NYPD Commissioner: Suspect Panicked, Killed 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky

Says Boy's Remains Found In 2 Locations, Including Levi Aron's Refrigerator

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was utter shock and disbelief in Brooklyn on Wednesday following the horrific killing of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, who was lost and looking for help.

An intense two-day search for the missing Borough Park boy ended with the arrest of 35-year-old Levi Aron after Kletzky’s dismembered body was found in two different locations by police. Wednesday evening, Aron was charged with murder.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Ray Kelly: It Was The Child’s First Time Walking Home From Day Camp Alone

Aron’s attorney spoke briefly with attorneys after meeting with his client Wednesday night.  He said that Aron was “holding up well.”

“Our condolences to the family of the victim and at this time were going to let the judicial process take its course — no further comment,” attorney Pierre Brazile said.

Records from a dentist’s office led police to Aron, who was taken into custody early Wednesday after Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he implicated himself in Kletzky’s death.

CBS 2 has also learned that Aron told police that while volunteers were looking for the boy, he drove Kletzky upstate to Monsey — claiming they went to a wedding.  He also allegedly told police that the boy slept in his apartment.

Kelly said Aron panicked after seeing flyers of Kletzky around the neighborhood and killed the boy.  Police said according to statements Aron made, he brought the boy to his apartment, killed him there and dismembered the body.  However, authorities indicated that the boy was still alive Monday night, when he went missing.

Aron worked at Empire State Supply Company on McDonald Avenue. His boss, Michael Panzer, said he was there for at least 12 years, except for two years when he lived in Memphis, Tenn.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Speaks With Aron’s Former Boss

Panzer described Aron as very polite, a little disorganized and someone who stayed to himself.

“He must have snapped — that’s all I can say. There was no indication of anything. He was very quiet,” Panzer told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

Around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday, detectives went to Aron’s home at 466 East Second St., where they found part of Kletzky’s body inside a refrigerator.  Aron lives alone in the third-floor apartment in a building shared with his parents. Kelly said he has lived there for two years.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

When investigators arrived at the home, they found the door slightly ajar and asked where the boy was; Aron nodded to the kitchen. There, they found blood on the refrigerator handle.

PHOTOS: Borough Park Boy Murdered, Dismembered

“Inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them,” said Kelly. “Some of the remains were in the freezer.”

levi aron1 NYPD Commissioner: Suspect Panicked, Killed 8 Year Old Leiby Kletzky

Levi Aron (credit: Facebook)

Detectives found the other half of Kletzky’s remains wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag inside a red suitcase in a dumpster in Sunset Park, about two miles from Aron’s home.

The medical examiner’s office will determine a cause of death. Kelly said there was no indication that the boy had been sexually molested or that Kletzky knew the suspect.

Police also used two surveillance videos to search for clues in Kletzky’s disappearance.

Raw Video: NYPD News Conference On Leiby Kletzky Death

One video showed the young boy leaving his day camp, located at 12th Avenue and 44th Street, at 5:05 p.m. He was supposed to meet his mother at 5 p.m. Monday at the corner of 13th Avenue and 50th Street.

Kelly said police believe Kletzky got lost on his way home and stopped at 18th Avenue and 44th Street, where he is seen on video talking to Aron and asking for directions. Later, Kletzky is seen getting into Aron’s gold-colored sedan.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With Reaction From Aron’s Kensington Neighborhood

Aron was tracked down after investigators, looking for Kletzky, noticed a man on the video going into a nearby dentist’s office around 5:30 p.m. Monday, while Kletzky waited across the street.

The dentist, who was later found in New Jersey, said Aron wasn’t a patient but was paying a bill for a patient there and police were able to find him using those records.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the boy was the only son of the Kletzky’s five children and said the husband works as a driver for a private car service.

“It’s just a horror for every parent,” Hikind said. “I mean it’s just a tragedy today for everyone in New York.”

