Swearing-In Ceremony Held For Largest NYPD Recruiting Class Since 2006

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Police Commissioner Ray Kelly administered the oath of office to the largest class of New York City Police Department recruits in five years Wednesday.

The 1,635 newcomers also made up one of the most diverse classes, with recruits coming from 55 different countries, including India, Vietnam and Romania.

“A lot [of people] that don’t speak English, they really need people to help them. And I’m proud that today I can become part the police,” one recruit from Malaysia told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Speaks With Some Of The New Recruits

Thirty percent of the new hires are college graduates and 22 recruits have advanced degrees, including Douglas Schneider, who has a law degree.

“I think there’s significantly more qualified people who are standing right and left of me when I took the oath,” he said.

The police department also said that 71 recruits served with the United States military in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the new class reflected “the diverse population it will help protect.”

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One Comment

  1. Jen_M says:

    JMT- I’m with NYC Guy & Chauncy. Not wearing a seatbelt increases
    your likelihood of sustaining a serious injury during the accident you
    are exponentially more likely to get into b/c you are fiddling w/ your
    smart phone while driving through a neighborhood (“wrong” or
    otherwise) that you likely don’t know very well (as evidenced by the
    out-of-state plates), which ends up costing taxpayers more money when
    you end up in the ER, and making people who are genuine victims of
    accidents wait longer while you are getting treated for injuries that
    could have been avoided had you followed Chauncy’s advice.

    ALSO- That guy Doug Schneider, mentioned in the article? He’s a
    friend of mine. He makes more money now, working for the Coast Guard,
    teaching and working as an EMT in NYC, than he will working as a
    police officer. But he joined the academy because he believes in what
    it stands for.

    So if you’re so hell-bent against the NYPD, maybe you should go back
    to whatever state your plates are from, where being white means you
    can’t be in any wrong neighborhood, and they let you drive without a
    seatbelt while playing w/ your smartphone, and then then police
    officers of NYC won’t HAVE to hand out such trivial tickets to your
    pompous, self-entitled derriere and can go back to keeping the city
    safe from real criminals.

    Not a sermon, just a thought.

  2. Ron says:

    Great…Bloomberg gets to continue his Grand Social Experiment with hiring Police Officers who can barely speak english, all in the name of diversity…

    why is every Police Academy class the”smartest ” ever and the “most diversified” ever?

    Dont you peopel catch on the the BS ??/

  3. Chauncy says:

    NO 5HIT. Put on a seatbelt, stop playing with your gawdamn phone, and stfu…

  4. NYC Guy says:

    Shut up you ignorant a$$hole.

  5. JMT says:

    Nice — more cops on the road to hand out tickets for not wearing a seatbelt, attempting to use a smartphone while driving, being in the wrong neighborhood with out of state license plates regardless of what color you are (I am white)..

    {{Thirty percent of the new hires are college graduates, 22 recruits have advanced degrees, including Douglas Schneider, who has a law degree.}}}

    Yup gov’t is always hiring — must have been those cutesy NYPD recruitment ads that constantly aired on the radio (along with the secrets ‘credit card companies don’t want you to know’) a few years back.. They must have joined only because you get full pension after 20 years?? or have a month of vacation days??

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