Wake Held For Slain Harlem High School Student & Football Star Isayah Muller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was sadness and sorrow Tuesday at the wake for the Manhattan teenager who was stabbed to death just hours after his high school graduation.

Friends and family gathered in Midtown to pay their respects to 19-year-old star high school football player Isayah Muller. The wake for Muller will continue through Wednesday with his funeral set for Thursday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manhattan.

“It’s peaceful, you know, a lot of people was crying remembering Isayah. He was a good kid, you know?” the victim’s cousin, Emanuel Enang, told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

At the Barrett Funeral Home on West 51st Street, Isayah’s grandmother and parents were left to mourn their loss. Many at the wake wore white T-shirts with Muller’s picture, still grieving over his stabbing death just hours after graduation from Truman High School in the Bronx.

Amando Santos, a friend of Muller’s since middle school, said he still can’t believe Isayah is gone.

“Everybody is trying to cope. His grandmother was a little…but everybody is fine,” Santos said.

It was one week ago Tuesday that Isayah was killed while helping his father in a fight at a Bronx parking lot. Prosecutors said surveillance video at the scene showed his dad was the aggressor.

Andre Muller, 40, was charged with assault and accused of using a shovel to attack two parking lot attendants over a missing bottle of cologne from the family car. Isayah was stabbed to death in what prosecutors said was an act of self defense by the attendants.

A grand jury has been looking at evidence to decide whether the parking attendants should face charges.

Muller is being remembered as a football hero and friend.

“There was no reason to kill him. Justice needs to be served, and I feel like they need to be charged,” Santos said.

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  1. Renee Williams says:

    only god know best.but base on the video the attendants got punch and attacked by the father. the attendant even tried to call 911 after being under attack.in a court of law the evidence is stronger. the attendants did-not fight back at the beginning. but if anyone was being attacked automatically u would defend your self.its sad the son died. but the son and father were the aggressor.and calling the police is best rather than blaming others for a missing perfume and taking matters into your own hands.

  2. Dont know what to say says:

    Things will never be the same for his family. I hope is mother is okay i know while she sees his friend grow up shes going to wonder how her son would be when hes around 25 years old. Man may he rest in peaces.

    1. nene says:

      I feel the same i wonder how his kids would look if he was planning on having some in the future.

  3. angle is watching over you says:

    Man to see somebody so young who didnt even start a life yet with no family its really sad. I think he would had been so much better playing in the NFL with him running like that who wouldnt want him to play in there games. I really hope his girl friend is okay i read that she said he died in her arms. My heart goes out to him and his family may he rest in peace.

  4. in the sky says:

    He is gone but he will never be forgotten!! I pray for his family but his father should pay for what happened

  5. i see you says:

    Did you see isayah run oh my god he was fast i could never run like that!! He looks happy in his pictures with his football team.

  6. dance says:

    Man i know this is hard for the family and friends to know that the person they adora wont be around anymore i wish them the best of luck and will pray for them =(

  7. look again says:

    Its sad to see a young man like him loss there life =(

  8. dance says:

    This is very hard for the family i wish them the best

  9. KPMc says:

    Reading comprehension is not your strong point.

  10. KPMc says:

    Don’t know who wrote this but it wasn’t me. Please remove this ASAP and start blocking IP addresses of trolls and cowards.

  11. Nani says:

    people dont know what there talking about for real love above all needs to sshhhh

  12. Nani says:


    1. nani nani says:

      werd huh english please.Today was 1st day of summer school please go

  13. Love Above All says:

    It is UNBELIEVABLE how RACISTS use these media outlets to vent their venomous point of views and opinions BUT without evil there can be no good. Now as far as this case goes, I feel that: Justice has been served here. The “assailants” (aka The Muller Men) were wrong in the way they approached those “victims” (aka Parking Attendants) and unfortunately they got what was coming to them. Violence begets Violence. I feel bad that ANY life was taken BUT what did you expect the outcome to be? Some one was going to die in a situation like that. Would it have been better if the were the attendants who were killed? Over a dumb cologne…

    1. Love Above All says:

      And you can make me be quiet how? Attack me with a shovel? Please. Be serious. I have a right to my opinion just as you. In all fairness-I am very very sad this happened to your friend/family BUT at the same time i am MAD. So mad that his father (supposedly) took it upon himself to seek justice for something so petty as a cologne. We (myself included) have been systematically brainwashed hating ourselves and loving money and material items to cover up our self shame. Once we realize that money is not everything then we can start the loving ourselves process. Until then we will kill each other over money, women and respect. You can’t take it with you. That is all I meant, really. i am sorry for your lost but KARMA is unescapable. I would say R.I.P. but I am sure he will live on in your hearts. Death is the continuation of life. Be easy.

