By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — And you thought your parents were bad.

Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester is suing her own mother, Constance, for misappropriating funds that Leighton provides monthly to care for her brother Alexander, who suffers from medical problems.

Apparently the 25-year old actress tried unsuccessfully to convince her younger brother to move to New York and be with her after he recently underwent brain-surgery. In the time since his refusal to move, Meester claims that the $7,500 a month she sends home for her sibling is instead being spent frivolously by her mother on things like trips to the plastic surgeon.

But Mama Meester isn’t going down without a fight. She’s now demanding $10,000 a month from her daughter, and is threatening to sue for $3 million if she refuses to pay it.  Her claim? She sacrificed her own needs to support Leighton’s career and deserves a little payback.

Err, I think that’s called parenting, Connie. There’s usually not a big ol’ check waiting for folks at the end.

Constance’s legal counsel told PEOPLE magazine, “Since Alexander receives 24 hour care from Constance, no alternative source of income is possible.  As a direct result of Leighton’s breach, there are no funds to feed and care for Alexander.”

Mom is even claiming that Leighton is physically abusive to her; the lawsuit says “Leighton intentionally assaulted Constance by throwing her to the ground and repeatedly hitting her with a bottle.”

Constance has seen the inside of a court house before.  When she gave birth to Leighton, she was actually serving a federal prison sentence for her involvement in a drug smuggling ring.

One thing is for sure. Meester’s origins  and real-life dramas are a far cry from the swanky Blair Waldorf she plays on Gossip Girl.

Kimberly Rae Miller is a writer, actress, and host living in New York City (

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