Somers’ Monologue: Where Have You Gone, Derek Jeter?

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Derek Jeter has tarnished himself, says Steve Somers, and he thinks even the most die-hard Yankees fans will agree.

Derek Jeter has shamed the Yankees organization and embarrassed the game of baseball, Somers said to open a Tuesday schmooze. If an ailing Jose Reyes could make an appearance at the All-Star game, why couldn’t No. 2?

What else did he say? You’ll just have to listen…

Listen: Somers’ Monologue: Where Have You Gone, Derek Jeter?

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  • Kevin

    Steve, you are overdramatizing this Derek Jeter/All Star issue to the nth degree. LET IT GO ALREADY!! Even Bud Selig and many All Star players said that they fully understand Derek’s reasoning for not coming to Phoenix. If you don’t there’s something wrong with YOU. I can’t believe what a huge federal case this has turned into. Is it that slow a news period?

  • dabooch

    Jeet then went down to the trophy shop to get a mounting bracket for his 3,000 ball.

  • dabooch

    Jeter went to Tampa to cut his grass.

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