Kletzky had begged his parents to let him walk home. They had given him a note, saying he would not be taking the bus.

Kelly said that his parents had gone over the route Kletzky was supposed to take home with him before letting him walk it alone.  His mother was waiting for him at a halfway point, which the young boy never made it to.

“Parents know their children better than anyone else, they have to make certain judgments,” Kelly said. “There comes a time when everyone has to go forward on their own and it’s up to the parents to make those determinations.”

“They were horrible yesterday when the child was not there, hoping that they’ll find him, but now forget it,” Hikind said. “How does a parent live with their little child brutally assaulted, murdered, dismembered?”

A funeral will be held for Kletzky later Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on this horrific tragedy? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. m says:

    I grew up in that area. Yes, it is safe – compared to other parts of the city. But at 8 I could walk up the block and walking by myself meant my Mother standing on the front porch staring at me until I reached my friend’s house. No point in taking stupid chances. There were a few occasional incidents that made you realize nowhere is ever completely safe and the best thing to do is take precautions.

  2. carolina says:

    why, we are all being preached to be “tolerant” and “Non-Judgmental”..look at little callie anthony..and our Jury System allows it…. This is so sick and indicative of how much this society has turned away from loving and protecting children..people do not even seem to love children anymore! EVERYONE should have a different heart!

    MY HEART IS WRENCHED FOR THE FAMILY, ESPECIALLY THE MOM WHO LOVED AND GAVE BIRTH AND THE DAD WHO MUST HAVE ADORED THIS BOY…” Whoever harms even a hair of a child’s head, better be have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the deepest parts of the Ocean.”
    I think it be better if he were thrown to the sharks or fed to the lions at the zoo…while still alive, kicking and screaming …as this darling little boy probably was…THAT SICK S.O.B. NOTHING WOULD BE CRUEL ENOUGH FOR A CHILD TORTURER AND KILLER!!!!!!!

  3. Jojo says:

    From what I am hearing on the news on TV is that the parents showed him a day or 2 before where to go to meet them. They say he got lost and asked this guy for directions he said to get into his car and and he would take him to the spot where he was to meet his mother. Instead he took him to his house where he killed him. Some of the comments are blaming the parents. Its very unfortunate but the parents made the biggest mistake. They should have just met him at the camp. The parents walking 7 block could have avoided all this. If you are going to let your kids walk alone to a spot, the parents better make sure their kids are street smart enough not get into a strangers car. He probably thought he was safe going with one of his own.

  4. T.T. says:

    I’m shocked & my co-workers in the office is very shocked & sad about this incident. My co-worker who has children about that age and are jewish from the brooklyn community keeps saying “This is a disgrace & embarassment to the orthodox & jewish community and the man that did it should be hung by his balls & stoned.” It’s is just so horrible & sad that the boy walked up to that crazy monster.

  5. Katz Deli fan says:

    The predator murderers photo is on the New York daily news site. for those that said
    only blacks and hispanics get their photo published right away.

  6. Joe says:

    This is been a problem in the jewish community for years, protecting child molesters and crooks, out of fear what would people say about the Jews. ITS WRONG… people like this should be outed and mad public so people know the truth whats going on, now most likely they will raise money for this fool for his deffense and leaagel fees, EYE FOR AN EYE. the same thing thould be done to him as he did to that child. How there anyone blaming the parents for this, the community might be tite and secured, but who would ever thing that one of there own would do something like this. this is still NYC and noone is safe anywhere, WHERE IS THE DEATH PANELTY WHEN U NEED IT. all these rabbies and jewish child molesters do it only because thay know thay can get away with it bcs the community is trying to keep it on the DL

  7. gb says:

    keep in mind that thee were 7 short blocks– from 44th to 50th street. These blocks are the equivalent of 2.5 long blocks. 13th avenue is a major avenue with tons of people on the street at that time of the day. If he had walked down 13th avenue towards his waiting mother, she would have already been able to see him coming when he hit 48th street. So in essence, he was supposed to walk one long block from 12th avenue and 6 short ones, only 4 of which would have been out of his mother’s vision. His parents obviously were not so keen on his walking alone which is why they mapped out a route for him. He was walking in a safe neighborhood, in broad daylight and it was not a complicated route.

