Cops: Woman Arrested In Suffolk County For Leaving 14-Month-Old Alone In Hot Car

Stunned Officers Said Accused Was Wondering What She Did Wrong

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It seems to defy logic.

A Long Island mother was arrested Friday for leaving her baby inside a hot car while she went shopping inside a mall, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Police said the jet black Mercedes was parked directly in the blistering sunlight, with the engine turned off. A couple of windows were barely cracked — in the back — and alone a 14-month-old toddler — strapped into a car seat – was left sweltering. Frantic shoppers in the Big H Shopping Center nervously dialed 911.

“The officers located a small female child in the back seat of the car sweating profusely. We immediately removed her from the car and placed her in the air conditioned marked unit. The mother subsequently came out to the car from one of the stores. She had no explanation,” Suffolk County Police Lt. Michael Montovano said.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Police Say She Was Left Alone For 15 Minutes

Returning to her new Mercedes the baby’s mother spotted patrol cars and officers said she wondered what all the commotion was about. Aimee Rachlin, 26, of upscale Old Brookville seemed to dismiss the concern, saying she was just in the stores for 15 minutes. Rachlin was stunned when police placed her under arrest. She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reports WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall.

The crying baby was treated inside the patrol car and quickly recovered. But police said they cannot recall such a reckless decision — a mother going inside an air conditioned store to shop and leaving her baby unattended inside a black car in 100-degree heat.

“Oh my goodness. People don’t realize you just do that, can’t leave children or pets in car, that’s terrible!” shopper Gina Mars said.

Rachlin was released on stationhouse bail. The baby was treated to cold water and fruit snacks while waiting for her grandmother to pick her up at the police station.

Fortunately, the baby did not need medical attention. The Department of Social Services is investigating.

Are you stunned by this? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. Josh Noneya says:

    She apparently wanted her child to die. What other explanation is there?

  2. Jason Santana says:

    If you don’t want to watch your child then get a babysitter of course you can do that with your $130K salary in your $2.4mil home. I bet she even has some sort of management job. Had this been any normal person they would have been nailed to the wall but no not this lady. She just makes bail and nothing else it heard about it.

  3. mizsherle says:

    She’s an out of work actress, according to various profiles.Maybe this will jumpstart her career.

  4. DD says:

    As parents, we try to provide maximum protection to our kids as we can and yet sometimes overconfident or orverlook , regrestable accident happened. Every case is different, but she gotta be nut to think that it is ok to leave the baby in the car in that crazy heat weather. This make me appreciate how much effort my wife and other women work hard to ensure their health and quality of life… Please kiss your wife and appreciate her effort for not putting your kids at risk… Thanks to all great mothers.

  5. jen says:

    A few months ago, I saw two children, both under the age of 5, left unattended in the back seat of a vehicle, and they both were not in car seats. I waited for the lady to come back outside and I confronted her. She said to me “that’s rediculous, I’m a judge!” I went to the police station, they informed me to “just let it go” and that there is no legal age limit that a parent can or cannot leave children unattended in a vehicle. This was all taken place in Gouverneur, NY. Very Disturbing!!

    1. Pei says:

      How disturbing. That means…she is a judge and can do anything she wanted, including causing harm to her children? And of course, the police is scared of doing anything because she is a judge.

      1. Zozonational says:

        A judge with a lack of judgment… sets a great example! No wonder with judges like her that some jerks are loose in the streets instead of behind bars!!!

  6. Joel Pliskin says:

    Aimee L. Rachlin can be reached at: 36 Valentines Lane. Glen Head, NY 11545. Don’t forget to send your Holiday greeting cards!

    1. jason santana says:

      her email is

  7. Stupid & Reckless says:

    NYC and its surrounding tri-state area is the mega-center of news. No matter where inside or outside of the United States that I travel, I will always hear about some news happening in NYC. Unfortunately the media’s coverage of NYC news usually highlights how primitive and stupid some of us are, I am embarrassed that this type of news makes headlines which puts to shame what people think of NYers. I applaud those who called the authorities and made sure that the baby was attended to, but that is NOT what people are going to remember about this story.

    WHY in God’s name do we share space in this wonderful city filled with really hard-working, high morale people with the most idiotic, selfish, reckless, immature, stupid friggin’ people? I am in awe of how dumb this “Jennifer McLogan” is…they should lock her in a black car, strapped in without the ability to free herself for 20 minutes with the windows UP directly parked in the hot sun and see if perhaps she can understand what all the commotion is about…what an idiot.

  8. doc in NJ says:

    check her out on Facebook… her photo tells the story. No mention of being a mother, her baby, a family, anything. Just a “look at me” type sexy photo and “I’m a party girl”

    Another future Casey Anthony.

  9. Bob Wiseman says:

    I heard that she was babysitting this child and it was not hers. Is this true?
    Do the police know this?

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      Doesn’t matter. She’s still liable for endangering the baby.

