Police On Long Island Cracking Down On Drivers Talking, Texting On Cell Phones

LONG ISLAND (WCBS 880) — Police in Suffolk County are on the lookout for drivers illegally using their cell phones and that includes texting while driving.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports 

Suffolk County’s police commissioner said that 20 percent of all fatal crashes are because of illegal cell phone use, which leads to distracted driving. This week, officers are cracking down on drivers illegally using their cell phones.

Remember, not only is driving while holding a cell phone illegal, but so is texting while driving. If caught, you could face a $150 fine and three points on your license.

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One Comment

  1. dafsdfsdafs says:

    Great. The cops are on their phones and it’s OK? More “us vs. them”… Double thumbs down, folks.

  2. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

    these multitasking idiots at play..why are there so many hit and runs? now ya know cupcakes..these wifi hifi latest gizmo legends in their own small minds …need to be removed..from their cars..forever..here is where the police should aim their guns..shoot the idiots now.i have no pity or suffer the fools in this life…

    1. BeardDave says:

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  3. Fire Marshall Bill says:

    they could pull over at least half the cars on the road. I drive fire engines all day long and most people stop or pull over when they see or hear us. The ones that dont are always too distrccted by their cell phones. Leave the dunkin donut shops and firehouse SCPD and get these idiots off the street

    1. emmas says:

      They should crack down on idiots driving with their brights on and the illegal 150 watt clear blue headlights. They are so annoying, and assault my eyes every night i drive.
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  4. bullett says:

    All too often I see police officers at job sites texting, or on patrol talking on their cell, so; who’s going to isuue them a ticket? The Chief?; gheez, even he’s on the phone.

  5. Raise the fines and suspend licenses!! says:

    It seems that these days it is more common to see a driver texting or talking on their cell phones than not doing so. To semi quote the police chief in the movie “Jaws” after seeing the enormity of the shark in relation to the size of the boat they were using to catch Jaws, ‘We are going to need a bigger police force.’

  6. T. Cook says:


    1. Solutions are not for me!! says:

      You must be a Democrat. Just ask questions, have no answers and no plan to solve the problem. Then throw money at it,and say you did something to alleviate the problem.

  7. Apple says:

    Ernest Jackson, principal of chester academy thinks this story is worth reading

  8. kendra says:

    u have know idea idea how happy how happy i am that they are finally cracking down text driving maniacs cause they almost tryed to run over my daughter and i 1 dAY AND IT COULD have turned out diatarous so i am so happy about this action that is being taken.

  9. DanTe says:

    Just shoot these slimeballs in the head and leave them by the roadside. Sell their cars to fund the bullet. It’ll do the human gene pool a world of good.

  10. Jerry says:

    The only way this can be curtailed is via technology which limits vehicle use while moving.
    It can be done if our legislators find the time since they are so busy doing nothing?
    Police have their hands tied in courts as to the legimatability of the summons?

    We have bookoo laws on the book regarding traffic infractions and DWI, how effective has that been?

    I rest my case?

  11. NY Chris says:

    Good! it’s about time!

  12. gjk says:

    No doubt about it, THIS is what our police need to do with their time.

    It’s the most important issue of our time.

  13. Kenny says:

    They should crack down on idiots driving with their brights on and the illegal 150 watt clear blue headlights. They are so annoying, and assault my eyes every night i drive

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