Slain Football Star Isayah Muller Laid To Rest

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Friends and family remembered a star student athlete who was killed in a brawl at a parking garage more than a week ago.

The grief was compounded by the fact that the only one facing charges in the confrontation is the victim’s father.

Thursday’s funeral for high school football star Isayah Muller struck a chord with family and friends, not just for the tragic circumstances that led to the teen’s death but for the potential that was cut short by what’s being described as a senseless act of violence.

“It wasn’t his time to go, at all,” said Isayah’s cousin Stephanie Muller. “I just want them locked up so bad. That’s my cousin.”

Two Bronx parking lot attendants allegedly got into a fight with Isayah’s father Andre on the night of the teen’s graduation.

Isayah’s father accused the attendants of stealing a $200 bottle of cologne from his car and allegedly attacked one of them with a shovel.

Police say the star athlete was stabbed to death by one of the parking attendants after coming to his father’s aid.

No one has been charged with Isayah’s death. His father was arrested and faces assault and other charges.

“The guy did pull out a knife,” said Isayah’s cousin Nancy Muller about the parking attendants.  “That is certain. He [Andre] was not the aggressor. That was all self-defense.”

The entire incident remains under investigation.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Coach Calls Isayah Muller ‘Irreplacable’

“We’ve never been on the other side of a catastrophe like this,” said Isayah’s Truman High School football coach John Shepherd.

isayah muller Slain Football Star Isayah Muller Laid To Rest

A wreath of Isayah Muller's high school football number, 21 (credit: Stan Brooks/1010 WINS)

For Shepherd, his star player’s death will forever serve as a reminder of how quickly someone’s actions can change a life or end it.

“I can’t emphasize enough how charismatic, how loyal a young man he was,” said Shepherd.” He will be sorely missed.”

Friends and family plan to petition the city to bring charges against the parking lot attendants involved in the brawl.

Andre Muller is due back in court in August to face the assault charges.


One Comment

  1. FATHER FAULT! says:

    Here’s a link to the video and it proves that Andre Muller was the one who hit/attack the workers first and it was ultimately his fault that his son was killed. The workers were just defending themselves from getting beating up by the father and son. There’s no one to blame but the father end of story!

    1. loka says:

      okay your done

  2. Mace says:

    So sad these 2 GOONS are out walking the streets now, probably contemplating fleeing the states, since they’re ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, SMDH! Mr. Muller should’ve killed them 1st, he would have walked. These ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS sure did walk. I can not wait until a RIOT starts in N.Y., when innocent people are killed for no reason behind this matter, maybe must of u will be satisfied!

    1. Common Sense says:

      You know what’s sad? Your lack of proper grammar and sentence structure, that’s what.

      I’ll key you in on something. Just because someone is an illegal immigrant, doesn’t mean they deserve to die. It only means that they should be sent back to their country of origin.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Seeing the video, now you know what really happened. Isayah turned into his father for a minute. And now he’s dead because of it. All over an overpriced bottle of cologne.
    If you think someone stole something from you, you call the cops. You don’t take matters into your own hands.
    I guess Andre had a prison anger flashback. He’s not a Darwin award candidate, but maybe a runner up for getting his son killed. But Andre didn’t really kill his son. Isayah was killed by his own actions. He wasn’t smart enough to recognize that maybe his father was in the wrong for attacking the parking lot attendants and joined his father in a fury of stupidity.
    So it doesn’t really matter. Isayah would have wound up just like his father at some point. Even if he had beaten the odds of becoming a professional football player, which is less than 1%, he would have become what many of them are today (after an average of a 4 year career in the NFL)… convicted felons.

  4. steve says:

    I think when someone comes at you with a weapon, you can blow them away with a shotgun. Too bad they didn have one to kill the idiot dad. then the son would be alive. hope the dad rots in prison for killing that poor boy. The dad had no future the son did.

    1. bronxz says:

      Of course the community is mad he didn’t get charged.
      Maybe they should take a look at the video and lay some shame on the father.

  5. steve says:

    I think the dad should be dead too because he pulled the first weapon. Sad that the son had to pay for that mistake

  6. brooklyn4ever says:

    It is so sad to think that if the father was not the aggressor, that this young man full of promise would still be here. Essentially, the father is responsible for the death of his son, plain and simple. Imagine having to live knowing that $200 was all your sons life was worth. Very sad.

  7. Bob Fowler says:

    “The guy did pull out a knife,” said Isayah’s cousin Nancy Muller about the parking attendants. “That is certain. He [Andre] was not the aggressor. That was all self-defense.”