  8. Katz Deli fan says:

    The murderer is a Jew,but what does that matter? ,we Christians don’t
    hear a Protestant murdered a Protestant ,this is a horrid crime for all

  9. Johnny Handsome says:

    Sad. Very sad. I was hoping the little fella was having peer problems at school and just needed some time for himself. Condolence to the family.

  10. RR says:

    SD: Are you out of your mind? The concept of “Jewish Ritual Murder” is totally bogus and was made up by anti-semetic bigots like you – google “Blood Libel”. Jews don’t use blood in anything – not even animal blood which is drained from meat before the meat can be eaten. This horrible, horrible tragedy is bad enough. Don’t make it worse by spreading your filth.

  11. V123 says:

    Oh Please SD. I see you love your google, and live and breath by all the information that pops up on your screen, and become an expert on a society you know nothing about. It is obvious you have never been to the area, but to you it is all theoretical. This man is a filthy murderer, who likes little boys very much. Unfortunately this type of sickness has no cultural boundaries, and in every neighborhood in any far corner of the world, sick people with demented minds may live within the guise of being a community member. May the creep live long enough to endure tremendous suffering, and short enough to never experience even the slightest of pleasures.

  12. Kim Baliey says:

    Arab posing as a Jew did it.

  13. Rikky says:

    If the perpetrator had been black or Latino, you would see his picture up there. But since he’s white, the media won’t show his picture. Amazing, really….

  14. Karen says:

    got cut off…..Watch criminal Minds on CBS or reruns. It is unbelievable what sick minds are out there. Please don’t pick on this Family, they will beat themselves up enough. What a cruel incident this is.

    1. Frank D says:

      HELL KarenO!!.

      Get into reality – not that TV BS!

      1. Karen says:

        Frank D, Criminal Minds is not that normal BS tv. If you watched it, you would understand what I said. Not all tv is bad, but you have to be aware of what is around you. Not all people of one kind are safe, and another kind are killers.

  15. Gabby says:

    agreed! … not to take away from the tragedy but maybe this will serve as a wake up call to those parents who think their children can walk around the city themselves without an adult.

    1. A parent says:

      AGREE if you walk with your children this could of been avoided alot of crazy people waiting for the chance to do something.Parents take 5 minutes out of your busy day and pick up your children

  16. Karen says:

    Unfortunately this animal sounds like a sociopath type who has been immersed in or rejected from this Hisidic community. Hopefully they caught him, or I should say he confessed before a lot more kids were abducted. Watch “CRIMINAL MINDS,’

  17. Catholic Man says:

    I live near this community. Eventhough it is tight knitt and there is a great sense of security i URGE all my orthodox friends to PLEASE teach your children NEVER to go with ANTYONE, even if it is another orthodox. KICK, SCREAM, BITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so saddened!

  18. T. Islam says:

    May god be with the child’s family during this horrible time.

  19. Joseph Didonato says:

    I grew up in Boro Park and when i was young I d walk all over at that same age. What a shame how things have changed. The neighborhood was comprised of Italians, Hasdim jews and Polish, and everyone got along. Stuff like this never happened. I cant even imagine what that poor boy went through, so disgusting.

  20. rr says:

    a deli meat slicer thin slices with salt at every cut wouldn’t even be enoug of a punishment for this horrific sub animal.
    may he rot in eternal hell

  21. justme says:

    And, I wonder, just how many other children these monsters have done this to? This cannot be their first crime of this sort. If the FBI were to tear apart that entire dwelling, guaranteed they would find DNA of other children that these animals have done the same thing to.

