Maid Accusing Strauss-Kahn: ‘I Say God, Why Me?’

Nafissatou Diallo Speaks Quietly; Manhattan DA Under Fire To Not Drop Case

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The accuser in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case stepped up her media blitz on Thursday, meeting publicly with supporters. It was part of an unusual campaign to pressure the Manhattan district attorney to not drop the case.

As CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reports, Nafissatou Diallo spoke quietly, and briefly out from behind the veil of anonymity usually accorded alleged victims of sex crimes.

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight: She Says Cries Everyday

“I be crying. I say God, why me? Why me? But I just want to thank everybody. These past two months, like I said, I am going through a lot. I was crying; my daughter was crying, but one day my daughter tell me, ‘mom, please promise me you are going to stop crying.’

“What happened to me, I don’t want to happen to any other woman, because this is just too much for me, too much for me and my daughter.”

The 32-year-old African immigrant is the Sofitel hotel maid who has accused French politician Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her.

Investigators said there was DNA evidence left behind in the hotel room, but Diallo’s credibility has come under fire. Investigators have said she’s told lies to the Internal Revenue Service and to immigration officials.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports: Diallo’s Lawyer Questions Strauss-Kahn’s Credibility

Diallo is a Muslim woman from the Bronx. Her speaking out at a black church in Brooklyn sent an unmistakable message to the Manhattan district attorney. Many in the black community support Diallo and might withhold support at election time if DA Cyrus Vance drops the case.

“I think and hope that he’s intelligent enough to understand what has being implied here,” said Rev. Al Bernard, the pastor at the Christian Cultural Center.

Less than two years on the job, Cyrus Vance is facing a situation no Manhattan DA has ever been in: the accuser in a high-profile sex crime publicly lobbying the district attorney not to drop the case.

“If there’s credibility issues, let a jury determine if her account is accurate,” said Noel Leader of 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who Care.

Those in attendance were largely split on Diallo’s claims.

“I truly believe she is a victim. It’s a bit sad for her,” French immigrant Magallie Mirzeca said.

“I think she’s lying,” added Crystal Jones of East New York, adding when asked if she passes the smell test, “no, not at all.”

Diallo’s lawyer said no matter what the DA decides she’ll file a civil suit seeking damages from Strauss-Kahn. There was no comment Thursday from Vance or the defendant’s lawyers. A decision on whether to proceed is expected sometime next month.

Has your view of Diallo changed since she spoke out about the alleged sexual assault? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. jaypee says:

    Remember Tawana Brawley?

  2. WHERE'S BIG AL? says:

    where is the right reverend al sharpton in all of this mess. This is right up his alley….the absence of his support concerns me.

    perhaps, just perhaps he knows the whole story and is afraid of tarinshing what little respect he has gained….

    meanwhile in addition to various church lwaders, there was a newly appointed member of the black panthers at this supportive meeting also.

  3. Eric says:

    Why would a church/Pastor get involved in her litigation and become entangled with this mess?

    The Problem of Satan within the Churches

    One very big reason for the lack of spiritual success in the church age was the problem of Satan. At the time of the cross, Satan was given a death blow. He was banished from heaven (Revelation 12:7-11), and he was bound so that he could not deceive the nations during the complete period of the church age, which was symbolically described as a period of 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-3). The 1,000 years must be understood as a symbolical or spiritual number that signifies “completeness.” The actual period he was bound was 1,955 years (from A.D. 33 to 1988).

    But the fact that Satan was bound did not preclude him from going about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he might devour (I Peter 5:8). That is, while the church age was altogether God’s plan by which the Gospel was to reach into all the world, it would be greatly hindered in its spiritual effectiveness by Satan. He would hinder the effectiveness of the churches by sowing tares or weeds within them (Matthew 13:24-30). That is, Satan, operating as an “angel of light” would bring his ministers as “ministers of righteousness” into each local congregation (II Corinthians 11:13-15).

    1. holy bananas says:


    2. jaypee says:

      you need help; A little Haldol or Prolixin IM would help clear your thoughts

      1. Wisdom says:

        It seems to me that there are three ways you can preach the gospel defectively and as a result not see much if any lasting fruit:

        1)The First and Most Catastrophic form of defective preaching is preaching that is completely devoid of biblical substance: No Law, No Gospel.

