‘Cash Cab’ In Canada Strikes, Kills Pedestrian

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (CBSNewYork/AP) — In New York City, many residents dream of the day they’ll get picked up by the famous “Cash Cab” and get a chance to rake in big bucks on the popular TV game show. The sentiment may not be the same in Vancouver, however, after their version of the famous taxi struck and killed a pedestrian.

Vancouver police said the victim, a 61-year-old man, was struck in the city’s Downtown Eastside district late Friday night, and died in a hospital shortly after the incident.

The accident occurred as a producer was driving the replica cab back to a storage facility after filming for the day had been completed, according to Andrew Burnstein, president of Castlewood Productions Inc., which produces the show’s Canadian version.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his friends and his family.” said Burnstein. “My heart also goes out to the driver of the vehicle, a member of our technical staff, who is shaken and devastated by this tragic accident, as is our entire team.”

On “Cash Cab,” broadcast in North America on the Discovery Channel, unassuming people who flag down a replica yellow taxi become instant contestants on a game show, answering trivia questions for cash prizes.


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  1. Brenna says:


  2. Mark Wanderlust says:

    I smell a spin-off. Cash Settlement Cab

  3. dave bonner says:

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  4. Eric JH says:

    CBS, this is what you deem as news? Was the accident during the filming of the show? The headlines should have been “61 year old hit and killed by car” and then your editors would say, that is tragic, but not news worthy. So what if it was the vehicle that is used for cash cab. You guys are idiots for even making this a biig deal. Why don’t your reporters start asking Obama the tough questions, like when are we really going to cut budgets so we don’t end up like the European countries that don’t have enough tax payers to pay for the benefits they promised?

    1. lydia says:

      Bad and misleading headline–you obviously didnt read the story. The cash cab replica was being driven back to storage–had nothing to do with the show.
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    2. Mark Wanderlust says:

      The 44th American President Barack Hussein Obama II is not the only newsworthy subject in the world. Sorry to burst your furious little bubble there, buddy…

  5. ken says:

    people people,,,where is all this civility Balack Obama asked for. please!!

  6. Hank Warren says:

    Cash Cab, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  7. Roscoe Tannenger says:

    It’s the new penalty when you miss the third question.

  8. Tax Code Enforcer says:

    Poor man. But, this is not national or international news.
    This is CBS LOCAL, as in … LOCAL.
    Here is some real news…

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse for being a good tax slave.

  9. Mike says:

    Damn you Obama

  10. Jack White says:

    I am going to think like a Democrat politician thinks after someone dies of a bullet wound….

    We must ban game shows.
    We must ban taxis
    We must ban driving.

    After all it’s FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

    1. ham07 says:

      I’m going to think like a Republican poltician on this one:

      So what if someone dies, me and my friends need to be rich.
      Take one for the team,
      The pedestrian was a minority they don’t count
      Damn it, the taxi driver was a minority that’s the problem here, plus he was making too much per hour, fire his *ss over this.
      The pedestrian had weapons of mass destruction and was a terrorist.
      If the taxi slows down how would my buddies in exxon get rich, hey where’s my kickback.

      1. Dr Doofensmirtz says:

        You’re a moron

      2. ham07 says:

        @ Dr. Doofensmirtz
        thanks for contributing to the discussion. You have a funny handle but no sense of humor.

      3. The Chairman says:

        I had no idea chimps could type.

      4. Homer says:

        Of course chimps can type. Read ham07’s comment.

  11. NOT FUNNY says:

    someone DIED, people – u find THAT funny? the driver is DEVASTED – did you not read that, as well? how would YOU feel if you run into someone and they didnt make it? honestly, I dont know where people’s heads are any more… Sad that this happened, and very sad that anyone would mock it, laugh at it, and be plain disrespectful to the family of the man who got hit..

    1. Noel Cullison says:

      extremely funny.

  12. Obama Bin Lyin says:

    Maybe next time he’ll get the answer right.

  13. austin dooney says:

    Nick- You are an obvious obamatron. Please stay home for the presidential elections in 2014 😉

    1. Noel Cullison says:

      yeah democrats should stay home in 2014!! And 2013 and 2015…then vote in 2016? What about 2012?

  14. Shamrock says:


  15. Canada has bad supermarkets says:

    Canadians are terrible drivers.

  16. ron says:

    we need to ban cars because of this accident.

    1. Mark G says:

      We also need to ban games involving trivia questions.

      1. Blah Blah Blah says:

        I wonder if this will be a trivia question on an up coming show.

    2. Dave Shaffer says:

      No, stupid people need to be banned.

      1. Homer says:

        Type fast your time is running out.

  17. Big Ron says:

    Guess the Cash Cab wil be paying out some big cash now!

  18. Ben Baily says:

    We’ve just run over a pedestrian…that signals a VechicularHomicideChallenge!!!!!

    1. John says:

      OMG. That’s terrible. Funny but terrible

    2. joe says:


  19. Chuckie D says:

    That’s one way to hail a cab

  20. OhioGirl82 says:

    Chicago Nick — read before you rant! The show was not filming. The cab was being driven back to a garage by a technical worker. This person might as well have been driving his personal car.

  21. Kate says:

    Accidents happen. Sad for everyone involved.

  22. Chicago Nick says:

    I always hated this show in all honesty. I really used to rant about it when it would appear on my tv and they did a version here in Chicago and I said this very thing on our local ABC, NBC & CBS boards THEN when they wrote pieces on it’s filming:

    “If this isn’t an accident waiting to happen nothing is. As if there aren’t already enough distracted drivers and pedestrians on our city streets.”

    I mean who didn’t see this coming? Obviously the idiots who produce it. Have we sunk so low we need a game show and reality show every 4 feet and 10 seconds? What is it with people’s need to be ‘entertained’ every second of the day?

    1. Adrianne says:

      Chicago Nick, work on your reading comprehension. This wasn’t during filming, it was when someone *else* was driving it *after* filming was over.

      1. Robert says:

        Did you not read the article? The accident occurred when a producer was driving the vehicle to a storage facility after filming.

    2. Sofa says:

      Before firing off you should read the article. It happened AFTER filming “as a producer was driving the replica cab back to a storage facility”.

    3. shari says:

      Bad and misleading headline–you obviously didnt read the story. The cash cab replica was being driven back to storage–had nothing to do with the show.

      Since most people are too lazy to actually read the stories, we are dependent on bad headlines–this is why we elect bad politicians–because the newspapers write glowing headlines about them.

  23. Jerry Springer says:


  24. john says:


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