1 Dead, 1 Injured In Queens Shooting Over Double-Parked Car

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police say two men were shot after they got into an argument with two other men over a double-parked car in Queens.

It happened just after 8 p.m. Thursday on Austin Street in Kew Gardens.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports: Shooting In Kew Gardens

Witnesses said 25-year-old Roberto Adanes and his 30-year-old brother were sitting in a triangle park in front of their apartment building when they began exchanging words with two men in a white van.

The van driver apparently went up the block and came back with a gun.

“I heard like almost four or five shots,” one man said. “I thought it was just a firecracker until I heard the screaming.”

Roberto was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital. His brother, who was shot in the head, is clinging to life.

Police say the suspects fled in a van bearing Connecticut plates. The investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. Esco says:

    I knew them ,and they were not as bad as the rest of the dirty sacks that live in queens,using drugs dont make you evil.and why the racist comments im spanish and ill woop that ass unknown.

  2. Joe joe says:

    They are. Good young man

  3. Karen Adanes says:

    Those happened to my brothers and the weren’t drug dealers u ignorant SOB

  4. unknown says:

    This had nothing to do with a parking spot…The 2 men that were shot instigated the altercation as they got out of their car which was double parked and approached the white van after the van honked at them. The van followed the to the park but drove off to a discrete location and 2 men walked back to shoot the 2 victims. I guess the 2 hot shot hispanic guys thought the 2 old white guys were p*ssy lol

    1. Dean says:

      the one brother broke up the fight at the van, he had nothing to do with the altercation. he also tried to stop the man from drawing his gun. hes the one who died. learn the story before you comment you racist

  5. Moon Them says:

    To the Killer: You are now a FUGITIVE. You had better climb on a Spacecraft and head for the MOON. If you stay on Earth they’re going to hunt you down and take you down just like the animal that you are. SpaceX gonna give it to ya.

  6. fran says:

    Wow over a parking. What happened boys.???well u do the crime u pay the price. Thanks for killing one of the Dominican’s that hat nothing to do with nothing.

  7. Nick says:

    I’m pretty sure this is not DanTe nor nathan nor Rodin. It’s the same twerp that knows its opinions are stupid and need to imitate other people’s names to lend it an air of intelligence.

  8. Pauly PiP says:

    DanTe is correct! Please fondle everyone’s buttcrack Paul big nose…

  9. ken says:

    I am certain that will happen in the area of Long Island City where I work. Maybe the city should look at all the signs that are posted and remove the ones that are not really required. The entire block where I work is reserved for Taxi cabs only and what few spots there are, people wait for that car to leave then fight for it. It is the same problem in College Point where the SPA CASTLE is. Residents have no place to park on the street, sorry, 2-3 blocks from their homes. The SPA CASTLE only permits valet parking to use their garage.

    The city has to do something…..PERIOD.

  10. Dimwit DanTe says:

    Yo, m)r)n, monkey from Queens? You bigoted A$$HOLE, where are you from?

    Momma’s House? In jackson Heights? Corona

  11. John says:

    What is the description of the suspects? I’m sure it is known.

    1. Nicole Ritchie says:

      They were two white women in a van with Connecticut plates.

  12. Debbie says:

    Wow how ridiculous. I see this all too often, people fighting over parking spaces or car chases over who cut who off.
    Move on, there are hundreds of other parking spaces. Is it that important to lose your life over something so ridiculous ? Guys allow their egos to take over and this sadly is the result.

    1. jay j wise says:

      Plenty of parking where? This is New York, sounds pretty normal to me. Blame the Mayor.

    2. George says:

      Plenty of parking where? This is New York, sounds pretty normal to me. Blame the Mayor.

    3. Debbie's Husband says:

      Yes because women are always considerate and know their boundaries. In fact 80% of the time someone is tailgating me or doing something offensive while driving it is a female. Women have no sense of boundaries or courtesy on the road.

  13. Gregory says:

    Both NYC and CT have strict gun control laws. BUT THOSE LAWS ARE IGNORED BY CRIMINALS. Until the voters of NYC take back their city from the wealth, elite, liberals who almost never experience crime, and the criminals who side with the liberals for weaker laws and criminal penalties, the City of New York will remain a place to avoid unless one wants to experience a circus sideshow.

    1. Joey louie son says:

      Rip. Bro. Sorry it had too be. U. That man. Will. Pay for doing this too. U one way or anuther.one. Love bro

  14. DanTe says:

    Monkeys from Cunntnecticut on the rampage again. Why are people still allowed to keep animals like that?

    1. Paul says:

      @ Dan Te The dim bulb , I’m quite sure every person who frequents this site knows just how much of a wart you really are. You’re like the herpes virus you pop-up where you’re not wanted. Get a life.

      The only un-caged animal/monkey is you, finish off Grandpas’ old cough medicine and crawl back under your rock.

      1. DanTe says:

        Please fondle my buttcrack.

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