Here We Go Again: Another Person Vandalizes Ed Sullivan Theater

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Here we go again.

For the second time this week, police say someone vandalized the Ed Sullivan Theater.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

Police say 42-year-old Alvin Moore tossed a metal newspaper stand into the doors of the theater, breaking several panes of recently repaired glass just before 1 a.m. Thursday.

Police said a security guard hit Moore in the head with a golf club.

The guard caught Moore and held him until officers arrived. The suspect was transported to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, where he is being treated for minor lacerations.

Police say Moore caused roughly $1,500 worth of damage to the theater.

Moore, originally from Sebring, Fla., faces burglary and criminal mischief charges. Police say he told them he was upset because Letterman hadn’t responded to a number of demo tapes he sent him.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams: No Doubt Dave’s Writers Are Already Working On This One

This incident follows another act of vandalism at the site that left the studio lobby damaged last weekend.

James Whittemore pleaded guilty and has a court date in Manhattan on Friday. His rampage was caught on surveillance video and happened, he said, during a booze blackout.

“The only thing I remember is I was laying on the floor in the lobby, looking out, and I saw all the cop cars,” Whittemore told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “I looked around and I was shocked. I was just hoping there was somebody else there with me, but I was by myself.”

Whittemore wanted to apologize to Letterman, specifically.

“I am sincerely, really, really sorry,” he said. “I’m glad that he could continue to go on with the show… and I promise to definitely repay all the damage that I’ve done to the theater at all.”

Whittemore and his uncle said members of their family have struggled with alcoholism for generations. Reilly said he gave up drinking 20 years ago.

Until his court date, he’s working in his uncle’s backyard during the day and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at night.

Whittemore’s uncle said he hopes the incident will be a wake-up call.

“If it wasn’t the Ed Sullivan Theater and he blacked out, you guys wouldn’t have been here,” Mike Reilly said. “He could’ve been in a car crash and killed somebody.”

What can be done to prevent more copycats from vandalizing the theater? Do you believe Whittemore’s apology is sincere? Sound off in our comments section.

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  • Joe Golfendude

    Letterman cooked is own goose with his lefty leaning. This coming from a long time viewer until a few years ago. Not to worry though he has enough cash to play with.

    Retire OLD MAN

    • HUGO

      Joe, you couldn’t be more right. Letterman the gap toothed imbecile needs to retire and go away. He is an angry malcontent and has no business entertaining anyone!

  • david5300

    So they found the only 2 people who watch letterman and now they are in jail, what is this going to do to his ratings?

  • bob wire

    When someone is able to break into the Letterman/Employee Love Nest, built above the Theater, than that will be a real story. What went on in there and with whom and why, is the classic definition of pure sexual harassment gone wild by a power and ego issue, and capped with self doubt. Someone sneak in there and get some pictures, rifle some files or something and get back to us with what you found. Surely a creep and cad like Letterman also filmed his employee escapades. No wonder the guys a hermit when the light goes off. Absolute Introvert at heart.

    • Larry Melman

      Say, r u the guy whose gf was boning Letterman a few years ago? You’re out of jail now?

  • Idaho Spud

    Why all the references to Letterman? I want to know how Sullivan feels about this.

    • Jethro Dull

      He’s dead. The Beatles and Topo Gigo the Mouse killed him.

  • Malachi

    its karma for Letterman attacking Palin and Bachmann on a regular basis.. Letterman hates strong women :)

    • bob wire

      yes indeed—thus his using his hiring authority to force sex upon lowly interns…guys like him the workplace are routinely marched out the door, sued, and in many cases, charged with sexual assault. He detests strong women for sure and wishes his own mother had been stronger given his father, the florist, died when Dave was young. Dave, leave our women alone.

      • d

        Wow.. can you go ahead and stuff all that back up your ass please? Armchair psychology is one thing, but armchair psychology with literally no evidence at all.. really makes you come off as a FOOL.

    • Fred Foo

      That’s just an asinine comment

    • Harlowe Thrombey

      Truly Strong women do not have Authoritarian belief systems.

  • jtorres

    There was so much publicity when the first guy did it, this moron thought he would get famous doing the same thing. Both their 15 minutes are up. Fewer people will be interested tomorrow and no one will even remember a week from now. Was it worth it?

  • Omega13

    Damn, I figured it’d be Letterman himself. His show sucks and he needs the publicity.

  • me

    Sara Palin did it.

  • PaulTT

    It is Bush’s fault!

  • Roger L.


