More ‘Inappropriate Contact’ Charges For L.I. Teacher John Benstock

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island music teacher has been indicted on 31 counts for inappropriate contact with 14 students, officials announced Wednesday.

John Benstock, 47, of Bayville, was originally arrested in May after authorities said he had “inappropriate contact” with a Bayville Intermediate School student, who was under 10-years-old. He was arrested on misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Det. Lt. Kevin Smith explained the student was “enticed to touch [the] teacher in an inappropriate manner.” Police said the alleged incident happened on April 26 while Benstock was teaching a class of five third graders.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Long Island Teacher Accused Of Abusing Children

Since his arrest, 13 more students have come forward to say they were abused by Benstock. Investigators believe there could be more victims.

Benstock is charged with 15 felony counts of course of sexual contact against a child, two felony counts of sexual abuse, and 14 misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child.  He faces up to seven years in prison for each felony count.

bayville intermediate school More Inappropriate Contact Charges For L.I. Teacher John Benstock

Bayville Intermediate School (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said that as early as 2000, Benstock engaged in inappropriate contact with students in orchestra classes at two Locust Valley elementary schools and during private lessons in the students’ homes.  All of the children were under 11-years-old at the time of the alleged abuse.

Defense Attorney Chad Seigel said Benstock is innocent and that the children came forward only after being inappropriately grilled by educators and parents.

“Quite frankly, given the sloppy way this investigation was conducted, I’m surprised more children didn’t come forward with false accusations,” Seigel said.

Benstock has been a teacher with the Locust Valley School District since 2000 and previously worked in schools in Valley Stream, Lawrence, Bay Shore and Rockville Centre. He also worked as a teacher for All Saints Regional Catholic School.

In a statement, Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund, superintendent of the Locust Valley School District, said she was “deeply concerned” about the latest charges brought against Benstock. Benstock was immediately removed from the classroom and reassigned to home with pay when he was arrested in May.

“His employment status remains unchanged pending the outcome of the legal process,” Hunderfund said. “This is a very serious criminal matter and we will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities in their investigation. ”

Benstock pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bail has been set at $500,000 bond or $250,000 cash. His next court date is July 15.


One Comment

  1. 15 LaurelPlace says:

    Recent John Benstock sighting:

    John Benstock was sitting in the street, on a box, at the edge of his dirveway the other day. I must pass his house to get to my house. As I was parking my car I noticed John Benstock trying to lure my dog. I used my car to block my dog from going to John Benstock. I had to drive backwards and forwards several times but John Benstock would not stop. I had to get out of my car and grab my dog. I gave my dog hugs and kisses and praises and told him to go inside. He ran to the front door and I locked him in the house. I came back to move my car back into the driveway and John Benstock just stood there laughing and pointing at the “No Parking Anytime” signs.


    This is John Benstock’s true colors. Do not let him fool you. I have a website called “” that tells you all about John Benstock. But the funny thing is that someone created a duplicate website filled with jibberish. It is made to fool you. Do not go on the other website because they can track you and infect your computer with a virus.

    So, tell me again about the Constituition. John Benstock hired a slick talker in a fancy suit to defend his guilty ass. His attorney is full of slick and John Benstock is full of slick.

    1. ceebee says:

      to “Bayville Mom”

      Please tell me what year that was with Gillam. My daughter ,too had been harassed by him, and we also reported it to the school. If he resigned, and the school made no effort to contact the state about these allegations, that is known as “passing the trash” and is a CLASS E FELONY. He could be doing the same thing, or worse, in another place.

  2. ceebee says:

    Tomorrow, I hope and pray for the families involved. No parent wants to deal with tis, and the idea that they would “plant” information is preposterous. Childrn of this age do what the teacger tells them, and predators often make it aprt of a game or something funny, as kids this age have no sexual stae of context from an outhoruty figure. I fear LV covered this up, as it occurred at the same time as the Franks case, and they did not want the attention of the stae. The parents are in my prayers, as are the kids.

