Teen Dies In Brooklyn Shooting

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — One teenager is dead and another wounded in a shooting in the Flatlands Section of Brooklyn.

Police said the teenagers were approached by a man with a gun and shot near East 39th Street and Avenue J.

A 13-year old was struck in the back and a 15-year-old was shot in the chest.

Both teens were rushed to Kings County Hospital where the 15-year-old was pronounced dead.

Police have not released the names of the victims or any description of a suspect.

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  1. michele A says:

    this was a random shooting, and you’re right the neighborhood is pretty quiet and considerably safe. It seems as though the shooter had to shoot someone and it just happened that D was in the wrong place at the wrong time. who would believe that just playing ball in a schoolyard would cost someone his life?

  2. A.S. says:

    A family member of mine goes to the school that has this playground, and my family lives a very short distance away with a predominantly Jewish community. This is simply an isolated case where the lives of the attacked wasn’t considered to be valuable. The neighborhood is very quiet and nothing like this has happened before. Everyone knows everyone, from the working man next door to the grocery store clerk and is highly respectful for each other. The entire area or all of the people who are of the same race as the shooter can’t be put at fault.

  3. YMO says:

    Too the ppl making stupid comments about race. You are wrong. This kind of violence happens in ALL communities …but it is mainly reported in miain stream media when it happens in black communities. You think this does not happen in spanish, Indian, Itallan, white, or jewish neighborhoods? Then you are being deliberately ignorant and stereotyping violence with the color of someones skin.. We are all human and more similiar than opposite; crime (shootings, stabbings, rape, domestic violence, etc…) happens everywhere not just in black communities.

    Granted the crime rate in a urban area will be more excessive then a surbaban area…but what is the difference about a black man who beats his wife death in Harlem and a white man in Central Park South that beats his wife to death? Location and skin color …which man gets the most news? Black man. Who gets their pics on the Post? Black man.

    The main stream media exploits crime in black communitiess and essentially ignores crimes in white communities.

    1. Sakky says:

      You are so right!!!!

    2. lydia says:

      That does sound like the “Naked truth” and it is so sad. Why do people have to make race a part of it? The point is that a tragedy occurred and two young people were shot. Their families must be going through Hell right now.
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    3. The Facts says:

      The violent crime rate is far higher in ghetto areas. It is delusional to deny it.

  4. Barry Levine says:

    Obviously someone got disgusted with these “children” being a nuisance in some way, no one could stop whatever they were doing, it would be illegal to beat them up, so the person being harrassed shot them and now other”children” in the neighborhood should take a lesson from this.
    Some of these “teenagers” are uncontrolable because they “know their rights”!!!!

    1. Sakky says:

      Barry, knowing nothing about this situation other than what you read in the article – how did you draw such a conclusion????!!!!!! You don’t know and I don’t know what happened in this case. What I do know is that there are too many guns and far too much violence in these cities. We have adults who taught their children nothing about dispute resolution. We have parents who do not understand the detrimental effects of violence in the mediia, songs, video games, etc. We have a music industry that make and pay multimillions of dollars to these guys who “rap” about killing someone for mnor infractions. We have video games that teach the kids to kill or rape (like Grand Theft Auto). Then we sit back as a bunch of irresponsible adults with marginal intelligence and allow it all to happen. They’ve told us there is no connection between violence in the media, songs , etc to real life violence and WE BELIEVE IT. As soon as a child picks up a real gun and kills real people – we are stunned or appalled. Then of course, we search for causes and most likely we blame the child.

  5. sawnetbean says:

    Crime is linked to income, not race.

  6. michele Andrews says:

    makes no sense!! too many guns on the streets. one can only pray that their sons grow up to be adults. but the way things are, in the black community, this is just a dream>> the child killed tonight was my nephew. I’ll miss you D. you will live on in our hearts and minds

    1. Sakky says:

      I am so sorry!!!! My condolences to you and your family!!!!

    2. M.A.D says:

      I AM SORRY…

  7. Arnulfo Sticks Clauzel says:

    I love how race gets brought into something like this when it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Some people are just quick to talk.

  8. Nita says:

    I am so tired of this. These are babies that were shot. My prayers goes out to both families and I hope they find this man before he kills again.

    1. Very conservative says:

      Would not be surprised at all if the shooter was also a “baby”.

    2. Sakky says:


  9. hockey says:

    Black people will never understand.

  10. Natali Wind says:

    That does sound like the “Naked truth” and it is so sad. Why do people have to make race a part of it? The point is that a tragedy occurred and two young people were shot. Their families must be going through Hell right now.

  11. Lucy Parkisin says:

    Funny thing is anyone can hate on this neigborhood.Saying its a black neigborhood.But one this for sure when that Jewish 9 year old got killed (chopped up in little pieces my his soul rest in peace) no one would have thought that could happen in a heavily jewish neigborhood sh!t happens everywhere.

    1. Very conservative says:

      Maybe because that rarely happens in a jewish neighborhood, but occurs way bit too often in a black one? Dumba$$

      1. J says:

        Sad but true. It happens more ofen in black neighborhoods.

      2. M.A.D says:

        May because crime in the jewish community does not get reported. However, if any member of a minority group commits a crime the press is all over it like white on rice… but no body can believe if a white or jewish person commits a crime, then he/she is mentally disturbed. Example: DSK case were the victim is the one that is being persecuted and not the party that committed the crime; the poor nine year old who was hacked in half, suddenly the ciminal has a mental issue. There is more criminal activity in white neighborhoods than anyone can believe, but is simply swepted under the carpet. CRIME IS COLORBLIND!!!

      3. Naked truth says:

        @Very Conservative

        You sound like the dumb one to me and probably a racist too. He made his point that violent crime can happen anywhere.

  12. alex u says:

    Tommy you are a racist moron.

  13. Mack says:

    Get your facts straight. Are you referring to Ghetto as black, because anyone can be ghetto. This is a working community, how else can they purchase homes, I didn’t know houses were free.

  14. j. georges says:

    how convenient for brooklyn college.. such a great school is now going to be plagued with this. hm

  15. Bob says:

    Loser go back to Europe

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