New ‘Spider-Man’ Swinging Into Comic Book Shops Following Death Of Peter Parker

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s a new web-slinger in town.

New Yorkers take their fictional heroes seriously, so it may come as a shock to some that Peter Parker, the Queens native whose destiny was forever altered by a radioactive/genetically altered spider, has been killed off in the “Ultimates” imprint of Marvel Comics. The Ultimate series is different from Marvel’s standard line, in which Peter Parker is still happily toiling away as everybody’s favorite hard-luck hero.

No, in the Ultimates series, Peter Parker gets killed at the hands of his nemesis the Green Goblin. But, being a comic book series, no hero stays dead for long. While Peter Parker may be gone, a new kid is stepping into the tights: Miles Morales.

Miles Morales is a half-black, half-Hispanic super-powered teen who gets into the hero game after being inspired by Parker’s death.

“He’s younger than Peter Parker, he’s coming from a completely different background, a completely different world view,” writer Brian Michael Bendis told the Associated Press. Bendis, who has been writing Ultimate Spider-Man (and many other) comics for Marvel since 2000, is enthusiastic about the change. “I’m now sitting with a pile of legitimately new Spider-Man stories to tell and that is the best news a writer could have.”

No word on whether the change in ethnicity is going to play a role in casting decisions in upcoming Spider-Man movies or Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

What do you think: does a comic book super-hero’s ethnicity matter? Is this just a cash grab from Marvel or a long-overdue update? Sound off on our comments section.


One Comment

  1. BatBoy says:

    ComicCon sure must have a lotta Racist this Year.

    1. Tel... says:

      Did you think that torturing the English language would give you “a lotta” credibility?

    2. nick says:

      No, this article was just posted on the DrudgeReport because it was expected to generate a bunch of racial anxiety in its audience. These people aren’t comic book collectors. They only collect guns, because they’re paranoid and think we give a damn if their kids shoot each other.

  2. BOSSOU says:


  3. Alberto Del Rio says:

    Why does he look like Obama?

  4. Kent says:

    Do it right, Marvel – If you are going to make a PC superhero, make him a gay, transgender, feminist, special needs, wheelchair bound, disadvantaged Black-Hispanic-Asian-Pacific Islander (anything else except white) super hero from a single-parent welfare home. That covers almost every whiny special interest group I can think of.

  5. art says:

    My understanding is that the 2023 edition will have Spiderman as Latviian. Such a sense of worldlyness.

  6. Al J says:

    Unless the comicbook gets a government grant to keep this Affirmative Action character around it’ll fold and they’ll find a way to pull old spidie out of suspended animation.

  7. jorge says:

    …What? Was that supposed to be a coherent thought?

    1. Someone says:

      Jorge, are you defending this change just because you’re hispanic?

    2. Mike Matheson says:

      Mucho mas coherent than anything you an come up with espalda mojada.

    3. jorge says:

      Actually, I’m not hispanic, that’s just my login name. But congrats on taking the bait.

    4. Someone says:

      So you’re just a dumb@$$ then…

    5. SKD says:

      I knew you were a weak little white lefty the whole time,’ jorge’. When you are done praising blacks and hispanics…wipe your mouth please. And change your underwear.

    6. WPWW says:

      jorge is probably a weak minded, candy@$$ race-traitor.

  8. boB says:

    “I’m now sitting with a pile of legitimately new Spider-Man stories to tell and that is the best news a writer could have.”

    So obviously, simply making him Half-Hispanic/Half-Black gives you all those stories, right? This in and of itself is racist. Whether you want to think of it from a minority standpoint or a Caucasian standpoint, the sheer fact that you think there are “interesting” stories to tell shows that racisim.

    1. Tel... says:

      It’s kind of a “wise latina” moment for Bendis. It makes no real sense but it gives succor to liberal sensibilities.

  9. jack coyote says:

    Bob Harras should have studied harder in physics class.

