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New Doll That Teaches How To Breast Feed Causing Controversy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new doll hitting stores in the U.S. is causing some controversy with parents. It’s called The Breast Milk Baby and it claims it teaches young girls how to breast feed.

The doll is made by Berjuan Toys, a company out of Spain. It comes with a special halter top that has two flowers where nipples would be. When a little girl puts on the top and holds the baby doll up the flowers, it makes suckling sounds.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Many New Yorkers Say Breastfeeding Doll ‘Bizarre’

The company says the doll is a top-selling toy in Europe and on its website, says the toy “lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, just like mommy!”

But the toy has many parents asking if it’s going too far.

“I think that it’s totally bizarre to teach a prepubescent child how to breastfeed,” said Nicole from Manhattan. “Quite strange.”

“I think it’s very creepy,” said one woman. “I don’t think little kids should be breastfeeding.”

“I don’t approve of it at all. I think it’s ridiculous for a child. Let her learn it when she’s older,” said another woman.

Scott from Manhattan says he wouldn’t buy the doll, but gives credit to the company for coming up with the idea. “Make a product, if it sells, it sells,” he said.

The company has had to defend itself against critics. In a news release on its website, U.S. spokesman for Berjuan Toys, Dennis Lewis, says “Breastfeeding is good for babies, it’s good for mommies and it’s good for society. We really don’t understand why this has created such controversy.”

Lewis also claimed in a release promoting the doll’s introduction to the U.S. market, that the company has “been asked by millions of U.S. women to offer the doll here.”

Whether or not that’s the case, the doll’s arrival is sure to stir up mixed emotions with consumers around the country.

For more information about the The Breast Milk Baby, click here to visit their website.

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One Comment

  1. Erica says:

    In basically every family where breastfeeding is practiced casually as the natural thing it is (i.e. mom doesn’t shamefully hide in another room in her own home every time she feeds the baby) the toddlers and preschoolers in the home will pretend to breastfeed as well. Even the boys. Some boys breastfeed their trucks. Many kids bring dolls and toys to their mom for her to nurse. The girls may persist in pretending to breastfeed for many years into their doll-playing years. Being this is what naturally occurs in almost every single case, I feel it is safe to say little kids pretending to breastfeed their doll is normal and people who freak out about it are the weirdoes. There is nothing more “bizarre” about it than kids pretending to vacuum when they play house. Kids will do it with our without this doll, just like they’ll pretend to cook foods with or without a toy-kitchen. Duh.

    1. Hp Loveshaft says:

      “…mom doesn’t shamefully hide in another room in her own home every time she feeds the baby…”

      I don’t pee on the sidewalk outside of my house. This is because I have modesty (and decency). I’m certainly not filled with shame when I urinate in my own bathroom now, am I?

      You confuse modesty with shame, and as such you should just keep quiet until you know the difference.

      1. jenny m says:

        Hp is quite right–It isn’t shameful to nurse discreetly anymore than you’d think someone closing the bathroom door at home or flushing a toilet in public is due to a sense of shame! We all have to poo and I imagine the fact that it is unsightly to watch and smells bad are the real reasons we seek privacy in the privy. What you do in your house is your business and if you unashamedly pee, poo, shower, make whoopie, nurse, fart and do whatever other “natural” functions in front of your kids then that is your business (until CPS steps in), but if you do it in public and I am around I will say something that WILL make you ashamed of yourself and your inconsiderate attitude toward others and their children!

        Nursing is personal and most babies nurse better without distractions. I did it until my youngest was over one year old, and without my other child even noticing because I DID NOT make a big deal about it and he never needed to think I did anything more special or different than the other family members who got to bond and enjoy feeding the baby with a bottle of my milk! To NOT allow others to feed a bottle is WAY weirder than going to another room at times or trying to be NOT SO obvious. Having the decency to not thrust my breastfeeding on everyone in public and at home is not about shame, but is about knowing that not everyone sees nursing the same way I might and that breastfeeding doesn’t make me better than them, nor does it entitle me to show and do things I couldn’t do if I weren’t nursing!

        As for vacuuming, my children actually do vacuum and do chores and playing house when they were 2-5 was good practice until they could really handle it, but to compare chores that have no direct relationship to sexuality with a function like nursing a child you have given birth to (afterall they aren’t playing wet nurse) is ridiculous. I don’t want my kids practicing nursing decades before they should need to ever do it and handle it. All the housekeeping role playing is androgynous EXCEPT FOR nursing a baby and THAT is what makes it inappropriate for children. It is like the old Sesame street song about which one of these things doesn’t belong… it is the one that has the girl putting on fake lactating nipples to feed the baby, not the other things that all boys AND girls can do at any age and can do in public, too!