  22. GREG says:


  23. Debbie says:

    My 4yr old daughter and I cried when we heard the outcome of this sad story.
    I just held her tighter and let her know over and over that I loved her very much.
    May the parents find comfort in each other during this tragic time.
    May his young soul rest in peace.

  24. Phil says:

    Why anyone’s reaction would be “what were the parents thinking” is absurd. I sooner question what would drive an adult human being to do such a thing to a child. It’s is just about the most horrifying type of crime one person could commit against another. Focus on that, rather than scolding parents who have and will continue to suffer from this tragic and horrifc loss for the rest of their lives.

    1. Joesmith says:

      Exactly, Phil!! How dare anyone blame the parents for this tragedy. The parents will never get over this and idiotic comments like yours, Rex, don’t help.

  25. concerned new yorker says:

    why isn’t CBS streaming Commisioner Kelly’s live press conference about this? the other local websites are?

  26. melloyello says:

    My skin crawled and my whole body ached when I caught whim of this horrific news. I couldn’t stomach my breakfast. I do agree that the parents in this case anyway should get a change to avenge thier son’s death my dismemebering the inhumane individuals responsible. I know that “two wrongs doesn’t make a right”….but that for them would be so right in avenging their son’s death. They should watch the beginning of the movie (I understand they cannot because of their beliefs but for this moment should) “Law Abiding Citizen” and do to the SICK individuals what they did to their son. May Leiby rest in peace and my condolences to the family. To everyone else out there reading… Love and hug your family, and live each day as GOD intends us to until he tells us to come home to him.

    1. Debbie says:

      @ melloyello…God doesn’t condone murder. What this animal did to this innocent young man he will pay at judgement day, before the real punishment hopefully the inmates will get to him first.
      This is why children have to be taught to NOT speak to strangers especially when alone and always run and tell if approached by such.
      May his young soul rest in peace and MAY his parents seek comfort from each other and their spiritual community.

      1. melloyello says:

        @ Debbie …what you said is very true….God doesn’t condone murder. Question: How would you predict this man/woman of dying? By Old Age? Natural Causes? or by a JURY? If Convicted by a Jury by life in prison (inmates get to him/her) or the dealth penalty, does this make us murders too? It seems like catch 22 to me……How do you bring this case to justice? How do we or the parents avenge the dealth of their son if we believe “GOD doesn’t condone murder”? He/She commit murder on an innocent, innocent convicts murder, if dealth penatly is ordered murderer gets killed by innocent……right? I am confused…..

    2. Debbie says:

      @ melloyello…..If i could stomach the mental idea of murder I have two animals that would be first on my list.
      There never will be any correct justice other than he perhaps dying slowly, I don’t mean in prison for several consecutive sentences….That’s too good. Inmates live off taxpayer dollars, three meals a day, cot, exercise, outdoor activity and visits..IT’S TOO GOOD FOR THIS ANIMAL.
      DEATH PENALTY SHOULD HAPPEN EXPEDITIOUSLY RIGHT AFTER TRIAL..unfortunately he is entitled to due process.

  27. David Chowes says:

    Hard to believe. So gruesome.

  28. doc in NJ says:

    there is much we can learn from the animal kingdom – humans are the only species who prey on their own kind.

    Yet lions, tigers and bears are the ones in captivity.

  29. dubydooh says:

    The man that murdered and dismembred the little boy should not even be brought to court, he might just be found innocent like Casey Anthony , and walk home scottfree !!!!!. This man should be punished outside court like they do in Afghanistan, Irak or any 3rd world county. That is why there is hardly any crime there. Don`t waiste my hard earned money on a trial. Just take him to the back dismember and behead him , maybe bring in a henchman from among the killers that sit a Guantanamo Bay jail. Members of the Bin Laden organization.

    1. melloyello says:

      this is rare instances where I totally agree…..