  10. freecheese says:

    If you don’t embrace this “ethnic” change, you are going to be labled a freakin’ RACIST.

  11. nightwriter says:

    Oh, isn’t this sooooo sweet and soooo politically correct! Gag…..

  12. al222 says:

    Fire Alex Alonso, the gay hispanic freak at Marvel who came up with this harebrained idea now

    Until Alonso is fired and Peter Parker restored, boycott Marvel and Disney which owns Marvel

    Contact Bob Iger at Disney and complain:

  13. Bubba Gump says:

    How about “Affirmative Action Man”? He could render “justice” by discriminating against individuals who had nothing to do with the wrongs he intends to right!

  14. Grimo says:

    You’re right … Marvel is definitely becoming racist. It’s disgusting!

    Not only are they against whites, they’re also insinuating that minorities have to steal their identities from whites to become marketable.

    So Marvel is racist against everyone! Great observation.

  15. eugene says:

    -ANOTHER RADIOACTIVE SPIDER? os is it the same one?

    -Does new guy waterski jump over a shark in the first issue?

    -Is America running out of nerdy white guys? I don’t think so!

  16. glenp says:

    what an idiotic post to make it special

  17. spiderman's designer says:

    He can’t be Mexican. He’d just sleep all day and hang out at the club all night, soliciting 14 year old male prostitutes who dress up like Selena.

  18. Pull my Finger says:

    Apparently Marvel realized there is a place for Obama….in the comic books !!!

  19. glenp says:

    half black and half hispanic—does he smell bad too?

  20. Tel... says:

    You should see the way Marvel handles Obama. He’s never portrayed as the “uh uh uh” stuttering, know-nothing he’s been revealed to be. He never votes “present” as he does in real life.

  21. IbonicsNot says:

    Dracula will do more during the day than this welfare grabbing super burrito. Political correctness gone awry. What a marketing flop this recycled toilet paper of a comic book will be.

    1. jjj says:

      ohh you are so smart ! man you must have a masters in stupidity.

    2. gfdds says:

      @jjj ya I “man” that too – your father should have had your sister get an abortion before you showed up you imbecile.

  22. nutty says:

    Don’t tell me, he’s also gay and an Obama supporter.

  23. glenp says:

    too bad SPIDERMAN never knew who his father is now

  24. Mike says:

    Epic fail Marvel. Understanably, you are experimenting with story line changes in a alternate comic line first in order to test the acceptance of a hero kill off and how it will be received when another fills his shoes. However, exploiting race as a medium for potential profit increases really isn’t good for the Spiderman brand. You may get new readers but you will mostly likely lose more current readers which will have a negative effect on your returns.

    I predict a short lived character change and the firing of the executive that green lit this idea.

    1. ernieman says:

      This so relevant to the state of the nation today. We are politically correctness moving our selves into disaster

      1. roqu says:

        So silly, half black ^ half hspanic……tell me, what kind of hispanic? This people sure want to turn everybody into worms……..r

      2. Silhouette says:

        They’ve replaced Spider Man with Tiger Woods?

    2. Pace Lattin says:

      Mike, they didn’t do this for race, it just happens to be part of the story. The only people exploiting this is the newspaper by pointing it out. It wasn’t part of the story at all.

      1. RAYMOND KNIGHT says:

        Sure it isn’t. Half-Black, Half-Hispanic, maybe gay give me a break. Is he also an illegal alien brought across the border when he was a child?

    3. Mary Wright Pippert says:

      I hate PC.

    4. ken says:

      Well said!

    5. Tom Kron says:

      Why not a cartoon of Facelift Pelosi urinating in Barney Franks mouth while he has ObamaMan enter him from the rear?

  25. glenp says:

    damn !! good one I missed that!!!

