Monday marked round number one of what we are now calling the “Boomer & Carton 460 Challenge.”

This whole thing got started after Boomer had enough of Craig inflating his golf exploits, so he decided to put him to the test.  That entails playing four rounds of golf at courses of Boomer’s choice — and the total score must not exceed 460.

Seems simple enough, but there is a catch.  Since the Blonde Bomber doesn’t exactly trust his radio partner’s scoring practices, he has assigned someone to trail Craigie to assure everything is on the up-and-up, because there is $10,000 riding on the wager (all of the money will go to charity).

We heard all the details about yesterday’s round, where it sounds like Craig got a little lesson in golf etiquette, while our boy Jerry “Rello” Recco took home some hardware.  Stay-tuned for round number 2…

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