NYPD Commissioner: Suspect Panicked, Killed 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky

Says Boy's Remains Found In 2 Locations, Including Levi Aron's Refrigerator

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was utter shock and disbelief in Brooklyn on Wednesday following the horrific killing of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, who was lost and looking for help.

An intense two-day search for the missing Borough Park boy ended with the arrest of 35-year-old Levi Aron after Kletzky’s dismembered body was found in two different locations by police. Wednesday evening, Aron was charged with murder.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Ray Kelly: It Was The Child’s First Time Walking Home From Day Camp Alone

Aron’s attorney spoke briefly with attorneys after meeting with his client Wednesday night.  He said that Aron was “holding up well.”

“Our condolences to the family of the victim and at this time were going to let the judicial process take its course — no further comment,” attorney Pierre Brazile said.

Records from a dentist’s office led police to Aron, who was taken into custody early Wednesday after Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he implicated himself in Kletzky’s death.

CBS 2 has also learned that Aron told police that while volunteers were looking for the boy, he drove Kletzky upstate to Monsey — claiming they went to a wedding.  He also allegedly told police that the boy slept in his apartment.

Kelly said Aron panicked after seeing flyers of Kletzky around the neighborhood and killed the boy.  Police said according to statements Aron made, he brought the boy to his apartment, killed him there and dismembered the body.  However, authorities indicated that the boy was still alive Monday night, when he went missing.

Aron worked at Empire State Supply Company on McDonald Avenue. His boss, Michael Panzer, said he was there for at least 12 years, except for two years when he lived in Memphis, Tenn.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Speaks With Aron’s Former Boss

Panzer described Aron as very polite, a little disorganized and someone who stayed to himself.

“He must have snapped — that’s all I can say. There was no indication of anything. He was very quiet,” Panzer told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

Around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday, detectives went to Aron’s home at 466 East Second St., where they found part of Kletzky’s body inside a refrigerator.  Aron lives alone in the third-floor apartment in a building shared with his parents. Kelly said he has lived there for two years.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

When investigators arrived at the home, they found the door slightly ajar and asked where the boy was; Aron nodded to the kitchen. There, they found blood on the refrigerator handle.

PHOTOS: Borough Park Boy Murdered, Dismembered

“Inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them,” said Kelly. “Some of the remains were in the freezer.”

levi aron1 NYPD Commissioner: Suspect Panicked, Killed 8 Year Old Leiby Kletzky

Levi Aron (credit: Facebook)

Detectives found the other half of Kletzky’s remains wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag inside a red suitcase in a dumpster in Sunset Park, about two miles from Aron’s home.

The medical examiner’s office will determine a cause of death. Kelly said there was no indication that the boy had been sexually molested or that Kletzky knew the suspect.

Police also used two surveillance videos to search for clues in Kletzky’s disappearance.

Raw Video: NYPD News Conference On Leiby Kletzky Death

One video showed the young boy leaving his day camp, located at 12th Avenue and 44th Street, at 5:05 p.m. He was supposed to meet his mother at 5 p.m. Monday at the corner of 13th Avenue and 50th Street.

Kelly said police believe Kletzky got lost on his way home and stopped at 18th Avenue and 44th Street, where he is seen on video talking to Aron and asking for directions. Later, Kletzky is seen getting into Aron’s gold-colored sedan.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With Reaction From Aron’s Kensington Neighborhood

Aron was tracked down after investigators, looking for Kletzky, noticed a man on the video going into a nearby dentist’s office around 5:30 p.m. Monday, while Kletzky waited across the street.

The dentist, who was later found in New Jersey, said Aron wasn’t a patient but was paying a bill for a patient there and police were able to find him using those records.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the boy was the only son of the Kletzky’s five children and said the husband works as a driver for a private car service.

“It’s just a horror for every parent,” Hikind said. “I mean it’s just a tragedy today for everyone in New York.”

Kletzky had begged his parents to let him walk home. They had given him a note, saying he would not be taking the bus.

