Long Island Grandmother, 79, Beaten And Robbed Of $13 While Heading To Church

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An elderly Long Island woman was viciously assaulted, shoved to the ground and pummeled Tuesday — all for her purse with $13 inside. Now police are searching for the thugs responsible for her injuries.

Amy Dawson, 79, left her home in Elmont to go to evening services at her church — Bethlehem Missionary. She was walking down her block to catch the bus when two robbers came up behind her, knocked her down and grabbed her pocket book.

The incident took place around 7 p.m. Tuesday on the corner of 238th Street and 116th Avenue in Elmont.

“They didn’t say anything — nothing. They just grabbed the bag…he came behind me and grabbed the bag off my shoulder,” Dawson told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Speaks With The Victim

The grandmother and widow was banged up and bruised in the mugging, but feels lucky to be alive.

“Even when I fell and hit my head and my forehead, I could have died,” Dawson said.

Dawson told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan that she had an x-ray and MRI done as she described where the pain was in her shoulder.

Police are now looking for two teenage suspects in the brazen mugging.

“All I know, I went down and there was an iron pole right there and it looked like I hit my head on the iron pole,” Dawson said.

Neighbors in the area heard the commotion and rushed to help to victim. Those neighbors described seeing Dawson bleeding with cuts and bruises on her hand.

“When I come up, the two guys running that way in a gray t-shirt,” one man said.

The cruel thieves fled with the stolen purse, which was filled with Dawson’s keys and personal papers. She had only a tiny bit of cash.

“I’m just living off Social Security — thirteen dollars!” Dawson exclaimed.

Dawson also had a message for her attackers, saying that she hopes they would just “seek the Lord.”

Dawson also said she wanted the muggers to find the prayer readings inside her handbag and hopes they will take them to heart.

“I just thank God, it could have been worse, just thank God that I’m alive,” she said.

In the meantime, police are seeking witnesses — hoping to catch the thieves.

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One Comment

  1. malcom says:

    If you think you can count on the police to protect you from the crime that is infested in liberal ran cities, then you need a shrink.Look at EVERY MAJOR CITY that is run by democrats. Remember, a 9 mm in your hand is better than 911 on the phone.

    1. KPMc says:

      Tell me… which are the conservative cities, run by non-democrats, that have eradicated crime?

      They must be keeping it under wraps to keep the ‘libturds’ out and not ruin your utopia.

  2. ashley says:

    u cant say its because of single parents… now a days kids do what they want no matter who there parents are or how good the parents did to raise them… its all the kids getting together and coming up with these things… some just get pressured more than others and some cant say no when kids or teens tell them what to do….. single parents do the best they can and sometimes the children have the lack of a good giudance from a father…

  3. dirtyblinds says:

    two youths…………..every single reader anywhere now knows the color of their skin…. ebony….umber….walnut….mahogony………

    1. Don says:

      and now we know your color…white…milky…cracker…
      Whats the point? dumb a*s?????

    2. t.. says:

      Your name alone says it ALL about you…”dirty!!” Now go clean your mind, body, and soul from the filth that you’re trying to spread. Evil doesn’t have a color. Looks like you could use some biblical verses as well.

  4. joe says:

    But — of course — they come from economically disavantaged backgrounds …

  5. Mike the Bike says:

    New York State needs a “right to carry a gun” law. If a few of these lowlifes got blown away by victims, bystanders or witnesses then a lot of this crime would automatically vanish. It worked in Florida which used to have a lot of carjackings and supermarket parking lot muggings until they passed a “right to carry law”. When the ladies started “packing heat” in their purses and these criminals began to get shot down and killed, things changed for the better almost instatntly!

  6. HelloNY says:

    Surprisingly, I am still shocked by stories like this. I don’t know why, but I am. How teenage boys can rob and ASSAULT a 79 year old woman is beyond me… I hope she makes a full recovery and the punks this did this are cuaght and beaten within an inch of their worthless lives…

  7. Bob says:

    So now we need Summer Programs to keep teens from mugging the elderly? Give me a break. You know what MY summer program was when I was a teen? Mowing the lawn, tending the garden, doing repairs around the house and house cleaning. Don’t make excuses for these losers other than the lack of parenting on the part of their parents; usually a single parent.

  8. taylor says:

    shame on the church and its members .They should be providing transportation for the elderly . they need to learn to shepherd the flock with love and compassion. this women takes the bus at night. Where is the true identifying mark of the christian -the love among themselves

    1. A Church Member says:

      The church does supply transportation. Some of the elderly don’t want to feel helpless and choose not to take the rides to church. We never allow them to travel alone at night. The incident did not happen at night. The frightening thing is that this happened in broad daylight. God bless you.

