Cops Continue Search At Apartment Of Leiby Kletzky Murder Suspect Levi Aron

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s been a working weekend for the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, which is trying to make sure the case is air-tight against Leiby Kletzky’s alleged killer, Levi Aron.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman has some new insight into the past of the man accused of taking the 9-year-old boy’s life.

“We’re gathering as much forensic evidence as we can,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said.

DA Hynes said that the evidence that was being taken from Levi Aron’s house will be part of the murder indictment against him, which will be unsealed this week.

“We will ask for the main charge of felony murder, based on the kidnapping, which is murder in the first degree,” Hynes said.

Four days after Aron was arrested, police were still using the house as an active crime scene Sunday – still taking evidence out of the house and loading it onto their truck.

Parents walked past police barricades with children on the street, right past where young Kletzky was killed, police said, in Aron’s apartment.

Yosef Moskowitz, who still lives on the block, grew up with Aron.

“I knew him. I used to play board games with him, softball,” Moskowitz said. “He seemed to me to be very normal then.”

When the childhood friends reunited after having gone separate ways, Moskowitz said Aron was different – and now, police say, he committed this heinous crime.

“Well, obviously he needed help, he really needed psychiatric help,” Moskowitz said. “Somewhere along the line, the people, maybe the family, missed it.”

On Saturday night the boy’s father, Nachman Kletzky, returned the torah that had been lent to the family for the Sabbath.

Yosroel Friedman, a friend of Nachman Kletzky, offered his support.

“The only words of comfort that we can give is, basically, God should comfort him,” Friedman said. “God should give him relief.”

Friedman was one of the volunteers searching for Lieby, and he said during those times he had hope. Now, he said, he still cries.

At indictment in the case was expected to be handed up early this week.


One Comment

  1. amanda says:

    the paedophile- jew who murdered the little boy should be given the death penalty. Surely, he murdered other people but did not get caught until now.

  2. Aprille Turner says:

    Whether or not Levi had intentions of taking Leiby to a wedding, the Judaica bookstore, or back home to his family, doesn’t change the grim facts that he abducted the boy and murdered him. The bizarre behavior of a child killer such as this, is just as bizarre as his excuses for taking the child, killing, and dismembering his body. I believe that he has orchestrating a story to get sympathy and an insanity plea from the grand jury. So that if convicted on ‘guilty by reason of insanity’ he will not be sent to general population, but protected behind the walls of a mental hospital. Everything about this murder is typical of a serial killer, who planned, carried out, and tried to cover up his murder. Don’t be distracted by anything else. May justice come for Leiby Kletzky.

  3. Religion and Science says:

    If Levi had picked up a Physics book or Astronomy magazine, he might not have gone off the deep end like this. Remember folks Einstein, the esteemed Physicist, said that “Science without Religion is blind, but Religion without Science is lame.” Religion and Science–especially Physics and Astronomy– go hand in hand,

  4. Jimmy Oh says:

    Levo Aron will experience different types of experiences in Jail. He will join the Rainbow crowd. ohh ahh

    1. no soup for you says:

      Will never happen He will never be in general population.This guy gets hurt in jail and you can already see the lawsuit.There is no justice

  5. jamieusa1 says:

    This guy Levi Aron seems to fit the profile of a serial killer. Unfortunately they live in a fantasy world, and dont think like normal people. I doubt that his confession is 100% accurate as far as the details. Even if Leiby went in the guys car ,the story about him going to a wedding in Monsey doesnt make sense. No one saw the child. Who can take that seriously? That Aron would leave his victim alone sitting in a car, or just watching tv at his house? Its so sad my heart goes out to the family.

  6. Nita says:

    I get chills and become very sad when I think of what these parents most be going through. No parents and I do mean no parents should have to bury their child. RIP Leiby.

  7. dudedle says:

    in my opinion this story has just begon, lets watch the new and pay attantion

    1. i like stuff says:

      I think this story needs a break we know what happened lets just wait for trial to see why it happened but we will never know because michael myers i mean levi aron will never tell truth

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