Kelly said that his parents had gone over the route Kletzky was supposed to take home with him before letting him walk it alone.  His mother was waiting for him at a halfway point, which the young boy never made it to.

“Parents know their children better than anyone else, they have to make certain judgments,” Kelly said. “There comes a time when everyone has to go forward on their own and it’s up to the parents to make those determinations.”

“They were horrible yesterday when the child was not there, hoping that they’ll find him, but now forget it,” Hikind said. “How does a parent live with their little child brutally assaulted, murdered, dismembered?”

A funeral will be held for Kletzky later Wednesday.

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  1. Matthew Rand says:

    I have been choking back tears on and off today. When I think of this poor, young child who hadn’t even reached the age of bar mitzvah, it makes me think that I wish I was there to be able to save him. Only HaShem knows the reason for this terrible tragedy.

  2. Yehudis says:

    I have thought of this exact story. Leiby’s soul is now sitting in the heavens with all of the most holy tzaddikim. We will never understand the purpose of each soul. But–the best way to cope with a tragedy of a young child is to realize that their soul is too holy to be on this earth.

    1. wishuponastar19 says:

      While a beautiful sentiment, I believe the key word there is “cope.” It’s not a realization, but a coping mechanism. This was not a sacrifice, this was the result of pure evil.

  3. RIP says:

    @Yehu…thanks for sharing is lovely…

  4. Alan says:

    perhaps your right faith is not needed however…I think Yehudis makes a great point saying that we need to focus on improving ourselves which is a lesson we as individuals can do with.

  5. Tom G says:

    To Yehudis F.
    Thank you for your parable – a story used to convey a truth or moral lesson- It has a wonderful meaning that has to be intenalized by the reader. It is much too soon after this brutal tragedy to do. It is much too soon to accept your view that God has used this chaste,innocent child as a sacrificial lamb in order to bring mankind to higher, heavenly levels of behaviour. These heavenly things can be debated after justice is done and after this maniacal, monster killer has received his just punishment.

  6. Beorge Barlin says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  7. DAVID says:


    1. prissy says:

      I agree.

  8. Perfectlyflawed says:

    I agree that the parents must be insane with guilt, but I disagree that the boy had to have known his murder before hand. There is not enough evidence in your argument to question his wanting some independence. In a world where first graders go to school alone because they live across the street or even a few blocks away, it is not far fetched that this boy wanted the same freedom as some as his friends had. It is not safe ANYWHERE in small towns kids go missing, people found murdered. No matter where you live it is up to the parent to do all they can to keep their children safe and pray that all they did is good enough to protect their kids. I feel for this family, it is so devastating to lose a child but to lose a child in this way is truly horrifying. To think that there are people out there like this, and yes we have heard of serial killers like Manson, and Dhamer, and yes we live in a world where terrorist attack, but to think that someone could abuse the trust of innocence it is unbelievable… Even if we know that these predators are out there, it doesn’t change our reaction.

    1. lynne says:

      He was simply lost and scared and in the wrong place at the wrong time. He turned and trusted an adult who appeared to be “one of his own”. When you are scared, you tend to trust almost anyone and it wasn’t dark. I know many parents are against giving young children cell phones, but for reasons like this, it may have saved this young man’s life and his family’s anguish if he could have just called his parents and told them where he was. As soon as my children started walking to friends homes (and I live in the suburbs) I bought them phones, used solely when they were out of the house. I beg parents who think their children are too young to have a cell phone to reconsider.

  9. EB says:

    Death penalty is only if there is intent to murder.

  10. syl says:

    very well said and true! I hope you don’t mind if I forward your message onto other people so we can spread the word and stop evil speak and evil doings in the world!

  11. Alan says:

    I wish more people realize this lesson.

  12. patty says:

    Just send him to prison, the cons will take care of administering justice, even they don’t like people like that.

