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Report: Daniel Schuler Sues State, Brother-In-Law, 2 Years After Taconic Crash

Former Schuler Private Investigator: This Is A Mind-Boggling Decision

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On July 26, 2009, Diane Schuler, driving her family home to Long Island after a weekend camping trip, went the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway and crashed into an SUV.

Eight people died in the crash, including Schuler herself, her daughter, three nieces, and three men in another car.

No one was ever charged for the accident, and the Westchester County district attorney maintained that Schuler was the only person that could’ve been charged.

However, according to published reports, husband Daniel Schuler filed suit Monday against the state and the father of three girls in the accident.

Schuler reportedly said that the highway’s poor construction led to the accident, and that Warren Hance, father of victims Emma, Alyson and Katie, ages 8, 7 and 5, respectively, owned the vehicle that Diane Schuler drove.

Toxicology reports showed Schuler was driving with a blood-alcohol level double the legal limit and that she’d been smoking marijuana. The accident is said to be the worst in Westchester in over 75 years.

taconic Report: Daniel Schuler Sues State, Brother In Law, 2 Years After Taconic Crash

Wreckage from the wrong-way crash on the Taconic State Parkway (credit: Sonia Rincon/1010 WINS)

Roseanne Guzzo lost her father, Guy Bastardi; and her brother, Michael, and family friend Daniel Longo on that horrible day. She responded Tuesday to the news Daniel Schuler’s lawsuit.

“I don’t understand what it is about this man. He’s gotta accept this. By suing the state of New York it’s not going to change the facts,” Guzzo told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Thomas Ruskin, a former NYPD detective, was hired by Daniel Schuler as a private investigator. They had a falling out because Daniel Schuler does not want to believe, Ruskin said, his wife was at fault. Ruskin said he tried to talk Schuler out of filing lawsuits.

“I can’t tell you. I don’t understand how someone can file this type of lawsuit against the people of the state of New York and his brother-in-law,” Ruskin said when asked what sense filing a lawsuit makes.

Though there was movement inside Schuler’s house on Tuesday, no one came to the door when Guzman knocked. In his Long Island neighborhood, though, while people did not want to comment on his lawsuit, they did remember the fatal crash.

“I can’t possibly comprehend how a woman could have brought about such a terrible event,” Tony Perez said.

“The fact of the matter is she was drunk and high at the time of the accident. She drove the wrong way 1.7 miles and she killed seven innocent people. And had she survived that accident: she’d be in jail today,” Ruskin said.

Guzman also contacted the lawyer for Schuler’s brother-in-law. They, too, would not comment.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports

“On the drive back home, Emma, our oldest, called us from the car and said ‘something is wrong with Aunt Diane’,” Jackie Hance, who lost her daughters in the crash, recalled in an interview with Ladies Home Journal this month. “I heard the other children crying in the background and then the phone cut out.”

“When something terrible happens, your brain simply can’t process it — or at least mine couldn’t.  For the first month I was so dazed with grief that I’d wander out of my room and out of the house at all hours. I don’t know what I was doing. Searching for the girls?” Hance said.

Hance said the extended family remains split.

4880756 Report: Daniel Schuler Sues State, Brother In Law, 2 Years After Taconic Crash

The Schuler Family (credit: Handout)

“People always ask how I feel about Diane. How does a person go from being like a sister to me — adored by my girls and cherished by my husband — to being the one who ruined our lives? To not have any answers is torture,” Hance said.

She stopped going to church, though her faith has been restored in the kindness of strangers inspiring the Hances to set up a foundation in memory of their daughters.

“Parenting is not something you can ever let go of, even if your children are gone. Warren and I still celebrate the girls’ birthdays, just as we always did,” Hance said.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports: Still Looking For Answers And Justice

Two years after the crash, Michael Bastardi Jr., is still looking for answers and justice — and didn’t expect to find either in “There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane” — an HBO documentary which aired Monday night.

Bastardi said Schuler’s family continues to make excuses for her behavior. He called the timing of the documentary in “poor taste.”

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One Comment

  1. Johnny Handsome says:

    Sad, just sad. You are suing the man whose kids your drunk, druggie wife killed. I understand that this is because of grief but this is low. Really low.

  2. Ellen says:

    No matter how much money you get, it aint going to bring the dead back. that’s for sure.

  3. C Thomas says:

    The highway cannot be that confusing, I do not recall anyone else driving 2 miles down it the wrong way…

    1. it did happened says:

      Actually, two weeks after this terrible accident, another person got in at the same place similar to what happened to this woman. However, in her case, she was drunk and high. I remember it because it was two weeks after this last year.

