Presidential Run Questions Follow Gov. Christie’s Health Scare

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Governor Chris Christie appeared in good spirits and good health when he left a Somerville hospital Thursday night.

With his health no longer an immediate concern, reporters at a news conference outside the hospital quickly turned to whether Christie would be fit enough to mount a run for the White House.

Christie has long denied any intention to seek the presidency in 2012. Even if he were to run, Christie said his health wouldn’t be a concern.

“I certainly don’t think this has any role to play with it all. I think you judge people by what they do every day,” Christie said.

The governor kicked off the most recent speculation about a presidential bid Monday when he visited Iowa for an education summit and to raise money for a local congressman.

“At the end of the day, if I decided that I wanted to run for president, I think you know me Charlie, I’d do it. But if there are people who don’t think I’m up for it, then don’t vote for me,” he said.

Christie was rushed to the hospital Thursday out of an “abundance of caution,” according to spokesman Michael Drewniak.

He was experiencing shortness of breath while en route to an event at a farm in central New Jersey. Doctors spent several hours running tests on the 48-year-old, and found it was due to complications from years of being an asthmatic.

“I took the rescue inhaler that I have — didn’t have the effect it normally has. I started to feel light-headed and spoke to the troopers and said that I wasn’t feeling well, apparently didn’t look all that well,” he said.

“I feel great now. A little tired, but other than tired, I feel fine, you know, relieved,” he added.

When asked if his health scare had anything to do with his weight, Christie answered “I think the weight exacerbates everything.”

“You know, I’ve been pretty candid about that right from the start of my public career,” he said. “The lighter I am, the healthier I’ll be, so I’m sure it affects it. Though I gotta say, I don’t think it had any effect on today. I think it is much of the atmosphere this week. It’s been very humid.”

“In these really humid hot times, that tends to make me asthmatic a little more. The air is a little thick. It’s just a lot more difficult to breathe,” he added.

Maria Comella, Christie’s deputy chief of staff, said the governor’s EKG, blood work and chest X-ray came back “normal.”

“He started to feel a little bit slight of breath, sort of typical for him, not unusual for him dealing with asthma. He alerted the detail,” Comella said. “They’ve ruled out anything else more serious anything to do with cardiac issues have been ruled out.”

Do you believe Gov. Christie will make a run for president? If so, do you think his physical condition will be a concern? Sound off in our comments section below…

  • bewolff

    Please run for president Christie and get the skunk out of the White House

    • blah

      I’d prefer a skunk over a pig.

      • Stephen Gueyher

        Fat jokes…real classy. Keep voting for Obama, you deserve him.

      • Paul Roth

        Then why not run yourself?

      • MsMarylou8

        At least we won’t go bankrupt.

    • John

      I second your comment…

  • Joe M

    You know smoking cigarettes causes a lot of the same problems that obesity does. Do you have this same sentiment towards the skinny, chain-smoking dork we have in the WH now?

    • Robert Taylor

      Not a good comparison. Christie is a human being. But talk about a Fat Cat, man, why would anyone consider putting a walking joke in the White House? I hope he gets healthy and takes care of himself. But I’ve got more serious things to worry about rather than if my next president is going to slump over his desk into his Mamma Cass Ham Sandwhich at any time.

  • Joe M

    But yet the guy in the WH can snort cocaine and chain smoke cigarettes and his health is secret and not to be questioned right?

    • KPMc

      George Bush left the White House three years ago.

  • Ceddybear

    Rubio on the ticket with Perry or Christie would be awesome! However, I’ve heard that Rubio is legitimately not eligible to be president because he was not born in the U.S. If that it is true, that sucks. Maybe he could be vice for two terms and then two more with the next elected Republican?

    • Edwin Taylor

      Marco Rubio was born in Miami Fl. His parents were from Cuba (neither being natural born Americans. Not sure about his elegibility on those grounds.

    • Vinn29

      Rubio was born in Florida, his parents were born in Cuba……so he is more elegible to be a president of the US……

      • dootise

        more eligible than whom?

    • Malikashiqui

      Rubio was born in Miami. He is eligible for the Presidency.

    • EllieEnlightened

      He unlike others WAS BORN IN THE USA. Get the fact straight

    • Stephen Gueyher

      He was born in Miami….last check that was still part of the U.S. (At the time of this posting anyway.) However, he needs more time in the Senate. He’s a candidate for a future election without a doubt.

    • .g.moskot

      He was born in Miami, yes. However, it was just before his parents were naturalized. Alas, not eligible. Great conservative, well spoken, intelligent, just stuck in Congress (maybe the Senate?).