  13. Tyrone says:


    Police arrested a white Jewish 35-year-old man after the remains of a missing white Jewish Brooklyn boy, 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, were discovered inside his refrigerator. Levi Aron was taken, into custody by detectives who said, he lives alone in an apartment in a building occupied by his parents and other family members. Little Leiby’s mother decide to allow her 8 year old son to walk seven blocks. In their Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park because it is so safe!

    According to the police, Kletzky got lost while walking home from a day camp, and asked Aron for directions. In my opinion, this death like many other, white on white death. Is cause because, many white Americans, teach their children that black people are their Boogie Men. Therefore creating a false, since of security around people that looks like them.

    White serial killer, target white people especially, white women and children. White on white crime, in America is neglected, and not even discuss in the white control media!

    Putting many white Americans at risk especially white children. What is also upsetting, is each and every time, something horrible happen, in white communities. Immediately the community claim “this does not happen in this community”! WRONG! I does and has! The problem is, just like in majority white schools in America. THEY DON”T REPORT THEIR PROBLEMS!

    The white control media does not investigate white on white crime. As they do black on black crime nor do they refer to white on white crime!

    Now you can call me racist and any other name you will think of. But we can’t change what we will not acknowledge. And another white child will pay the price! This beautiful 8 year old boy is dead….So continuing to teach that the Boogie Man is black….When we Americans should be identifying the Boogie Man ….and letting our children know who he or she is! So lets grow up and help keep our children alive!!

    1. Celestina says:

      Can we not make this about race? Who on earth cares? Wow talk about poor perspective. Although this is a free country and we can say whatever we like, ranting over your political opinions is quite irrelevant and untimely- Not to mention quite boring. I personally have lived in this neighborhood AND I am black. The reason I lived there is because it IS safer. (Less crime = safer) I’m sorry but facts are facts and opinions are just that – opinions. And I would also add that the people in my neighborhood – yes the WHITE people, were very kind to me. If you give people a chance and not hold anger, resentment, and whatever else is going on with you, you may see past the race issue you have created in your head. I mean, really, get over it. If you want the perception of our race to change, be a part of that change. The contentious comments you have written above feed into the stereotype that we are ignorant and hostile. Thanks for that. Get your act together, that’s my recommendation. At the end of the day, your diatribe is totally insignificant. I personally am only saddened that a poor little boy was senselessly killed.

  14. Ruth Drumwright says:

    when is this going to end , there is so much violence with children getting killed by parents and strangers, lil caylee anthony was a sad case , but this horrific that child was going thru hell with this sicko , my prayers goes out to the family

  15. HooDatIS? says:

    OMG he is a idiot for killing this young man
    so sad
    i bet he has done this before
    Rest in peace Angel

  16. elie says:

    Very sad,very shocking,in your own backyard in a place where such a crime is unheard of….scary.no words can describe the horror and astonishement.The news has made it to here in Europe and all over the globe.
    But at least theres a public awareness that will keep an eye for these things for the future.The police and public services did wonderful work solving this mystery in no time-though too late for the victim.
    In the country I come from the whole government and the police force couldnt solve years of children missing and some mysteries are not solved until this very day (belgium).When a child goes missing ,a private company called child focus has to get involved putting up pamphlets in the streets,usually with little help.At least you,new yorkers and americans, live in a place with a decent police and court system that would make a reocurrence very difficult and hopefully impossible.for the future.

  17. PAMMY JACKSON says:


  18. dave says:

    Well at least the Jews dont wait 30 days to report their child missing and go out and get tatoos while their kids are missing..

    RIP little Kletzky…. 😦

  19. Ron says:

    Our prayers to the family and this little boy, but come on….the FBI gettign involved, police horses..I have never seen such a response for a missing child…

    There were also 2 black girls from brooklyn who were missing over the weekend in the bronx and u saw a 30 sec news report on them, no reporter live int he field, no interviews…..

    thats really not fair….