  30. Beebee says:

    This is a disgusting and vile crime and the man who killed this innocent child should be put to death. But I can’t help but wonder why his parents would let him walk home alone. I would never allow my child to walk alone at such a young age no matter where I lived

  31. Al says:

    This is all those irresponsible parents fault who let their young children walk alone like a bait for sickos. If you can’t find time for your child don’t make one.
    I would fine parents like these rather then smokers in parks.

  32. Mark Edmunds says:

    I was sickened when I read this. I would tie this prick between two buses and “pull”.

  33. Micha says:

    Heartbreaking… my prayers and thoughts are with the family. I really hoped this boy would turn up OK, now I am just hoping the family gets justice.

    As for the people on here who want to sound off about how much they dislike Jews, have some compassion- this child is DEAD!! RIP

    1. Jack H. says:

      It is mind boggling that 3000 years after Moses and theTen Commandments a member of the Orthodox community could do something like this.in Brooklyn. This crime was not committed by Islamic extremists or Neo-Nazis hatemongers. The Judeo-Christian tradition is fractured.

      1. OPEN YOUR EYES says:


        and it took this to open your eyes to that fact! Well at least this tragedy has opened your eyes. Sure hope it has done same for the entire world of Jews every where!

  34. Teddy Wright says:

    This is a tragetic story which clearly indicates why parents can no longer accept the notion that our children can be left unguarded.

  35. Sara says:

    Another Orthodox Jewish boy from Brooklyn is missing.
    Moshe Dresdner, 14, disappeared from his camp in Ulster County, NY, last night.
    How much can one community take?
    All of you who complain about God or Jews or anything else…
    PLEASE, put aside your questions and your bitterness for a few minutes and spend the time praying for this boy.
    As long as there is no news, there is hope.
    Please pray that this story ends differently than the other one.

    1. Jeanie Schneider says:

      Praise God, it did! Moshe Dresdner was found ALIVE near the Staten Island Mall. How he got there, I don’t know, but he’s alive and he’s safe.

    2. think not says:

      Would you have felt and said same had it been a black or any other race? think NOT!

  36. pj says:

    The man who did this is obviously seriously mentally ill, and, like Jared Laughner, he should have been in a psychiatric facility. We need more and better mental health facilities, and better mechanisms for identifying people who need treatment.

    Deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and the whole community.

    1. K says:

      I agree this country needs more mental health facilites. Blame the lack of them on the Repulicans!

      1. JasonG920 says:

        And the bad education goes to the Democrats.


      What?? Is this all you have to say? Because he is Jew you say this. If he had been any other race God forbid you wouldn’t be prescribing treatment, or what ever, you’d be asking for his head on a silver platter…

  37. Aerin says:

    I just cannot believe that someone like YOU is around. Just because this little boy was JEWISH has nothing to do with it. If YOU knew this communicty of Boro Park Brooklyn, then YOU would know that these people will do anything for their own. It is too bad that WE are not like this, there isn’t anything that will stand in their way if one of their own is missing. Should really say something to all of us when one of ours goes missing, these people are never too busy, to that, etc to do for their own. We should all take a lesson. It is sad that the outcome this time has been so terrible. YOU sound like a JEW Hater.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Quote from Aerin, “If YOU knew this communicty of Boro Park Brooklyn, then YOU would know that these people will do anything for their own.”

      Is not this part of the problem? There is a lot of cover up of criminal activity in these communities.

  38. Mad Max says:

    I say string up anyone who defends this monster.

    The Monster should die a slow and gruesome death.

    1. NJ-Joe says:

      Don’t hold your breath.

    2. boud says:

      If you are speaking of lawyers- please note that this is the United States of America and everyone has the right to an attorney, no matter how horrible the crime, please think before you write such words as a lawyer deserving to be “strung up”. We should hope that justice is done, period. This is a sad day, what a tragic ending to such a young life.