    How could St. Andre have been stabbed by 2 men hiding in a shed if he wasn’t the aggressor? Did the attendant leave the safety of a locked guard booth or did St. Andre break down the door? I find it difficult to understand how a person who breaks down a door is acting in self defense. Then again, the father acted as the instigator, then cried self-defense. Maybe I just don’t understand what the terms mean? Maybe this is just another case, in an endless line, of people acting out as they want, and then blaming the victims?

    I cannot imagine raising my children to believe that it is ok to attack others, and then blame the victim. Unlike this family, I have taught my children to call 911, and let people who are trained for such incidents do their job. And never lose sight of the fact that this was supposedly over a $200 bottle of cologne. My children are worth more than that.

  8. A cousin says:

    Of course i am upset and of course i blame the people who took the knives out and killed my cousin Isayah Muller, but people have to understand that this could have been avoided if the parking attendants would’ve kept there hands in there pockets instead of on stuff that didn’t belong to them. Why couldn’t they just give back what they took? Why did the guy that stabbed Isayah have to stab him in the heart? Why couldn’t they just injure Isayah enough to get away? Why did they even have knives with them? Having a knife and a machete at work with you says a lot. Maybe some people should actually ask themselves these questions. Maybe some people should think about what they write on the internet and instead of being ignorant.

    1. someone with brains says:

      You still miss the point the father should of called the police if something was stolen .He took it in his own hands to do street justice and his son paid his life for it so was his son worth $200 I dont think so.People who work in places like that do get robbed alot and probably had it there for protection for situations like lets say when a guy grabs a shovel and starts beating them.Only 1 person to blame and it is the ex con .

      1. A cousin says:

        Umm and why didnt the parking attendants call the police? If anything there had to be a reason he picked up the shovel and hit one person with it, thats not even the one who killed Isayah. Maybe the guys took the knives out first and Isayah’s father had to defend himself. So why did the other guy feel he had to pick up a knife and stab Isayah twice? I dont know the exact story myself and neither does anybody else except the people who were there, so this could’ve happened either way. No Isayah’s life wasn’t worth $200 but none of this would’ve happened if the parking attendants didn’t steal anything. Also if people had stolen from them at any point in time, what made them think it was necessary to steal from anybody else knowing it could possibly cause chaos?

      2. the video does not lie says:

        There is a video and they have many cameras on that lot so it is more then likely the police know exactly what happened thats why only charges filed are on the dad.It is your cousin so you just want him arrested but truth is the dad went after them first and because his stupid action his son was killed .

      3. Bob Fowler says:

        Pure genius…why didn’t the attendants call 911? Maybe because they were too busy getting beaten with a shovel, and cowering in their shed before St. Andre broke down the door?

        Why did they stab him in the heart? Because that was the closest point to stab? And while I’m getting beaten, I rarely look for a safe point to stab my attacker.

        Why did they have weapons on site? Perhaps to defend themselves against animal attacks?

        Now I have questions for you…why didn’t the father call 911?, where is the stolen bottle of cologne? what should the attendants have done when set upon by a man with a shovel? why, except for the fact that there is no possible way to logically explain the horror, are you blaming anyone except for the father, who by HIS poor decision cause Andre’s death?

      4. Mace says:

        These GOONS are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, how do u work in the United States, and not speak english all of sudden! Something set Mr. Muller off, and he defended himself.
        The surveillance is NOT telling the whole story. This youngman came to his Dad’s rescue, if he didn’t we would’ve had two dead bodies. NYPD has a history of hatred towards black males, and I’m seeing nothing has changed with this situation. These GOONS will flee, and get away with murder. GOD is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, he will most definitely deal with these two GOONS.

    2. Mr. Ned. says:

      Cousin: You are obviously in a lot of pain due to the death of your cousin. But for your own mental health you must face the reality that it was Isayah Muller’s own father that caused the death of his own son. (1) The father didn’t even realize that this cologne was even missing for over 5 hours (2) The father can’t even swear for sure that he knows for a fact whether he place the cologne in the car or may have even left the bottle home. (3)The father no doubt with a few celebratory drinks in his system drove back to the parking area in a blind fury and attacked the parking attendants first with his fists and then kicked down a door with his feet and attacked the parking attendant with a sharp edged shoved (4) The parking attendant had to have 12 stitches at the hospital (5) The parking attendant had no time to call for the police but only had to protect their lives by any means possible -the very same action that you and everybody else would have done (6) Isayah got in the mix and the result was being stabbed by someone facing his own death from a deranged father. (7) The cops review of the video tapes shows that the parking attendants had to defend THEIR OWN LIVES (8) Cousin you need to ask God to help the father of Isayah to forgive HIMSELF for causing his own son’s death.