    1. Matthew Rand says:

      In my mind, off the top of my head, there were probably two reasons for this:

      (1): It is extremely unusual for this kind of event in the Orthodox Jewish community. It is small and tight-knit with an established set of religious rules that affect the whole neighborhood. When something happens in the Jewish community, the message travels fast because Jews in particular have a religious obligation toward each other. It’s built into the way of life.

      (2): Assemblyman Dov Hikind lived near the same area as the missing boy. I imagine he used his political influence to get that type of attention.

      Because I am on an Jewish email list, I knew about Lieby’s disappearance before I had heard about it on the news. They were asking everybody who might have seen him to call special hotline numbers that were set up. In addition, prayer conferences were set up to pray for the safe return of the boy.

      As for the two black girls from brooklyn, I don’t know if a Brooklyn assemblyman was contacted for these girls or not. I don’t know if there were emails sent out to all the people, for example, on a church roster asking for help. I don’t know what was done to sound the alarm in these cases, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say.

  20. Maria Toro says:


  21. karyl jane waga says:

    As a mother,I cant even imagine this would happen to my child.. This story really breaks my heart and made me cry.. I prayed to God to heal those weary and broken heart of the family.. One lesson I learned, I will always stay close to my child.. I will never ever let him walk alone..

  22. Nana says:

    This horrible tragedy has shaken me to the core of my being.. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. May God’s grace see you through this..I live in a small community in North Carolina and a similar incident happened here several yrs ago…The killer even helped in the search..So eerily similar…There are bad people everywhere…but everyone is not a bad person… We should demand tougher laws and harsher sentencing for people who hurt children in any way….I have 2 precious grandchildren and I can’t imagine what I would do if this happened to me… Yes I do and no one would win…This is a no brainer, no trial, no jail time… He didn’t give Leiby any consideration.. If he had he would have returned him to his parents.. He just needs to meet his maker whoever that may be!! But I am betting there is a special corner in HELL for him.!!!!! I am praying for that!!!

  23. Jeanie Schneider says:

    This is not about the parents or their religion. This is about the unspeakably horrible death of a little boy, and about the momzer that did this to him. No parent should ever have to go through what these parents are suffering right now. Mr. & Mrs. Kletzky, I hope you know that the love, thoughts and prayers of everyone in New York – Christian, Jew and Muslim – are with you tonight. May God comfort you as the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, and know that your Leiby is in God’s hands where no one can ever hurt him again.

  24. Janet says:

    Well said.

  25. Janet says:

    I had my 1st son at barely 18. I had a 2nd son at 36 who is 8 years old and I often think about how easily I allowed my 1st son certain freedoms because he begged. As a very young mother I was definitely unskilled but generally speaking I wanted my son to develop into healthy minded, independent adult so I gave in many times when I should not have. I was very lucky.

    I can tell you from my own life experiences I do things much differently as a 43 year old mother than I did as a 23 year old mother and this story, sad as it is confirms in me that children are just that, children and whether your child is 8 or 15, if a 200lb man pulls up to them in a van while they’re walking down the street and he wants them, there’s not much they’ll be able to do to stop it in most cases.

    Parents should keep their children as close to them as they can for as long as they can. A child’s innocence should be protected from all things ugly in the world as long as physically possible and only than should the parents begin to lengthen the metaphoric leash and in doing so they should provide guidance every step of the way until that child is an adult who demonstrates responsibility effectively.

    If we can take away from this tragedy one thing it should be to protect our children like we protect our money, under lock & key. If one child is saved in doing so, this child didn’t die in vein.

  26. Janet says:

    Agree! It was a short distance in his own neighborhood. He could just as well have gone outside to play on his block and have encountered this monster.

  27. SP says:

    I hate to leave comments on articles like this, mainly because the majority of people’s replies sadden me beyond words. So many people jostling to (anonymously) champion their opinions of–what? A little boy’s heartbreaking, senseless death. Blaming his parents and community (I’m sorry–how dare you?!), pointing the finger at other races/religions/ethnic groups, likening the story to Casey Anthony, shouting for the death penalty or worse, speculating as to the nature of his passing–what if his family were to read these comments? Really, people? This family is going through hell. What they need is compassion, prayers (if you consider yourself the praying type, no disrespect intended if you don’t), and respect for their pain and grief.

