Report: MTA Finds Turnstile Jumpers Saving Money

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The old saying “crime doesn’t pay” apparently doesn’t apply to fare evaders in New York City subways.

Analysts with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority found that turnstile-jumpers made it onto subways 18.5 million times in 2009, but police only issued 120,000 summonses that year, the Daily News reports.

Analysts found fare evaders receive a $100 per infraction fine only every one to three months. So if fined in one month, they end up paying less than they would for a $104 monthly MetroCard.

The savings are even greater considering that weekly unlimited MetroCards cost $29. After the fine, turnstile jumpers would save eight dollars in one month, $132 in two months, and $348 in three.

In the agency’s “NY MTA Annual Disclosure,” the MTA cited a drop in fare evasion from a peak of 5.9 percent in 1991 to 1.3 percent last year, but fare-evasion continues to cut into revenue public transportation revenue in the Big Apple.

The number of trains being placed into service is also being cut. Straphangers can expect about two fewer trains running per hour on the 1 and 6 lines, and depending on the crowds, the net result could lead to more crowded trains and slightly longer waits on the platform. The summer change was not a popular one.

“This is the one I depend on to get to work, so I wish they would go back to the way it was,” Manhattan resident Renee Black told CBS 2’s Jay Dow on July 15.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz downplayed the net effect of the service cuts, telling Dow: “These are seasonal adjustments we’ve made based on declining ridership resulting from summer vacations and are similar to the seasonal adjustments we have been making along certain bus routes.”

MTA officials added the service cuts also allow the system to use less energy this summer, which in turn will allow the already cash strapped agency to operate more cost-effectively.

Given this fare evasion situation, should the MTA cut fares? Sound off in our comments section below…


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  1. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    Love the photo above. The tin-pigs keeping a watchful eye to “protect & serve” the rich man’s tolls. If you get mugged in the subway, rest assured that the cops will be too busy generating ticket revenue for the city.

    The NYC subway system is barely on par with the second world. More taxes & tolls, less services. Every year it progressively degenerates, like the city, state & federal government. “We the People” must overthrow the power elite, even if that means killing their goons in blue.

    1. KPMc says:

      How many Ipods, ipads, computers, huge TVs do you own but you can’t pay $2.25 to travel almost anywhere in the greatest city in the world.

      Pathetic… all of you anarchists!

      Everyone has plenty of money for luxuries but necessities? Heaven forbid you pay for them. Just go on welfare and have us pay for your necessitates like the rest of the leeches complaining about $2.25.

      Goes for you too, Dixson. One advocates stealing and the other murder of police. Friggin’ pathetic.. all of you!

  2. MAYOR MIKE says:


  3. gjk says:

    Ah, i wish i still took the subways to work, but i’m stuck driving to work every day (i work in Jersey). Bet they’ll try upping the fines to make it stop and it won’t work. What might save some of that revenue is giving disconts to people collecting foodstamps or unemployment, but that’s NEVER going to happen.

    1. KPMc says:

      So… you want to take money out of my left pocket to save me from losing the money in my right pocket?

      Where do you think food stamps, welfare and imagined MTA discounts/subsidies for poor come from? The pockets of taxpayers.

      When did it become acceptable to spend your money on luxuries when you can’t pay for your necessities?

      1. gjk says:

        Luxeries??? i buy my clothes at the Salvation Army, i can only afford the food that’s on sale at the supermarket, drive a twenty two year old car, and the laste electronic device i bought at cost was a cassette player.

        And what money am i taking out of your pocket?? No one fu cking cent.

      2. KPMc says:

        gjk asks…

        “And what money am i taking out of your pocket?? No one fu cking cent.”

        And i refer him to his previous suggestion…

        “What might save some of that revenue is giving disconts to people collecting foodstamps or unemployment, but that’s NEVER going to happen.”

    2. gjk says:

      We’re talking about how people are jumping turnstyles because they can’t pay the fare. I’m suggesting we lower the price for those most tempted to, meaning they’ll pay something rather than nothing.

      But, however you look at this, i’m not taking anything from you; i’m proposing a solution.

  4. Dixson says:

    I don’t blame these people for trying to save money by jumping over the turnstile or going undernearth or using something swipe-related scam to use the subway system withoutpaying. Who wants to pay these bloated, over-priced fares. And if you think a NYC subway ride is too expensive, the LIRR fares are five times more expensive [mainly due because subway is “closed” system, the LIRR is “Open” system and requires $100,000 year salary/pension conductors to punch tickets, doing what turnstile does].

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