      1. Another Churchmember says:

        Hello!!! The church has three church vans. The vans ARE NOT provided at nights for the elderly. The elderly are allowed to travel alone at nights. After choir rehearsals on tue nights the members are dropped off at a central location
        and have to find their ways home after that.

        The priority is NOT with those who cant line the offering plates on sundays!!!! YEA I SAID it. Lets care about the people more than the MONEY!!!!

  9. CHRIS says:


  10. Adolf says:

    They’re animals anyway–let them lose their souls!

  11. cygon says:

    lemme guess. black neighborhood thugs mugging their own neighborhood granny for drug money

    1. Aidan says:


    2. don says:

      sorta like the white guy who murdered 4 people for drugs…

    3. t.. says:

      It amazes me how so many people can get on here and speak of the color of one’s skin and not the content of their character. cygon..you really are gone..from reality. The fact that someone could do this to an elderly person is at the front of the conversation here. STOP with all of the racism cause believe it or not, you are derived from this blackness. Know your history and not the watered down version you were given to drink.



  13. Chimp stink says:

    Blake rob is a chimp

  14. BLACK ROB says:


    1. Very conservative says:

      **”An” animal…….and let’s not forget anyone, you guessed it………..liberalism is a mental disorder.

      1. Ed says:

        No you have it backwards D-Bag; its people who support the Republican Party who are not millionaires and billionaires making YOU the one with a mental disorder. The entire platform of the GOP is to rail. against Obama–take away from working class people and give tax cuts which destroyed the economy to their rich, wealthy friends. Your b@t$H!+

      2. Ed says:

        No, you have it backwards D-Bag; its people who support the Republican Party who are not millionaires and billionaires are the people who are mentally challenged, sociopaths and dyslexic Americans. Anybody who works for a living making a five figured salary has no real business voting Republican. But you are such a fool because maybe someday you’ll be a rich mogul too LMAO!!!!. Not!! They hate the working class dude and your’re a fkn fool because you root against your self interest . The entire platform of the GOP is to rail against and obstruct everything Obama tries to do–take away from working class people and give tax cuts which destroyed the economy to their rich, wealthy friends. George W. Bush and his cronies destroyed America–50,000 American manufacturing plants closed in his 8 years–and he lost 80,000 jobs per month on the average–and 8 million jobs overall. Under Bush’s watch America’a overall net worth was devalued from $62T to $50T. Under his FAILED leadership America went from being the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation. I can keep piling on this list. Republicanism since Reagan has destroyed the middle class Your b@t$H!+. 8 years of crippling policy cannot be fixed in less than 3 years. Social Conservatism= a severe Casey Anthony mental disorder.

        1. Pike Bishop says:

          You are 10 thousand percent correct!!. These people are so brainwashed and braindead, drugged by the corporate media; it’s impossible for them to see and they don’t want to see either. Why bother?it’s a complete waste of time responding to them.

        2. PresidentBumbles says:

          Waaaaaaaa, I’m a Liberal…Waaaaaaaa, I want food stamps, a union job, other peoples taxes…Waaaaaaaaa….Disregard the fact my left wing president has done this…….2 million net private-sector jobs have been lost; unemployment has increased by 1.5 percentage points; long-term unemployment is the worst ever on record; the dollar is 12 percent weaker; the number of Americans on food stamps has increased by 37 percent; the Misery Index (unemployment plus inflation) has increased by 62 percent; and the national debt has exploded by an alarming 40 percent. Mr. Obama is on pace to saddle America with more job-killing debt than all the first 43 presidents – combined.

  15. thor's hammer says:

    well punks, rob an elderly woman and injure her. be afraid, be very afraid. 2 lowlifes in need of being dropped off at parris island for an intense beatdown. no, the marines are looking for a few good men. instead, let’s drop you losers in the middle of the dessert barefoot with maybe a pair of shorts behind about 200 ft of rope and a couple of horses in real need of a trail ride. oops the rope gets dropped going through the tumbling tumbleweed & cactus. there are no roads and your only company is rattlesnakes & scorpions. happy trails. justice for mrs. dawson! drop a dime on the lowlifes.

    1. Marine1967 says:

      You are right. The Marines won;t have that kind of trash, but they will enjoy a good beat down

  16. DIVERSITY = DEATH says:

    Again — No description of the perpetrators !!
    They must be “youths” or “teens”
    Political Corectness is akin to the modern day inquisition.
    wvwnews.net (western voices world news)

    1. Mike says:

      Two youths……yup that description should make it easy for the public to help with the capture.

  17. HUGO says:

    What’s this world coming to? Thank god her injuries weren’t worse. I hope these 2 teenage animals are caught and beaten up severely.

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