Yankees’ Derek Jeter ‘Surprised’ By Coverage Of All-Star No-Show

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Derek Jeter says he’s surprised his no-show at the All-Star game caused such a commotion, and denied a FOXSports.com report that said he was absent due to “emotional and physical exhaustion” from his run to 3,000 hits.

“Physical and emotional exhaustion? That sounds like a good quote, but I didn’t say that,” Jeter said before starting Thursday night’s 16-7 loss in Toronto. “I told you on Friday why I wasn’t going. Emotional and physical exhaustion makes it sound good, but that wasn’t the case. I didn’t go because of my leg. That’s it. Let’s not turn it into an exhaustion thing. An injury thing is why I didn’t go.”

The Yankees shortstop became a lightning rod this week as talk about his absence kept building. Jeter’s decision to rest his sore right calf rather than head to the desert stirred up fierce debate, even among his loyal fans here in New York.

That was something of a shock to Jeter, who explained last Friday that it would be prudent for him to sit out and rest up for the second half. Jeter got his 3,000th career hit the next day.

“It seemed to be a non-issue at the time,” Jeter said. “I hadn’t heard a word about it until someone told me it was all over the TV on Tuesday.”

“I guess I was surprised. Surprised is the best way to put it, about the coverage. I understand the disappointment, I get that. I understand fans are disappointed but like I told you guys, I was disappointed I didn’t get the chance to go play,” he said. “This was the decision I felt was best for our team for the second half of the year. But yeah, I was surprised at the coverage.”

Jeter spent 21 days on the disabled list with a strained calf before returning to the lineup July 4 and playing the next six games. He headed into the break in style, going 5 for 5 and reaching 3,000 hits with a dramatic home run in Saturday’s win over Tampa Bay.

So when All-Star action opened two days later without Jeter, people noticed. Jeter had been elected by fans to start for the American League — Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, recovering from a sore triceps, was among several big names not in Phoenix.

“I think it’s too bad that Jeter in particular is not here, because of what he accomplished over the weekend,” Philadelphia Phillies chairman Bill Giles, the honorary NL president, said at a Monday news conference, “and I think it is a bit of a problem and baseball should study it.”

Reacting to the criticism for the first time, Jeter shrugged off his decision to stay home, referring to words of support he received from Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

“The last I checked, the head official of baseball had no problem with it,” Jeter said.

Manager Joe Girardi said it was “unfair” to question Jeter’s choice.

“Sometimes, to me, people are quick to judge,” Girardi said. “They’re not inside of his body and know exactly what’s going on. That can bother people but he’ll move forward and he’ll be fine.”

With the memories of his magical 5 for 5 performance Saturday against Tampa Bay still fresh, Jeter’s certainly not letting the debate get him down.

“It was one of those days that will stand out at the top or near the top of all the days that I’ve played,” Jeter said. “That was one of those days that are few and far between. To add that all together, it goes without saying that’s a day I can’t forget.

“Besides playing in a World Series, I can’t remember being as happy.”

Do you still think Jeter should have been at the festivities? Sound off below…

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One Comment

  1. Michael says:

    A whining, overpaid child. No wonder I have baseball these days.

  2. David Heath says:

    Sir Paul McCartney came to town astonished that some guy he’s never heard of had more hits than him…

    1. Paul D says:

      David, he’s a Yankee fan, you twit. And, Michael, just what the hell does that mean? You must have hit the wrong key. And what’s he whining about? It’s amazing how to insecure and self-loathing Yankee haters it’s always about the whining? The team I root for is the winningmost franchise in the sportsworld. Just what the hell do the players or their fans have to whine about? Stop projecting your complex unto others.

  3. Dale Auburn says:

    Fan “votes” are IRRELEVANT. Jeter was named an All Star because IT’S IN HIS CONTRACT.

    If he went to the trouble to have it written into his contract, he should have gone. Period.