  10. DaveNYUSA says:

    I am not sure which is more surprising; that she left the baby in the car, or that she was “shocked” when she was arrested.
    It’s amazing how much stupid you can stuff into a single skull.

  11. hotinthecity2011 says:

    why do we need to hear about their moron people who cannot take care of their children? why have them? same with pets? Isn’t there anything better to talk about . Now Casey Anthony she is another story. she killed her child for sure. she is getting glorified and for what? she waited 30 days to report her child missing. what about the grandparents? why didnt they step in. I think they knew something all along and were keeping quiet. its a shame that a young girl had to suffer at the hands of these animals. Now she will make money off of this. book in the works, what is next movie? be sure to boycott people. we dont need to glorify trash like that.

  12. hotinthecity2011 says:

    you dont leave a 9 year old to go alone in New York. where were the parents? I hold them accountable also. You have kids watch them. no matter what age. they are your flesh and blood. Don’t assume anything. Especially in today’s world. You dont think a 9 year old will remember how to get somewhere , just because his mother walked the route with him. he is a baby.

  13. MM says:

    You can not compare this self indulgent mother with Leiby’s mother.

    This mother is a moron. She was too lazy to unstrap her child and bring her into the store with her.

    Leiby, who was 9 years old, not 6, had pleaded with his parents to allow him to walk home on his own. He wanted to feel like a grown up. His mother actually walked the route home with him so he would know which way to go. He got lost and stopped to ask the wrong person.

    And you ask what the difference is. Do you read past the headlines?

    1. hotinthecity2011 says:

      this is a great example of an unfit mother. if she was in the store 15 minutes what was the problem with her taking the child with her? was it that important to go to the mall? leave your kid in a hot car with the windows closed? strapped in a car seat? maybe for punishment they should strap her to a car seat and leave her in a hot car with the windows closed. such cruel people out there. also those who leave animals in a hot car. you are on animal lover. you are an abuser.

    2. jg59 says:

      Leiby’s mother should have been following closely behind to make sure he knew where he was going and that he was safe. No matter how friendly your community is, or how well everyone knows each other, your child is not in bubble and something tragic can happen. My heart goes out to his parents – she has got to be absolutely grief striken about the fact that this didn’t have to happen.

    3. M.May says:

      Where I live in upstate NY, you cannot leave a child home alone under the age of 12 so why is the little Leiby boy and different…should have not been on streets alone. This other lady is ignorant and stupid! It is great someone found this little girl!

  14. Mike B says:

    She should be strapped into the hot car tied up so she is defenseless so she can know how her poor baby felt. People like this disgust me.

  15. MJ says:

    her defense will be … “IT’S OK , I WAS IN NORDSTROM’S”

    1. gina says:

      I heard on News 12 she was in K Mart. She lives in Upper Brookville (where homes are not less than $2 million and most are in the $5 million dollar range, but she goes to Huntington Station to shop at K Mart, leaving the child in the car. It seems to me that she has done this before, which is why she did not think anything was wrong in doing it. It wasn’t like she forgot to take the baby in with her and then it was pointed out and she realized yes that was something wrong that happened. She thinks leaving a baby alone in a car is okay to do, she has no concept that in heat like this she could have died, there is something seriously wrong with the woman.

  16. yayagirl says:

    PLEASE don’t let her near that baby unsupervised again or EVER

  17. teetotaler says:

    Does this mental case have a husband? If so, how can he live with her?



    1. Bob Fowler says:

      The differance? I don’t know of any.

      The difference though is that a 14 month old child, secured into the back seat of a locked car has no recourse except to sit there and sweat. Leiby, as horrible as his death was, was a 6 year old boy who happened to walk up to the wrong person.

      Another DIFFERENCE was that in Leiby’s case, nobody saw anything out of the ordinary or dangerous going on, and therefore, did nothing to save him. In the case of the Rachlin child, people saw the danger, and acted on it.

      Now please feel free to try to learn how to breathe through your nose instead of through your mouth, learn English, and stay off the internet, because your statement has lowered the collective IQ of the world by 1 point.

    2. MM says:

      You can not compare this self indulgent mother with Leiby’s mother.

      This mother is a moron. She was too lazy to unstrap her child and bring her into the store with her.

      Leiby, who was 9 years old, not 6, had pleaded with his parents to allow him to walk home on his own. He wanted to feel like a grown up. His mother actually walked the route home with him so he would know which way to go. He got lost and stopped to ask the wrong person.

      And you ask what the difference is. Do you read past the headlines?

    3. mizsherle says:

      Please learn how to spell.

  19. Lisa Roth says:

    What … was it the nanny’s day off??!!

    1. Jim-NJ says:

      I promise you she will do something similar again and again.

    2. MCK says:

      Nanny’s day off?? That was the nanny! Mommy was probably doing the pool boy!

  20. Friend says:

    you read my mind!

  21. Erin says:

    Felt the need to point out — to all the people who are incorrectly commenting — that the child was released to the GRANDMOTHER, not the psychotic meth head mother. (Read 2nd to last paragraph). I hope that woman NEVER gets that kid back!!