  26. Pat D says:

    I really don’t think the ethnicity of a comic book character matters unless the readers are some racist lot who can only identify with someone who “looks like them”. A related question would be why, therefore, there has been such a consistent movement to morph existing white characters into minority identities instead of creating new characters that just happen to be mexican or black or muslim or whatever. Why is it apparently necessary for the ethnicity to be grafted onto existing characters and franchises? Is the point to deliver a canned franchise?

    Doesn’t this ultimately insult the fans twice? Once in terms of their presumed inability to accept a new story or character, and a second time for just overall racial/racist overtones. So… black people can’t relate to superheroes that aren’t black? Seriously? NICE message you’re delivering, comic book makers! Yeesh.

    1. Tel... says:

      To DC’s credit…they didn’t simply “get rid of” Bruce Wayne to try a “diversity” experiment when the character was “lost” recently. What they did was create a character and add him to the Batman mythos. “Batwing” is an African (actually African, not pretend African) character that handles Batman’s crime fighting on that continent. They’ve also included Asian, Hispanic and Arabic “Batmen” as part of the “Batman Inc” storyilne and the characters work because they’re not insulting their audience with blatant PC pandering. It makes sense to have an African taking care of African situation. DC isn’t totally blameless in trying pander to the liberal canard of “diversity” but they do a better job than Marvel of at least trying not to insult their audience.

    2. Jack says:

      You seem like a simple mind, so I see why you don’t get it. There is, and has been, an assault on the white, American male through media and most notably academia (the latter breeds the former) for the past few decades. In all honesty, if you haven’t noticed this you’re not very bright.

      As a white male I am truly sick of this behavior. The reverse would never happen, and if it did, which again it never would, all we would hear is that it’s whites being racist.

      You probably are white. It’s people like you who are the problem. Idiots like you run deep on both of the political spectrums. You make it so whites who are actually thinking and paying attention, whites who have something worthwhile to say, are immediately labeled as racist.

      1. Scott says:

        Amen, Jack. Mainly white, middle to lower-middle class men, to be exact. We have gone from running the word to being run over by thw world. Being a middle-class white man is the new Leprosy.

    3. Ken says:

      Ethnicity doesn’t matter….you’re absolutely right. I would get behind any character/ hero/ villain of any race or gender added to any title. Or, would welcome a brand new title featuring any such character. But changing an established character’s race … especially a character so established as Spidey makes zero sense. Create a new character. Make this new hero be inspired by Spidey, but leave Spidey as is. I say the same thing regarding the annoucement that Lawrence Fishburne will be the new Perry White in the Superman movie. i love Fishburne, but create a new character for him!!! I find stuff like this to be taking PC’ness to a ridiculous place. So, I agree with you….

      1. Bill says:

        My guess is that you would really like to get behind this character.

  27. Mikey says:

    Speaking of blind hatred Ryan, you sure seem to have your mind set on those “knuckle dragging” people from Drudge. Pot meet Kettle.

  28. DG says:

    Good God, people. If you are over the age of 25 and still reading Marvel and DC, the fact that the Spider-Man mantle has been passed on to a biracial kid should be, by far, the least of your concerns.

    1. nanna says:

      will you marry me.

    2. burn says:

      and you live with your mom

    3. petey says:

      I bet your kids and grandkids are proud of you. It’s time to grow up pops, your childhood was over 40 years ago.

    4. Yeziam12 says:

      Really, you use age discrimination to make your point?

      1. Eric Hammerbunz says:

        LOL…It’s funny how people use terms these days.

    5. WMDimes says:

      “paid $17,535 for my last superman comic book”

    6. TP says:

      If you’re over the age of 25, and you’ve convinced yourself that your age precludes you from the ability of having an imagination and taking pleasure in the work of others who do, you are truly a sad, sad individual.

      1. Terry says:

        Well said TP!

      2. Orange Smurf says:

        Rationalization at it’s best. Let’s play drill-down. If you are reading comic books over 25, you are not having intimate relations with women. Let’s face it. You are squipping it to pics of wonder woman.