    1. Paul D says:

      Dale, aren’t there bigger conspiracies to tackle than this. Come on, pick up that crayon and write your congressman about the radio signals you’re receiving from the spy networks. Don’t forget that we didn’t go to the moon. That should keep you busy for a while.

  4. Paul D says:

    That was a legitimate comment and opinion, guys. I don’t know why you’ve refused to post it.

  5. Leo G says:

    3 reasons why i have lost respect for Jeter.
    1) Jeter missed the All star game, when the fans voted him undeservingly
    2) Has yet to offer Christian Lopez any money and he makes 92k per game
    3) Using Bob Sheppard’s introduction when he bats, yet he did not attend Bob Sheppard’s funeral wake

    1. Paul D says:

      All legitimate, Leo. The third one had me scratching my head. But some people have a problem with those types of things- wakes, funerals, ect.,. But still, that is no excuse for his absence. He’s gotta do right by that kid. He does owe him something. The first one, he’s gotta get a Mulligan. He’s gone every time. He’s just missed this one. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. He’s been in the league nearly twenty years. Think about that. He’s not done his teamates nor his uniform any real disservice in that time.

    2. Dale Auburn says:

      The fans DID NOT vote for him “undeservingly” – or at all. His “All Star” status was WRITTEN INTO HIS CONTRACT.

  6. Cam says:

    If it had been any other All-Star game, the fans would not have made such a big deal about Derek Jeter missing the game,. However, after his accomplishment of 3000 hits, a nerve was hit. He was not really expected to play but ‘a tip of the hat’ to acknowledge his huge fan following would have been nice & appropriate. Derek has usually made the ‘fan-friendly’ choice, but his decision to pass up this year’s MLB All-Star game left a ‘bad taste’ in many fans’ mouths.

  7. Joan Russo says:

    You should have done the right thing Jeter..You were a no show that shows poor sportsmanship..All you had to do was make an appearance.You really have shown that you are all about yourself and are not a team player..Look at Jose Reyes made the trip to Arizona even though he was on the DL list and could not play a true sportman..Take a lesson from this Jeter!!!!Second bad decision you have made the first was not attending George Steinbrenners Funeral..You should be ashamed of yourself..LOSER!!!!

    1. LG says:

      Nice comment. Jeter doesn’t owe you anything. He needed to rest–and he did just that. The All-Star event is such a waste of time anyway–it raises so little for charity and it gives some players time off while making others work harder.

      “Let’s make the best players work extra days and risk injury while the lesser ones get some time off!” Jeter did the right thing, and he should be supported.

    2. Paul D says:

      Forget about Jeter and everything else and get some help with your syntax and punctuation. Get yourself a tutor. I hope that you’re still in school. If you are not, then someone has failed you.

    3. J-bone says:

      You are right Joan. OVER RATED!

    4. Steve From Lindenhurst says:

      Jeter, LOSER? Your the loser for actually taken the 20 minutes I’m sure it took you to type that nonsence. And, I think you meant Bob Sheppard’s Funeral?

  8. dabooch says:

    Naivety, the Captain sunk his own ship as he took his furlough with his starlet girlfriend to the port of Miami. “Derek never does anything wrong”, a familiar quote often cited, well he got caught by the short hairs on this one. I don’t blame him, the fans should of never voted him in anyway, his leg issue is like telling the nurse I skipped school because I fell out of bed last night. I’ve heard Jeter doesn’t watch BB on TV if he’s not playing, he’s above the frey.

    1. LG says:

      That’s “fray,” not “frey.” And who cares what he did instead? If he said he needed to rest–he needed to rest. Bodies break down–he’s not a young kid anymore.

      1. dabooch says:

        Anyway you frie it Jeet looks bad on this one, he can stand up and play with his cap all he wants, adjust it this way and that way. If Girardi was smart, which he isn’t, he should of sat him Sunday to give him some cover.

      2. Paul D says:

        I think he was thinking od Tina Fey. I’m not quite sure.

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