      2. momoftwo says:

        I’m assuming you don’t pee on your sidewalk because it would be considered indecent exposure to let your ‘junk’ hang out where anyone can see it. Women’s breasts are not now, nor have they ever been considered ‘junk’ and breastfeeding is protected by law in all states in the US.
        Presumably, you don’t pee into a cup and drink it either, tho I dunno, you might be strange enough to do that. You certainly draw odd enough comparisons. Breast milk is made for a baby to consume, not waste matter to be flushed. Perhaps you should keep quiet til you know the difference.

  2. Jen says:

    The same people complaining about this are probably the same people who have no problem with schools teaching gay sex as early as kindergarten (because we need to be politically correct you know). hey if you don’t like it don’t let your child play with it!

    1. Jones21 says:

      You couldn’t be MORE WRONG, they are both equally inappropriate and for the exact same reason, they sexualize the children way too early and parents are tired of other people forcing them to discuss topics they don’t want presented to their little ones too soon! Bottle feeding is androgynous, history is androgynous, s e x acts has no part of childhood but people with agendas want to put their mark on our kids without our approval and will do so through toys just as well as legislation. If they sold these toys without commercials and not where little kids could see them and ask millions of curious questions then we wouldn’t have a problem, but like the gay history and sex ed for 5 year olds, we know they’ll push it on our kids and we don’t want them to deal with that yet so we get irritated at the thought of BOTH!!!!!!!!!! Adult concepts have NO business in childhood and we shouldn’t be maligned for trying to keep our kids safe, happy and healthy.

  3. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    Yeah, send your 12 year old out in the driveway with this thing! The neighbors will be looking at you with dagger eyes. They’ll probably call Social Services on you.

    Some old geezer will be driving by on his way to the golf course and crash his car into a mailbox.

  4. Cathi says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

  5. elisha says:

    I breast feed my animals! What’s the problem with this?!

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Yeah. I breast fed my mother. I don’t think I breast fed any animals though. How’d it taste?

    2. Duh says:

      Wow. Does the puppy feed off one while the baby nurses the other?

  6. C Kang says:

    Let me get this straight. Teaching little girls about the proper care and feeding of babies is bad. Letting them grow up not knowing how, so they think they can use chloroform on a child to go out partying is what?

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Don’t get started on Casey Anthony. We’ve got enough people fetishizing on her Hot Body Contest photographs already without getting breast feeding involved in the scenario.

    2. Hp Loveshaft says:

      C Kang, for your next trick will you compare apples to oranges?

      No one here questioning the merits of this doll are turning around and advocating turning potential parents into neglectful parents. What a pathetic straw man argument you have attempted to build here…

  7. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    How about a giant inflatable Uncle Sam doll with inflatable breasts that dispense entitlements to nursing infants. Teaches the kiddies how to be good Democrats and statist voters.

  8. steve says:

    Here is a concept, if you don’t like the idea of it DON”T BUY IT. Simple as that.

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Yeah, I already plan to not buy it as soon as I finish telling everyone how much I don’t like the idea.

    2. Hp Loveshaft says:

      And Steve, here’s a concept. We have freedom of speech, and can criticize this doll if we want. If you won’t like the criticism, DON’T READ IT. Simple as that.

  9. Chris TeaPublican says:

    Breasts are pure evil and the creation of Lucifer himself.

    The longer little girls can be kept away from them the better.

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Too bad Democrats don’t feel the same way about Planned Parenthood, ey Chris?

  10. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    Hey!!!! Here’s a thought….

    Why don’t we make an inflatable mommy doll with lactating breasts so that real human babies can learn to breastfeed? Maybe she could have a special harness around her waist with a carseat to hold the baby.

    Maybe if little Sally wanted to pretend to breastfeed a litter of stuffed kittens or puppies, we could make a zip up mommy doggie costume with multiple nipples and your kid wears it like the bunny suit that Ralphie wore in “Christmas Story”

    Heck, I bet I can come up with a million of these spinoffs.