    I know this comment is long-winded. Sorry if that offends anyone, sorry if you don’t agree. I respect your viewpoints; please give your fellow commenters (and all fellow humans!) the same consideration.

  28. julialynn says:

    the blame goes to the parents i have a seventeen year old son and I drive him DURING THE DAY so he doesn’t go alone to best buy or wherever. an eight year old by themself? to top it al off, he was admittedly confused about how to get to the destination spot as the parents reiterated that they went over the route several times with him so he was not confident of the area. The blame goes on the parents. Sorry. Everyone knows this is an extremely dangerous city to live in for anyone, let alone children.

  29. J says:

    Let me tell you, I been exposed to a lot, but this right here takes the cake. This one broke my heart.

  30. pikachu says:

    I thought NY have death penalty for 1st degree murder!? This guy should be on death row now!! He doesnt need trail!!

  31. steffi says:

    The guy is qulity.One half of the child in the guy’s refrigerator the other half in Park slop. Even the Casey Anthony Jury can see he is gulity. If and I mean if he is sick, send him away for the rest of his life. He should not be able to walk free again. He did it once he will do it again. I don’t want to hear about his rights. What about the little boy’s rights. He had the right to grow up and live his life. The victums rights are always overlooked. Enough is enough

  32. Joesmith says:

    Yup!!!! !!
    Some crimes are so brutal & (clearly in this case) there’s NOT A SHRED OF DOUBT of the guilt, that it should override state limitations.

  33. Valerie says:

    This reads like an episode of “Criminal Minds”. It’s hard to accept as reality.

  34. Diane D says:

    Mentioned in this article is that Aron panicked when he saw flyers for the missing Kletsky boy….which led me to think the flyers probably did not come out to the public for at least a day or two, which leads me to think Aron held this boy captive for a time before the boy perished. Why was he holding the boy captive? I think the motive lies within Aron’s reason for living in that third floor apartment owned by his parents, and also lies with Aron’s relationship with his parents. Were the Aron parents too controlling and made Aron feel inferior to the pont that he had to abduct the Kletsky boy so Aron could finally feel superior to another human being? Was he too ashamed of his actions when the flyers came out to the public and Aron felt he had to kill the young Kletsky to hide his actions, emotions and feelings? I really would like to understand all of this.

  35. Spoiled yapping dog says:

    Please, no more spew regarding God granting peace. Free will be damned, if I had the power to stop evil, I’d use it without question. Humankind is tearing itself apart, and counting on ‘forces beyond’ as a guide to do right and deliver justice. No. When I draw my last breath, that’s it. End of story. Finit. So I should make a damn good effort to do my best right here and now. Treat others with decency and respect, have an opinion, but be civil. Be kind to the very old and very young. Help dumb animals and dumber people. And most of all, respect sentient life, not zygotes, or cell clusters but other humans. You are here for a short while, make the most of it, m’kay?

  36. Lillie says:

    As a mothger of 4 men, my youngest 15. I pray with him everyday that he leaves home for god to walk with him safely. When he rides his “expensive” bike and pray for his safe return.
    I’m far from the Jewish community (racially) but my heart aches for him and his family, we as parents try diligently to protect our children and raise them accordingly,When they’re babies we protect them from the “monsters in the closets”. We just never expect the horiffics of a monster lurking on the street to do such horror.

  37. Joe says:

    Get a rope and a tree and string that SOB up

  38. Bella says:

    8 years old is too young to walk home alone. There are way too many dangers out in the world that even adults have difficulty handling.

    RIP little guy…safe in the arms of the Angel.

