West Village Pet Store Dissuades Drunk Customers From Purchasing Puppies

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Drinking and driving doesn’t mix, but apparently at one West Village pet store, alcohol and puppies don’t either.

Workers at “Le Petite Puppy” on Christopher Street said that because the shop is surrounded by bars, many people come in after happy hour wanting to hold and sometimes even purchase puppies without thinking.

“The thing about the drinking thing is like…people just come here and want to hold the dog and they can drop the dog,” manager Fernanda Moritz told 1010 WINS Al Jones.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Speaks With Manager Fernanda Moritz

As a result, owner Dana Rich said the store has developed a policy to not let drunk customers buy or even handle the dogs.

“If we feel like the dog is not safe and the people are not — you know they’re not just eccentric — they are like really drunk and they’re not in their right mind, we say ‘how about you come back tomorrow?'” Rich said.

While people sometimes come back to the store, workers said they would rather lose a purchase than send the precious pooches into unsafe homes.

“The most important thing for us here is to make sure that the puppies [are] getting a good home,” Moritz told Jones.

Moritz said that she and others at the store want to stress how much work it is to own a dog and simply want to make sure the animals will be well taken care of.

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  1. Kasia says:

    This Al Jones character needs to do a bit of research before reporting and giving “kudos” to a pet store that gets its puppies from a puppy mill.

  2. Rodin says:

    Owner Dana Rich should only be as concerned about cruel and inhumane conditions in the puppy mills where these poor animals are ‘produced’.

    Stop Puppy Mills!


    From-The-DOGHOUSE • com

  3. Dogstar says:

    While shelter adoption is the best choice in my opinion, this pet store deserves credit for acting responsibly and caring about the animals there. Many pet stores sell sick and improperly vaccinated animals to anyone with the money to buy them. Where ever these dogs came from, puppy mill or breeder, they are here now and at least someone is trying to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Good for them!

  4. Afan Sitagyl-Manor says:

    People should have the choice to buy puppies or other pets if they want to (just not while drunk). Animal rescuers and certain shelters make it so difficult to adopt pets that only perfect owners (i.e. wealthy humaniacs) can get animals from them. Why should you have to disclose your personal financial history to get a homeless grown cat from these self righteous numpties? These people turn good – not perfect – pet owners away and leave us no choice but to buy animals or get them from backyard breeders. .

    1. Michael H. says:

      You’re going to the wrong ‘shelters’ and ‘rescue agencies’. We adopted our adult dog from a rescue and the paperwork was minimal and we now have a wonderful companion. We’re FAR from wealthy.

      1. Tim says:

        Our adoption paperwork was easy too, and we’ve saved two dogs in the past decade. Good breeders who give you a healthy, genetically sound puppy will charge well over $500 for a puppy, up to over $7000 for some great breeders. Only puppy mills sell for less than $300, which is the going rate for many puppy adoptions. We paid puppy mill prices for a beautiful, healthy chiweenie.

        Please adopt!

    2. live4lv says:

      The Oakland, CA humane society made me and my boyfriend answer a million questions in a face to face interview with some freaky northern CA hippie nutbag who attempted to call my grad school thesis adviser to “verify my employment” and attempted to “verify my housing” with my landlord. Then after about 2 hrs when she couldn’t reach my landlord, she told us we couldn’t have one of their cats that they were going to suffocate at the end of the week. The hippie nutbag was probably one of these people who have a million diseased cats in a filthy house and she told us we were “unfit” to adopt a cat that was going to die anyway. We ended up getting a kitten from someone who didn’t spay their cat and had placed an ad in the paper.

      Please don’t rag on Afan Sitagyl-Manor. S/he is telling the truth.

  5. battle star says:

    humans are so stupid, god complex… pets are a burden to the environment and thats all they do.

  6. TOM says:


  7. Johanna Fredrics says:

    Please do not buy a puppy from a pet store. Do you have any idea how many are dying in shelters??
    I am pleased that the business has the morals to rather lose a sale that allow a person who is intoxicated purchase a pup they may regret later. But, please—do notbuy a dog. Adopt!!!

  8. Susan says:

    If you ever did research into buying puppies you would no that no ethical breeder would ever sell puppies to a puppy store to sell. The puppies ALWAYS come from puppy mills. So here you’re giving this woman publicity and she perpetuates puppy mills. Do a story on puppy mills instead. That would get people watching. Did you ever see Oprah’s report on them?

  9. badman says:


    .prisonersofgreed dot org

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