Rash Of American Flag Burnings Become An Alarming Trend In Roselle Park, N.J.

Residents Disgusted, Police Concerned Stunts Could Harm Homes

ROSELLE PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Who is torching American flags?

It’s a disturbing and potentially dangerous trend in one New Jersey community, reports CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

Someone is definitely up to something sinister in Roselle Park.‪

A day or two before the Fourth of July, two homes on West Colfax Avenue and another on East Lincoln Avenue all had their flags burned. The charred black remains of Robert Lingenfelter’s flag are still stuck to his pavement.

“It’s not the thing to do to burn something like that,” Lingenfelter said.

Over at Jill Stanton’s house, the situation was just as bad.

“It was just shocking to me,” she said. “Someone burned it. There was nothing left of the flag. It was burned down to the metal.”

Then just this past Tuesday a home on Chestnut Street had its flag torched.‪

Throughout the town many are asking themselves the same questions: who’s doing this and why?

“To desecrate the flag like that, I just don’t understand it,” resident Clem Gibeault told CBS 2’s Rapoport.

“It’s very unpatriotic … and disgusting,” another resident added.

Roselle Park police officers are on the case and more than a little concerned. They said the flag burnings are more than just a disrespectful act; it’s an act of arson.

“The danger is the flag is attached to the residence. And if the residence were to catch fire you’re now endangering lives,” Roselle Police Chief Paul Morrison said.‪

Police said they are investigating, hoping to put the heat on the firebug who’s torching old glory.

Police speculate the flag burnings could be the work of some kids on a dare, or someone with a grudge against the military.

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One Comment

  1. bitcoin says:

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  2. Frank Burns says:

    Conservatives trying to drum up furor.

  3. Cheryl Flag says:

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  4. Bonnie says:

    Before all these Third world foreigners entered the U.S. with the 1965 Immigration Reform Act..
    No one ever burned an American flag in the U.S. (except an illegal Mexican in 1961)

    Now the enemy has entered the gate by the millions..


  5. NavyVeteran says:

    I absolutely believe in the right of an individual to express themselves by burning our flag. I would only require that they soak it in gasoline and wrap it around themselves before igniting it. They would be closer and be able to see the flames much better. If they want to make a statement, that would be the way to do it! I for one would not lift a finger to put out the fire as that would be encroaching on their individual rights and may subject me to harsh words from the ACLU.

    1. Bonnie says:

      Good statement Navy vet! We don’t need these disrespectful people here!

  6. HooDatIS? says:

    i would to personally put my size 14 foot up the anus of the person who is responible for burning a flag, what a stupid idiot

    1. seethroughyou says:

      would that be for business or pleasure?

      Enquiring minds want to know.

      1. TexasRepublican says:

        Hell, here in Texas, Criminal Mischief, while committed at night, can be met with force…up to and including deadly force. If person is trying to commit arson where I live, i will be in fear for my life, as well as the others with me. Therefore, I would be left with only one choice…

  7. UncleSamZombie says:

    Shaman, you are correct about a few things. I did assume many things, but being as you want to keep it ( your superhero secret identity) that way and let people assume who you are. Then assume I will!! Being wrong about you, I have no concern about who you are, and what you do. That is your business. Look you know exactly what your doing, and if that is how you have fun, so be it. yes stereotypes are a part of life. Are they wrong, yeah to be honest but we will never fully be able to chase them away. But getting on a forum like this, with this subject matter is ALWAYS going to “tweek” people. If that amuses you, that’s cool too. but don’t be surprised if you “tweek” someone that you were jerking around on a forum, playing the devils advocate and they hunt you down by IP address. As you said earlier, when you question peoples deeply held beliefs just like in all other areas of life, there are extremeists. When I was talking about you I made broad assumptions, if they were incorrect, it does not matter. That was exactly the answer you were looking for. Like if you went into a a men’s forum posing as a girl.

    1. Shaman says:

      UncleSamZombie: Just because I’m not willing to divulge every bit of social history about myself doesn’t give anyone the right to assume so many things about me, simply based off a few posts. Keeping my “identity” a secret is not done for my amusement, that’s just a nice side effect. I’m not seeking these vulgar replies, they just happen because people aren’t comfortable with their convictions. They seem to feel as if my doubting them or disagreeing with them makes me an enemy, and it’s ridiculous. Just because I question them, they get irate and insulting (jar head, briga). It’s easy to chase stereotypes away: understand that people are individuals and they don’t fit into nicely labeled boxes. That’s it. No, I don’t get on forums like this just to get a rise out of people…I respond to comments with my own opinion like everyone else. So if that means some psycho is going to hunt me down via my IP address, so be it.

      1. Val says:

        We can only hope.

  8. CHARLES FLOTO Sr says:


    1. Jarhead6981 says:

      Get a good laugh? Go away little girl. Yeah, I saw your “name” Floto this….(grabs groin). Childish at best, stupid at least.