      1. Crystal says:

        Yeah i guess and there is no friend/family it is family.

      2. Things can never be explain till you find out the real truth says:

        Now that there’s a video it doesn’t make life any better for the Muller’s. But as you can see the video changing more then one time and can tell that it’s been edited. I still feel like we shouldn’t put the blame on the father till you see the video from every engle!!

    2. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

      1. smh says:

        Do you comments every article saying this!!

  14. Al says:

    Black people can’t have it both ways!! It sucks that this happened but stop crying for justice just because a young black man died. What if the roles were reversed?

    Would you cry, whine and mind it so much then?

    Or would you applaud them for keeping it real and going ghetto on these 2 shlubs?

    His ex con Dad is the blame because he didn’t call the Police and instead went in there with a purpose to teach these people a lesson and sadly it backfired and they taught him.

    1. Justine Jimenez says:

      I love that boy no matter what R.I.P zayah your cousin will always love you!! remember that!! Im going to come see you today bae so dont worry ill be by your side like i was sinces day one.

    2. Love Above All says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Now it was a dumb dominicans? Be serious man. Your cousin and his derelict animal ex-con dad attack a human being (not just a dominican) with a shovel over petty material B.S. like the “cologne” that he “thinks” was stolen from his car. So what should they have done? Stand around and get hit with the shovel? Apparently Andre Muller has never had any money before because $200 (price of cologne) is NOTHING to kill or die for. NOT ONE COMMENT BLAMES ISSAYAH. Just his idiot father. Learn to read my man. Plus: If you live in the Bx, you should know the crime rate is high and a shank is a must, so stop whining and learn from this and stop being what “the man” wants you to be: A SELF HATING DRONE.

      1. Mace says:

        Love above All…R U SERIOUS? Really? U were NOT there, and don’t have a clue, yet ur being BIAS *(because)* the Muller’s are BLACK? LOL
        These GOONS are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, how do u work in the United States, and not speak english all of sudden! Something set Mr. Muller off, and he defended himself.
        The surveillance is NOT telling the whole story. This youngman came to his Dad’s rescue, if he didn’t we would’ve had two dead bodies. NYPD has a history of hatred towards black males, and I’m seeing nothing has changed with this situation. These GOONS will flee, and get away with murder. GOD is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, he will most definitely deal with these two GOONS…
        Maybe ur kid is next on the streets of NEW YORK…

        1. lucy says:

          lol man you just went in.

    3. kick it says:

      Are you able to delete peoples comments if they reply to yours?

  15. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    1. KPMc says:

      The ‘victims’ were the attendants cowering in their booth. The father and son you refer to are known as ‘assailants’.

    2. Honest Truth says:

      Murder It was self defense einstein . There is a video that shows what happens thats why no charges will ever be filed. Wait till the father gets sued by the parking attendants for there injuries. This was just a case of dumb and dumber .Now lets see how long the father gets at rikers. I say he deserves a year or 2 will be good for that bully.

      1. Jen says:

        I wish you would come by the funeral home and say that.

      2. jens ex girlfriend says:

        Jen I will tell anyone to there face that it was 100% the dads fault.Why do you say if I come by the funeral home I wont say that .Are you saying someone would want to fight me for saying the truth this is why he is dead in first place the dad cant control his temper sounds like you and your friends cant either.So it is sad to say no lesson learned here Jen your a bully just like the dad may he rot in jail.