  39. john says:

    For those who say their child or children never leave their site at 8 years old is ridiculous. I’m the father of 5 children and I can assure you there are times when you believe your children are ok but can’t say for sure because they arent always in your sight.

    This community where the boy was taken is a tight knit community from my experience. It is mostly a Jewish Community, perhaps the boy was ok with this man because he was a member of his community and unfortunately it was the boys worst luck.

    I don’t blame the parents. At some point a child has to have some freedom. Has times changed that much since I was a kid (45 years old). I grew up in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and was always permitted blocks away from my home playing with other children. My father worked in the South Bronx 149th and Morris, and he would allow me to play with kids on 151st completely out of sight of him at 7 years old. I never had a problem. Many children right now who are 8 years old are out playing and not in view of their parents. And 99.99999 percent will never have to worry. Unfortunately there are Maniacs like this guy running around who will make feel unsafe and that’s usually not the truth.

    As far as this guy, I hope they put him in general population where everyone knows what he did. That will usually be good for this guy to get a beating or to get raped. Then hopefully he dies a slow and painful death.

    1. Lillie says:

      @ John..I commend and AGREE with your comment. I raised 3 boys and yes at a certain age they look for the opportunity to branch out and be independent.
      It’s also good to encourage that with the discipline and enforcement that they stay away from strangers and negative elements. Once they enter public school at least 5th or 6th grade they have to be on their own and be responsible for themselves. In that community they all wear the traditional Jewish outfits so they all appear to be as family and the chiildren look at them as part of them. It’s sad he took this vulnerable young child and destroyed a loving family.
      You bet your bottom dollar he will get what’s coming to him.

  40. Alexa says:

    I am 14 years old and to see this is just devastating. For over a year now I have wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist and to see this makes me want to be it even more. To put SICK people like Levi to jail for what they did. He deserves the death penalty for ending an innocent child’s life who might of done great things when he gets older. Justice will be served and if not. Then Judgement Day will happen.

    1. Lillie says:

      @ Alexa…I applaud your intelligent words and way of thinking. You continue to do good in school and perhaps be the one to change the system. What this animal did is disgusting, the sad part is that he will hire an attorney who will perhaps state before the Judge that his client is mentally disturbed and missed a dose of his meds.
      This animal is of course in his right state of mind to act out the horrifics that he did. He destroyed a close knit family and the trust of the community.
      Hopefully the parents there will now hold their child even closer.

      Alexa, you keep up your academics and be the one to make a change ESPECIALLY AS A WOMAN GROWING UP IN THIS WORLD.

      1. Alexa says:

        I will. Our justice system is so messed up. After seeing Primal Fear you never know how many people might actually pretend to be like that. And now with Casey Anthony case.. yeah there might be a slight chance she didn’t do it but why lie to the police about her? I hope to change this. Thanks

  41. Crystal Miller says:

    I’m sitting here in tears, how could anyone do something so monsterous to a child. I have a nine year old son & I’m frozen in fear & disbelief. I know all to well how my children beg for me to give into their requests; I’ll be thinking alot more before giving in. My thoughts & prayers are with the family & little Leiby

  42. parents please watch ur child says:

    Parents need to do what is safe for there kids .You cannot let a 9 year old walk home alone in nyc there is no safe area.Kids are giving to much freedom at too early of age and that is why more and more kids go missing.It is hard to say but yes parent is to blame.Police did amazing job in this case and to those stores with video great job.Hopefully someone will do something to the person who harmed this innocent child because our justice system will not .I hear the insanity defense already.

  43. PMM says:

    If you love your kids, you can NOT let them out of your sight for even a minute!
    Once upon a time that might have been considered being “over-protective”.
    Nowadays we are living in such a sick world, with so many deranged predators on the prowl, that if you are not watching your kids CONSTANTLY, you are derelict in your duty as a parent!!!
    The sickos ARE out there, and attentive parents are all that stand between your child and them.

  44. RafikNY says:

    Child Molesters/Murderers should be put down like the crazed animals they are. Deep sympathies to the affected families.