      • Gibby

        Sorry, the fact he was born here makes him an anchor baby as well as the fact that in Florida they have a different rule for those from Florida – it’s called the ‘wet foot / dry foot’ rule. that’s why the FDLE will intercept a flotilla of boats and keep them in the surf. if they touch dry land they can’t be turned away…

      • Gibby

        sorry, correction to previous post.’ In Florida they have a rule for those from Cuba’ …

      • .g.moskot

        Born in Miami: citizen, just not “natural born” citizen. Must have citizen parents (one each)

    • dootise

      Ceddybear..cleary you have never read the U.S. Constitution…have you? do you know why? I’m sure you are a patriot…right?

  • Rebecca Sho

    Anytime the Press gets behind a Republican, you know they got dirt on him. What’s the skinny with this guy? No pun intended.

  • R Miller

    A Chris Christie in any condition would be far preferable to the fittest Barack Obama. Christie & Rubio = THE DREAM TICKET which could carry all 50 states!

    • Salute

      Uh, don’t you mean 57 states? Hee hee. Seriously, I agree. A previous comment mentioned Christie/West… now that would be interesting.

      • your lobotomy

        Don’t laugh too to hard the Democrat machine is actively working nationwide to fraud the 2012 election with so many dead and illegals aliens that indeed they will have 7 extra states worth of bogus votes for the Kenyan in Chief.

      • Douglas Lynn

        The 57 state joke is getting old. He obviously was referring to the lower 48 and intended to say 47 because he said he had one more to visit. We all slip up and would even more if we were running for President.

        Regardless, I think the guy is the worst President by far in my 55 years.

    • dootise

      and force Air Force One to get wider doors!!! Do you know what the life expectancy for the morbidly obese is? easy research really… but You’d be happy to have his veep….an anchor baby …be president ROFLMAO

  • aaron fleszar

    He should get himself in good health and then help us restore democracy.

  • Kevin Maguire DO

    May I suggest: A Comprehensive Executive Physical be required for all Presidential Candidates. Heck, its a good idea to get a car fax before you buy, and you need a physical to play in Little League, so why not ante-up with an exam for the highest public service job in the U.S.? An A1C is a good idea, and since so many of the decisions out of DC make no sense, a Mini-Cog should be required before being nominated, and yearly afterward while in office. Oh, and don’t forget a random drug screen. The rest of the sensitive-position world requires it, so a yearly screen is a good idea.
    That being said, I think Gov. Christie has the stones to take the lead on this. Go for it Governor. See how many are willing to follow your lead.

    • Matt

      Whats funny is that obama couldnt even get clearance to.get a job in the fbi.or cia because of his ties to communist, and people they advocate for violent revolution (billy ayers that “some guy from the neighborhood” )

  • Warren Wilson

    I agree with the Guv that we do judge people by what they do every day. When they lack any degree of self control, and eat like hawgs, allowing themselves to become grossly obese, I don’t want them to have anything to do with making or enforcing laws that presume to tell me how I ought to live my life.

    • Joe M

      Yet you’re ok with Michelle “Princess” Obama telling you how to eat while she stuffs junk food down into her big arse. What about Obama smoking like a chimney?

    • Salute

      Does anyone else see the irony here? Hint: Michelle Obama

      The liberal way is to dictate how we live. They regulate their way into our lives.

      • jilly

        Christie is a joke. Like Sarah Palin, he loves the limelight and toying with his vacuous constitutients who actually belive he’s qualified to be president. He’s so arrogant and sarcastic, only idiots would vote for him? Only idiots. His only attraction is his loud mouth.

    • pek

      but it’s ok to have a heavy drinker as your prez right??? I’m sure you’ve conveniently forgotten the fact the prez was told to keep his drinking in moderation by the doctor at his physical, huh???? Usual leftist hypocrite…..

    • Willie Wonka Long Ago

      Warren Wilsom aka Willie Wonka a bastion of green hair and piercing. Can you take them seriously?

  • paskuniag

    Get well soon, Yer Honor! And please stay on the job, Gov. If/When the GOP gets control of both state houses, you can do more good for New Jersey- and your party- by staying here, cutting taxes and offering business incentives. That will knock the Dems off their pins in Washington, when they see effective crisis recovery in action, in a manner that is the exact opposite of the dismal way the Donkeys are attempting- i.e., tax and spend. It would go a long way towards putting a Republican in the White House.

