Suspect Indicted In NYC Bus Driver Attack

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An indictment was handed up in the case of a Bronx bus driver who prosecutors say was beaten up in an argument over a dog.

Police say bus driver Marlene Bien-Aime had to be hospitalized after a passenger who was upset that Bien-Aime wouldn’t allow her on board with her small dog, allegedly dragged the driver from her bus and attacked her.

Steangeli Medina, 17, is accused of assault and menacing. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted on the most serious charge.


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  1. badman says:

    wait a second… where was this little dog while its owner was beating the bus driver? did she take time to tie it up to a sign post or something? or was it just hanging around off-leash?

    Even if by some chance she’s acquitted, I hope they take the dog away from her. She’s obviously not responsible enough to take care of a Chia pet, much less a dog.

  2. Bob Fowler says:

    I love when stories like this are posted for comments. This is proof that half of the people are of below average intelligence. Just the small cross section of 7 posts shows how many people from the bottom half have access to the internet. Idiotic comments about race are the norm, rather than intelligent thoughts related to the story. Keep up the good work mouth breathers.

    1. badman says:

      amen, Bob!… this site attracts a lot of people who are in any combination ignorant, angry, and cowardly. Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to comment anonymously. Maybe because CBS NY is pretty much sensationalist and pandering.

      If CBS NY wanted to be recognized as more legit, they’d have a more stringent vetting process for its comments, or eliminate anonymous commenting altogether.

      (I’m aware of the irony in the fact that I’m commenting anonymously, but I’m also not spewing hate and misspellings, like Mr “Patriot” down there.)

  3. bill burns says:

    What the hell kind of name is that? Must be half colored and half Puerto.

  4. Tell It Like it Is... says:

    To ThePatriotMuckraker..Your comment was rude, so should someone beat you? Most driver’s are pleasant but after dealing with a few nut jobs as yourself I don’t think I’d be so cordial either. You seem to have issues anyway. U seem to ride the bus and look for some type of acceptance and acknowledgement . To say someone deserves to get beaten because they are not pleasant is sick… LOL…only a looser would say that. Most people who are happy with themselves and their lives never wish bad on others…it’s always the unhappy people who want everyone else to be just as messed up as them or get pleasure on seeing others in pain. Rude or not…I would never think a person should get beaten. If u encounter a rude driver..file a complaint. That’s what a normal and mature person would do. Only a degenerate would hit someone for not being pleasant. Like I said, if that was the case…you would be getting your butt kicked all day everyday for being rude. Pay your fare and grab a seat…the bus driver is there to get you to and from your destination safely…if you are looking for acknowledgment and friendly customer service…you need to hire a limo service. You ask for a lot for your $2.25.

  5. Ms. Chocolate says:

    She deserved to be indicted, because she really put a beating on the Bus driver. She showed no self control in her actions.

    1. MSavage says:

      Yes she does deserve to be indicted as well sentenced to hard labor. Maybe even time in the military as that would discipline out-of-control people like her much more than sitting in jail would. I wish the bus driver a full recovery.

      As for you, with the name “Ms. Chocolate”, I would assume that you are a black woman. If I called myself “Mr. White man”, I’m sure that you would be offended. My point: people need to STOP politicizing their race. It causes much unneeded tension in a a world that has too much already.

    2. Tell It Like it Is... says:

      obviously she has issues, she has an open pending case with a knife…she is out of control and took her anger out on someone who was just doing their job. What’s next? ….she walks into a fast food and beats someone because they tell her they can’t substitute her fries with another side? SMH…Where do people get off hitting someone because they don’t get their way? It has to start when they are kids…

  6. jay j wise says:

    what about the dog? no prison time? dog owners need to chill. they think their entitled with their mutts.

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