FRANKLIN SQUARE, NY (WCBS 880) —  A Long Island woman who worked at Ground Zero as a paramedic says someone stole the only means she has to get in and out of her home.

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Kerry Aalbue worked for 18 months as a paramedic after the September 11th attacks. Today, the 47-year-old says she has respiratory problems and rheumatoid arthritis and for the most part, relies on her wheelchair to get around.

kerry aalbue Franklin Square Woman Says Someone Stole Wheelchair Ramp From In Front Of Her Home

Image of Kerry Aalbue (R) working after September 11th (credit: Kerry Aalbue/Sophia Hall - WCBS 880)

But in the middle of the night, Aalbue says thieves stole the ramp she used to get in and out of her Franklin Square home.

“Getting the chair up and down the steps without the ramp is impossible,” she said.

As Aalbue held her newly adopted 2-year old son, she said she hopes the suspects realize what they took.

“We used to put him on my lap then go down to the turnpike. I can’t walk to the turnpike with him, I can’t even walk down the street with him,” said Aalbue.

She says she is grateful to the 9/11 Feel Good Foundation. The group plans on donating a new ramp, which costs about $600, to Aalbue.

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