  • Tarheel

    I am from the South and knew very little about Gov. Christie. However, I was very impressed with his Piers Morgan interview God knows why he would want to enter the rat race, but he seems to be just what this Country needs. There have been other Presidents with health issues who managed just fine so don’t judge him by his weight. The circus that has been going on up there should be evidence enough that we are in big trouble Here’s hoping he will change his mind, run for office and then clean up that mess in DC cuz I think he would beat Obama by a landslide. You go Guv!!!

  • EJames439

    And…YOU Hank Warren at just too damned stupid. If you’re going to criticize people, at least do it without type-o’s…Mr. Perfect!

  • marge

    hey guys, Christie maybe overweight, but he has always been overweight, that makes him NORMAL for HIM, besides when all is said and done, OBAMA is still WHO HE IS, there has not been any information about Christie and parasites like with Obama


      still a troll right..all those female names but i bet your a boy that other useless tool nathan..must be him..think your smart..but think fool nobody


    RAB, could have said it better…Christie / Rubio ALL THE WAY

  • RAB

    Cristie-Rubio ticket is a sure winner!

  • tomboy

    Sir, you have a higher calling —-this country needs you!!!

    • RAB

      Amen, this country truly needs him.

    • Huxley

      He definitely exudes self control.

  • TabascoTX

    Id like to see Chris Christie and Rick Perry on the same ticket with either as president.

  • easttxgirl

    My hope for the Republican ticket would be Perry for president and Christie for vice-president. Just imagine the debates – they’d hand Obama and Biden their heads on a platter!

    • TabascoTX

      Ya beat me to the

  • Rupert Pupkin

    Hahaha! I love it.

    “I’m just saying, if I WERE your accountant…” LOL

  • Angry Revolutionary

    Liberals are the only group of people I know that make every attack personal. So the man is heavy. He’s also smart and has the guts to do what needs to be done. Client Eastwood put it best when he said the men in this country have become a bunch of wussies. We should the leave the job of governing to those that able to make the tough choices in good times and bad. I’m tired of hearing people whing about cuts to programs. Working people have to pay for those programs and can’t even sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Reagan said it best when he said we are the last beacon of hope for the world and that beacon is being extinguished by these idiots in office and the sheep that follow them.

    • Angry Revolutionary

      Sorry that should say Clint Eastwood.

    • Fatty Christie

      Sounds like you have a thing for “strong men”….LMFAO

  • Ken Drift

    If he decided to run I would vote for him and write him a fat check to boot. No pun intended.

    • Regulas

      Same here

  • mj

    Better Christie having a heart attack then Obama giving me one! Run Christie Run!


      run..the fat toad cant even walk..550 a man who is fat and this what you want in the white horse???

  • John

    He would make an excellent President, or at least better than the last few! But I think this recent health event, and particularly his shocking comment “if I decide to run” after all his consistent refusals to run, have done him in. All it takes is a couple of minor quips to trash the momentum, and these two may have done it for him. Sad, really. I wish he would get a grip on his health and weight!

    • mjk

      It’s Obama’s policies that are Shocking! Christie insinuating a run for President is refreshing. Sad about his health? Give me a break, Obama smoked like a chimney! Were you sad about that? Obama’s killing our country and your sad about Christie’s weight.

  • GERI

    Governor Christie has been a refreshingly plain-spoken politician. I have not heard him blame all of N.J.’s problems on John Corzine. Our current President never stops blaming Geo Bush. It is not only poor form, but consequently our President believes it exonorates him. Christie never labored the fact that he inherited a mess; he jumped right in and went to work.. He has an uncanny vision that rises above the fray while dumping the minutia. Yes, sometimes the fix is painful. Yes, i’d like him to run.


      geri much silver are they paying you? you use female names..your a man but if you look down..your just a pussey in sheep’s panties

  • Marvianne

    Since the governor most likely doesn’t prepare his own food and probably doesn’t even know where the kitchen is in the mansion; whoever prepares his meals should see that he doesn’t eat too much and also eat healthier foods. Not until he loses some weight should he run for president. Inasmuch as he says how he feels about whether or not he can do the job is what matters; actually, that is not entirely so. The public cares about how a person looks when they are voting for a politician. It would look like a “before” and “after” show if he should run for president when he and Obama appear on the same stage.

    • Loto

      That’s one of the biggest problems with this country – we care about what people look like. That’s how the current imbecile in chief got elected. Lincoln and Wilson were painfully thin, Truman was short, Kennedy and Roosevelt spent time in wheelchairs, Grant was overweight, Ford tripped and fell, on and on! I’d rather have a slightly asthmatic and overweight man that can make decisions, speaks his mind and takes responsibility over an imperialistic dictotor that creates problems and acts as though it’s everyone else’s fault!! Go Christie!! You have the votes – talk Rubio or West into being your running mate and you will be unbeatable!!