      1. This man is SICK says:

        This man is a piece of … The VAN owned by his family member didn’t automatically drive the wrong way, but instead it was his trashy, wasted wife that did. Don’t make excuses for this stoner – did you forget she was DRUNK and HIGH. Last time I checked, that is against the law.

        As for this guy trying to sue his family and the state – it is a desperate attempt to recover money because I wouldn’t be surprised it there are several suits against him. Always making excuses.. let someone else’s deep pockets pay for his legal fees. So sick after all the pain he and his low life wife caused. You can’t tell me that he didn’t know his wife’s indulgences to smoking and drinking. I’m sure a family trip is not the first time she would try this and get wasted. He probably didn’t care that she was in this state of mind driving her family because he most likely would have done the same.

        There is a special place for people like this….

  4. Gloria says:

    I understand everyone’s comments about why in the world this guy would be suing the state but why in the heck is he suing his Brother in Law because he owned the vehicle….The state and his family DID not make her take the vehicle and NONE of them made her drink or smoke and NONE of them said hey please go kill everything I love in one shot…..Dude, love your son, heal, APOLOGIZE to your brother in law and sister in law for their overwhelming loss and help each to heal. Oh wait money heals everything right???

  5. MyWifeDrivesDrunk says:

    This guy is a major league d-bag…

    1. DIRT BAG AND WIFE says:

      His piece of ^&*# wife is too

      She is clearly high in that ugly picture of her on the top of the page. They both make me want to puke. The two of them were perfect for each other: both the lowest form of life

  6. Rodin says:

    Put him in an SUV and throw him (AND HIS LAWYER) off a cliff.

  7. Carla Mccarthy says:

    Sometimes when an accident happens it’s hard to believe the facts. Good and/or bad.

  8. steve says:

    He is going to need a lawyer to go forward with this latest action. Any lawyer worth his salt is going to sit with him in a room, examine the facts and the evidence, look the man in the eye and say, Let it go. You need to let it go. Your wife was drunk and high. She was at fault. People died. Let it go.

  9. Robert says:

    Let me ask any women this question: If you were married to Daniel Schuler would you drink and get high? I suspect most women would want to escape from that reality….

  10. elahau says:

    This guy can continue to try to stir up sympathy by asserting their was somethig medicaly wrong with his wife, but he failed to do what anyone wanting the truth would have done…exhume Diane’s body and have top forensic experts redo tests. But he wouldnt because then the truth would be corroborated. And how does he figure that his brother-in-law is to blame for lending her the car – how dysfunctional.

  11. ham07 says:

    Daniel Shuler is a lowlife, he is suing the father of 3 of the kids his wife murdered. Unbelivable. Can you imagine what the brother in law is going through and this bull.

    1. Zilly says:

      There is a light at the end of this tunnel!!!!! The mother of the 3 dead kids is pregnant!!! So the parents of the 3 dead kids [the father is the one getting sued by his brother-in-law] will have a new life to help them cope with this truly horrible and unbelievable loss.


    Dan Schuler is a stupid a-hole. I hope he loses and gets sued for being a stupid a-hole and sentenced to 10 years hard labor.

  13. jaypee says:

    To file a lawsuit with the State of NY you have 90 days from the occurrence to file a Notice of Intention. He is past that and cannot sue the State. The claim against NY will be rejected.

  14. Phil Osopher says:

    Mr Schuler you are pathetic. From the first time I saw you on Larry King you repulsed me. You didn’t have answers for the questions you were asked.

    ..and now THIS!

    You’re a piece of work that’s for sure.

  15. justpassinthru says:

    there has got to be a mistake. When are they going to throw this guy in jail for manslaughter??? Everyone says that the wife is totally at fault but this man ALLOWED his wife to drive drunk and high. After they drank and smoked pot, he drove off with the DOG (!) knowing she was high…why isn’t he partially responsible? Why didn’t the police arrest him?

  16. max says:

    OMG I think I am going to PUKE
    Your wife is responsible for these deaths. Not your brother in law or the state because of poor highway construction
    Cant you let these people grieve in piece rather than satisfy your guilt and the guilt of your wife
    SHE WAS DRUNK and no matter what you say to deny it that is the fact
    Your wife is a KILLER and you are an enabler
    ROT IN HELL and let these innocent victims family move on

  17. Jack says:

    I think what happened was when the store didn’t have Anbesol she decided she was gonna kill the pain her way…..I have a friend who is an alcoholic and keeps a bottle of Vodka in the car at all times….Maybe she drank a few healthy mouthfuls and washed it down with the half a joint tucked behind the visor….