    1. jg59 says:

      But on the news last night the grandmother was defending her daughter saying the child was only in the car for about 2 minutes while the mother went into the store to get her a drink. And then had the never to say the people who called 911 went overboard. Talk about the apple now falling far from the tree. The mother could have at least left the AC on – but then again I guess she was more concerned about someone stealing the car than her child’s life.

  22. Ken says:

    … get her to a dermatologist. Then chop off her head.

  23. Tac says:

    Sounds to me like she did it intentionally and played stupid when she was caught.

  24. Greta says:

    What an entitled idiot. She could have at least left the motor running with the air conditioner ON. My God, I put out water for the birds in this heat and she can’t bring her kid in the store? And why is she shopping in the Big H??? That shopping center is for welfare type people. Sounds like maybe she was shopping for DRUGS.

  25. Gilbert says:

    Her face says it all.

    1. JAIL HER SIX MONTHS... says:


      1. liz says:

        I totally agree! She needs to be jailed!!! How awful and disgusting!!!!!

  26. Marina Ios says:

    look at the mug-shot, she looks , at least, drunk, if not drugged….
    if anyone was thinking- including myself- that this sort of primitive behavior and irresponsibility could be found in harlem, bronx, etc, only, well…we were wrong
    you could easily find drugged and child-abusers on long island, too….money or mercedes benz does not equal education necessarily
    i really hope, she will get at least couple of years, just to think about what she did

  27. RICHIE says:

    LOCK HER IN A HOT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. angel says:

    This is SICK!!
    So many woman who want a child so bad, and cant conceive and this woman doesn’t care about her child!

    1. adam says:

      I couldn’t agree more it was not easy for my wife and I to concieve and this stuck up rich concieted cluless self centered selfish maniac probably with a snooty pole up herr rear end plays dumb and wonders why she was cuffed.. too bad the cops didn’t tune her up bc I would love to have 15 minutes alone with her and none of her speed dial lawyers…. old brookville my arse.

      Send her to tent city in AZ Let’s see how she likes the heat

  29. Johnny Handsome says:

    Wait, they let her go AND gave the child back to her?

    1. Erin says:

      They gave the child to the grandmother. Doesn’t say maternal or paternal…….

  30. Jimmy says:

    Some portions of Suffolk county are one step up from a trailer park.

    1. yeahhhhh says:

      Old Brookville is not in Suffolk County, it is north shore Nassau, one of the top 5 wealthiest portions of America. But, thanks for trying,

      1. NYer1 says:

        She was just shopping in Suffolk, the dumb folks travel…..

      2. Jimmy says:

        check out today’s news for Suffolk drivers(July 25)

  31. Kristen says:

    Looks like a Meth head to me!

    1. JohnPA2006 says:

      I was thinking the same exact thing. You can see the acid blood coming through her pores on her face. God please watch over that child.

  32. Carlos Liriano says:

    if she had a head full of air, she wont be so stupid. and she does look like she is on some king of drug, she is not a natural blonde, peroxide filtered through her scalp down intro her empty head, lock her up and trow the key in the ocean

  33. shane says:

    She’s no blond she’s a peroxide drug addict. Look at those eyes. Get off the pills
    sister. your goose is cooked!

  34. brunilda says:

    this happens in all types of races…

  35. brunilda says:

    now the mother knows what kind of temperature is out there. so it is obvious that she was trying to get rid of the baby. then she was gonna say it was an accident..child protective services should keep an eye on this one.

  36. jeny says:

    White thrash

  37. hell says:

    given back? this moron breeder should be jailed!!!!

  38. vy says:

    Take a good look at her picture…………..looks like a head full of some type of intoxicating substance.
    Poor kid has to have a looser like that as their mother.

    1. brunilda says:

      i agree

  39. Blonde and stupid says:

    That is insane? Give the girl back to her? What was her excuse? That is not acceptable. She tried to kill her daughter!!! Are you going to tell me she does not know better? Come one!!!

    1. Blonde and stupid says:

      I am amaze by the amount of spelling mistakes I just made. sorry ppl it is too hot outside….

    2. brunilda says:

      this is what shock me that they gave the baby back to her..when she try to kill her baby in a form of an accident.

    3. LLL says:

      That’s the “New” method of killing a child, making believe you forgot that you left them in a car. A principal or teacher got away with this a few years ago. Anyway, what, lady, is it too much trouble to take a child into the store. Who would have a relationship with this trash.

  40. Tommy says:


  41. horror says:

    they better check on the girl later on, she must have been trying to kill her.

  42. Tommy says:

    The gave her BACK to the mother? Is that a joke? I guess if you are white, blonde, and drive a Mercedes in Suffolk County you are allowed to boil your children.

    1. Claude says:

      Very sadly true. Bad enough to leave a one-year-old alone in a car, but in this heat, too? It seems there are serious neglect and abuse issues here.

  43. Gregory says:

    A shopping mall dingbat with a wallet full of credit cards and head full of air.

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