CBS 2’s Chief Weathercaster Lonnie Quinn Has Bike Stolen On Upper West Side

Quinn Tells How His Impenetrable Security Was Compromised

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Warm weather in New York City always brings out cyclists and, unfortunately, thieves. Bike theft is a growing problem as CBS 2’s Chief Weathercaster Lonnie Quinn found out on Tuesday.

Quinn had his bike stolen as the brazen theft was caught on surveillance camera.

“I took every precaution that I could possibly think of. I put four locks on that bike,” Quinn told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

What’s most surprising is where the bike was stolen — on 63rd Street off Central Park West. It is a highly-traveled street and considered a safe neighborhood, especially in broad daylight.

Surveillance video shows Quinn locking up his $2,300 bike in front of his Upper West Side gym just after 10 a.m. Moments later, a man parked his bike next to Quinn’s.

bike theft CBS 2s Chief Weathercaster Lonnie Quinn Has Bike Stolen On Upper West Side

(credit: CBS 2 via surveillance video)

“[He] spends the bulk of his time doing something to his bike — which he’s really not — he’s clearly scoping out my bike,” Quinn said.

Among Quinn’s four locks was a heavy-duty Kryptonite lock system, which carries an insurance policy with a catch.

“That particular lock that I had on the bike will cover the cost of the bike up to $3,000 if it’s stolen…except in New York City. It’s the bike stealing capitol of the world,” Quinn said.

Bike salesman Joseph Reyes said that as soon as companies improve their locks, thieves are cracking the codes.

“They’re more than your run-of-the-mill thief. These are people that are experienced that know the technology and in some cases are ahead of the game,” Reyes said.

No lock is guaranteed as avid cyclists like Carla Pinza know. She’s had 17 bikes stolen in her lifetime.

“I’ve had every lock imaginable, they cut it. It’s hard….it’s tough to be a cyclist in this city,” Pinza said.

The Kryptonite lock company releases a list of the top ten worst cities for bike theft. New York has ranked first for the last four years.

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One Comment

  1. DIVA says:


    Sorry babe. I’m an avid cyclist and I love my bike. I’ve seen crooks ride away with stolen property. Have you seen that bit on “what would you do”.? CHECK IT OUT. You will be very surprise who would help someone steal someone’s property.

    MY RULE: If I can’t take it indoors, I stay outdoors. Bike lock has been in the closet for years collected dusk.

    P.S. If you want to ride, I love lapping in central park.

  2. annie b. says:

    There are not enough bicycles in Manhattan for it to be the bicycle theft capital of the world. That honor goes to Amsterdam, where almost everyone gets around on bicycles, sometimes an adult and two children on the same bike! After having their bikes stolen, they go to the flea market on Saturday to try to find it and buy it back

  3. Jeff says:

    This theft might be covered under a home owner insurance policy.
    I wonder if there’s a LoJack type of tracking device for bikes &
    customized motorcycles…Yes but:

    Motorcycle theft is a big problem – more than 56,000 bikes were stolen in 2009 – that’s more than $370 million in losses. Since 2006, there have been more than 253,000 motorcycle thefts. Are you protecting your bike?

    Most motorcycles are stolen by professional thieves, and there’s little you can do to prevent them from taking your bike if they really want it. But if your motorcycle is stolen, you can get it back with LoJack For Motorcycles – the only Stolen Vehicle Recovery System operated by the Police.

    LoJacks work by the device being hidden, which is a lot harder to do on a bike. I’m sure it could be done, but then you’re dealing with the problem of recovery rather than theft prevention — and as anyone who’s ever had a car stolen will tell you, it’s rare that it will come back to you with all its parts, even if it has a LoJack. No one will expect something like a LoJack on a bike; therefore, there’s no deterrent effect, and you’re going to be chasing down your stolen bike, once you know it’s missing. You might prefer to put your efforts into prevention.

  4. newsworthy? says:

    why don’t you guys do a story about every stolen bike in the city every day of the year? you’ll have a website 1000 pages long. this is not news unless you’re in a town with a population of 21 people and then i’m not sure it is either.

  5. Wizard Louie says:

    The man or woman that sold him that bike might be happy
    about this ,if he becomes a return customer.
    This is a sicko city ,look how many people here blame the man
    and not the crime, we are demoralized ,if a 777 aircraft went down most
    people here would not talk about the cost of the plane first or would they?
    People in this city deserve better bike racks and security ,it is not this man’s
    fault be he Entertainer or Physician or a junkie ,that his bike was stolen.

  6. jim says:

    we get what we desrve. we let teh animals take over and now we cannot have anythiong nice

  7. David Flores says:

    $2300.00 for a bike? now theres the crime!! hahahahah poor lonnie.

  8. David Flores says:

    that is a funny story. dude makes big bucks, buys stupidly expensive bike and parks it on a cheap bike rack? what a maroon said bugs bunny. hahahahahahahaha enjoy the pain lonnie!!!

  9. Coach says:

    To learn more about parking your bicycle and commuting in the city, please consider taking a class from City Bike Coach!

  10. KPMc says:

    suburban moron.
    i like to slash tires of bikes when i walk by them and they are chained up

    1. rtisticfx says:

      you’re an idiot.

