHy not sewer police? Why not teachers writing tickets to students who act out in class? Why not crossing guards writing tickets for kids standing to close to the curb? Or bus drivers writing tickets for chewing gum on the bus? That is why it is facism. Because none of these will have the oversight that a police officer has. Can I contest it in court? What if the trash police decide there is someone they don’t like write them a ticket make their life miserable because they have this unchecked power. What happened to “ma’m please throw that in your own trash not the city street”? Courttesy is completly lost

    6. CommonCents says:

      The Nazi’s had many ‘rules’ and banned lots of things, just like ‘LIBERALS’.

      It’s time to start attacking all these social-fascists before they go Gestapo.

    7. bruce brinkmann says:

      Yep; The law is the law. Now, if they would just start enforcing some of the laws that make sense and would make a difference as to the quality and safety of peoples lives, that would be real fine.

    8. Angry American says:

      bumba, you’re an inbred idiot.

    9. Anna Lemma says:

      Hey bumba: did you read the part about the trashman beliggerantly threatening the 83 year old woman?

      Nahh….. as for balls. Heh! We all know how many balls NYC men have. all those single moms with absentee “baby daddies”. Pure manhood!

      Hey Dave: you didn’t “check” the part about the belligerent trashman who falsely threatened to put the old lady away, even though he has no arrest power. Had she known that, she could have flipped the guy the bird and dared him to do it, knowing she could sue him and the city for boocoo millions.

    10. Mumbles says:

      You have extra balls…hanging from your chin.

    11. benjamin laden says:

      she should be executed bt lethal injection…its the american way

    12. blaque says:

      We HAVE to cut government spending. Getting rid of the FASCIST trash police would be a good start!!!!!!!!!!

    13. GIGI says:

      Since when is a newspaper NOT trash, once having bee3n read? If she is not at home, but walking down the street, it makes absolutely no sense to throw it on the street rather than a trash recepticle.


    14. libclubber says:

      But is the sign in her native langauge? Can she read at all? Maybe new york should be “tolerant” of people who throw away trash. Maybe you should be more inclusive and add video warnings/laws to the trash cans to allow older americans, or older illegal persons to be aware of the nazi type rules.

      It is facist to harass old ladies. effen commies.

    15. sodacrackers2 says:

      Ahhh wouldn’t she be considered a pedestrian? And are we really paying people to watch what other people throw in the trash? And you defend this “garbage?” Pardon the pun!

    16. Sandy Whitlow says:

      No wonder why NY is going broke and keeps raising taxes…your stoopid laws! Like the other posts…just litter. I’m not seeing the connection with “reading garbage cans while walking” and “growing some”. I know, You grow some brains.

  31. Kikki Na says:

    Union thugs showing off your best!!!

    Picking on an elderly lady in the “City”!

    Really tough dudes, eh????

    Well come on down to Alabama and let’s “talk”! We will show you how we treat elderly ladies… and how we “correct” people that mis-treat elderly ladies!!!!


  32. Delphinus13 says:

    I think if I had one of these trash clowns run up to me like this, I’d just pick him up and slam dunk him into the trash can, where he belongs. Sounds like a “garbage job” anyway. Trash Enforcement Dummy?

  33. Mitch says:

    Some day people will have had enough of these liberal control freaks and all heck is going to break loose. The first ones on trial will be the politicians and then comes the bureaucrats. We will take back our country from these idiots.

  34. hedge says:

    Next time I advise Darbe Pitofsky to just throw the newspapers on the sidewalk and make those fine sanitation employees pick it up…no citation there.

    1. Lee says:

      Personally I’d advise Darbe to bust the pipsqueaking little s.o.b. in the chops. Fascist liberalism (pardon the redundancy), UP YOURS!!!

  35. lame says:

    but Casey Anthony can get away w/ murder…..wonderful country we live in

  36. Dr. Kruger says:

    It’s a lesson to everyone. Don’t be a doormat! Know exactly who has the authority to arrest you and you doesn’t. In Calif. only sworn police officers can arrest, restrain, or detain anyone and only they may demand indentification or touch you. So patenty ignore everyone else, they have no authority over you.

