Hillsdale, NJ Residents Blame United Water For Flood Damage Of Homes

HILLSDALE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Residents of Hillsdale, New Jersey are hoping for some relief from what they call the worst flooding they’ve seen in years. They claim water levels at a nearby reservoir may be contributing to their already soggy situation.

Helen O’Brian, who lives on Glendale Drive, said residents had only a short amount of time to react after flooding on June 23. While residents admit Hillsdale may be prone to flooding, they argued that the level of damage is something that can be prevented.

“It’s terrifying for my children. My son is five and he keeps saying ‘is our house going to float away?’ O’Brian told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano.

Some residents claim it is up to United Water to better maintain water levels at a nearby reservoir — especially during a bad storm. They say the excess water inevitably winds up on streets and in homes.

“When it rains sometimes, my son will sometimes call and say ‘should I stay at school?’…I try to reassure him that everything will be okay,” Nancy Culhane said.

To protect their homes, neighbors have put everything — including appliances — on cinder blocks, but it doesn’t always help.

Neighbors said their calls for help have gone unanswered.

“We’ve been working with several towns and we’re trying to rectify the situation,” said Sonja Clark, of United Water. “Our main concern is the safety of our dams, the integrity and supplying water for all our customers.”

The water company said it purchased equipment and trained officials to help residents when the area floods.

Residents, meanwhile, have no choice but to sit and hope the next storm isn’t the worst one yet.

Is The Water Company To Blame Or Is This A Consequence Of Living In A Flood-Prone Area?  Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Section…


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  1. Richard Freeman says:

    I lived at 35 Glendale Dr from 1982-1989… The flooding there was no secret. This has been going on for nearly 30 years and nothing has been done to correct the problem. I have VHS footage of this same block from when I was was 2 thru 9yrs old. We used the teeter-todder across the street in the park as a diving board because the water was 5 foot deep from the pavement of the streets. My father sent me the link to this video. I just think its ridiculous that after nearly 30 years, they havent found a way to stop the flooding.

  2. Fire Chief says:

    The quote “The water company said it purchased equipment and trained officials to help residents when the area floods” is a lie! United Water denied Woodcliff Lake and Hillsdale FD grant and has no intention in working with the fire departments

  3. Nancy Culhane says:

    Thanks for the comment and I agree with you. It terrible so thats what we intend to do! Keep on Keeping on until United Water gets it. If your daughter is interested in taking a part in this fight with us, she may contact FLOODNOMORE@aol.com. to be added to the email list! We must do this together for it to be effective. All the best to your daughter as well!

  4. Margie Roca says:

    I don’t reside in Hillsdale but my daughter does. It is a shame that people work hard for their money in order to better themselves and improve their living lifestyle, only to have someone take it away. I think the water company is capable of doing something to better the floods. We were told that this kind of flooding did not happen years ago, what is the reason now. If everyone stays on it and puts enough pressure on the water company I think something can be done.

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