  11. stevef says:

    The rack at that gym is a dish-rack piece of junk. It has at most one point that the bike frame can be locked to the rack. So even with 4 locks, only one of them was holding the bike to the rack. The last view of the thief shows him sliding one of the locks up the frame – it was never cut off the bike.

    There are better bike racks make, the health club should install a set.
    Though I must thank them for having a bike rack at all. Some clubs make no effort to provide any bike parking.

    What’s with knocking the price of the bike? Just because you think bikes are supposed to be toys and not a transportation vehicle? Personally, I use an expensive bike for road riding and a different “Partsa” bike for city commute & utility trips. But even made up of Parts of this and Parts of that, this junker bike is worth well north of $500. On the other hand, a $2000 used car is looked at as a cheap ride – that’s going to cost you another $5000 in maintenance and insurance to keep on the road. Even at $2000, a bike is a quick and lower cost way to travel.

  12. anon. says:

    I steal bikes all the time in Manhatton usually to get home and then I will dump them. People use flimsy locks that can be cut with a tool that fits in my pocket….. Not been caught yet, don’t think I will be. If you are a citizen and you report a stolen bike, NYPD just laughs about it. They act concerned but don’t care.

  13. jack meoff says:


    1. badman says:

      no, some people spend enough time on their bikes that it’s well worth it. I’m sure you paid plenty for that sofa you park your a$$ on all day.

  14. bruce onyon says:

    Skis have always been a problem at resorts, I started seperating my skis. Take the front wheel off the bike, they are simple to remove. Who is going to walk a bike away without a wheel ??

  15. Danny Seaman says:

    Dear Lonnie, I’m sorry to hear of your bike theft. It is not your fault. I had my first bike stolen in NYC in 1958. My father drove the streets for weeks looking for the kid. He eventually found it. Since then I have had many bikes stolen.
    When you bike was stolen a crook committed a felony. I hope you took the time to report it to the police. It is their job to prevent Bike Thefts. We New Yorkers do not hold the NYPD’s “Feet to the Fire” over this crime.
    I and many New Yorkers would love to see you take your anger to force a major crack down on Biike Thefts.
    I’ve lived in NYC for over 60 year this crime effects children, adults and the elderly like myself.
    Try to convince your editors at CBS to let you run with this story. Make this your issue. Your ratings will skyrocket. More than that for every child whose bike is ripped off you will do a great public service.
    Get Even !
    Danny Seaman

  16. DD says:

    No sympathy here. You are a fool to have a two thousand dollar bike in NYC and lock it up on the street

  17. Charlie says:

    Monday morning QBs. If there was an indoor bike parking Im sure he would have used it. The owner of the bike did everything he could by folllowing the rules and laws reguarding bikes. It is NOT his fault that larseny was lurking….You could say the same thing about cars- why would you park a 100,000 dollar car in the streets. Sounds stupid dont it. Also this Kriptonite lock company should be dropped by all in NYC since they do not cover our city. That only tells me that the company making those locks are really not confident about their claim for that lock since where its needed the most they retrackt their policy to insure. Here is an impregnable lock, the name alone says that by infering to the weeknes of the strongest man we know. How can they exclude NYC where this lock is most needed. Like I infered it dose not stand up to their claim; although it keeps the not so savys paws off your property. I LL NEVER BUY A KRIPTONITE LOCK NOT EVER. Oh and they price it as if it was a guarantee against theft HA-Ha-ha.

  18. JMT says:

    {{{you locked a $2300. bike on the street? you either really WANTED to lose that bike or you are an IDIOT. If you lock a bike on the streets of NYC, be prepared to lose it.}}

    A bike is really impractical in NYC for these reasons.. I have two Trek bikes that only cost $999 & $799 not ‘cool’ enough to ride on the UES or the UWS and certainly not central park but I don’t have to worry about it getting stolen, bike jacked, or having it get ruined from hitting a pothole.

  19. manny296 says:

    Onlya moran would leave a expensive bike outside.

    1. KPMc says:

      If you are going to insult people with words that question their intelligence you should try using the spell check on said word.

      Also, when it precedes a vowel or vowel sound ‘a’ becomes ‘an’.

      You really should stop questioning peoples’ intelligence, you imbecile.

      1. KPMc says:


      2. KPMc says:

        i bet that guy is the rabbi who raped me in my bung hole years ago`

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        The possessive of “people” is “people’s,” not “peoples.'” People is plural without the “s,” so the “‘s” is just needed just to demonstrate possession.

        You really should stop questioning people’s intelligence who question people’s intelligence, you imbecile.

        People means a group of people sharing a similar identity or culture, as in the “people of New York City” or the “people who comment on CBS.” Peoples means many different such groups of people, each group sharing a similar identity or culture, as in the “many peoples of Europe.”

  20. badman says:

    Lonnie Quinn:

    you locked a $2300. bike on the street? you either really WANTED to lose that bike or you are an IDIOT. If you lock a bike on the streets of NYC, be prepared to lose it.

    You did NOT “take every precaution” – you should have KEPT IT INSIDE!

    I usually don’t use so many caps, but THIS WAS JUST SO STUPID!

  21. Stacey Jackson says:

    Has bike STOLE???? Who’s doing the proofreading at CBS?

    1. readingteach says:

      Boohoo for him.
      Stacey…… need to read better!

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