      3. Things should be left alone says:

        Jen says that because it’s rude it’s almost like if you had a kid and lets say you did do what the Muller’s did. Wouldn’t you be upset if somebody was saying a rude comment. But everybody has a temper it’s not just one person who cant. Like i understand its a free country you can say what you want but somethings should be left unsaid. Not everybody know’s the store even though there is a video there is always to sides to a story.

    3. Al says:

      I know this is difficult for you to grasp but this b.s. about if they were white justice would’ve been served? WRONG… No sane white person would ever have been in that position!!!

      We’d have called the cops or went over there in a calm , peaceful manner not go ballisitic.

      The surveillance footage doesn’t lie and the Cops expected the backlash since its par for the course.

      I sympathize with his Mom and Granny but his Dad has no one to blame but himself!

  16. Family says:

    I agree with Maya. The poor excuses of human life, the breathing bags of excrement who have posted these ignorant racial slurs against a slain young man they don’t even know, is DEPLORABLE! You should think about your own mothers and/or children. Think about the family members, like myself, like Isayah’s mother, who may come across this. Think about how you would feel, having to deal with such a tragic, sudden loss. SHAME ON CBS for not monitoring these comments, SHAME on the rest of the media and the NYPD for villifying a dead young man and his father, who is already grieving and will forever. The bottom line is that someone’s child is dead and the person who killed him has yet to be charged with the crime. As for the other IGNORANT comments, Isayah was a bright, talented, loving young man, dedicated to his family and he would have done great things in this world had his life not been taken so soon. In honor of HIS fine example of Humanity, I won’t express what I REALLY think of the so-called “people” who made those comments. R.I.P. Isayah. Gone but never forgotten.

    1. KPMc says:

      Take responsibility for your actions and maybe it won’t seem as if the whole city is ganging up on your family!

      Your fine example of humanity spent his last moments on planet Earth attempting to bash in a door in order to help his father smash strangers with a shovel.

      It’s a tragedy, yes. And a young man’s life was cut short needlessly but if his father and your entire family can’t learn a proper lesson here his death will truly be in vain.

    2. No Shovels allowed says:

      What about 2 hard working guys doing there job and then have a bully attck them with a shovel.The father is the only one to blame for this and hopefully he gets some jail time . You can only wonder the abuse poor Isayah had to grow up with at the hands of that bully.

      1. Justine Jimenez says:

        First of all zayah father did everything for him. He was never a bully he’s a family man and he love’s zayah with or without zayah everybody will alway’s love him and zayah only went to protect his father like he protects his family you can’t put the blame on his father. And especially if you dont know the story you just know what’s going on by watching the NEWS and reading the PAPER!! If you didnt know the guys said “TOMAR EL CUCHILLO” which means in spanish to get the knife thats why dre went and attacked him zayah came in the wrong time he wanted to go see what was taking dre so long so while he went up to see what happened the guy attacked him. Thats my cousin and its nobodies fault but the person who killed him!! I bet if you were missing you would be upset to!! He shouldn’t have to worry about somebody stealing from him if it’s in his own car. That’s why they say dont touch things that dont belong to you. It wasnt even self defences because dre didnt have any weapons on him the guy did and second it’s illegal to carry a Machete around in the United States. And yes dre did take the shovel that was there but that’s because he was defending himself. And zayah jumped in the middle of it. It was nobodies fault put that person and he should pay for taking my cousins life away.

      2. Justine Jimenez says:

        Like i said before I love that boy no matter what R.I.P zayah your cousin will always love you!! remember that!! Im going to come see you today bae so dont worry ill be by your side like i was sinces day one.

      3. parking lot guy says:

        Bottom line is father could of called police.The kid could of been the greatest but it was father and only father who caused all this .When you see video it will open your eyes the dad was a bully

      4. wow!!!! says:

        Bully Bully Bully is that all you have to say!!! Your saying no shovels allowed mean while when you walk around the Bronx there’s nothing but shovels why cause there ghetto they uses a shovel to clean the streets then to uses a broom!

    3. Saddened says:

      The young man was 18, not a “child.”

      Apart from his father, all of his family, just like the parking lot attendants, are hispanic/latino, so race is NOT an issue!

      STOP BLAMING THE VICTIMS. Blame the person who attacked the parking lot attendant: ANDRE MULLER.

