Con Ed Ready To Take On Extra Power Demand During Heat Wave

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Air conditioners will be kicking into high gear as the temperature climbs and the city’s largest utility says it is ready to do battle with the hot weather.

When one summer ends Con Ed begins preparing for the next year’s round of extreme heat and humidity.

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“We spent more than $1 billion preparing for the summer of 2011 and beyond,” spokesman Alan Drury told 1010 WINS. “We’re confident that while there probably will be scattered outages that we’ll be able to keep them confined and short in duration.”

Con Ed’s Chief spokesman Mike Clendenin told WCBS 880 all 14,000 of its employees are working 12-hour shifts.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports: Con Ed Expecting High Power Demand

Homeowners are asked to conserve as much energy as possible and to take care to keep the heat from creeping in.

Simple practices, such as pulling blinds down, keeping doors closed and running air conditioners at a moderate temperature, will go a long way.

“People can save a lot of money and energy by taking some simple steps such as cleaning their air conditioning filters,” Drury said. “We also recommend that people set their thermostats at about 78 degrees — each degree lower than that increases your cooling costs by about 6 percent.”

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Energy experts say the cooling demand in the northeast may double in the coming days.

Con Ed says it expects peak power demand to hit around 4 p.m. Thursday.

Its all-time record demand was 13,141 mega-watts at 5 p.m. on Aug. 2, 2006 and Drury believes that number could be beat either Thursday or Friday.

The Tri-state isn’t the only area that’s been hit with this massive heat wave. The midwest has been sweating it out for more than a week.

Forty out of the 50 states have hit at least 90 degree temperatures in the last two days and has been blamed for more than a dozen deaths.

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One Comment

  1. A.N says:

    ConEd must be dismembered/dismantlement and all who work there through out of NYS without work permit to ever work in NYC!!!
    Last 4 day in half of the Brooklyn there were no electric power or voltage was so low that even old style bulbs did not worked.
    I am not talking about AC or refrigerators — no hot water, no fans. Nothing worked.
    Most of the people went to the parks for a cool water shower from the fountains or pools where those available.
    This is a shame for city which called capital of the world meanwhile citizens does not have simple service because ConEd management stole most of the funds and what left of it stolen by unions…

  2. angel says:

    what! my house would be an oven

  3. Billy Jo Jim Bob says:

    How dare Con Ed tell us what to do! I’m going to put my AC on 65 degrees and call them and tell them what i’m doing. I’d like to see them come over then. I’ll sue them. I’m old and fat, i need my AC!!

  4. Rich says:

    Anyone who leaves there air conditioner at 78 degress might as well not have one. If you can’t use it on a hot day why have it? Con Ed has nerve asking people to conserve. If I kept my A/C at 78 degrees my home would be an oven are they crazy. I keep mine at 70 and find it to be very comfortable any higher and my house would be a hot box. Let’s be realistic.

    1. flea says:

      I have central air. i keep it at 78 degrees and the entire house is plenty cool. If i keep it at 70 degrees, i will have to turn on the heat.

    2. A.N says:

      Hey Rich, move to the brooklyn.
      In our neighborhood(Bensonhirst) we did not have voltage to run a fan not an AC.
      You have guts to complain about AC running at &* degree.
      I would gladly switch places with you.
      So shut the hell up.

  5. midi-man says:

    Coned and the mayor have the same mind set, nothing between the ears!

  6. Jeff says:

    Why would I want a thermostat if I am going to set it at or above 78 degrees on a day like today you idiots at ConEd.
    FU make more electricity… sure as hell charge enough for it.

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