        2)The Second form of defective preaching is preaching that has LAW but no gospel: This is preaching that aims to convict men of their sins.

        3)The Third form of defective preaching is preaching that has Gospel, but no law: Men are told to flee to Jesus, but why they need to flee is never made entirely clear.

        Lies may be popular for a time, but eventually they are exposed for what they are: empty, deceitful words. The sinful behaviors that become popular are eventually exposed as things that kill the body, warp the mind, corrupt the soul, and destroy the nation. While lies and sins might be extremely popular for a time, the passing of time eventually makes it clear that they were a sign of God’s judgment and not His blessing (Romans 1:18-32).

  4. bloombergisafascist says:

    her lawyer should be shot for allowing her to open her mouth day after day after day. he is a moron?

    the more she opens her mouth, the less i believe her. i think the girl who says the cops raped her really did. but this lady is totally unbelievable

  5. THETERP says:

    I’m one who, because of all her lies, misinterpretations, and numerous changes to her story. It has brought back memories of a case almost 25 years ago in Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie NY.The Tawana Brawley rape case.
    Go to this link and you’ll see how lie can grow and with support becomes completely out of control.

  6. THETERP says:

    A well thought out, planned, and orchestrated news conference. After all we are talkiing 2 months to be schooled/coached on what to say and how to act. She hopes to added millions to one of her many bank accounts, of which this cleaning person already has 10’s of thousands of dollars. WOW didn’t know cleanng rooms paid so much.
    I guess if you believe her you also believe Nixon knew nothing about Watergate, Clinton didn’t inhale, and Casey didn’t murder Caylee.

  7. Pplrfunny says:

    I don’t believe this woman, but if Vance wants to go to trial, let him. Ms. Diallo can’t even keep her story straight with her own lawyer and supporters, imagine how a defense attorney will rip her to shreds on the stand. One catch though, as I felt with the Casey Anthony case, if she loses at trial, the taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill. Let her supporters pay the court costs…

  8. Bo says:

    Let’s be clear, DSK is a pig at the very least.
    So I am no fan.

    When your in housekkeping, and you announce that your here to clean the room- and you see a fat old naked man in the room- what do you do?


    I have read also that she lives in housing funded for HIV positive people.
    Is this true?

    Money laundering with your jailbird boyfriend, also not mentioned in this press conference.

    1. THETERP says:

      Well put Bo and I don’t csre for him much either. But she went into the room and choose to stay in the room. When you live life as a criminal, make up lies, and change your story you become difficult to believe. You reap what you sow and the way she’s acted and lived has lead her to this unbelievable position.

  9. Cameron says:

    It’s interesteing how this woman has all of this support.
    If you’re going to present the TRUTH and then present the WHOLE TRUTH.

    The basis of their support for her clearly has nothing to do with the facts.

    Therefore the basis of their support for her hinges in something else.

    What could that be?

  10. jen says:

    bernard please speak for yourself not for i am black and i am not on her side i pay my fair share to the irs never lied to them she is a lair and a cheat crying with no tears take a good look i think you should teach herr to cry first

  11. diane says:

    I don’t believe one word she says. This is all about race and getting her 15 minutes of fame.

  12. Rupert Hewitt says:

    I am a black man. Who the hell is Bernard.? He doesn’t speak for me or All of the
    voting blacks in brooklyn. I had some sympahy for her but gave it up when I learned
    that she is money-laundering cheat and liar.