    5) Leno’s theatre …. too far to travel
    4) 2 words ….. debt ceiling
    3) I thought the Beatles were suppose to be there
    2) Didn’t know Letterman was still on TV
    1) Oprah made me do it

    • Jethro Dull

      6. Breaking into Show Biz with talent, hard work, and luck: hard Breaking into Show Biz by smashing Letterman’s theater’s lobby to smithereens: easy

    • Harlowe Thrombey


  • Ric's Kaysen

    Don’t think you can legally hit someone in the head with a golf club because of some property damage.

    • 51 Phantom

      That depends. Do you work for a leftist celebrity? No? then you can’t. But if you work for a Letterman or Pattie LaBelle or any in good standing Hollywood type, well then you’re good to go.

  • Zippy

    TV is passé. The old media is fast becoming passé.

    • chiliboots

      Correct; “Live Theater” is, likewise, a suicide.

  • Emily Litellah

    Didn’t James Whitmore used to be on Broadway with one-man shows about famous Presidents? How the mighty have fallen… Oh, it’s a different spelling? Never mind….

  • Sailordude

    He got the Tiger Woods smack-down treatment!!!!!!

  • wendell

    Want a show that would get ratings? How about a letterman telling Sarah Palain’s husband a few crude jokes to his face.

    Now, I would PAY to see that.

    • Douglas

      If you are in politics, you are automatically fair game for all comedians. Welcome to america and the 1st amendment.

      • wendell

        What on earth does the First Amendment have do do with this?

        Kicking some limp-wristed punks teeth down his throat is a perfectly American thing to do, especially if the punk is a Democrat.

    • Delta

      If that did happen, I might even start watching him again!

  • An Anxious Public

    When do we get to see/hear Alvin’s demo?

  • Sailordude

    Sounds like Letterman has his next show lined up!

    Drunks who trash the Ed Sullivan Theater!

    BTW, notice how the crowd for these shows laugh at anything? Are they all on drugs?

    • Letterman Seminar Audience Member

      He-He. Ha-Ha. HA HA HA AHA!

    • rick walker

      Letterman’s audience even laughs at things that are not supposed to be funny. If it’s something that IS supposed to be funny but is not, they applaude. Not quite sure why unfunny bits and jokes deserve applause.

    • Larry

      Obvious canned laughter in many instances.

  • Tracy Schillaci

    Where the hell did the security guard get a golf club? FOUR TWACK!

    • Jethro Dull

      Tiger Woods certainly has no use for it!

    • Jim

      Well you can have a gun in NTC so…..

  • Jojo

    Hope the guard didn’t hurt the golf club.

  • BC

    Letterman has gotten worse as the years go by. 30 years ago he had a good standup routine and when he was past over for the Tonight Show he started getting surley, and he has been on a downward spiral ever since. I can’t stand him anymore. and wouldn’t walk across the street to spit on him if he were on fire.

    • Bill Loney

      Calm down! Take a deep breath.

    • paulTT

      I agree completely!

    • Trofmoc Mij

      Two thumbs up BC

  • doug

    The security guard hit him with A GOLF CLUB? I know times are tough all around at CBS, but no need for Jim Nantz to be pulling double duty. Guy has paid his dues.

  • roger3107

    Now…. If someone Tossed Letterman through the door … that would be news worthy!

  • Mr. Wee Wee

    Mr. Wee Wee sez “yOu gO girl” and STAND FIRM behind Barack! Puh-leeze ‘LIKE’ Mr. Wee Wee tOday!

  • Lou Bator

    Who’s Reilly?

    • Joe

      I’m thinking the same thing.. maybe the uncle.. who the hell knows but made me read this non-news twice

  • holy bananas

    letterman is paying these people to do this so he can get some publicity since nobody watches any of these stupid talk shows anymore

  • Trofmoc Mij

    Could not happen to a better dirt bag.

  • Blammo

    Where’s the anti-Semite comment ?

  • Flinkie

    Conan is not getting away with it this time.

    • Tracy Schillaci

      Shouldn’t that be Jay Leno?

      Jay Leno and Letterman have a beef over The Tonight Show.

  • Jerzey Boy

    Gee, I can see breaking out during one of tooth-gap’s shows, but breaking in? Send that guy to Bellevue

  • Eric Holder

    The lawlessness that our corrupt government perpetuates is now metastasizing! It will continue! Especially against the Serial Adulters! ROTFLMAO!

  • Art Woosley

    Letterman is too small and unimportant to be noticed. Why waste the space on him?

  • rich

    who cares?

  • Liza Cruz

    copy cats

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