  45. proud hassid says:

    i work for a stop molesters group in boro park behind the scenes and i dont know what the hell you are talking about all thre rabbis support us. we work alongside the police department.you are a rabid anti jew semite go to hell you piece of……. i persomally work in this line people might work behind the scenes but i sure am on top of cases.people need to come in the open and tell the right people.not some random shmuck like you!!!! and by the way the rabbis do call authorites, we work to stop this issue all the time. and also you pieces of…assume all people are rabbis!!!! not all people who you call rabbi is a rabbi
    do your reserch and you will see i am right. dont believe me talk to all relougus therapists. we are getting better at it!!!

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Every criticism of you or your customs is not antisemitism. Quit your complaining. Maybe if your community was a little more transparent and forthcoming, bad people would be prosecuted by the officially sanctioned justice system as opposed to your Rabinical Courts, which do nothing more than conceal wrongdoing.

  46. Esther Couret says:

    Part of this community culture encourages getting rides from strangers . It is done all the time in Kiryas Joel where one sees hitchhikers regularly. Apparently children are mistakenly taught that if you wear a black hat, beard, and have tzistzis hanging out that you are a safe person. Also, the community needs to do a better job weeding out predators and deviants. The sheltered hasidic culture often gives a false sense of the world and as we see here, fails to keep out its horrors.

  47. bigmammi says:

    Why do we not have the DEATH PENALTY in NY?
    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    1. Diane D says:

      New York DOES have the death penalty….

  48. Jessica says:

    @Cogito ergo sum I could not have said it better.

  49. Cogito ergo sum says:

    It seems that nowhere is safe anymore. I live in a town of 800 families and I feel like it’s safe, but you never know what psychopaths are out there waiting to prey on sweet, innocent children like poor little Liebby. However, we cannot live our lives in fear of monsters. We should teach our children that getting in cars with strangers is NEVER ok. I think every parent in America needs to have this discussion with their children tonight, even if they’ve already told them, tell them again, and emphasize the importance. God bless Liebby and his family. These stories deeply sadden, but also enrage me. I do not know how someone can murder/abuse/dismember a child. The worst part, in my opinion, is that children who die like Liebby did, are robbed of all their innocence and purity right before death. Their entire world is shattered and all that was once safe and beautiful to them becomes ugly and evil, just before they die. There is no greater crime than to do this to a child. I hope that there is a hell for people that do this to children. My prayers are with Liebby and his family. RIP sweet angel.

    1. destiny Dej says:

      You are so correct . There are no saints on earth .I live in a country where it is considered safe for children to walk home from school , at five years .However some parents do and some dont .We are living in a world where anything can happen and will happen .A rapist , child molester , drug dealer or serial killer does not have a face that advertises their deeds . It is people like you and I .Evil does not know any religious or racial bounderies .We can never be too safe . our only hope is to teach our chidren to the best of our abilities .My prayers are with this family today .

  50. Nadine says:

    In the UK there are cameras everywhere – thank Gd. Stop fighting the right to ‘privacy’ and demand surveillance of your neighborhoods, towns and cities! He was caught because of two things: camera and closeknit community! It is not the parents fault – although he was too young to walk home alone – it was only a few blocks. This sick pig has a link on his facebook page about “knowing who lives in your neighborhood” or something – I predict he has done far more evil than this. Far more. G-d protect little Leiby’s sisters and family from the hole ripped through their hearts by this sadistic bas—-!

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      I, for one, cherish my right to privacy, and wholeheartedly reject any notion that the government should spy on us to ensure we behave. The government will then determined which observed behavior is questionable and selectively police us. Then, you really have trouble.

      Educate children to not talk to strangers, even strangers that purport to be like them.

      Then, put this man to death once convicted, and do this to al child murderers and molestors to set a deterrant for any future acts.

      But, do not give up your fundamental, protected rights under the guise of safety. The government works for us, not the other way around.

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