  11. Mind your own Business says:


    Who would have thought a simple child’s toy would bring out so much hate in so many people

    Since the discussion has nothing to do with an actual toy but instead making other people behave exactly as the commenter does, I will forget about the toy as well (although that being said, as a parent of a beautiful, bottle fed daughter, I would never buy this toy for her, and a quick survey of my breastfeeding friends say the same thing…but if others want to, then good for them)

    If you want to breastfeed, go ahead. But my daughter is now a third generation bottle fed baby and she happens to be generally in much better health then many of the children with breastfed babies. But that’s not really the point…the point is – I don’t care if you breastfeed, I don’t care if you want my child to be breastfed, and I am sick and tired of hearing about breastfeeding. If you want to, go ahead, if not, great.

    I know this is hard for you to understand…God has said we should all act as you do…I think “Thou shalt Breastfeed” was the eleventh commandment…just missed the cut.

    ANd have you noticed that the real pain in the butt kids, the ones screaming in malls, are more likely to be breastfed until they’re talking. Stop worrying about what I’m feeding my kid and control yours, try a ‘no’ once in awhile, or are you too afraid to damage thier sensitive psychological make-up.

    Last time I checked, I’m free to make my own decisions. I don’t understand how it affects you if I give a bottle to my child. She’s happy, healthy, nailed her weight on the last check-up, and has been eating meat since she was 4 months. Mmmmmm, blended cow.

    So, on behalf of all of us just happily raising our children, WE DON’ T CARE what you do, how you do it, or what you want us to do. Just please don’t ever speak to my child, your hate is something I am actively trying to keep out of her world

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Look! You need to do what we say. Right now. And one more thing, smartie pants. We’re going to make sure your daughter ibecomes a breast feeder too. You just watch us do it. Bottle feeding makes people a stressed out mess.

      1. Chris smith says:

        One of the best replies I’ve seen on this forum full of over defensive hung up idiots 🙂

    2. Duh says:

      So glad you posted this. Women who do not breastfeed have come to be thought of as child abusers and are attacked by the lactation cult at every opportunity.

  12. sean patriot says:

    I dont see anything wrong with it. At least they’re not watching sex scenes on xbox’s

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with sex scenes on Xbox’s. At least they wouldn’t be sending nude photos of themselves over the cell phone or something like that.

  13. Michael D. Hall says:

    My 3 year old daughter has play-fed her “baby” doll on occasion after seeing Mommy feeding out 4 month old. And ya wanna know what that kind of playing is? It’s beautiful. She’s expressing kindness and love towards her doll, just like she sees Mommy doing with her brother. Would it be better if I reprimanded her? Maybe buy her some Bratz or Barbies to teach her what is really expected of women in our society!

    1. Michael Schmitt says:

      Feminazis want women to express hatred towards children; thats why they force women to have abortions

      1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

        Feminazis also want women to express hatred toward Nair and armpit shaving. And also capri pants. I’ve never seen a feminazi in capri pants.

    2. Hp Loveshaft says:

      “She’s expressing kindness and love towards her doll, just like she sees Mommy doing with her brother.”

      And what if she starts expressing kindness and love towards her doll, or her brother, just like she sees Mommy doing with her Daddy?

      It’s already shameful that kids dress like adults, wear too much make-up, use saucy language, and watch complete and utter filth on tv. Kids are losing their innocence earlier and earlier, and we’ve passed the point where we were moving in the right direction. Now, it’s passed that point, and we’re harming our kids by tearing away their innocence before they are ready.

  14. W_Lasten says:

    …I know what I’ll be getting my best 100 people for christmas! Does it say if this nippie-nip can be filled w/ ‘scotch’?

  15. PICKLESNIT says:

    “It comes with a special halter top that has two flowers where nipples would be.” Inappropriate or not, the hummingbirds will love this.

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      I think the honeybees and bumblebees might want to take a sip too. OUCH! Looks like lawsuit city to me.

  16. Forest Wilson says:

    Ok…give parents some credit. You do not have to buy the doll! Forest Wilson.

  17. runner21000 says:

    I want to get one for my little boy so he doesnt learn sexual sterotypes

  18. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    Now, if you discover your 8 year old little boy using this toy, you might uh… want to start thinking about some gender reassignment in his future. This might be a wonderful way to identify such a situation..

  19. Michael Schmitt says:

    People against this foll are idiots and feminazis. Having my first child I see the importance of knowing how to take care of a child before giving birth. Waiting until you give birth is too late and comes as a shock. I think this doll can teach a girl valuable skills and also about responsibility; something that is lacking in our society. In previous generations, there were more children and various generations would see and help each other learn things like this. Now, families are not so close and this technology bridges the knowledge/responsibility gap.

    1. Hp Loveshaft says:

      “Waiting until you give birth is too late and comes as a shock.”

      Doing it before your child is physically and emotionally developed is too early and comes as a shock.