    3. Talea Wufka says:

      Wise words – this though is really painful! It takes a village to raise a child. My heart goes out to the family and this child is now an Angel – A beautiful star in the sky! I also understand the anguish with anyone thinking to defend this man. I know we have a legal system in which we are to follow but this was a crime against humanity. This child trusted this man, innocently only to be slaughtered and I use the harsh word because it is what he did. I’m highly upset born to a holocaust as a small child I was taught based on all the pain and suffering the Jews went through – we were to always look out for one another. ALWAYS, This man has disgraced us all not just as Jews but as a human being. How dare he and you better believe I am upset – many tears have dropped from my eyes today – I have children and I love the. It hurts to know he had to come face to face to face with the beast and we will never get the truth becuase the monster/ coward will never reveal it. Rest Sweet Angel! To the mom and Dad may peace be with you – this was not your fault. Let us all pray!

  39. AvengeLeiby says:

    You are ridiculously ignorant! A 9 year old boy is more then capable of walking home from day camp. Boro Park is one of the safest communities, this tragedy does not incriminate his parents. You should empathize for this family. Not critique!

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Safe community unless you are not Jewish and happened to be stopped by the Shomrim. Then, you got problems

    2. Shlomo Farkas says:

      Safe unless you are non Jewish and the Shomrim stop you passing through. Then, your nightmare has just begun. Or, if you are not able to defend yourself and you cross paths with an old Rabbi looking to satisfy his urges.

    3. so tragic says:

      “Boro Park is one of the safest communities”. ??? Really??? Obviously not !

  40. Mad Max says:

    Who says evil doesn’t walk among us?

    God in Heaven have mercy on his young boy and pour out your harshest wrath upon those who have such evil in their heart to commit such crimes.


    Is Jewish family that community is mostly Jewish…

    I am guessing probably someone who had a major dispute with the family and did this to get back at them…..

    We’ll find out later today who this killer monster is….

    1. Careful says:

      Not nessisarily the neighborhood may be mostly jewish but there are a lot of Arabs living there as well

    2. jrs says:

      that’d ridiculous and without any basis—and throwing out absurd, offensive “theories” like that helps no one, it only adds to the pollution.
      There may ineed be communities where people do stuff like this to “get back at” someone with whom they had a dispute.

      But the hasidic community is not such a community—despite bad things that have indeed occurred there; those are the exception to the rule. How many drive-by shootings, on account of someone ‘dissing’ somone’s brother, have occurred in hasidic communities lately? Correct: zero.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        We wouldn’t know because you have your own private Rabbinical Courts that are not of public record. I do now of a Rebbe in New Square that ordered the torching of a congregant who switched synagogues. That was in the news three weeks ago.

    3. JMS says:

      I’ve never heard os someone dismembering someone’s 9 year old child to settle a score w/the parents. Break a window, “key” a car, maybe but this was the work of a very sick individual who was indulging in some sort of depraved fantasy which most likely had nothing to do with the victim’s family.

    4. Debster says:

      It seems as if it is a Jewish monster. This shows that insanity and evil knows no bounds.

    5. Laura Novo says:

      That’s what I originally thought.

  42. Flynn says:

    Our justice society is way too soft. You get the death penalty: Well then its over for you. You get life in prison — you get to hang in the rec room, read, play sports and get an education.

    People like this need to be thrown into a windowless room. Then at 6am they are pulled out, thrown into a quarry and handed a pickaxe. They chip away in silence until 6pm. They get dragged back to their cell where a barely sustainable meal is waiting for them. You keep doing this until the person collapses. You then check for a pulse. If there’s one, you pick them up and keep them going. If not, into a ditch he goes.

    1. Znaggy says:

      Agreed, and even that’s too soft. If I recall my Jewish Studies correctly, a dismembered body / one that has been murdered has a severely wounded soul, if it too isn’t dead. Even if we work this man to his death and leave him in solitude, he may die physically broken, but he will enter the afterlife – if there is one – with an intact soul. That’s too good for the likes of this man. Let him be dismembered slow-slicing style and left to watch himself perish. Then when what’s left of his soul enters the afterlife, let G-d judge how to dispose of his wretched soul.