    Next Schuler will be saying someone who works for the Dept of Transportation paid someone in the lab to mess with the evidence because they didn’t want to have to defend the fact that Robert Moses designed Parkways from the 1930’s may not be practical anymore in 2011……

    You can leave Mulchay’s in Wantagh, NY tanked out your mind and easily get on the Parkway from Sunrise Hwy in the wrong dir….

  18. Ann Marie Kellett says:

    Shouldn’t he be suing the bong manufacturer as well and of course the distillery? This was 100% his wife’s fault and to try to make money off the death of innocents is a new low.

  19. I Smell Something Stinky says:

    Yet another example of a bull**** lawsuit! Did his lawyers defend Casey Anthony too?

  20. CINDY says:

    Now i have heard everything….

  21. Jakc Ok says:

    Mr Schuler dont go out of yur house a lightining strike might hit you and you end up suing God OMG, LMAO

  22. Jakc Ok says:

    oh what the hell il sue God,USA,long island and the cemetery for being so expensive lmao!!!!!

  23. Jakc Ok says:

    next time he will sue God for him being born in this world lmao!!!

  24. Honesty Is the Best Policy says:

    Instead of crawling under a rock and hide from the media, this stupid guy comes out with this laughable case against the city and the other poor man. What a joke this guy is. This guy must be high on something. He is most likely out of his mind. If I was the judge looking at this case, I would kick him out of my court room the moment he puts a foot in it. What a crazy mad man.
    His stupid lawyers who are advising him with this case should be boycotted.

  25. Sue Cupo says:


  26. ApprxAm says:

    There very well may be too many lawyers in America because the courts allow these bottom-feeding attorneys to make a living off these absolutely ridiculous filings and this should stop. Suing someone for owning the car that was used in the killing of his children in not only legally dubious, but morally repugnant to the sense.

    I don’t know. Maybe this is his way off staying in touch with those victimized by his wife’s actions.

  27. brooklyn4ever says:

    Huly Cow! How about facing the fact that your wife was a loser, a drunk and a druggie and stop blaming the signs that have been on the Taconic for 100 years that I have never had a problem with. She decided to get behind the wheel and ruined a lot of lives that day. Were you raking the rest of her drugs when you decided to come up with this inane nonsense. Losers love comoany. It seems that you two made the perfect pair.

  28. Glenn Erdmann says:

    I would love to meet the lawyer that had the balls to file this suit, must be a real shyster.

  29. LiberalsAreEvil says:

    This guy is as sick as his drunk, doped up, murdering wife. He should just go straight to hell!!

    1. Claude says:


    2. Claude says:

      He’s a bad guy, but please don’t make it about liberals. I don’t know of any liberal who approves of this man’s attempts to exonerate his wife and blame a thousand other people, which he’s been doing since the get-go. Liberals believe in individual liberty but not in the complete abdication of personal responsibility.

  30. HelloNY says:

    Wow, is this guy for real? His drunk and drug addled low life of a wife MURDERED this mans 3 ONLY children and Mr. Schuler has the nerve to sue? Disgusting… You know, I always wondered if Diane Schuler was just having a really bad day or if she was really just a piece of trash. After hearing of this suit her husband is bringing against the victims father, it’s obvious that she was trash because she obviously married trash.

    Ms. Schuler, just go crawl back under your rock and hope people forget what a piece of garbage you married.

  31. John says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? This POS deserves to die a slow death. This lawsuit should be tossed. Who cares who owns the car, his drunk, high wife was driving it, there was no mechanical defect. And the highway is defective, LOL!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, your drunk a-s-s high wife could have figured out real quick she was going the wrong way, Dan, you are a POS, rot.

  32. Mr. Schuler: brainiac says:

    In my next lfiling, I’m going sue this guy Cohol. Al Cohol! It’s all his fault!

  33. Bridget says:

    Maybe if this guys wife were not high on pot & booze she would not have gone the wrong way at 85 mph. No one else went the wrong way. Then to have the nerve to sue his brother-in-law because he is the owner is ridiculous. Hopefully, all of the victims will file wrongful death suits against this fool. I hope this idiot get laughed out of court.

  34. diver says:

    Just what we need another bogus lawsuit.

  35. Bell Toller says:

    Toitally ridicuolous lawsuit

  36. LG says:

    I guess he figured that everyone is suing him and her estate that he’s going to start a law suit of his own.