      Seriously, I’ll concede your point that it’s a little late to learn after giving birth. Now, will you show a little common sense and realize that out of the 10 years or so leading up to that point, it’s probably better to learn these parenting skills closer to age 18 than closer to age 8?

  20. Look Around says:

    As long as the doll is black and the little girl is white it’ll be accepted and encouraged.

  21. Marsha says:

    This is beyond sick on many levels and what are they also promoting these little girls go and get pregnant so they can then breast feed for real! sick sick sick

    1. Sondra says:

      Yeah, so we should get rid of all baby dolls so
      It will cut down on teen pregnancy-yeaaaah.

    2. Sondra says:

      Maybe get rid of toys guns too- especially those cool nerf ones that fire bullets out like machine guns–’cause you just know that makes boys want to go and really gun down people.

    3. Breast feeding mom says:

      Barbie is better. She only teaches kid sex, not caring.
      Sex = good
      Caring = Bad


      1. Hp Loveshaft says:

        “Barbie is better. She only teaches kid sex, not caring.”

        Hey quarter-wit, Barbie does not “teach kids sex”, considering she HAS NO SEX ORGANS. Feel stupid yet? You should. Barbie is NOTHING like this doll, which allows THE CHILD to simulate they have adult body parts and instills in them that showing their nipples in public is okay. Barbie does N-O-T-H-I-N-G of the sort.

        Damn. Does feminism make women stupid?!?

      2. momoftwo says:

        Hey HP, haven’t you already said or agreed with about half the comments where it’s mentioned that boobs ARE sexual parts of a woman’s body?
        Hypocrite much?

  22. pentt says:

    when will they make one that teaches her how to make a sandwich and STFU.

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:


      Best F-ing joke of the day!

      How about a beer with that sandwich?

  23. Ming Bucibei says:

    “Honi soit qui mal y pense”, order of the garter motto: shamed be he who thinks badly of it

    Ming Bucibei

  24. breastfeedme says:

    breast feeding nuts have gone crazy…. these woman(if you want to call them that) are over the top with this …. next their going to have a mater-bate doll

  25. zhou says:

    It’t better to teach a child how to properly care for a child than let them try to figure it out on their own. You might find they do it all wrong – like knock it out with chloroform to allow time to go out partying, or silence it with duct tape.

    1. EMA! says:

      Hahaha AGREE

  26. zhou says:

    Better to learn how to properly care for a child as opposed to say – knocking it out with chloroform or shutting it up with ducktape so you can go out partying..

  27. Jason A. Czekalski says:

    This falls into the same category of STUPID as the vibrating Nimbus 2000 broomstick from a few years back.I guess we can depend on the perverts of the world to keep us entertained with their increasingly stupid ideas.

  28. kingofmd says:

    I think I was the only person that picked up on the sarcasm.

  29. Grey says:

    Not that I would buy this doll but how on earth can you compare breastfeeding to anal sex and then make reference to God’s intended use? The use of the breast for the purpose of feeding a baby is the most normal and natural thing we do with them…it is their “intended use”! God forbid we teach a child what her breasts (when she gets them) are really for …maybe we should just stick to telling her that they only serve a sexual function like most of Hollywood and the media does. I think it is just as pertinent to teach a child the opposing truth about her body if anything to counter the other BS her little mind will be fed pertaining to her body and her sexuality.

  30. April says:

    I find it disturbing to bring any attention to a child’s private areas. I dunno call me old fashion but you don’t see them teaching this kind of stuff in elementary school. We tend to wait until we are teenagers before we take that next step of learning to be an adult.

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Yeah, but on the other hand, your 16 year old would feel sort of silly, being made to breast feed a plastic baby doll wouldn’t she? And you definitely wouldn’t want her playing with it in the front yard or at the mall.

    2. kk says:

      Actually, ‘we’ do start in elementary school. It’s best to start *before* they encounter these things, rather than after.

      My first class to do with the reproductive organs and functions thereof was when I was in 5th grade.

      1. Hp Loveshaft says:

        5th grade is pre-puberty, so they can hardly be considered “reproductive organs”. Maybe you need to brush up on your own sex education…

      2. momoftwo says:

        Actually, a female’s ovary is filled with all the eggs she will ever have. And many girls start their periods in 5th grade and some even earlier.
        Regardless of whether they work yet or not, they still ARE reproductive organs. You might want to check up on your anatomy before you feel the need to correct someone else on this.

  31. rogersboy says:

    Another example of how our young children are being forced to grow up too fast, being confronted by adult issues at a very young age. Children today are losing their innocence much too early; let the kids be kids for at least a little while, ok???