        My age doesn’t preclude me from having an imagination and taking pleasure in the work of others; but I’m not going to read Dr. Seus books either. You can take pleasure in that as well. I however, do have adult tastes since I am an adult.

        When was the last time you had a date? Hell, when was the last time you were not a virgin.

      3. dmorris says:

        Actually Orange Smurf, you are an idiot. Just because someone likes comic books doesn’t make them a virgin. I love them and have a family. Before I had a family, I probably would have banged your girlfriend. Grow up and learn a little about the world. But I guess asking someone calling themselves Orange Smurf is asking a lot.

      4. John says:

        Yes, if you are over 25 and still have an opinion that is independent from , and the opposite of, all of the PC, new-age, ignore-reality, dribble fed to us by the established news media and/or big government, then you are a terrorist.

  29. ScottyGunn says:

    LOL ! Make him gay, and you have all the bases of PC covered….

    1. Schmoopy says:

      Make him a bipolar transexual midget aputee lesbian trapped in a man’s body…

  30. Headchimp says:

    I love liberals. I really do. You can always count on them for a good laugh. When America doesn’t want to change to accommodate 1% of the population they call 99% of us racists. haahaa. LOVE IT! Get a job, pay taxes, and then get back to me about your never ending complaining.

    And yes, this stupid stunt will fail.

  31. Anthony Passonno says:

    Really? You get that from this article, about a comic book character? Did you even read it, let alone comprehend it? Let me rephrase it in language you can understand: Marvel’s “Ultimates” universe is different than their mainstream comics.

    Example: Nick Fury is Black in the Ultimates Universe. Wolverine is dead in this universe. They still exist, as does your precious “White Vanguard” Peter Parker, in the regular, long standing Marvel line.

    If there is a problem regarding “White” people in America it is this: For all of the real ills in our unique culture, all of the problems we face in worshipping a god alien to our blood, our contempt for anything lacking commercial merit, the best we can do is turn into gross, depleted copies of ourselves?

    You wanna save Europeans from the dustbin of history? Raise a White family, create Art and Cultural Institutions dedicated to European values. But no, you go ahead, tilt at windmills, bark in the dark, be a keyboard warrior, while the sons and daughters of Europe weep, Odin turns his one eye away from you in disgust.

    1. Jeff Dahmer says:

      You can start by blowing me.

    2. Karl says:

      What’s the breakdown of the Villain’s ethnicities? Is the new Spidey going to be pitted against exclusively pasty white guys?

      PS if there are only a couple “villain’s of color” I believe that is tokenism.

    3. Brita says:

      I am not worried about saving “European” values.We live in America, we are Americans.
      My great-grandfather came from Sweden. I think Sweden is a pretty country, etc, but I don’t have any need to incorporate Swedish culture into my life.
      I do try to live by the values this country, America, was founded on. The right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. No Kings serfing around. Can keep my gun, and worship the way I choose, etc. My spouse is active duty Military for 20 plus years, I served a few as well. In Europe and the M.E. America is a better country than any other I have lived. Lived in Europe for over 7 years. It’s ok, but I am an American. Other countries have uber cultural pride, as we should.
      Our Revolutionary Fathers are our templates. I do not know what Europe has to do with the new Spidey. I think most people want to keep Spiderman Spiderman. I don’t like an original replaced. he still works, and is still awesome.As others have pointed out, there are black superheroes that are not being promoted and should be. On their own merits, not piggybacking.

  32. Joe Kliplinger says:

    They outsource the superhero jobs.

    1. Blowhole McFee says:

      But he’s not Indian!

      1. Burl says:

        That picture up there looks like Tiger Woods on estrogen therapy.

      2. Kent says:

        That’s brilliant – Make him Indian – He could be the owner of a run-down cheap hotel or work in a convenience store. Or maybe he could be a phone-in customer service representative. When he confronts the Green Goblin, he could say “you naughty man, I will kill you until you are dead.”

