Daring Aerialist Seanna Sharpe Arrested After Scaling, Performing On Williamsburg Bridge

Cops: 24-Year-Old From Brooklyn Had Help, Brought Her Lawyer With Her

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An aerialist from Brooklyn was arrested after scaling the tower on the Williamsburg Bridge on Monday evening for a daring display of aerobatics antics, police said.

Seanna Sharpe, 24, defied gravity and police by staging an aerialist performance 300 feet above the span.

While a crowd gathered below and cheered during the free 15-minute show, the NYPD was far less amused, CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne reports.

Dozens of people stood gaping at the high-flying act at around 7 p.m. Several videos of the stunt have been uploaded to YouTube.

Thomas Skinner, a 27-year-old magician from North Carolina, apparently helped Sharpe climb the bridge.

Sharpe and Skinner reportedly tried to run away but were eventually caught by officers. Sharpe apparently knew she was going away in handcuffs — she’s said to have brought a lawyer along with her to the bridge.

Both are being charged with endangerment and criminal trespassing.

According to Sharpe’s website, she has performed for Cirque Du Soleil, the Guggenheim and with Beyonce.

What do you think of the stunt? Dangerous or dazzling? Let us know below…

  • Youknowwho

    lol. The pathetic fear of ignorance is amusing.

  • Marina Petrano

    There should be more daring, artistic, creative people in the world like her. She isn’t crazy… she is an artist. An artist making a beautiful unorthodox statement. Anyone who sees this as a public nuisance has no appreciation for the unusual and may want to open their minds a bit.

  • holy bananas

    i wish she would have fell and died a horrible screaming death
    now that would have been news.

    suburban losers.
    get out of this city and go back to the redneck backwood hills of north carolina
    its amazing we have hillbillies from the backwoods living in this city now

    • Marina Petrano

      And furthermore, how “Backwoods” of you to be such a hillbilly redneck loser to wish for any human being to fall and die “a horrible screaming death”… especially one who did nothing to you personally. What a shame intolerant, ignorant people like you are living in NYC now!

    • Marina Petrano

      This is not, by any means, a redneck stunt! Aerialists are artists in their own right. What she did is no different then a painter decorating trees in Central Park or an actor street performing in Washington Square. This aerialist was simply making a statement like hundreds of other artists. It’s sad that people, including the authorities, see this artistic statement as a threat. She was not threatening herself nor anyone else as it is customary for aerial acts of this nature to not contain any harnesses or nets. As an aerialist myself I know that the usage of standard safety equipment in an act such as this can be dangerous and even DEADLY to the performer. If the act had been trapeze a net or harness would have made sense, but this was a fabric act. Look up any fabric act from any show or circus and you will see there is no net or harness. This is because it is EXTREMELY easy to get tangled in excess wires. Getting tangled could mean life or death… especially at such a height. Aerialist rely on their training and strength for safety, much as gymnasts do. I’m not saying what the woman did wasn’t dangerous, but considering she is a professional I think I’m safe to say she knew what she was doing and that it was within her physical limits. And as for “Trespassing” … It’s a public bridge. :)

  • Jose

    Just deport him to N.C, and put her and her attorney in jail

  • Kat

    Was the bridge “shut down” trying to get her off or was she actually blocking traffic? ‘Cause I didn’t see any cars flying up there…

  • Melvin

    The lawer should have been arrested! He knows what would happen. Such jack#$%^. For people to talk about you. When you is dead they would. Think before you act. The police should have shot her that is REAL NEWS!

    • John

      … most ignorant thing I’ve read all day

      • DanTe

        You’re right. “John” is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard.

  • J

    Criminal tress-passing; how silly its a public bridge. Stupid DA.

    • Jose

      No,she is the stupid doing this here in NY,in any other state she would had get away with murder,this is NY those things don’t go unpunish here. Put her in jail for aleast 10 years, I mean both

  • ay

    Beautidul display of fearlessness. No one was hurt. People were inspired. Life is a little better.

    • Marina Petrano

      Completely agreed! What a beautiful artistic statement was made :)

    • DanTe

      Inspired for what? Life is better how? Especially when one is sitting in a traffic jam caused by a holes like you?

      • Lily

        It didn’t seem like they caused much more traffic than normal rush hour. Besides, any driver going over the Williamsburg Bridge looking up should not be driving. Further more than that I think I’d enjoy having some entertainment while I was stuck in rush hour.

      • DanTe

        Oh great. The dumb c\/nts are out. You’ve never driven have you “lily”. Or you would have known the roads would be shut down for idiots like this. Can’t have the idiot falling on top of someone and killing him.

  • I'd wreck that

    She’s hot & athletic, hence: yum!

    • friend of he-he

      wow I do not think you would want to hit that she is a he -she a tranny do I have to spell it out.

  • Lieutenantdan

    Selfish idiot!
    They should arrest the lawyer as well for not stopping this from happening.
    We can’t have this kind of sh__, it servers no purpose and is not at all interesting.
    How about donating your time helping out in an old folks home instead.
    Self centered idiot!

    • General Ghandi

      Eat my stool.

    • Kat

      So you think there’s no place for defiance and art in our society and everyone should help out at old folks homes? Imagine a world like that.

      • Marina Petrano

        Exactly… If anything there should be more free thinkers doing the same. Why arn’t there more free spirited, daring individuals on this planet? Oh, I know… Because people like ‘Lieutenantdan’ think that every person should obey the government and become another brick in the wall. Way to kill real freedom and artistic expression A** Clown.

    • john

      it served a purpose iit gave some lazy underworked cops something to do besides selling drugs

  • Original Brooklyn Girl

    Hipsters need to take their circus to some other town. This is a working city, how many people’s lives were disrupted by this display of stupidity?

    • john

      you are right the morons have to get to their stupid jobs and kiss their bosses farts

      • Marina Petrano

        Get to their jobs they most likely hate AND kiss their bosses farts. I would think someone like “Original Brooklyn Girl” would appreciate the originality of this artistic display.

  • Nick

    Just shoot the idiot off the bridge. How many people lost time out of their lives due to this idiot shutting down the bridge? And how many of you cheering idiots would still be cheering if she fell down and killed someone below? IDIOTS!

    Make it a 3 year sentence and she can contort for the inmates.

  • next time fall

    They should have to pay the city for all the resources used for these 2 idiots.

  • lina nurja

    stupid idiot..

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