  32. Joshua Craft says:

    While my wife was breast feeding our kids it wasn’t uncommon for one of my girls to find a doll and lift her shirt to imitate mommy. It was cute but I probably wouldn’t buy one of these for my daughters now. They all know how mommy fed their younger siblings, that is all they need to know. They will learn when their time comes and We will support their decision to feed our grandchildren in the most natural way God intended mothers to feed their children.

    1. Susan B. says:

      Great point, Joshua. Its been a while, but I had forgotten that my daughter did the same thing with her doll when her younger brothers were nursing.

  33. Lactating man says:

    men can totally lactate……straight up.

  34. Anitareality says:

    I don’t believe it. These dysfunctional people need to see a psycholigist,..they seem to be obsessed with sexual functions. They want to turn little girls into little ladies, this is grossly improper.

    1. momoftwo says:

      except breastfeeding isn’t a sexual act, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a pervert.

  35. Chuckie says:

    Fine. So I think there should be a doll that has a realistic weiner on it for the kids. Ya know, just so they can all see it take a leak, cause after all, thats really what its for, right?

    1. Anitareality says:

      Don’t give them anymore crazy ideas.

    2. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Yeah Chuckie, just make sure you and the missus don’t model any other behaviors for them to imitate with the realiistic weinee okay?

    3. Yep says:


  36. jack says:

    What’s next? A semen filled GI Joe?

    1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

      Well, let’s be practical. You might want to think about giving the imitation semen some sort of flavor. Or maybe flavor options.

      You know as well as I do whose going to be in the market for one of these little soldiers.

  37. Ya Right says:

    Another example of “Moving Forward”. Let’s all keep “Moving Forward” until we finally fall off the cliff. That’s what the progressive liberals are wanting us to do anyhow.

  38. momoftwo says:

    Except that FEEDING a child is essential for life, and teaching that nurturing a baby IS essential to the development of any human. Anal sex is not. Apparently someone thought feeding you was important or you wouldn’t be here…

    1. ES says:

      Teaching a young girl to breastfeed is NOT essential to the development of a child

    2. anon says:

      “Teaching a young girl to breastfeed is NOT essential to the development of a child” : utter nonsense. You are sick. What this is really about is puritanical sexual neurosis of Christian religions versus humanity and nature. NATURE WINS OVER LIES. You cant hide behind a superior mask if it’s fundamentally a lie. Breasts are meant PRIMARILY for feeding infants. Not to sell. Not as lust objects. That is your IGNORANT CULTURAL BIAS. Cows milk is NOT meant for babies. It is meant for COWS. GET IN TOUCH WITH HUMANITY. RAISE YOUR CHILDREN PROPERLY. STOP MAKING THEM NEUROTIC AND WEIRD because your stupid behavior patterns are detached from the reality of humanity and nature.

      1. Deb Budd says:

        Who the hell are you to judge others and who made you the arbiter of what’s right in raising other peoples’ kids?

  39. YaRight says:

    Just another example of “Moving Forward” (in a direction which will eventually end for us off a cliff).

    This is what the Progressive liberals of the world have brought us to. It, of course will get even worse, until we’re all in hell.

  40. khpdave says:

    From this side of the pond, it doesn’t appear the social experiment carried out by progressives is working. European nations were once influential because of their rich traditions. Today, Europe offers more to the world by way of its history rather than its future. Many, if not most Americans are finding increasing importance in honoring our own traditions instead of trying to re-invent them.

    My guess is that this doll won’t sell very well here in the U.S.

    1. Blah says:

      I am in Europe, and honestly I’m sick of companies claiming something is “best selling in *insert country/continent here” whenever their product comes into question. It’s not, and no one I know has even heard of it before. Overlooking the fact Europe is a COLLECTION of countries, and claiming anything is best selling among them ALL is clearly a blatant lie.

  41. Vince In TX says:

    There’s a lot of flawed logic here. The objections are not because our sick society opposes breastfeeding or natural infant care. The objections are BECAUSE we live in a sick society, this sort of training toy can be misused or abused. No, breastfeeding should not be sexualized, but it is because of our society as a whole views bared breasts as sexual, even among preadolescent girls. To say “it’s a normal, healthy, natural way to raise children” is absolutely correct. But then, so is allowing preschool children to run around naked (weather permitting). We, as parents, MUST consider the world we live in, and the risks to our children. We, as human beings, must attempt to understand the rationale of those who disagree with us, and not merely call them “perverts” or “backwards.” If you responded with “because they’re stupid!” then you really don’t understand the issues.