      3. skullbuster says:

        His name could be mike Patel.

      4. Ed says:

        And no one can understand him…

      5. Bill says:

        Hey, the therapy worked for Michael Jackson, perhaps this is Tiger’s new gig.

    2. -DJ- says:

      He’s only doing the superhero work American superheroes refuse to do.

      1. --mba-- says:

        Best. Comment. Eve.

      2. says:

        That’s darn funny!!!!! Best laugh of the day. Seriously, PC gone mad is all this garbage is.

      3. Barry says:

        Yes, it was VERY funny.


      4. Blah Blah Blah says:

        That was Great! Too funny. You do know that’s not PC? But I’m still laughing.

      5. jasen says:

        LOVE THAT! 😀

  33. pablotheillegal says:

    Yea, America is giving it away to the trash of the world. It just goes to show if you set your standards low, very low, you can reach them.

    1. Jose says:

      And i saw good job America! Please keep up the good work!

  34. tom says:

    @dwg wow racist much?

  35. MisterJones says:


  36. Doombot says:

    So Right-Wing Nut = Spiderman fan? Hmm.. Weird.

    1. LiberalsSuckDung says:

      Not really.

      They COULD make the guy a walking/talking as*hole – AND you would be a perfect fit.

  37. 1comment says:

    You mean, are they making him even more like the President?

  38. ChairmanLMAO says:

    Who knew so many comics nerds were racists?

    1. ChairmanOBAMAO says:

      Who knew so many LMAOffers were chronic wackoff artists

    2. Vilhelm Schneltz says:

      Here we go again, the same old racist accusations.

      1. JayDee says:

        Get used to it, it’s the Obuma/Holder way. If you don’t bow down and kiss their backside, you are racist.

    3. ab says:

      who knew so many LMAO members were IQ challenged.!

    4. Battlespeed says:

      You don’t quite get it, do you? It’s MARVEL that’s playing the race card.

    5. neither socialist or fascist says:

      It’s because Drudge Report linked here. Drudge likes to link to anything that has to do with race, as it riles up his base and keeps them coming back for more “evidence that minorities are bad” and he just rakes in the cash. It’s the same old “create an enemy and the people will follow you” scheme popularized by the Nazis (although used throughout history, and as this shows, is still in use today!)

      1. Greg says:

        The only reason this site has any comments is because Drudge linked to it.

      2. Ferd says:

        Sorry, your mastery of history is a problem. Nazis were Socialist (National Sozialist Deutschlands Arbeiter Partei). Another group that practiced this was the Communist Party in the USSR. Ask the Bolsheviks sent to the Gulags in the 20s, the Trotskyites in the 30s, etc. Replayed again in places like South Vietnam and Cambodia. Either way, you’re off topic. Where in the thread were socialists referred to? Oh you automatically assumed Obama and Holder were socialists. Well, you were right about that. Did you know that they also fit into your little screed? Joe Biden calling Tea Party folks who don’t want the country bankrupted “terrorists”, but won’t call actual terrorists that kill innocents terrorists? Plus uncountable cries of “racist” to anyone who disagrees with Obama? So many so, that the use of “racist” has become a joke? Plenty of other examples.

        BTW, nobody forces you to go to Drudge. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else. But I agree with Greg. CBS NY wouldn’t have near the traffic it does without Drudge.

      3. Todd Clemmer says:

        He links to news stories from your favorite websites and you are crying? Nobody says “minorities are bad”, just white, leftist, race-baiting progressives like yourself who use them as slaves, via the taxpayers, to do your bidding. You are the ones who are “bad”. Bad for humanity.