    In Santa Monica (of course) they have given people like park maintenance workers ticket books and told them to write up people disobeying park rules. But, not being sworn police officers, they have no right to detain you and all you do is walk away from them (a few well placed remarks might not hurt either) as they cannot touch you. If these officious city workers overstep their bounds and actually touch anyone I just cannot wait for the lawsuits that places like Santa Monica will have.

    Generally speaking if the city worker is not wearing a gun, he is not a sworn police officer. He may be a community relations officer, a parking officer, or hold some other position but no gun means no powers of arrest and that the officer (or sanitation worker) is not sworn. You don’t have to do a thing he says and be sure to remind him that he’ll be sued if he touches you.

  37. flyoverchas says:

    move out of NY…..horrible.

  38. Geezer Mike says:

    And another reason to love living in Texas.

    1. John 5 says:

      People in Colorado hate you.

  39. Robert Timsah says:

    People of NYC should organize a flash mob around one of these cans and throw stuff in them. When they demand your I.D. simply do not comply. Do this enough and eventually they’ll stop.

    Or just continue with your progressive, big government agenda. If you don’t trust people to govern themselves, why then empower them to govern everyone?

  40. Roland says:

    How come nobody gets fined for pooping and peeing in NYC Housing Staircases and Elevators? That goes on and on for 40 years. The buildings are petrified already.

  41. Frank says:

    She should have thrown the ticket in the same garbage can!

  42. James says:

    throw the paper on the ground – when there is enough litter on the ground the goons will change the law to let folks use the trash can.

  43. sensibleMe says:

    You think the city would want to recycle and do away with some of the “hall monitor’s” salaries and buy recycling cans… Old people get rid of their old newspapers and everybody would win. Better yet, just have the lazy ticket writers to empty the cans more often and let people use them for what they are for… TRASH!

  44. Roland says:

    How come nobody gets fines for pooping and peeing in NYC Housing Staircases and Elevators? That goes on and on for 40 years. The buildings are petrified already.

  45. Kari Kolopapela says:

    Yet one more example of how the Big Apple has become a rotten-to-the-core Tyranny.

    The rest of the nation LAUGHS at New Yorkers who pay outrageous Taxes, just to be abused by the Trash Nazis.

  46. firstoffer says:

    The rest of the story… Sure…my Union boss is an arsehole and he can be hard on us sometimes but this assignment bites. It’s been 14 straight days that I’ve been on this stake out. It was reported by a teamster member that someone has been illegally filling up this trash can with trash when we are not looking; this morning I caught the culprit. Lady..gray hair..a little hunched over..you know the type; farting at leisure..performing random acts of kindness…wearing sweaters on a hot day. I was going to give her a warning but she made a run for it so I cut her off. I issued her the $100 ‘Your Personal Trash in Our NYC Trash Can’ ticket…she mouthed off so I threatened her with the $300 ‘Your Bagged Recycle in Our NYC Trash Can’ ticket…when she heard that she shut up and took her punishment.

  47. Bons says:

    That’s what I was thinking! I thought she was doing the right thing…and if we thought so, surely she must have thought so too! What’s wrong with these people! If I were her grandchild, I would go knock some sense into that guys head…nobody messes with my granny!

  48. Frank says:

    The Department of Sanitation IS garbage itself!!! …….they never go after people who do not clean up after their dogs who poop freely everywhere………..They are USELESS …..imagine going after this woman in such a situation……SHAME ON YOU DEPARTMENT OF USELESS SANITATION……nothing but low-life TRASH!

  49. HUGO says:

    Welcome to Mike Bloomberg’s NYC. His Nazi tactics reign supreme.

  50. RicardoCabeza says:

    Somebody should find that lazy union goon garbageman(apt name he’s garbage as a man) and kick the hell out of him. Oh wait It’s NYC and no actual men live there. Never mind just keep on whining like women with a visit from aunt flow “men” of NYC.

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