  37. Daniel Schuler is a LOSER says:

    Sorry but highway was engineered that you drive in the right directions. He should quietly go under the radar and restart his life. Doing things like this puts him the spotlight and in a very negative way.

  38. Charlie says:

    He’d have better luck if he sued the state for giving her a driver’s lilcense.

  39. Jr says:

    This man suffered a lot also. I feel for him, his life was destroyed. It probably takes every bit of strength to just get out of bed in the morning. he is not responsible for the bad decisions of his wife. But this is over the top. Some lawyer out there brought this to him. He is a defeated man being used by someone else for a payday. Make the lawyer pay for all costs associated with the suit so far disbar him.

    1. Mary Vicino Di Meglio says:


    2. are you kidding!!!! says:

      Go scratch – you’re probably Daniel Schuler posting a comment about your sorry life. Daniel Schuler should have been in that car too so all the innocent victims and their familes don’t have to deal with this.

  40. Maria P says:

    What a dirtbag! It’s not bad enough that his wife killed her 3 nieces but now he wants to sue the father becase she was driving his car?!! Haven’t they suffered enought without this IDIOT making things worse!

  41. MCK says:

    I’d like to know who the a**hole lawyer is that is advising this guy on this! Is that what this guy went to law school for? Is that what they teach you in law school? Suing the state and the owner of the car….the owner of the car???? OMG!!! Lock up this lawyer and throw the keys away!!!

    1. Scott says:

      He went to law school to “Learn how to Lie”. Same as all the rest that go to law school end up learning. They teach you how to be the ultimate liar. And this guy will be the text book liar before the court sends him packing for even remotely thinking about such a law suit.

  42. swanny says:

    He needs the money to support his drug habit! What a loser!

  43. Tonya Carpenter-Dempster says:

    Ok, he’s suing the state because of “poor construction”? How is that even a factor if she was driving the wrong way? Toxicology reports don’t lie, and I have no sympathy for this guy. I feel sorry for all the victims, the kids, and the other guys that were in the other vehicle, and for the parents of the other children. I hope they can find some sort of justice for their girls! I also feel bad for the other child that was killed. The wife knew what she was doing when she got in that truck with those kids. This guy is just a joke, suing the state over poor construction doesn’t give her the right to drive the WRONG WAY on the highway at 85 MPH.

    1. Vik says:

      How much pot was he smoking and how many shots was he drinking when he filed this lawsuit? This P.O.S. needs to just disappear and accept the fact that his drunken, stoned wife killed their child, their nieces and innocent people in another car. Lowlife!!

    2. pauline says:

      At the time of her death, Diane Schuler was making 100K at Cablevision. Her husband is a rent-a-cop. She was the breadwinner in the family and I do believe he is just looking for a large paycheck. He is such a piece of white trash.

    3. andy says:


    4. Jay says:

      I have followed this story closley from start to finish. Its hard to believe that one person can hold everyone else accountable. Its in my personal opinion that this man is guility of lying to the authorities and his family. I do think that he is a little mentally challenged, however he still knows the difference between right and wrong. GROW UP DANNY!

  44. iggy says:

    no one else went the wrong way. no one else went the wrong way and crashed and killed 8 people. everyone that didn’t go the wrong way and kill 8 people should sue that the road was bad too.

  45. Ant928 says:

    Just another a**hole trying to get over…

  46. Frank D says:

    PERFECT example of what’s wrong with this country.

    The drunkin A-hole drives the wrong way down a highway, kills people and someone else should be a pay day for this stinkin drunk’s spouse.

    And of course some sleaze ball ambulance chasing lawyer crawls out from under a rock with a nuisance suit. Thsi lawyer and the sot’s spouse should be sued by the people the boozer killed, and the EMS/police on scene and pay for repairs to the highway.

    Real balls on this guy!

  47. another stupid lawsuit says:

    Wow this guy has a wife who was a junkie and murdered all these people and now suing state everyone should be suing his wifes and his estate.I bet he high as a kite when filing this lawsuit.

  48. Kevin says:

    Is this for real?
    I guess Schuler found his wife’s stash and taking the pills with his lawyer. Very Hallucinatory.

  49. p8nt says:

    I’d be floored if he wins this ridiculous lawsuit. Face it your wife was a drunk, and regardless if the roads are perfect, your wife murdered those kids.

    1. Frank D says:

      This case should not survive the first motion to dismss. Never mind a trial. That is unless Mr. Lush and his bottom feeding attorney can get Casey Anthiony’s jury together again. LOL

  50. Jeebus K. Reist says:

    Something’s wrong with uncle Danny.

    1. Vik says:

      ‘Nuf said.

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