  9. mtb says:

    Must be a “Jersey Thing”. Hey punks…come on down to the South and try that nonsense…come on….

    1. seethroughyou says:

      ain’t yo chicken fried steak missin’ yo toothless self?

  10. patriot not nationalist says:

    Amen, DWA. Thanks for your post.

    1. Nomennovum says:

      Interesting — to say the LEAST — that someone calling himself “patriot” would support someone calling himself “down with America” who cannot wait for America to fall.

      Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Then what would you expect. “patriot no nationalist” IS “Down with America.”

      Boy, DWA, now you have shown us four of your personalities? How many are there in there, poor boy?

    2. Nomennovum says:

      Now, you’re probably asking yourself, DWA, “How does this Nomennovum know it’s me using all these other noms de trolls? How can he possibly tell it’s me???”

      I’ll tell you, DWA. I am EVERYWHERE. I am in your basement room. I am in your psychiatrist’s office. I am in your pharmacy. I AM the internet. Call me the “Eye of the World Wide Web.”

  11. Nomennovum says:

    DWA, poor dear, we’re so sorry we evil rethuglicans took away your gummint medication.

    1. joeblow says:

      keep licking those gubmint boots bud! The gubmint will save you! America will last forever!

    2. Nomennovum says:

      Oh, it’s even worse than I imagined. Now DWA is exhibiting dissociative indentity disorder. He is showing up as “joeblow” and “seethroughisghey.”

      Poor, poor little man. Let’s put him back on Medicaid.

  12. Spary Griswald says:

    Not surprising. I lived in NJ for a while. With few exceptions, the people there have little repsect for other people, no less the property of others. The fact they demonstrate their lack of respect for our country is not surprising. If California and New Jersey fell into the sea, the country woudl be a better place.

    1. seethroughyou says:

      yo mama, assclown.

      1. Spary Griswald says:

        Jersey guy, right?

    2. seethroughyou says:

      California. Where are you parking your sorry hatin’ lardbutt?

      1. mtb says:

        You must have voted for Obama. His stupidity reflects in your posts..

      2. Spary Griswald says:

        Billings, MT. No use for CA or NJ. Your attitude and language say it all.

      3. seethroughyou says:

        I believe that you two are missing the current episode of Glee, nyet?

  13. Mike says:

    Really? All the diatribe about shooting the perps? Or somehow this is politically motivated by haters of our nation? Folks, this is the “teachable” moment. These acts were probably carried out by some misguided teens who neither understand the symbolic importance of the flag nor the fact that their actions could have put others in harm’s way. This is an immature prank by them without realizing the consequences. Rather than berate our younger generation, maybe as adults we should teach them. Even if they aren’t our kids, they still see our actions (or reactions )if some of these posts are to be believed. Take the high road. It is less travelled but worth the effort.

    1. J-man says:

      Actually, you are no more likely to be correct about the identiy of the perp than anyone else here. But assuming you are right, I would “teach” the perp by charging them as an adult with multiple counts of arson. The lesson: adult actions have adult consequences. Generation Fail has been coddled enough.

  14. seethroughyou says:

    your mother.

    1. seethroughyouisghey says:

      your mother cleaned off my c@ck after I bottomed out your old lady…they work so well together….

  15. Kman says:

    I’m a conservative and not particularly fond of the current POTUS — but come on people, this has all the signs of bad vandalism by some very disrespectful teenagers that are trying to get a “rise” out of people (and they did)

    1. seethroughyou says:

      true. I’m sure their America-hating parents bred them into this behavior.

    2. Mike says:

      You are correct. Somehow I don’t think this has been perpetrated by some devious group plotting to overthrow the American way of life. Simply dumb kids. Instead of shooting them as some have suggested, I would hope they would take the harder route and actually try to teach these kids about respect for country and respect for self.

      1. J-man says:

        Good luck with that. I’d rather teach them that actions have consequences. If you play with fire yu will get burned, and all that. I realize it’s not PC, but that’s OK, neither am I.

  16. TexasRepublican says:

    Regardless of who is doing this, i wish them nothing but the absolute WORST. Here is to hoping they get caught and if young, lose scholarship elegibility, or if older, face immeasurable pain whilst in jail.

  17. CB says:

    I’m reading all of your comments and I’m amazed at your responses. I work in the area and see all of the skate broad kids in the area. Stop placing the blame on Obama, liberals, or illegals, its probably your kid or grand kid that live right next door to you. I’ve chanced them out of my parking lot dozens of times.

    1. NN says:

      You sound like a liberal Obama supporter who is here in this country illegally.

  18. STeve says:

    big tough pu$$ies… burning flags in the middle of the night.

    1. Jim says:

      Must Be Obama supporters

      1. Seethroughyou says:

        I agree, they must be.