      1. Mace says:

        12 stitches? at least he lives to see another day!!! Isayah sure didn’t…I hope this never happens to u buddy. Your cruel and heartless comments are noted. The GOON who killed this youngman is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, and will most likely flee, hopefully he doesn’t murder u next…

    3. Birdawg says:

      I agree, you being the first. If you believe anything that you wrote then you are truly ignorant.

    4. Chris says:

      A cousin: I think it’s pretty clear why these attendants felt the need to have a knife and a machete at work .. because clearly there are those, like your uncle, who are willing to do physical harm against them.

      I saw the video and your dear cousin is in full swinging mode against the attendant. I’m sure he didn’t mean to stab him in the heart, but he had one chance to defend himself, and he took it.

      The question you need to be asking yourself is why did you uncle become physical? Why did he have to throw the first punch? Why did he allow his son to get involved?

      I think you need to think about what you write on the Internet because you are looking foolish. Your cousin and your uncle are the aggressors here.

    5. Frodo B. says:

      You should be blaming the father for the death of your cousin not two guys defending themselves for something it appears they had nothing to do with.

    6. jabm says:

      Having a machete at work means you can defend yourself against idiots that kick in doors and attack you with a shovel all over $200 cologne.

    7. jabm says:


      The attendants did call the police. Watch the video again. Even after getting sucker punched, the attendant still tried to call 911 instead of attacking. The father was WRONG to assault them. Your cousin was WRONG to join in the assault and paid with his life.

  9. Jessica says:

    despite the negative comments and ppl pointing fingers, people need to look at the bigger picture which is that a life was taken away. I’m not condoning violence but I was attacked by a caucasian body builder type over something insignificant. I immediately called the cops yet they never came to my rescue. Now, let’s say my father was present he would have probably fought in my defense. now, let’s say the cops would have been called by either the attendants or isayah’s dad the chances of the altercation perspiring is probably a 50/50 since sometimes the cops don’t even show up. So, this could’ve happen to anyone, therefore no one should point fingers. RIP Isayah Muller

    1. jerome says:

      No one is pointing fingers because they all point to the dad .The bottom line is if you start a fight things like this happen.If i am sitting at work and someone confronts me with a shovel i will protect myself just like they did .The son died a horrific death that could of been prevented with common sense.

  10. Dee Ortiz says:

    So yea it was wrong for the father to react the way he did but that gives the parking attendants the right to bring out a home made shank & kill a young man… Are u kidding me?! And yes I am a close family friend if the father is being charged then so should the men who killed Isayah Muller! The fact of the matter is a young man is dead, the only one being charged is his father & the people who killed him are living scott free! Stop focusing on things like what his father did 20 yrs ago, and focus on the fact that a young life his been taken!

    1. truth sets u free says:

      SO the 2 workers should of stood there and got beaten with a shovel.There is a video clearly shows the father attacked the parking guys .It does not matter what they used to stab him with it could of been a butter knife they defended themselves they were working and got assaulted I hope they sue the father and teach him a lesson.

    2. Frodo B. says:

      Those attendants were in a fight for their lives and did what they had to do to survive.

      It is sad the kid died but I did not see make any attempts to walk away only join his dad. Did you expect those parking attendants to stand and do nothing but get killed?

    3. Jeff says:

      Father only finished his second long sentence in 2006 — which is hardly 20 years ago. The dad is a super-hero role model for his now dead son. I’ve watched “the video” and clearly Mr. Muller was full of anger and looking for blood. The attendants never attacked, but rather were attacked. All this for a $200 bottle of cologne? Guess when looking for their AXE they hadn’t counted on the attendants having a machete. And had the young man had just stayed away, perhaps only his deadbeat dad would be dead.

  11. mikes aunt gerty says:

    A person is dead because the one he was supposed to look up to killed him by his dumb actions. Think outside the box sometimes the truth is what really happened not what u think happened.

  12. Very conservative says:

    Wonder how many kids he had? He probably didn’t know either.

    1. ike says:

      This is the reason he got killed control your temper.

    2. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  13. truth always prevails says:

    The only one guilty here is the father.Stop trying to blame 2 guys who were assaulted with a shovel doing there jobs.

    1. open your eyes says:

      I agree friends and family are to blind by the tragedy to see the was caused by the fathers actions this could of been avoided with a call to the police a bully is a bully.

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