  13. Imbiga HABIB says:

    If she need money she should not damage someone image
    the only thing about her she is a thief who should be punished
    her media campaigns trying to confuse judges
    Her support from the blacks should not be considered in
    judgement day I am black like her but she confused world
    i don’t know much about acuser but he looks innocent in his

  14. lairdkeir says:

    “A lot of things people say about me are not true.”
    But that’s exactly how she was able to enter the country to live! What about those previous accusations of rape she threw around? And NO-ONE has said more untruths about her than she did herself! She can’t convince the appropriate authorities to even consider her case in a court of law so she uses the media to make money and contaminate a potential jury pool without having to endure inconveniences such as cross-examinations or witnesses.
    Why is she not under investigation? Funny how she gives the interview at a Christian centre…

  15. Bob the bob says:

    The only way lazy afriscams can make money is welfare or by suing the white man

    1. diane says:

      I totally agree

  16. Leonard says:

    She’s not a supermodel, but even ugly women can be sexually assaulted. I’m sure DSK isn’t 100% innocent. He seems like a pervert. However, I have a gut feeling that there’s more to the story. She is not a petite woman. The fact that there was no sign of resistance raises a red flag. Simply put, she wants money and DSK is a dirty old man

    1. The Truth Revealed says:

      DSK has a sasquatch fetish.

    2. THETERP says:

      You’ve brought up a good point. She’s not petite, looks like a fairly strong woman, he’s old, and yet he had no signs of resistance like scratches on his face or arms or anywhere. There must be more to this story.

  17. vestin 123 says:

    She was recorded telling someone in jail that she has the situation under control, and the guy has a lot of money. He was clearly set-up and targeted by her. It was no accident that she came into his room, it was all a shake down. DSK as the head of the IMF could pick up any staffer or girl he wanted, you think he needed to rape this horrid and vile creature. No one that goes through something like this ever WANTS to come forward, she did it more than willingly, and is doing the “Talk Show” circuit almost glorifying the rape, with her crocodile tears. What real victim does that? Who would want to do that after having really been raped. Her actions through and through belie her words.

  18. Naked truth says:

    I want to hear the international perv’s account of what happened.

    Why isn’t the DA questioning the international perv’s credibility since he’s been investigated also in France for another sex assault?

  19. Robert Rooney says:

    I was going to post how she seems like the new Tawana Brawley, but poster poster David Ruffin mentioned the similarities already.
    Is Al the racist, bigoted, liar Sharpton going to show up here now and tell her to carve hate messages into herself?

  20. David Ruffin says:

    Nafi’s appearance reminds me of Tawana Brawley’s “appearances” with her “advisors”. How could that little toad DSK manhandle that big lady? How did she not run to the door when he decided that he needed a little “date”? This case is a joke. Hey Cyrus Vance……..spare us any more drama and send Nafi and DSK off to their respective worlds to work out a cash deal, and we can all get on with our lives. This is also like the Kobe Bryant case. Sort of consensual, a little confusing, and an accuser who doesn’t pass the, uh, “smell test”.

    1. Naked truth says:

      You sound like a well-known ignorant, bigot poster on here.

  21. man from the old school says:

    why ant she in jail for money launding shes a money runner for lowlife drug dealer and Immigration fraud she must in in jail and deported at once

  22. bill burns says:

    She’s so ugly, you would have to be BLIND to want her.

  23. Perdition 101 says:

    Where’s my post CBS?
    Was it the part about Strauss-Kahn fonding her B***st. That’s what was reported by her to Diane Sawyer and others.
    Don’t be so prudish CBS.
    Next time I’l post Hoo Hoos if it pleases you.

  24. JUST SAYING says:

    Funny how the featured comment always leans a certain way… I smell state run propoganda.

  25. lulu says:

    Red Highlights Louise Farrakhan
    Makeup by Cover Girl
    French manicure and pedicure Salley Hansen
    Apparel Macy’s Time Square
    English Lessons Rosetta Stone

    1. Hildy says:

      you can dress them up but you can’t take them out

  26. pay wahun says:

    I wish her lawyer would have advised her against public disclosure. Is she really a Muslim? If so, I wonder why he’s not covering her hair in public? I know for sure that in West Africa Islamic women don’t wear Burkha but at least they cover their hair in public like Mrs. Clinton does when she visit Islamic.

  27. Ms. Ann says:

    I always wanted DSK prosecuted. He forgot that slavery ended in the 1850s in America. You can no longer rape Black women in America, and then get away with it.

