NJ Teens Face Megan’s Law Registration For What Lawyers Call ‘Horseplay’

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Two New Jersey teens are faced with the possibility of having to register as sex offenders for life under Megan’s Law for what their lawyers say was “horseplay.”

An appeals court agreed the boys, who were 14 years old, engaged in sexual contact when they held down two 12-year-old boys in Somerset County in 2008 and placed their bare buttocks on their faces.

The ruling means the boys would have to register under Megan’s Law because the court said sexual contact applies to touching for the purpose of humiliation.

The judges wrote they were “keenly aware” of the ruling’s ramifications for the boys and for others.

The judges sent both cases back to a lower court to consider whether one boy can withdraw his guilty plea and whether the other received effective counsel.

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  1. joanie says:

    i was at a slumber party for 12 year old girls nearly 50 years ago where they
    took peoples undies off while sleeping and put them in the freezer, put saran wrap over the toilet, drew on sleeping girls’ chests with markers, and there was some making out too. ( people were warned whoever fell asleep first would have something done to them so it was a stay-awake contest. )

    megans law registry for the whole bunch these days?????

  2. JustSaying says:

    The 12 year olds should have bitten them in the nutz…that would have resolved this immediately!

    1. andrew says:

      hahaha.. yes. I like it. That would INSTANTLY settle the matter.

  3. Beavis says:

    “@$$wipe” has taken on a new meaning.

  4. Nec says:

    For once the gays are the aggressors not the victims.

  5. KPMc says:

    How many kids have held down a sibling or friend and passed gas in their face? It’s practically a right of passage with the intention of humiliating a little brother or sister. Is that really an offense worthy of marking someone a sexual deviant for life?

    PC gone way too far.

    1. Bill Clinton says:

      This has been part of the initiation rite of Skull & Bones for two centuries.

    2. Ick says:

      What a dreadful family you must have — Jukes or Kallikaks?

    3. HGThomas says:

      It shouldn’t be a rite of passage. It is sick!!! Always has been always will be. It is sexually deviant, and speaks to emotional/psychological problems in that child. It is sadism….

  6. BillYBoy says:

    Oh please, now our lawmakers have laws against kids being kids. Mark these kids for life? Are you kidding me? The lawmakers have been at it too long, they need to take a break. “MORE LAWS, THAT WILL FIX EVERYTHING”. B. S.

    1. alex says:

      how about this,i let my kids pin your kids down,pull thier pants down and rub thier faces on your kids ass then you come tell me that its just harmless horseplay

      1. andrew says:

        Alex, let me get this straight: You want to let your kids “rub thier [sic] faces” on BillYBoy’s kid’s arse?

      2. jess says:

        It’s not harmless horseplay. It’s sick. But it is worthy of branding them as sex offenders for the rest of their lives? No, it’s not. The punishment has to fit the crime.

        In the end, none of this matters. They continue to abuse the intent of megans law and now it almost doesn’t mean anything. You got people being busted for this for peeing on a tree. 17 year olds sleeping with their 15/16 year old girlfriend and branding them child molesters etc

  7. Wolf says:

    I say put the parents in jail and get the young boys some serious psychiatric counseling. They learned this behaviour from lack of good parenting.

    1. mapache says:

      better, have the kids do it to their parents….that might make them all see the situation differently.

  8. HHH says:

    Why are the only two options those with life long consequences? These children need rational parenting, something they’re obviously lacking no a life that even a hermit wouldn’t envy. let the courts adopt them..they’re 14? Revoke their rights to a drivers license, make it contingent on finishing college (and yes make the state pay for their education (it’ll be far cheaper than jailing them.) Make them work civil service jobs to earn money to pay a fine..hell make them work in the DMV…There’s got to be other options besides jail and weekends with a narco counselor

  9. dave says:

    Having to register for life for something done as a child, I call BS. The law is to rigid and can ruin any chance that either boy will ever find a place to live, or a job that will pay better than min. wage. How is it that, a CHILD can make a mistake and have it follow him or her for life. Send them to a counselor or another professional to show them that what they did was wrong. That or every child that has broken a window playing baseball, or spray painting there name on the sidewalk, should also be registered as a warning that they will be a problem all there life. Again I call BS.

    1. Jeff says:

      Since when does a 14 yr old kid NOT KNOW that pinning someone down and sitting bare assed on their face is wrong?? Counseling would be nothing more than a wasted service………they already know they were wrong. So you tell me what will stop this sort of “nonsense”? Your idea certainly will be nothing more than a waste of time and money. They need to know that society does not put up with such behavior. If that had been MY child they pinned down and did that to?? HA!! You can bet there would be two 14 yr olds that would be scared to walk forward w/o looking behind their back. If the parents can’t control their unruly kids than it is left up to the courts, OR other parents of the children affected. You don’t agree with the courts so should there be a law written that says parents of children who are bullied by, beaten by or have their face sat on by a bare assed kid, can take the law into their own hands and hand out the punishment that seems fit? Of course not………SO, let the courts punish them as severe as they want and the heck with their future. As if they are going to amount to much anyway, doing this kind of thing as a teenager. Yeah, NOT a toddler, TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly old enough to know better…………………

      1. andrew says:

        So, if two 14-yr old children applied their arse to your child’s face, you would… threaten them to the point they would be scared to be in public? You would threaten VIOLENCE upon CHILDREN?!? It’s not like they sodomized anyone.

        “If the parents can’t control their unruly kids than it is left up to the courts, OR other parents of the children affected” …. sooo, if your child is deemed unruly, I can “control” them for you? Are you giving me permission to smack your child? Probably not. Because you probably see your children as angels in a world of unruly little demons, right?

        Also, unless the perpetrators defecated on the victim’s faces, they are not scarred for life. So why give the perps punishments for life? If they are scarred for life (presumably from being in close proximity to another youth’s arse..), then they are a little b***h, and Darwin’s theory, in combination with a little thing we like to call HIGH SCHOOL, will take care of that. Sure, they can go crying to mommy and daddy every time they are subjected to an ill-mannered prank, or they can grow a pair.

  10. Jeff says:

    While I don’t believe in any way shape or form that casey anthony was innocent, I do believe these boys need jail time if for no other reason than just a wake up call to show them or force them to grow up. How would you have liked to have been pinned down and had a bare stinking arsehole come down on your face? Or your son’s face………….or your daughter’s face. This is why “children” act the way they do because parents, or adults I should say, such as yourself feel they shouldn’t be reprimanded for the things they do. Look at what bullying itself has caused……….the suicide of those innocent kids who couldn’t take it anymore. This goes FAR beyond bullying and you should be ashamed to even think these kids shouldn’t get jail time.

  11. Counsel says:

    These 14 year olds have not been tried and acquitted by a jury. This isn’t “horseplay,” but sexual contact designed to humiliate. Frankly, the perpetrators need a few years in psychological counseling. Gay is OK, but not abusive gay behavior.

    1. Zebula says:

      These little freaks are a straight as can be.

  12. Claudia Miller says:

    Yeah..jail those boys and let Casey Anthony go free…sounds fair these days in America.

    1. Claudia - You have It Right actually says:

      We should jail people name Claudia Miller for lack of intelligence

      1. andrew says:

        really? We should jail for lack of intelligence? That’s the America you want to live in? Who gets to determine levels of intelligence? Where does it end?

        I bet you also think we should be forced to be viewed naked by a total stranger (and if that “fails”, molested by said total stranger) just so we may fly in an airplane or board a train/bus/personal vehicle.

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