    1. Michael Schmitt says:

      Agreed ! It is society that is so sick that it can not accept nature.

  42. Symphorian says:

    I’ve seen mothers breastfeeding their babies, and Iv’e seen women “flinging” their “breasts wildly about in public”. If ol’ “Daisy” can’t see the difference between the two, she clearly lacks a grip on reality, as opposed to a “normal, natural, woman. And what could possibly be more natural and wholesome than a girl aspiring to motherhood. Only an American-style Femi-nazi, who holds Motherhood, itself, in contemp. could object.

    1. Michael Schmitt says:

      Agreed; Feminazis are obsessed with destroying anything wholseome, beautiful and natural. They are the ones that are mentally sick.

  43. Embarrassed American says:

    Only in bAahhmerica would this be controversial. Bunch of prissy, white-handed pansies. God forbid we connect with nature in this plastic pretend land of the plastic.

    [Instead of reading my comment, try reading the constitution and declaration of independence. Find out how free we are not… for those that care. Otherwise go back to whining about the controversial act of feeding babies the way nature intended.]

  44. Rick O'Shea says:

    Think of all the weirdos who will buy this thing.

    1. momoftwo says:

      Weirdos buy cars, and food, and trash bags, and houses too. Yep, pretty much everything normal people buy. You must be a weirdo, you read this story and you’re a man.

      1. Dirk says:

        Nice logic. Moron.

      2. momoftwo says:

        Just because you’re unfamiliar with actual logic, doesn’t mean I’m a moron… pathetic try tho.

  45. atlgal says:

    US moms DO breastfeed, but they tend to pump and then they, their spouses, family members, and care workers feed that milk to the babies in a bottle and MOST children see this rather than mom with her tatas hanging out and baby attached.

    We LIKE our men/families to be involved in the process and a dad can bond while feeding a baby a bottle AND give natural nourishment TOO!

    Also, we are a little more sensitive to others here and like to nurse in private and even have special places in public restrooms to accommodate us. THIS discreet method is a GOOD and polite thing because some moms, for various reasons, CAN NOT nurse their young and we don’t want to rub it in, especially in front of their kids who like to ask questions! Ultimately, Nursing DOES NOT make you a good mom or better than other moms who don’t/can’t!

    American women do not see their breasts as just utilitarian things that feed babies, so, why on earth would we want to instill that idea into our little girls?!

    And for those who think kids know all about nursing, you are WRONG– I nursed my second child for 13 months and my 4 year old child had NO CLUE that I was nursing or that the milk in the bottle was from me, because I did it in an easy and discreet way. He learned about this natural process when he was much older while learning the differences between mammals vs. other animals.

    This toy has WAY too many NEGATIVE ramifications, including that it is NOT gender neutral, as boys will now grow up thinking it is the girl’s duty/identity to take care of the baby. We worked too hard in this country to revert back to those inane sentiments.

    This fake boobs also sexualize children at too early an age and in a very traditional gender role manner. Moms worry about our girls growing up too soon as it is, with high heels, makeup, 2 piece swimwear, and phones, now we have to worry about fake boob vests that show the joy of motherhood too! NO WAY!!

    WORST of all, is we know there are tons of messed up pedophiles out there that will LOVE seeing little girls play with this “toy” and that is scary enough, and every realistic mom knows I’m right on this one and even if they do buy this toy, they will not let their daughter play with this in public. If a toy is only appropriate in private then you know it is bad.

    This toy and it’s makers are the narrow minded ones NOT the people who recognize that the negative ramifications outweigh the possibility that it may encourage someone to nurse later on that might have been too stupid to realize that bottles are not for formula only???!!

    And those that argue as to it’s naturalistic side–It is like saying it is natural to grow hair in certain places as we become adults, therefore children should put on fake hair while playing grown up pretend roles. A mustache and fake beard are one thing, but fake nursing boobs and fake “other” hair are in the same “creepy/gross” category don’t ya think? The idea of fake hair is just as absurd as having little girls put on fake boobs to play with a baby doll.

    In the US, we encourage boys to play with baby dolls too and fake ironing boards, sinks, grocery buggies, and stoves, but now how are they going to think they can do that if they have a gender specific vest to wear that says ” no son, that is women’s work”! All I can say is that my sons better grow up to help their wives in ALL aspects of childcare and that includes FEEDING and my hope is that other boys will do the same and that will be A LOT easier if they never set eyes on this toy.