  3. concerned parent says:

    So it looks like he was a teacher that was shuffeled around quite oftened, and I wonder why? Why has this person has so many teaching jobs? Is that a normanl occurance? Or is their and underlying reason? Has thier ever been any allegations in any of the former schools he has worked in before?
    Now as a mother I did question my children, but i DID not put words in their mouths, I did NOT courrpt their minds, WHT would I want toput away a man if INNOCENT (IF) NOT me i would never want that hanging over my head..thats GODS job….. so I said tell me if anything happened out of the ordinary, did you touch him, did he touch you? anything you found inappriariate looking back now that you are a little older, and remember do not tell me something you think i want to hear , thats not what this is about……..all i want is what you remember….So TO YOU who think we corrupted our children, YOu are WRONG, and owe an Apology!! you are accusing without ALL the facts! Again i would love to know why he was shuffled around so much…… and was he not at one time an attorney? or is he still? theres alot of skeletons in that closet i’m thinking?

  4. 15 LaurelPlace says:

    Yesterday I tried several times to post a reply to Former LVHS student who is now an ipso facto “accomplished attorney.” Hey, why don’t you represent our “accomplished music teacher” John Benstock? The both of you can sit around reciting the Constitution while you make false accusations about people. You make me sick!

  5. 15 LaurelPlace says:

    WARNING TO EVERYONE: I told you that John Benstock is a very powerful man. Posted comments are being deleted from this website. The one I posted about his high priced attorney has disappeared. It went something like this…..his attorney is redirecting the blame on the parents and the school officials because they interviewed the victims. He says they created an environment of hysteria, rife for false accusations. He said, “Rife.” Who the hell says rife? What the rife, I can say anything I want in this comment because it will only be deleted. I am rife or what?

  6. 15LaurelPlace says:

    There is no such thing as “suspended with pay.” It is called, “A VACATION” in the real word. The Locust Valley School District is out of control with spending and squandering our tax dollars. John Benstock’s salary is 100% hard-earned tax dollars that should stop. Let him pay for his own attorney.

    “HE ABUSED THESE INNOCENT KIDS FOR HIS OWN SICK PLEASURE,” is what the District Attorney said. The victim’s families are paying John Benstock’s salary.

    STOP PAYING JOHN BENSTOCK! ! and don’t forget he recently got a raise.

    15 Felony counts of sexual contact against a child
    2 Felonly counts of first-degree sexual abuse and
    14 misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child
    Rape? That is who is on the taxpayer’s payroll. Remember, if we do not pay our taxes they will take our house away.

    This system is so broken.

    1. Former LVHS student says:

      This apparently is where the Bayville loons go to nest, how did I get here. 15 Laurel, everyone knows you probably need to be locked up in a mental institution. Bayville “Mom,” your suggestion that the parents who voted for the Village tax “deserve to have their kids groped” puts you in the running with Casey Anthony for mom of the year. Seriously you both need mental health counseling.

  7. Former LVHS student says:

    I find it disgusting how many people appear not to believe in the Constitution. We must not rush to judgment, especially where the case involves very young and impressionable children with parents who likely frantically questioned them. John is innocent until proven otherwise; like everyone else accused of a crime. That’s our Constitution, and that’s what is right. He has a wife and a family, so let’s remember that these comments hurt more than the accused.

    As for those who have taken this opportunity to post prejudicial comments about gay individuals, I’m absolutely disgusted to know that you are neighbors and may be raising children of your own. While we don’t know if John is guilty, we certainly do know that you are bigots. How dare you insult an entire community of people? As a kid who was beat up and spit on in the halls of LVHS because ppl merely THOUGHT I was gay, it enrages me to see that such prejudice continues to persist in this community. How pathetic/sad.

    1. Former LVHS student says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I don’t share your views. As an accomplished attorney who has practiced before the Supreme Court, I think I know a thing or two about what I’m talking about.

      1. 15 LaurelPlace says:

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ACCOMPLISHED ATTORNEY! And then you make the claim that “YOU THINK YOU KNOW A THING OR TWO” oh this is too, too funny. You made me pee myself so now I have to sue you, you accomplished attorney, you. Please stop, please. You are wrong…”Bayville Mom” never said that any kids should be groped. Maybe she should sue you, too, you accomplished attorney, you. Hey, why was the actual comment from “Bayville Mom” deleted? Where is my other comment? Why are they being deleted? Hey, accomplished attorney who has practiced before Supreme Court..would you know a thing or two about that since you are better than me.

