Report: Phillies, Red Sox Aggressively Pursuing Mets’ Carlos Beltran

NEW YORK (WFAN) — A Carlos Beltran trade might make some Mets fans upset.

Or Yankees fans.

According to’s Ken Rosenthal, two New York rivals — the Phillies and Red Sox — are “among the most aggressive suitors” for Beltran.

“The interest for Beltran is so high, sources say, that the Mets might trade him several days or more before the July 31 non-waiver deadline,” wrote Rosenthal, adding the Mets might not have to trade much salary relief in return. Beltran will be owed almost $6 million at the deadline.

Rosenthal also reported the priority for the cash-strapped Mets isn’t to save money — it’s to gain top prospects for the star outfielder.

“Chances are great that he might receive a better deal in terms of prospects from a National League team,” WFAN’s Rich Coutinho wrote on Tuesday, “and he might be posed with the decision of whether he’d be willing to trade him to the Fightin’ Phils.”

When the New York Post asked if he’d consider playing for a contender last month, Beltran answered: “That’s correct. If it happens.”

The addition of Beltran, who reached base five times in the Mets’ win on Tuesday, would make either team’s outfield downright deadly.

The Phillies would start Beltran, Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino.

J.D. Drew is likely to be the odd man out in Boston. Beltran would patrol the outfield with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford at Fenway Park.

Another NL East rival — the Braves — are also interested in Beltran, reported Rosenthal, along with the Giants, Tigers and Indians.

One thing’s for sure. Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has his work cut out for him.

“Alderson is left with a tough choice,” wrote Coutinho. “Get the better deal and possibly watch Beltran lead the Phils to a championship or take a deal elsewhere that has a lesser chance of roping in a top prospect. ”

Mets fans: could you stomach the idea of the Mets trading Beltran to Philadelphia? Sound off in the comments below…


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  1. john says:

    The Phils could use RH Beltran (34) to add to current LF/RF players LH Ibanez (39), LH Brown (24), and RH Mayberry (27). Not sure of Ibanez’s contract. Beltran (.293) is certainly more consistent than the three current outfielders. Is there a durability/health problem with Beltran? One rumor has it that the Phils may deal rookie RHP Worley, 23 (6-1), for Beltran, which might be a mistake. They’ve already sacrificed J. Happ for Oswald. But if they do want Beltran they will have to part with someone young and valuable. It’s a gamble they might take.

  2. lydia says:

    let’s ignore the fact that if Sandy pulls off a deal for a top prospect, it will be because the Mets are eating Beltran’s remaining money. This has nothing to do with being high spenders or low spenders. It has to do with being smart, and with making the best of what you’ve got so you maximize your chance of creating sustained success.
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  3. Joe says:

    If we get Dominic Brown, they can have Beltran. I want the best deal, period. It doesn’t matter how good other teams until we’re good. We have to add players, even if it strengthens other teams. We’ll worry about that once we’re good.

  4. Tom M says:

    Love to have him on the Red Sox,,Him Jacoby and Crawford not a bad outfield!!

  5. BT says:

    If the Mets have a chance to get Dominic Brown from the Phillies, as has been reported, that is an absolute no-brainer and a great deal for the Mets!

  6. Kurt Spitzner says:

    I have been a Mets fan since day one and as much as I am always hoping they go all the way I have settle much more often than not for much less than that.bBut that being said,for the Mets to break up this team any further would be telling the fans that this season is over and quite possibly the next few also so we might as well take a look at this team in a few years when hopefully Einhorn has full control and we can start again.Who wants to pay stupid money at the park to watch a team that has been depleted by injuries and trades,let alone what it cost at home for all the cable services involved.We pay,pay,pay,but get little in return which was fine,but now we are on the verge of getting absolutely nothing in return.Don’t be surprised if after Beltran some needy team doesn’t make Alderson an offer he cannot refuse and then REALLY all over,we just need to hear the fat lady sing!

    1. Kurt Spitzner says:

      An offer he cannot refuse on REYES is what I left out!

  7. Jack says:

    I’m a mets fan but that is the big difference between the yankees and mets. The yankees hold onto their good players. The mets have not had a real good right fielder until now. They should keep him re sign him in the off season. Then go out and get a pitching staff. But they won’t they will give away all of the good players and become the low budget joke they want to be. I won’t route for the yankees but I am slipping away as a mets fan!

    1. Adam says:

      There’s a difference between low-budget and smart, and the Yankees don’t win because they spend, they win because they spend smart. The Mets spent for years and got nowhere, because they didn’t spend smart.

      Beltran is 34, coming off two years of injury, and only getting older. Because he’s doing well now, he’ll get a fine deal in the offseason, which means two things. One, the Mets may well lose him to another team no matter what they do. Two, whoever buys him could very well overpay.

      If they keep him and he doesn’t live up to standards, then once again the Mets have failed to spend smart. If they lose him, they get nothing in return. Yet now Sandy might have a chance to not just get a prospect in return for him, but a top-tier prospect. What if the Phillies offer Domonic Brown, or the Braves offer Mike Minor? They’re likely to get a lot more value out of a prospect like that than they are out of hanging on to Beltran.

      And let’s ignore the fact that if Sandy pulls off a deal for a top prospect, it will be because the Mets are eating Beltran’s remaining money. This has nothing to do with being high spenders or low spenders. It has to do with being smart, and with making the best of what you’ve got so you maximize your chance of creating sustained success.

  8. Matt says:

    Wasn’t it in Beltran’s heart to play for the Yankees before he signed on to play for the Mets, the difference was that he wanted the Yankees, he’s dream team, but because the Yankees said no, he went where the money was, the Mets, though it was not where he wanted to play.

    Hell, Boras called the Yankees saying they would take $20 mil less & the Yankees still said no.

    If the Yankees really want Beltran, they would trade for him.

  9. betty says:

    As long as we keep Reyes, I can stomach trading Beltran. We have no control over where he goes next year anyway.

    1. PhillyBoy says:

      Actually the word is Rollins will be part of the trade being that Reyes will be leaving either by trade or free agency. Mets know they can’t sign Reyes

      1. Smelvin says:

        Duh. Rollins is a free agent also.

      2. James says:

        Then that’s even better for Reyes & his agent. With Rollins going out, the Phillies will be looking for a shortstop. With the Phillies superstar pitching staff, they’ll be looking for a player to play behind these boys & to lead off in front of Utley & Howard, Reyes fits the bill.

        All Reyes has to do is just look at the rotation the Phillies have, a rotation that will be around for years & look at the rotation the Mets have, he knows the Mets can’t compete, not even close.

        Reyes agent will be hearing CA-CHING come November.

  10. Ron Davis says:

    I hate to see him in Philly or Atlanta or the Yankees but if we get their better talent back and then he leaves in the offseason what can i do . ITs about bettering the Mets in the long run you can only trade him one time for big prospects you got to get the best ones avail regardless of where it comes from. if Philly wants to trade us Dom Brown and Worley then i have to listen. or John Mayberry Jr and Worley.

  11. Erik says:

    I agree with Dave and Tim – I really don’t care if he moves to the Phillies because he is a FA after this season. Just get something back that can help in the near future!

  12. Tim Sitomer says:

    agreed, just trade him for the best prospects. carlos aint a spring chicken. and yeah he is a FA after this year. just make the best deal.

  13. Dave says:

    i dont care who he plays for i want the best deal. we arent challanging the phillies this year so who cares. and after this year he is a FA anyway so the phils could always go get him this winter. Trade him to whomever gives the best prospects.

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