    THINKING Americans will agree with all the points I’ve made, and recognize that this toy is not congruent with our culture or sensibilities.

    1. momoftwo says:

      LMAO!! What are you, a throwback from the 60s or 50s or whatever? Seriously? First of all, you only *think* you know what US moms do. I do happen to know that there are plenty of US moms that do actually believe in putting a child to their breast to feed it, not just using a bottle to feed them, lest someone actually see they have a *gasp* boob! I DO know there are plenty of US moms who will not or cannot pump to put their milk in a bottle. I DO know that there are many children who see their mothers breastfeeding younger siblings and don’t view it as ‘their mama’s tatas hanging out”.
      How ridiculous for you to assume you know all about MOST breastfeeding moms because you were able to lactate at some point. How ridiculous for you to assume what most children know or don’t know about breastfeeding. How insulting for you to assume that because you sheltered your son from where his baby sibling’s food was coming from and others don’t that they are somehow worse parents than you.
      My husband is about as hands on as a father can be, but pumping was not an option for me. Should I have turned to formula so he could feel needed? Or so that my older daughter wouldn’t see my tatas hanging out? Or perhaps worry that my husband would sexualize our baby because she was nursing AT my actual breast! Shame! Shame on me!
      I also refused to go to a public restroom to feed my baby while out in public. I was discreet. I wasn’t running around waiving my boobs in every woman’s face or shouting “Hey! Look what I can do! Wow, I’m better than you!” I was FEEDING MY BABY! Jeez.
      As for your child not knowing about breastfeeding – don’t blame your prudish ways on all Americans. I’d much rather my children see me, or another woman, breastfeed her child and ask questions so that *I* could teach them myself, than learn that ‘all mammals’ can nurse their young. I’d rather my daughters grow up knowing that their breasts are special and there for a reason, rather than feel like herd animals there to feed their young.
      As a THINKING American, I am offended that you feel like you can/should speak for me. You want to be a prude and hide in a public bathroom to feed your child while everyone else enjoys their meal at a clean table in a restaurant then you go right ahead and do that. I would far rather cover up and feed my baby at the table than sit on even a clean looking toilet that smells of nasty air freshener and lysol.
      My nephews were also around when I nursed my babies! Guess what, none of them stared at my breasts – except the youngest maybe who was barely done nursing himself – none of them became all freaked out about boobs and overly sexual. And the two oldest are some of the most amazing young men and very involved in my daughters’ lives – in very gender neutral ways.
      As for the growing hair comment – seriously?? That’s like saying that it’s natural to learn to touch yourself, so why not lets make a doll that encourages that too. Stupid comparison.
      Pedophiles can find anything and everything to turn them on about babies, young children and young adults and feel like they’re sexually appealing. Disgusting yes, but the truth. I might let my daughters bring any doll into public, but what if a pedophile is watching and thinks that when they give their baby a kiss it’s because my kid’s turned on?? I could go on and on and on. It’s not like I’m letting them walk around uncovered and parading themselves around in a sexual fashion. Breastfeeding is NOT sexual.
      I just have to say I LOVE how you jump to the conclusion that because a doll allows a child to pretend to breastfeed, that ALL other teaching we give our sons will prove invalid and they’ll all think suddenly that they can’t shop, they can’t cook, they can’t iron or clean because wow, if my wife breastfeeds my kid, I’m just lost and helpless and can’t do a damn thing and it’s all their work now. Wanna know something. Babies start eating solid foods and a pretty young age. My husband was able to feed and bond with our baby on many occasions by cooking for and feeding her, even though I was the only one who could feed her milk. My husband changes diapers, he gives baths, he has story time, and doesn’t just do the old ‘let’s read from a book’ thing, but makes up stories for his children. He helps with laundry, he takes out the trash, he cooks dinner, he vacuums and *gasp* he cleans toilets! Wow, all that and he still let me breastfeed!
      Bottom line, to *this* THINKING American, you just sound repressed and I hope your sons grow up a lot wiser and their wives don’t have to deal with all your judgmental garbage.

    2. Linda says:

      miss your morning prozac today?

    3. Linda says:

      are u kidding me,…it was that extra pot of coffee you drank,… all kiddding aside , you make some very good points.

      1. Linda says:

        oops!!!,…. wrong place I wanted to comment!

    4. Linda says:

      you make some good points!

    5. morgan says:

      I agree w/ you 100%!!!!

    6. Michael Schmitt says:

      Go back to Germany Feminazi ! You aging feminazi hippies are getting old and worn and we are tired of hearing from you.