        1. Bayville Mom says:

          Thank you 15 Laurel Place. The thrust of my comment which for some reason was deleted was that the same idiots who approved a 5.8% tax increase this year on the second go around, are most likely the same people who blindly support the incompetent leadership in LVCSD which hires perverts like Benstock in the first place. My own daughter was subjected to sexual harassment by a tech teacher at the MS and despite our reporting of the incident, Mr. Gillam was allowed to continue his employment until the the following year when a PTA Mommy’s daughter was also accosted. Only THEN did the district find the allegations “believable” enough to pressure the teacher to resign. Because there was no touching involved, thank God, we did not feel there was enough of a case to press charges.

          No child deserves to be groped or sexually harassed by a teacher. But the “team Benstock” folks are the same rah rah PTA folks who are taxing us out of our homes to pay for a corrupt public school system.

    2. Blank says:

      I was one of his students years ago. He was always very friendly and nice. People assume he is guilty ad it is not right. You are innocent until proven guilty. And what is this inappropriate touching exactly. How and where were they touched? And it was in front of a class? What is considered inappropriate touching exactly? Is a hug inappropriate? It doesn’t say rape or molestation, it says inappropriate conduct. I would like to state as a former student he was a good man and great teacher. My sister also received private music lessons from him and nothing ever happened to us. I believe he is innocent and even if i didn’t you should all be ashamed for your assumption. Haven’t you ever heard the sating about assuming it makes an ass out of you and me. Justice will be served in the court of law. And certain people just don’t know what their talking about.

  8. Flute Boy says:

    Thank you to the residents of Nassau County who served on the Grand Jury and indicted this pedophile. Where are all the “Team Benstock” supporters now? I said from day one this pervert is guilty. I hope he gets life in prison without parole. The only music he’ll be teaching is the skin flute… jail!!!!!!!

    1. 15LaurelPlace says:

      I live right next door to this creep. The newspaper stated that he induced the children to touch him inappropriately, both through clothing and directly…..DIRECTLY ! ! ! ! I think John Benstock will like jail. Yes, where is “Team Benstock” now? Maybe they are questioning their children.

  9. KC says:

    Once again, gay has nothing to do with abusing children. It’s shocking how many people think this way.

  10. Bayville Mom says:

    Then I hope if you have any hard evidence such as videotape of Benstock’s deviant behavior you have submitted them to the court. The prosecution better make sure that there is no “reasonable doubt” left in the minds of the jurors that this pervert abused children in his care.

    1. Bayville Mom says:

      Who are the attorneys for the prosecution from the DA’s office?

  11. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    1. KC says:

      Google says otherwise. Race has as much to do with this as gay marriage does. Absolutely nothing.

  12. Bayville Mom says:

    Let’s hope this disgusting case proceeds to a speedy trial and that a jury with an IQ higher than the Casey Anthony trial is selected. The fact that this man is still receiving $106,000 in salary and sitting at home a block away from the elementary school is disturbing, indeed.

  13. Mandy says:

    I’m grossed out about the fact gays can now get married and double touch young kids. Rape and sodomy charges are going to sky rocket. What a shame:(

    1. Joseph Didonato says:

      90 Percent of pedophiles are heterosexual, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

    2. jpohara says:

      What do pedophiles have to do with gay and lesbian ADULTS getting married?
      Don’t link two completely different things…you just show how ignorant you are.

    3. KC says:

      I see two already addressed this, but I can’t leave it alone. Do you not understand the difference between a sexual relationship between two CONSENTING ADULTS, and an adult victimizing a child who can not consent? The logic center of your brain is off.

  14. MSavage says:

    Many f****d up people on LI.

  15. Jimmy says:

    What a piece of garbage…

    Certainly looks like a pedophile

  16. Timothy says:

    When will there be a proper vetting process for those who teach children? I find it incredibly revolting that there is not one system in place extensive enough to weed out pedophiles as teachers. There has been research on the subject for decades, and I can’t fathom that their isn’t a series of tests along with a complete background check to root out these despicable criminals. We are talking about the abuse of children here, those under ten years old. If a society can’t protect it’s own young, then its future is all but doomed.

    1. KPMc says:

      A series of tests? You mean like if he floats than he is guilty but if he sinks he is innocent?

      1. 15 LaurelPlace says:

        That sounds fair. Let the testing begin.

    2. KC says:

      If he has never been caught before, the background check wouldn’t pick up anything. As for tests, I doubt anyone could devise a test that can’t be faked or tricked. Take the lie detector test as an example. Courts will not accept them. Unless you figure out a way to actually read a mind, there is no fail proof way to weed these guys out.

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