    2. Sony says:

      That would be perfect for animals like him

  43. Janet says:

    The murder of a minor should be a capital crime,subject to the death penalty.

    1. JIM says:


      1. Janet says:

        To murder a vulnerable child is obviously worse than murdering an adult. I hope that such legislation can be enacted.

  44. Artemis says:

    This story was huge because of the number of volunteers combing the neighborhood and the way the community sprung up to help each other out. Maybe if other communities would offer the same level of support when one of their own went missing they would receive the same level of attention.

    1. me says:

      so even if you have issues with god your still a proud jew. Bravo.

  45. Zoe C. says:

    I am totally devastated and shocked! How much can we bear?! In the surveillance video it really looks as if Leiby a”h was waiting to meet the man, how he sees and turns to him from across the street and follows him so quickly. I would say Leibya”h knew this monster from somewhere and was convinced to meet him on that corner. He should suffer Heavens vengeance along with all those who turn the gift of life into evil and to hurt others!

    1. eamonnm192@hotmail.com says:

      how the hell was it well planned???
      the child walked alone for the first time and was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was an opportunistic crime by a psycho…how could it have been planned. Are you saying the child begged to walk so he could meet this man?

    2. Russ says:

      What does it matter if it was planned or not? It probably was only planned when the criminal saw an opportunity and used it.

      I can scarcely imagine the fear and pain and horror that poor kid endured in his last hours or minutes. I can’t even think of a fitting punishment for the guy who did this.

    3. Frank says:

      your statement is wacky……totally wacky

    4. Jessica says:

      I think what she is saying by planned is that this man probably was watching the daycare center and looking for the perfect time. The boy reacted to the man as though he knew him so maybe this man spent some time trying to “get to know” the kids. Sad. I hope this monster rots in hell and lives every day of the rest of his miserable life in pain and torture.

    5. JBS says:

      I actually agree that this was a well planned crime. I think that it is too much of a coincidence that on the FIRST day that this boy was allowed to walk alone, he gets kidnapped. I belive that this man befriended the boy and convinced him to beg him parents to walk home alone and then meet him on a corner. It doesn’t even look like the boy hesitated when making the wrong turn. The psycho probably either threatened the boy or more likely offered him some treat to meet him. Either way, it is a terrible tragedy and it doesn’t really matter anymore how it happened.

      1. EB says:

        That’s rediculous! There is no evidence of this! Your mind is running wild!


        1. EB says:

          This refers to the opinion this was planned.

    6. alex says:

      I agree…I think that is why the boy was so persistant about walking home alone…he wanted to meet up with that man…I think it was planned…he walked away with him too easily..

  46. dp says:

    How sad…my condolences to his poor family. May he rest in peace.

    I can only imagine the killer as being

  47. ~N says:

    I have to believe that there is a very special place in the afterlife for people who do such horrible things to children. I hope that other prisoners get hold of the monsters who did this because the death penalty will not be enough.
    Parents – teach your children that if they are ever taken to KICK BITE AND SCREAM THIS IS NOT MY MOMMY AND OR DADDY!
    My heartfelt sympathies go out to the parents of Leiby.

    1. NOT SAFE ANYWHERE says:

      What good would that have done to poor little helpless girl who was murdered by her own mother and mother is found innocent of all charges?

      1. JMS says:

        Please stop. A jury took less than a day to acquit her on all serious charges yet somehow you have the ability to look into your crystal ball and declare her guilty? These cases are wholly unrelated and you dishonor the boy’s memory by using a news article about his death as a forum to complain about the verdict in another case.

    2. JMS says:

      we tought our daughter, at a very young age, to scream out STRANGER STRANGER as loud as she could if she was e=ven spoken to by someone she didn’t know, let alone grabbed. This news has ruined my day and the lives of that poor child’s family.