      4. deegeejay says:

        It never ceases to amaze me how utterly backwards liberals get it. Sorry socialist/fascist we did not get the obamanation newspeak directive. We didn’t know we were supposed to think being ridiculously p.c. was REALLY just us being racist. lol

      5. neither socialist or fascist says:

        It seems I’ve upset some folks by telling it how it is. Anyways, here we go:
        Greg, you are correct.
        Ferd, I wasn’t commenting on the history of socialism/communism at all. I was referring to a somewhat well known quote by a high ranking Nazi official that basically says they created an enemy (jews, homosexuals, etc) just to get people to side with them and obey them. I’m not invested enough in this to find it, oh well. The rest of your comment is tough to follow, but I will say that Obama is not a socialist (he seems more like Frum than Che, these days!), and Biden is, of course, an idiot for saying that (is he doing the same thing as Drudge? Sounds like it!). I also never said that anyone who doesn’t like Obama is racist, that’s just foolish. People who don’t like him because he’s black are racists, there’s a pretty big difference there. Also, I go to Drudge because I like to get my news from a variety of sources – if you only listen to one party you’ll never get the full/true story.
        Todd, I found this page via Drudge (see my response to Ferd for more info on that). I’m not quite sure what your comment means, but the fact that he links so often to useless stories (a fist fight on an international news page? that’s ridiculous. a press release about a comic book with a picture to grab your attention even more? how is that news? Of course, I obviously clicked the link. Well played, Drudge, well played) about minorities makes me assume that either he doesn’t like minorities or his readers don’t like minorities. Either way, he makes money by featuring them. If you clarify your statement about how leftists use minorities as slaves and how they’re detroying humanity I would certainly enjoy responding to it.
        Deegeejay, not being ridiculously p.c. isn’t being racist. Being racist is being racist. I’m not quite sure what Obama has to do with that.

      6. John Harper says:

        Drudge’s “base” is the 70% of the country that is still White and is SICK AND TIRED of racism and hate being directed at US. And we’re all on Drudge specifically BECAUSE we can no longer trust the other 80% of the lying media that is constantly denigrating White men. And the whole point to the story is about race, anyway. What do you expect people to focus on?

    6. PsyGuy says:

      Do this – change any black comic character to something other than black and sit back with the popcorn and watch…. I can almost bet you will hear screams of racism BECAUSE the character was changed.

      You just don’t go changing major icons. It wouldn’t have mattered if the character were white.

      Nice try on playing on the racism card though.

      1. Bam Bam says:

        Interesting! They shouldn’t change a legendary icon to pander to minorities or anyone. Its insulting to those love the character as he is. Can’t the creative numbscals come up with a new interesting minority superhero? There would be following regardless of race. Its not about the reader being racist, its the creators being so if anybody.

      2. Todd Clemmer says:

        Spot on.

      3. mfirebrand1 says:

        I hate comic books but I do agree that you don’t change an icon.

    7. comicnerd says:

      The drudge report linked to this story, hence the flood of racist posts. You can observe this time and time again. Just go to, click on a link and read the comments. It is quite the phenomenon. He actually encourages the race baiting too, putting up a big headline: “Half-Black, Half-Hispanic” knowing it is guaranteed to fire up his overwhelmingly racist followers.

      1. Tel... says:

        comicnerd….isn’t the character “half black, half hispanic”? You lefties are the race baiters. You rremember those black caucus democrats claiming they were spat on as they went to vote for Obamacare? All those reporters present, all those cameras on the scene..not one little loogie was caught flying their way. Race baiting nerd? You lefties ply it as your stock in trade.

    8. nick says:

      They’re not. This article was posted on the DrudgeReport. You’re witnessing “the sludge”.

    9. Orange Smurf says:

      Just wait till all the white female superheroes in the comic ‘Go Black and Never go back’. OR they went Spanish, and now they’ve vanished’

      I can see millions of losers smashing their fake lifesabers in unison when this inevitably happens. It hurts I know.

  39. Joe Momma says:


  40. Karl says:

    Pretty sure that’s satire – pretty funny, too! Are the Marvel Villians really all grey?

  41. Alberto Del Rio says:

    Why isn’t Ultimates changing Black Panther and Bishop to White men? I want equality.