      • Davidp

        President Taft was over 300 lbs and the heaviest president to date.

  • Mike

    I wish he’d run. He could actually save this country from that empty suit in the White House.

  • blyutz

    I’ve never donated money to a politician in my life. However, I have a nice big check ready and waiting for Mr. Christie. PLEASE run for President, Chris! Ever notice how Liberals show us who they fear the most by who they hate the most? A sure tip-off. Thanks, Libs!

    I’d be willing to bet, Hilary’s thighs plus Wasserman-Schultz’s thighs weigh 100 pounds more than Christie’s whole body. Just sayin.

  • Richard Jones

    Plenty of people have similar asthmatic issues, even thin people. It has nothing to do with weight.

    Today’s statement on ‘If I decided that I wanted to run for President” is a 180 degree turn from his previous position of “no way no how.”


    Save your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notoneofyou

    this guy hasn’t the discipline needed,

    he eats like a hog,
    he mouths off at any citizen who criticises
    he can’t walk, uses the state plane for ball games.

    THAT, never mind the asthma
    makes him ineligible for any office

    Many conservatives have mid level health
    witness MIchelle Bachman’ migranes…
    Must be all the screaming about being right.

    • mjk

      Are you for real? Michelle Bachman’s migraines? Do you know how many people you would eliminate from public office because they have migraines? Obama smoked! Known to be the number one cause of lung cancer. You are a typical scared liberal because the name Chris Christie can win the election by a landslide. Also, most welfare recipients are liberals and they are our fattest population. Fact.

  • notoneofyou

    this guy isn’t known for discipline…

    he eats like a hog,
    he mouths off at any citizen with criticism
    he can’t walk, uses the state plane for ball games.

    THAT, never mind the asthma is his problem.
    All the conservatives seem to have mid level health
    witness MIchelle Bachman.
    Must be all the screaming about being right.

    • Action

      So, he likes to eat and speaks his mind and scolds the liberal media. REALLY?????????? Thats all you got??????? The current sitting disaster that is in the white house now smokes, has used drugs and flat out lies……… Where is the howler monkeys on those addictions and mental disorder??????

      • getridofobama

        COuld not have said it better myself Action!

    • Kelly Smith

      Then don’t vote for them. It’s that simple.

  • Steve

    reading the posts of liberals convinces me that Gov. Chris would win if he

  • Caroline

    Yes, I want Christie to run, along with choosing a running mate named Allen West.

    • Salute

      Brilliant, Carolin! That is a wonderful idea!

      • Virginia

        I’d vote for that ticket!

  • DrBobNM

    unfortunately, he is in denial. A common side effect of obesity is asthma. For him to think yesterday’s scare was not weight related, is worrying.

    If he were to say:’ I’m concerned, and have begum a weight losing program combined with exercise’, I would breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that he owns his weight.

    Now I wonder if he tries to lie to himself, will he lie to us?

    • JungleCogs

      Well, we do know a skinny president does lie to us while the fat governor seems to tell us the straight truth. I’ll stick with the fat guy!

      • DrBobNM

        I don’t disagree, but we need someone with a reasonable level of fitness to thrive under the rigors of the Presidency.

    • blyutz

      A common side effect for Liberalism is idiocy.

      • DrBobNM

        can’t argue with that, LOL.

  • duke5015

    so i guess if “her thighness” hillary ran, no comment would be made that she is clearly overweight- not in shape, as it appears these liberal idiots demand, unless, of course- the ball is in their court- then they make up excuses for double standards most decent people could

    • Heidi

      You are right, and what have we gotten out of a “thin” president? A lot of basketball playing and golf while his wife preaches how we should eat but doesn’t follow the rules herself.

      It is time the double standard stops, but it won’t.

      Chtistie for President!

    • Merry

      You mean like our smoker President??

    • Bob@CommonSenseConversation

      The KFC Hilary Clinton special…two left wings and two fat thighs…

  • Jack

    We’ll certainly welcome Christies asthma issues and passion for carbs over the severe mental illnesses of the current commander in chief and his band of relaity impaired.

    • NObama2012

      Um, “passion for carbs”? I have a passion for carbs and I am not 400 pounds.

      This guy is ridiculous. I am not right leaning and I would never vote for him. The fact that he’s in denial to think this isn’t related to his obesity is worrisome.

      • terry

        he is working with atrainer has lost 35 pounds

  • Andy

    My check book is waiting Mr. Christie. Would you get in already.

    However, I can see why some would be worried about your health.