    2. patriot not nationalist says:

      If the pigs upheld the Constitution viz and didn’t shoot patriots in the back, daytime would be good. Get a life!

  19. Al Bundy says:

    Sounds like america destroying pro-Obama Socialists.

    1. REALIST says:

      Sounds like you should read the article again. I see you find joy in disrespecting the president of the United States. However he’s went farther in life than you, and whats stopping you from avoiding these articles to spread your false opinions? Get a life.

      1. LibwithIQ says:

        Show something this president has done to earn our respect. Waiting…waiting…economy continues it’s downward spiral….unemployment continues it’s upwards spiral…..waiting….

      2. RealStupidIst says:

        “He’s went farther”..?
        Yousa needsa educmation

      3. Goodgold says:

        He’s gone further, yeh! To the bottom. He’ll continue to plummet and even beat ole Jimmy Carter as THE worst ever. He is disrespecting the Office of the President. He doesn’t even put his hand over his heart during the Pledge. He will not meet his goal of making us a socialistic state. He’s only got 1-1/2 years left in this office.

      4. BruceC says:

        I’ll bet you were a big George Bush supporter too! LOL

  20. saywhat says:

    Mitch, there may be a treatment from whatever mental problems you suffer from. You should see a doctor soon. Hope you are able to be helped.

  21. eman says:

    mitch. you are a munt

  22. patriot not nationalist says:

    Praise God. We need to step this up as we approach the 10th anniversary of Amerikan Communism.

  23. CopyKatnj says:

    Union County, Democrat stronghold.

  24. Sam Smirk says:

    Clearly this is being done by a group of felonious left-wing terrorists. They commit felonies like arson and will administer savage beatings to anyone who dares say anything not authorized by the politburo.

  25. Chris Allen says:

    Let them come to Texas and try to do that. See what happens.

    1. R Bryan says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      Hey New Jersey: That’s what guns are for. If one of these b a s t a r d s tried to burn my flag, he would be shot.

      1. BruceC says:

        And unfortunately, in the “People’s Republik of New Jersey”, you’d be the one going to jail. Our “Fearless Leaders” are scared to death of the residents owning or God Forbid, being able to carry and defend ourselves with a firearm!
        I Hope they catch this person or person’s and charge them with arson as burning an American Flag is considered “FREE SPEECH” by the Suremely Idioptic Court.

      2. Sean says:

        Yea i live in NJ and we are required to have our guns locked up in 50 safes and cant even use them if someone breaks in unless they show intent to harm lol. TEXAS IS A REAL STATE I for one am jealous, hey i should look at the bright side we have snookie and the jersey shore representing us hahahah so sad….

    2. Corey Glancy says:

      Ohio too. Well at least Cincinnati.

    3. REALIST says:

      Lol. You would cry and call the police and get an interview with Faux News so you could have an oppurtunity to blame all your problems on anyone who’s not a Curious George Bush supporter.

    4. Sam Houston says:

      Dam right. One could even say it’s self defense from attempted murder by arson. They don’t know the house won’t catch on fire. Castle Doctrine would eliminate that problem.

    5. TexasRepublican says:

      God Bless Texas!

  26. hard9 says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and try to burn my flag- Im begging you– Please. I’ll leave the light on the porch on for you.

    1. clemintine says:

      and right below that light, so it is well lit, you need to display the sign chuck norris has on his porch…..”we don’t call 911″
      a butt full of buckshot, while rarely fatal, is a great reminder to be respectful of other people’s property.

  27. John says:

    I would shoot them if they tried to burn my house down. End of story.

    1. paqul ford says:

      me too. shoot them on sight.,

      1. Weasler says:

        Ditto for me. I’d blow their brains out. Only problem is, it leaves a bit of a mess, and might stain the walkway. That would be my one regret.

      2. JulianusRex says:


      3. Mudbug says:

        Good thing I live in the middle on nowhere. Coyotes would get to pick through the bones. Less paperwork that way.

    2. scott222333 says:

      Yep, same here

      1. Undettered says:

        This is New Jersey we are talking about here folks. Almost impossible to own a pistol or rifle, nearly impossible to by ammunition. A hundred years of Democrat rule has turned New Jersey into a police state. Governor Chris Christy is working hard to turn the state around, but dark forces (government unions) are working against him at every turn.

    3. Corey Glancy says:

      I would shoot them and then shoot them again.

  28. Maher says:

    There is ONE thing in common in the vast majority of terrorist actions world wide… and that is the mental poison of a political movement that masquerades as a religion…. be a good guest here in America and please do not bring this mental handicap here… if you want to recreate the Calyphate go to Europe as they seem to not mind….wa enta ohleel eladaab kamaan.

    1. Doz says:

      I don’t think you need to worry about a political movement masquerading as a religion here, since we have a religious movement masquerading as politics.

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