  46. TJ says:

    They can and some do, it’s a pituitary function. Men have a pituitary gland.

    1. The Morrigan's Pet says:

      Where did you learn anatomy? That’s the most bizarre statement ever. Men can’t possibly lactate. It’s impossible.

      1. science guy says:

        You going to comment scientifically, get your science right

        Galactorrhea…look it up

    2. Patrick says:

      I have nipples. Can you milk me?

  47. stacie in Colorado says:

    I’m small breasted but was able to breast feed my daughter back in the 80’s – so glad I did! That’s what they are there for… guess I’m just a practical person!

    1. Michael Schmitt says:

      Good for you; small breasts, big breasts, they are all from God and they are all beautiful

      1. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

        Well, most of them are from God Michael. But quite a few of the larger ones come from Dr. Nathan Sharakov’s clinic on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills…. among other places.

    2. Staci says:

      couldn’t have said it better myself…

    3. Hp Loveshaft says:

      Hey Jason, go on Amazon and see if you can buy a clue. Nowhere in this story is there any mention of government, or legislative action regarding these dolls.

  48. G.G. says:

    So it’s not OK to have a Breast feeding doll for kids but it’s ok to have late turm abortions!

    1. sean patriot says:

      Yeah, I dont get it either.,

    2. Jeff says:

      Late term as well.

    3. kim says:

      the liberals and big pharmaceuticals would rather have a doll that teaches girls about abortion and anti-depressants.

      1. camille says:

        Kim, are you serious? I am a liberal who hates Big Pharma and think this doll is the worst idea I’ve heard.

        WHERE DO YOU GET THE IDEA THAT LIBERALS WANT DOLLS THAT ‘TEACH ABOUT ABORTION’??? Or anti depressants for that matter. I think that antidepressants are horrible.

        Go back to your bunker. Or put your tinfoil hat back on.

    4. momoftwo says:

      Except, idiot, that breastfeed is life GIVING and not at all comparable to abortion! Sicko!

    5. tp1 says:

      This sounds like a potential business opportunity.

      The doll I’ve been working on comes with a male doll who is engaged in sex with the female doll in the packaging. Before you can play with the female doll, you have to simulate and recognize the male doll raping the female doll by pulling the male doll off her, which makes her start crying and say “No, please don’t!”, and “Not like this!”

      After that, her tummy inflates, and pulling her pullstring makes her go “I can’t get the memories of that night out of my head”, and “Oh no, I think I’m pregnant. With his baby. What will I do?”

      Afterwards, when the tummy is pressed (we think alike!) the baby doll pops out to an exciting world. However, whenever the mommy doll is within 10 feet of the baby doll, using the pullstring on the mommy doll makes her say “All I can remember is that night when I look at my baby”, “Why was I forced to live with these horrible memories”, and “Please give me drugs to numb my pain.”

      You can choose to give the baby doll away, but when you do that, all the pullstring does is make the mother sob for hours on end.

      Maybe we should get together and sell our dolls in a 2-pack?

    6. dee_me says:

      tp1, your dolls, and ron’s, have gerat potential. What’s missing in that dollhouse is…a dollhouse!

      A dollhouse with a friendly priest doll who comes by to visit little Bobby doll when the parents are away, to help him learn how to get to heaven. And then happy mr priest visits Sally doll, who’s just had her first period! (now that’s a great seller, people!) and mr priest doll can show Sally doll how to “play house”

      Oh, but lordy, ooops! Sally doll got preggers! “who did this to you, my precious Sally doll, who?!”
      “mr priest came to visit and I think he did it, daddy doll…sob sob…”
      “Why do you lie, child!” SMACK!! “GO TO YOUR ROOM…and wait tor daddy doll to kiss you goodnight”

      then, nine months later, the happy child can have her (or his!) choice of which dolls to play with, ron’s or tp1’s.

      Oh wait, no they can’t. No choice. Sally doll has to keep the baby doll, drop out of school, help mommy around the house, put up with frequent visits from daddy doll AND priest doll, run away from home, encounter danger after danger, get caught up with the wrong people, finally actually learn to save to herself, go and sue her parents for custody of HER child, start a family, and write a book about her trials and tribulations, finally going on Oprah.

      Another American success story!

      1. brinniewales says:

        Maybe Sally doll could also star in her own reality show.

  49. Catherine Lavallee says:

    As a woman I have to agree with you.

  50. Catherine Lavallee says:

    You know they have had baby dolls that pee and “poop” for years, right? They even make them with little potties. lol

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