  • obtusewillie

    After reading alot of comments here I think the main reason you are against the Fat Man running is because he would whoop the “empty shirts” a$$ in 2012. This would deprive you of your primary source of income – my money. Personally I would love to see Oblabber and Dough Boy debate. Have fun on my dime while you can – cause it cant last.

  • Pat Knowd

    Glad to hear it wasn’t anything serious. Yes he should lose some weight, it would certainly help. As far as politics go, I feel Chris is what the country needs right now so I would support him if he decided to run.

  • Salute

    God, I hope he he does. He is exactly what this country needs. I can’t believe that this country that is so proud of electing it’s first African American president can all the sudden be so discriminatory. Enough is enough. A president should be elected based on character and principles. Christie has already proven he is a man of honor.

  • mirasol

    maybe we should elect “Captain America”? you bunch of losers, probably in worst shape than Christie and Obama.

  • robgrant

    Just another plain vanilla politician. Where are the real men and women who care about this country and who can turn the country around? If Christie is considered the best of the crop, we’re doomed.

    • Senior Conservative

      “Vanilla Politician” huh, Do you really think Obama cares for this country? He doesn’t even know how many states are in this country!!!!!

  • Heidi

    So he is heavy…..a heavy thinker and one who actually follows through with what needs to be done. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. We may not like the cuts he would enact, but that is where we are now. If only Obama understood this.

  • larry fritzlan

    Why would we even be considering electing an addict to any position of power? He may spout out some interesting words, but clearly he is not well. It is hard to be inspired by anyone who is addicted. Food addicts are like alcoholics. Please Mr. Christie, get into recovery before you die. Then we will see who you really are. But it will take years for him to recovery from his underlaying bio-psycho-social-spiritual disorder.

    • BTM

      You do know the current resident of the White House is addicted to nicotine, don’t you?
      Which leads me to say…
      Please Mr. President break the smoking habit – it shows a lack of character and spiritual weakness and is dangerous for you & those around you. Please, oh please!

    • Wang Newton

      You mean the way Barak Obama is addicted to cigarettes?
      Not to mention the effects of obama’s admitted long-term cocaine usage?

    • Vic

      Like Obama to cigarretes?

  • Trajan Long

    Christie is fine. He would destroy Obama in a debate/

    • Patty_Pooh

      I would love to see that. Christie would tear him a new one, haha.

  • Student14

    “I certainly don’t think this has any role to play with it all. I think you judge people by what they do every day,” Christie said.

    Doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what the voters think. Your health is a concern. If you can’t control your intake, and you’re a walking a heart attack, no matter what you stance and policies are, I would never vote for you.

  • Sam

    I would not vote for Christie if he ran for president. I would have major concerns. This man is a heart attach waiting to happen. He is obese and has other health problems. Not to mention he is not a good governor for NJ. He cuts left and right then has the audacity to use taxpayer money and uses a helicopter to take him to his sons game. The only reason he reimbursed the state was because of the outrage of the people, otherwise he would take advantage as much as he can.

    • ChristiePerry2012

      I’d take 10 days of Christie over 10 years of Obama!! I visted NJ recently, and I can understand anyone having trouble breathing;) So he took a helicopter in order to be a family man and do his job both, do you really want to talk about Obama’s 83 vacations and how much they cost?

    • Brian Batch

      Versus the underweight smoker with the light head that is currently president. You’re a buffoon.

    • JohnK

      “This man is a heart attach waiting to happen.”

      Well, I guess he couldn’t rely on the IDIOT vote.

  • D.M.R

    I have asthma myself and I have to say it is not fun and very scary. I’ve had attacks triggered mostly from allergens that have very nearly landed me in the hospital.

    It feels like someone is taking their hands and stopping my lungs from moving. If anyone thinks its a joke, its far from it. I am taking 3 medicines a day + one if I need it. And I was born with it.

    • D.M.R

      I wish I can go back and edit, but I have been living a normal life as well. There’s no reason if asthma is under control that you can’t do anything you set out to do.

  • BOB

    Jaba the guv needs to lose the weight or his health is only going to get worse How about biking to your kids baseball game instead of using a helicopter?

    • Barbara

      Why don’t you get your facts straight? He took the helicopter to his sons game as directed by the State Troupers on duty. Tragic was so heavy on the route that it was the most logical and least expensivecourse of action. You wouldn’t understand logic and money conservation-YOU’RE A LIBERAL!!!

  • A

    CHUBBA CHUBBA, they found the problem with his breathing a Quisnos sub was logged in his throat.

    • Chad

      He should have eaten at Subway.

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