Study Looks At Bringing Oysters Back To Raritan Bay

HIGHLANDS, N.J. (WCBS 880) — Can local waterways support oysters as they once did? A group of scientists and environmentalists want to find out.

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In an effort to return oysters to Raritan Bay, New York/New Jersey Baykeeper and Rutgers scientists have been mapping every inch of the coastline, looking for suitable locations for restoration of reefs.

“We are looking at the state of the shoreline, whether it’s natural shoreline or if it’s been bulkheaded,” said Executive Director Debbie Manz. “The level of oxygen in the water, whether there’s other shellfish present, aquatic vegetation, just a more complete picture of the health of the ecosystem.”

Last year, the state ordered test oyster beds removed for fear that poachers would harvest the shellfish and get sick.

Oysters naturally filter pollutants and in turn, improve water quality.

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One Comment

  1. wolf says:

    Just ten years ago in the Raritan Bay area you could catch many fish. Now you’re lucky if you can catch a spider crab. Bring in the oysters, to the entire area of raritan Bay, hudson inlet, sandy hook. Let them clean up the water and charge the big companies that pollute to pay the cost

  2. dan says:

    feed a fish is off goveners island already doing this with phelep cousto

  3. William Sinclair says:

    ………..oyster beds removed for fear poachers would become sick? Hire poachers to guard the oysters. pay them with clams.

  4. Concern says:

    Cents for the Environment

  5. cygon says:

    they filter the water??? eeewww..

  6. Andrei says:

    Given level of Hudson pollution, including bacterial, I would not dare to eat oysters from Raritan bay.

  7. Shucked says:

    Fifty years ago, my mother would buy oysters and fry them for me when I was a kid, but only on my Birthdays. She knew how much I loved to eat them, they were delicious. When I turned 16, she made a batch and they literally tasted like SH&T. I don’t know what happened! I told her to never, ever buy oysters again–it was that disgustingly bad tasting….they smelled horrible, and tasted horrible.

  8. sosonj says:

    At one time, there were so many oysters in the Bay that they were fed to prisoners in NY and NJ as the cheapest food available.

  9. Pat Johnson says:

    Need a proof reader that writes English and has good eyesight.
    This ain’t Twitter,lol

  10. susan T says:

    Do you want to “Brine” them back or “Bring them back”? Mind you i do like them in brine.

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