  42. Ultraa says:

    Go pound sand in your a$$, Ryan

  43. Earl Dumarest says:

    Anthony, as a conservative, I completely agree with you. The Ulitmates are not the main Marvel line. The important thing is good stories. By the way, DC comics have been replacing their main superheroes with minorities for a while. Why they do this? Because the writers run out of ideas (ie the writers aren’t very good). It would be interesting if this Spiderman took on the problems of the black community (which isn’t white people no matter what the democrats tell you).

  44. Eric says:

    Wait, so let me get this straight.

    It’s *not* pandering if every single superhero is white??

    1. Libs don't get it says:

      Not if they were CREATED white, dipstick.

      Dammit, I now demand Luke Cage be white! He must pander to me, an upper middle class, college educated, Republican voter in my 50s.

  45. factsishard says:

    Peter Parker IS Spiderman

  46. Doombot says:

    Because people are angry that they killed off the Iconic Peter Parker and replaced him with a black kid for the sake of replacing him with a black kid.. That makes us racist? The race card is gone my friend. You’ve worn it out and there is nothing on that card anymore.

    Peter Parker is Spiderman and will always be Spiderman.

  47. Michael Thomas says:

    Leave the fiction to Marvel comics please

  48. Shredderofmass says:


  49. notmyprezz says:

    To: Captain Salmonella ~You are a sick f*cker

  50. Marvil Sux says:

    The “line” is irrelevant. What many fans are absolutely sick and tired of is the Trotskyite PC-mentality that pervades the writing at Marvel Comics.

    If Marvel REALLY wanted to champion a black superhero, then create one! And make the sales rise or fall based on their own merits. That would demonstrate genuine idealism and genuine entrepreneurial thinking.

    Or, take the easy road, and patronize black comics readers by making Spiderman (or Captain America – they did that, too, a few years ago) into a black guy, all the while alienating readers who actually LIKE the character the way he or she is already written.

    And then…just when things settle down…the dead guy comes back to life!

    It’s all for publicity…and it all sucks. Just like Marvel Comics.

    1. Allen Shock says:

      GET A CLUE!! This is not the “iconic” Spider-Man! That one exists in the original Marvel Universe and is still Peter Parker. This is the ULTIMATE Spider-Man, totally different continuity. How about all you frickin’ racists go jump in a lake or something?

    2. Jules Arnold says:

      ahhhhhhhhhhhh….a thinker among the goons. Good to see.

    3. Jules Arnold says:

      good post Marvel Sux, the comment was for Marvel not this dope Allen

    4. Andrew M. Beal says:

      Maybe they could create a character named Black Panther, or Falcon, Deathlok, Captain Mar Vel, or even Luke Cage. . .Wait. . . What? They already did that? and whats this. . . They were all black superhero characters and they had their own Monthly titles?
      Seems to me you dont know jack my friend. quit making a big deal over a book. Quit seeing color. Race doesnt matter, its the story. and if changing a characters ethnicity in a continuity that is seperate from the Original spiderman creates more solid stories then so be it. This time Make mine Marvel!!

      1. Anna Remedial says:

        “Quit seeing color. Race doesn’t matter, its the story. and if changing a characters ethnicity in a continuity that is separate from the Original Spider-Man creates more solid stories then so be it.”

        THANK YOU

        1. Norman Noir says:

          THe folks at Marvel can’t stop “Seeing color.” That’s the problem.

        2. Burl says:

          Sounds like more political-correctness “diversity”-based bullspit to me.

    5. Reformed Republican says:

      “If Marvel REALLY wanted to champion a black superhero, then create one!”
      Like the Black Panther or Luke Cage?
      The Ultimate Line is full of cheap publicity stunts. This is just the newest one.

      1. Reformed Republican says:

        And obviously, this publicity stunt is working. How many of you people normally care about what’s going on in comics?

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