      What does matter is that the senior Mr. Muller has a violent temper and no sense of responsibility. He became enraged over what he thought was the theft of a bottle of perfume — a very odd graduation gift to begin with.

      Mr. Muller seriously injured one attendant, then both scared young men ran and hid in the utility shed. Young Mr. Muller broke down the door, at his father’s command. A completely terrified and trapped man stabbed him in plain self-defence.

      Is that terrible? Yes. Is it a crme? NO. It is a terribly sad sequence of events, triggered by ANDRE MILLER. He has to live with causing his son’s death. But given his record, he will died of old age still protesting everyone is wrong — but him.

      1. Justine Jimenez says:

        Everybody is wrong it wasnt dre fault you dont even know what your talking about. It was the guys fault end of story just cause the guy is hispanic so am i doesnt mean people should get away with things. He killed my cousin and that was it he should be in jail for doing that.My cousin is a family person he protects family and friends maybe is the guy didnt say in spanish “tomar el cuchillo” which means get the knife he shouldnt be carrying a machete with him only in DR they allow that. So he should go to jail like i said its his fault not my uncles fault. R.I,P cuzo i love you zayah so much im going to miss you bae okay!! Dont worry im going to go see you again today im never going to leave your side!! Te quiero mucho.

      2. kick it says:

        How do you delete comments on here?

      3. kick it says:

        How do you delete a comment if somebody was actig like you? DO you have to be regiistered? or the person who posted the comment first could delete it?

      4. pendejo says:

        hes not 18 hes 19 where did you get your info at

  17. Maya says:

    Omg..some of these comments are ridiculous..don’t feed into these people’s arrogance..they are nobody compared to him and when they leave this earth, they won’t leave anything important behind but these nasty words. God Bless You guys..because you need it.

    1. Smoking with Maya says:

      Wow what have you been smoking. Most comments on here are truth thats why it hurts .The father really killed his son by his stupid actions of being a tough guy.Hopefully mother files for divorce cant see how she stays with person who had her child murdered.

    2. Family 2 says:

      Thank you!!

  18. ash says:

    Isayah was a young man who had a future ahead of him, so u ppl who have nothin nice to say shut up seriously. Justice needs to be carried out on the tragic death of this young man. R.I.P Isayah Muller

    1. KPMc says:

      They are trying to make sure justice is served. Thats why dad is charged with his crimes.

    2. ash tray says:

      YES we need justice .Lets get the DA to go after the father and make a example out of him .Bullying will not be tolerated .Ash is right with this go after the true criminal the Dad .

  19. Amanda Roman says:

    How dare you people speak the way your speaking about a young innocent life that was taken over stupidity! Isayah Muller was an incredible young man who changed his life through football he loved everyone and always brightened people’s days. He had so much going for him he was reaching for the sky, his family is mourning the lost of an amazing young man. I personally knew Isayah Muller for I am a family friend Isayah touched everyone’s hearts and all the memories we have are kind and loving ones he is gone but never forgotten! R.I.P Isayah see you on the other side baby boy we love & miss you!!!!!

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    2. allan roman says:

      Again if you read comments all are about the dad who took the life away from his son. Read again Amanda but read without blinders on it will get you further in life.The truth sometimes hurts but justice need to be served here that bully of a father needs to learn his actions were wrong and killed his son.

    3. Mace says:

      It’s gonna come full circle…LOL These self hating ass people will get it KARMA is no joke. When their child is murdered by someone, they will feel the pain, hurt and ugliness. GOD is good believ that!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    the Media has the story all convoluted anyway. There’s only one Judge of all things and that is GOD. Isayah was a good kid. The media just needs to leave this family alone.

    1. hiding behind anonymous says:

      The video does not lie.Father was the bully who got son killed.Hope parking attendants make quick recovery and sue the father for whatever he has.

      1. Mace says:

        Where is this so called VIDEO, that does NOT show the stabbing LOL! U people are truly IGNORANT

  21. kendra says:

    that is a shame how someone has to die so young and he didn,t even have have a family of his own yet from what i understand.but my he rest in peace and my heart and prayers really go out to him and his family and close friends.

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