    Also, these so-called wives of these rich men are involved in so many outside societies that they don’t have time to satisfy their husbands sexually. DSK and his wife admit that they have homes on 3 continents. DSK is so desperate sexually that he ran out of his hotel room and raped a maid. These “rich” wives need to travel with their husbands and take care of their “wifely duties” — like having sex with their husbands. Some wives think that because their husbands are not complaining about the lack of sex, that they are okay with the fact that they are hardly having sex with their wives. This is still not an excuse for what DSK did.

    Most of us have slept in a hotel before. I, and millions around the world know that these women who work in these hotels are cordial, nice, and they are always afraid of losing their jobs. DSK and these rich freaks know that also. That is why he took a chance — living in a VIP suite. He gambled, because he thought that she would never tell. DSK has probably done this before to a hotel maid, and he got away with it, because the maid never reported the incident. I say that because he was so “quick” to grab her. His actions says that this is something he was used to.

    P.S. He is a rapist, and he may have raped his daughter before.

    1. JustSaying says:

      If he indeed raped her, he should be punished. Regardless of the outcome, he should DEFINITELY get his eyes examined!

      1. Bleccccch! says:

        Exactly. You’re not supposed to molest manatees.

  28. King Zohan says:

    If she got raped then I do feel bad for her but i feel worse for him, are you that desperate? If it was consensual, she should be punished and is he still that desperate? I mean, powerful person in the Global Economy should know better. Like seriously, rape or no rape, he shouldve known better and its good for him to learn a lesson. How is his wife still walking by his side?

  29. Scott says:

    How could this individual possibly have any supporters? What are they supporting ! How to be a liar, a scam artist, a prostitute, a criminal, a low life ? Please, this is absurd.

    1. Mr.Spock says:





  30. Len says:

    The comments on this thread reek with ignorance and prejudice. Most here have chosen to ignore his track record and focus on her mistakes. It is possible that this guy will escape man’s justice, but God will have the final say. Let’s see what will be said when he goes to trial in France for what he allegedly did there. He may fool some of the people some of the time, but he can’t fool all the people all the time.

  31. HooDatIS? says:

    i believe her
    that man owes her 400,000,0000
    she need to call Madea and go get her damn money

    1. tryingthis says:

      love it. Madea will handle this perfect!!

  32. Mabel Peralta says:

    is dsk into tranny love?

  33. peggy says:

    How sad for rape victims that lying, money-grubbing, miscreants like this”woman” make false accusations so that true victims are not believed. This women is a criminal, and I hope the state prosecutes her for all her lies and false police reports.

    1. Len says:

      I guess the DNA and physical evidence which clearly shows that something happened would only mean something if it were one of your family members.

      1. HelloNY says:

        The problem with dna is that it shows up during consensual encounters as well. DSK has never disputed he had sex with this woman, only that it was rape.

      2. THETERP says:

        Tell me somthing was the time waiting to call the poilce, which was considerable, spent cleaning the room or prepping it and herself for an investigation. I don’t know and neither do you. All the many facts have to be considered to deterimine if the case can be won.

      3. HMM says:

        DNA eveidence can be produced when you’re all alone…and …then it can be transferred to other articles…there is more here than meets the eye.
        And more toe HER than meets the eye.

  34. if it looks like a man ts a man says:

    Who in the world would want to hit that and is that even a woman or was she a man at one point.

  35. JMS says:

    I’m sure the prosecutor’s office is thrilled that she’s going on this pre-trial media blitz and prejudicing the hell out of her case. who knows, maybe there will be a mini-sereis, book deal and a diallo bobble head doll that says “i afraid to lose my yob” when you pull the string. sheesh!

    1. mike says:

      this is the f***** featured comment!!
      freakin racistsss people on the web!!!!!

    2. Ms. Ann says:

      I always wanted DSK prosecuted. He is a Jew who forgot that slavery ended in the 1850s in America. You can no longer rape Black women in America.

  36. Confuzzled says:

    He’s one of the most powerful men on earth? He wsnted o have sex with her?

    1. Yuck says:


  37. wulferine says:

    No, I am glad to see her getting over the Brafman Murdoch libel onslaught and hope she gets hertrial. Frightened that theDSK team with Guidepost, RSCG etc will hire a guy to claim hehas paidherforsex just to swing the media back their way.

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