      1. Joseph Didonato says:

        I was just telling someone that I asked this little boy at a pool saturday who was with him mom if he wanted an extra cupcake that we had. He pulled back and i said to his mom what happened, she said he is not allowed to take food from strangers. This is a good rule for kids to be taught.

    3. eamonnm192@hotmail.com says:

      what a stupid pointless comment

    4. Russ says:

      It may be a ‘stupid pointless comment’ but why is eamonnm192 so anxious to attack people who are upset at the killer?

    5. JasonG920 says:

      What is stupid or pointless? If you read the story, it sure looks like a boy tricked online into meeting. But then again, that never happens in real life I guess. Is that why my comments are “Stupid and pointless”?

    6. Lemmings Hotline says:

      little orthodox boys dont have any internet access. He probably met him on the street or in the synaguoge and gave him treats that were denied to him by his parents.

  48. rach says:

    at what age do YOU think a child should be allowed to walk a few short blocks, in broad daylight? 15? 21? 40????

    obviously, from your screen-name, you come from a different culture than this family…. they DON’T watch television, ever. it’s not accepted in this culture. so, get a clue, and stop projecting your own inadequacies onto others.

    playing the old game of “blame the victim” as an armchair critic can be SOOO much fun!! how about we take you apart, for any real or imagined inadequacy???

    1. parents please watch ur child says:

      Not at 9 when it is 7 blocks and the child is not mature enough. There are too many sickos out there your children should be important enough to take some time out of the day to pick up.You should get a clue and instead of giving little kids to much freedom keep them safe.If mother picked him up he would of been home so what is your point. you dont have 1 because i spoke truth.

      1. Justice says:

        IIt was a horrific incident. We can all comment on the decision of the parents to allow him to walk home, the bottom line is NEW YORK CITY is un unsafe place to live. My condolences to the family of this young child. I do wish ugly things for the killer. If what comes around goes around he will be getting his……..

  49. Artemis says:

    what is the difference if he is arabic or not you xenophobe? the house they found the body at seems to belong to a jewish man by the way.

  50. LeftyPearl NJ to DC says:

    at the end of the Day he is now in GOD’s hands. Let’s lift his family in prayer and offer support. Let’s hope and pray that the child did not suffer. We also need to see the message here, good or bad regardless of how it happen. 1) there are sick people in the world, they live next door, they work in the office right next to us, they ring our groceries, they at times pray next to us…2) cherish life everyday for no one knows if the next moment will be your last moment. 3) Cherish your friends and family, love them unconditionally..4) Pray for peace and understanding..go home and hug your kid harder and longer…and thank GOD, this could have been you… thank him for the situation you are in, it could be worse…

    1. Alicee says:

      It wasnt Gods fault, It was the person whos mind was sick enough to do something like that, God gave us free will and that person did what he wanted to do. Yes it was sick, but you cant do anything to stop these things from happening. You got to take it and handle it because you cant make it go away. There will always be someone out there who will do something like this, and we cannot do anything about it.

    2. jaleson says:

      exactly. ‘and this person says “4) thank god this could have been you?” so basically they are saying think god this happened to them and not you…that seems pretty messed up to say….

    3. jtorres says:

      Jaleson, ever hear “There but for the grace of God go I”? You’re not wishing it on someone else, you’re just happy it wasn’t you. Haven’t you ever said to yourself, “That could have been me, or my son, or my family”? And aren’t you grateful that it wasn’t? God didn’t do this, that sick individual did and he will get his– here and later when he meets his Maker.

    4. destiny Dej says:

      You have said it even better than I would .Thank you amidst al lthis confusion we need to cherish the ones we love as well as our lives .There is evil all around us .Everywhere .We d onot know all of those who .However we must try our best to protect those little ones on loan from the master .It is secondary if he knew him or not or if he was tricked or not .The little one will never play with his family or friends any more .I leave this monster up to the creator .I would not wish anyone to dirty their hands on him or be imprisoned as angry and insensed as we are . His day will come .

    5. T says:

      Well said!

Comments are closed.

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